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[Applause] Salman Sohail thrilled to have you on some companion I have to put this out on the table though I find him a little intimidating no dude it's true because he's so unpredictable so I have to tell you this last time we didn't interview he comes on the set cameras are rolling he touches my feet okay I started laughing I said to him why you little usability cookie Omar a I'm a I'm gonna debate on a sick I am but so you don't fifteen food with him as actor producer director so really yeah fifteen I we did a counter of all these movies how do you harness is unpredictability no in fact uh I don't he's unpredictable I just feel that he's very spontaneous you expect Salman Khan to be in a certain way and but when he comes onto the set or even real life or real life he's he just equates the situation what at that particular moment should be equated he's got no baggage that he will judge it in a certain way and I think that's the niceness about the character that the character in movies or in your life car you know cliches it's just what you feel at that point I'm you say you do you know it's no compulsion to anything came yes this format that you have to follow I think all that is becuase is just being pretentious so if you feel in a certain manner I think you should express it and I'm not touching sidelines no I mean degree like somebody came up to my dad and said directly in sock up communicate Whitney khushu ear up and resolve any Butler and he says that that's not a compliment you know we we have to grow every day of our psyche and if I haven't changed in the past fifteen years Oregon's excitement I was talking about dad's looks I think that to get the other arrow you know this film to glide is based on little boy which which is of what about a real little boy he's eight years old and he wants his father to come back from World War two how hard was it to transplant this story to India with too much older character so I haven't seen the film okay I just saw Kabir he showed me the promo of this film it's a you know I've seen this film a very long time ago it was coming on television so I I had a script you know which is based on the 1960 62 indo-pak war so you know just taking elements from here and I made my own story and then he seems some some $1.00 got some black they will add or something where these two guys is just walking together one guy disappears so he had these very disconnected thing yeah visuals he had so I said okay you gonna work on it let me know there's another script that he got to me which I didn't want to do this I didn't think I could play that character you know correctly it had a lot of too much of hard work in that film so I didn't want to you know older man and all different different age groups and I said yeah there's no prosthetics of al-sabah Johnny and I have this breathing problem you know a good a deviated septum sole 87% of my nose is blocked so anything in my face you know this new thing is that it just makes me uncomfortable so I said this memos are the mandatory irritable irritability level we'll go to another level altogether then I don't think that was like the best mahal for making a film so he said this is something I have as a work he came in three months and he got to MIT and other was the most beautiful film so then we went in the casting mode and then we were paying K by K rool mckisco by Qur'an mckisco so buddy-buddy stars Kannamma you know K is Mel any special appearance of a gas appears ago and then the road became even stronger the challenging part was that if we were taking a very big star in the film the road is such a good road that and also everyone's friend you know they were done the film but my only thing was that that connect you know two brothers you know it's a very strong connect if I have a friend of mine as an actor who's doing this you know it would be it would look like a performance so the challenging part comes in there's one big star who's dear friends you know they're two three names that come up and there's a brother you know because he's your brother okay and they're bigger actors than him okay it gets the word - you know what about Sohail because then you think the chai a you know trying to push his brother this but Cubby's got it in a second he says you know this is the bet this will be the best casting that is ever so perhaps we would have with somebody else coming into the film you know we would have bigger numbers perhaps that the promotion would have been much bigger than you know collections would have had you know coming a lot stronger and a lot larger but eventually I believe that there is not the stars you know it is the film you know a really good film you know we'll get those numbers for me as an actor for me it would become a lot more real a lot more easier to play this with my own brother so Kabir at once got it he said this would be the best connectors ever because you know you guys grown up together as brothers you know I will not have to establish anything you know that bonding between you know two artists that they're brothers the whole world knows that and so help physically looks the character so I have no problem in fact I think that this is the best choice that one can have for this film so then the next journey was would he want to do it so they can be anything yet immediately Sam and I heard it and then he told me that kavita's gonna operate before I said sure I said this is nobody Yorick I mean the fact that you said yes for film and it's home production no because many people clear he came on the set he refused to do it refused to do it this er this is you know different kind of comedy you know it's like what is happening you know you're like okay bye thank you for God yeah so then that's it the way we have it need one at home would you do this do that one is a haunting this one so David is freaking out get bees in Kursk as your hair and on the first date says yeah take takes time for this I said no we're ever gonna get set from killer that eventually did it but this one you were more convinced clear similarity in this one I think you here started it was you know I mean back in the day how supposed to be me yeah cause I remember cutting on me of watching this film on television and so we'd already signed her photo film stock class we didn't know what to make with her so we watch cactus flower is it got it the best rule best role for evoke a tree others Katrina was not fitting into anything at that one time and then I didn't do anything I send the the film to do David David himself cabinet came and said I never mentioned Katrina at all David him circus a Yahoo to do sealer tiene I think Katrina suits that role did she work does you ask him he went in hasta to thank yeah that's good yes how she did this will put pretend needed if people who are in positions of such far as as you are sort of push the family you know there's been so much conversation about nepotism in the last couple of months do you think that it in some way will stunt the film industry no we'd only if there's something which is deserving okay um so we would recommend not only family friends you know other people we will never mix um you know family or friends with we'd work this work never do that never ever do that I've never done it so far they've never done it with me so whenever a double has come you know a part that has come so during the phases where I was dipping now okay they're the ones who give you the best ones like we are together like here bang once again okay the bomb down to partner so then when they've done stuff you know smaller films they have not come inside here you know coming to a five-date guest appearance we all repair of these things and all aware of these things this time are about when we doing Dabangg 3 so he's producing it I mean in the first one of he's an actor so he'd be there in the film but it's not my content Monday's story you know and they're also my brothers you know cinema concern you know content they're very competent reducing the concern and our vas has come not recent I'm not directing I'm not editing that direction bit I can't handle a call xena straight out I'm not directing now produce it okay you and we will sit on the script will find the director for it and that's it that's why don't you agree is I can direct you might be P goes up you know I get nervous breakdowns and stuff like that I don't want to do like all the other thing he's very comfortable doing it really yeah I can enjoy the process for me filmmaking you know like when when partner happened I genuinely I I could not ask for any portfolio better than producing partner because the big David Dhawan fan I knew someone guys comic timing post barricadas Nike and all the films that he had done then it was time to work a Govinda and so just getting this whole team together as a producer was an enjoyable journey and just seeing it all happen so you know it all depends on the film to fool you know the few films that you would like to direct the few films I generally believe if if a script comes to me and they're much more competent technicians that me who could probably direct that kind of a film and I would just want to produce it similar even as an actor as I even mentioned that you can take something which is which you know you can do justice to but at times you take a challenging role where you can go totally off and I think that's very unfair to the production to the direction where you not you know that you're taking a challenge where you may not be capable and you can actually and advertise everyone and you basically using your power you know for which is yeah which is not which is not correct historical work with Katrina okay but she was never opposite me in issues opposite Govinda or she was often so help she was no opposite me you know then we didn't fill your garage which I didn't want to resign but she wanted to be a superhero and because the way he portrays his girls and stuff like that so she signed up for might but you know much later so that that room didn't work because I don't think a on-screen and off-screen should you know know like that because I just not very comfortable with that and then after that we'll it tiger it work and now we don't tell you than that that also should go too speaking of tigers in there any of us are talked about to to like no I'm coming back to that so she said to me that it took him about three months to get you to that point where you did that that scene which was amazing of looking at your paunch looking at yourself in the mirror and he said you were so vulnerable it was so difficult that it took a while together was there a moment in tubelight like that which was difficult for you as an actress so I was just avoiding that because two hours full time I was really big big and like muscular big like a murder the other way around he was fat and big I was through also done even the bits when I was out of shape I was totally in shape because everything was fifteen days meth flashback men are negative in the shooting group a flashback my job here hundred and shoot in color flashback a palapa say president male um introduction metal edge of pity climaxes much earlier because Ali has never gone to the gym in his entire life so early does not know K it takes a good three and a half four months okay to lean down and to bulk up so that short is I was in the same shape of the MMA fighting things what I've done so he weren't like the big stomach and all that stuff I just wanted him to be out of shape so in that a program my stomach so I forgot my son so when you see that even that shot even the provided for pack is then it is this is then on to the for yeah a backpack because I'd reason these wrestlers even give up not they're very hard because so much it cream does that's gone into them not even if they have a slight stomach it is a customer it is not cultural so because I know because you know all my charger then everyone they wrestle in the big wrestling fans and you see so much investing in television etc I happen to know a lot of wrestlers so I know their body type but was there any part in tubelight where were any seen which way you were vulnerable or awesome really the film you see the film it is the most beautiful beautiful thunderous if you think but jarringly had that mmm if you saw the so don had that this is 10 times more ten times more you like you will see the film and then because you know everyone knows of your brothers and everyone has brothers and cousins and all if they do not relate to this so I will seriously think that there's something wrong and if a lot of people don't relate to it then I would seriously think that we have we've got wrong but tell me when's the last time you really panicked as an actor yeah you don't that I have known an actor so come on yeah no need to panic see I'm dependent on the script if I hear the script and if I visually see the film then I'm on it if I visually seen myself in the cell like when I was struggling I remember eyes to hear a lot of scripts and I should see some new ones click and as to see Jackie in one screen you couldn't imagine your I could never imagine myself in the films I said why I think the writing this to me and I'm seeing some units I said this is not my casting yet and I see Jackie in it there is a system in it so I never saw myself in any film which before manipuraka was narrated to me never and then I heard many pyaar kiya and I said to Gao Zhai hie and then before that I got impatient and I assigned visual deci and then there was a problem here which is going to be the first ELISA thank God everything worked correctly otherwise I'd have been a director still an assistant director somewhere because I told sue that if I'm not there with this film after BB what I see it's a support film the more people the more it runs the bigger hit is going to be the more people are going to hate me so I'm done with this after a few years they'll forget about it you know whoever you take for many pyaar ke I think there was choice of people to Jory and Kunal Goswami mono subsonic so these are the two choices finalized choices and I some come and I work with you on the edges as an ad because I love the film can you I had to say this and he was very impressed and he took me for manager Archaea and one more thing I did is that I said if I don't get this one okay these are my friends names and try them if I don't get it someone my friendship getting but you is only one very light I need you to tell me how true this is he'd said beside another one I used to say that you can catch someone for anything but you can't catch him acting take this sorted project amigos what is ever true are you still true as I said that because when you mentioned earlier that he you can never yeah you can never catch him yeah Princeton chasm because reactive you can never catch him acting nor meaning that effort of acting doesn't show no that's what I saw also the character that I'm playing Mercedes you know fairly simple I've seen you know people around me I've seen like my comic timing is is his you know a comic timing in real life the anger that I portray on screen is a combination of my father's and our bosses you know so the lot of these things like for example this film is out and out in my way okay um my sponge the son sat there okay is the most simplest sweetest boy that is so it's he's very pleased about 17 years old now 17 18 years old ah so his innocence is on a different level or do they used to come and work out with me a comes and chills with me okay the most decent the most amazing kid there is and then there's this boy who's Purvis who's my duplicate okay now he is the simplest and nicest boy there is ever so all when you go late to shoot setting up standing in long shots and all that sir supervises all or that Canada so I had suckers look and thing in mind and compare wages to be there on the set all the time so that niceness has come from these two people and then went down to when I was like 11 and 12 years old you know things how I reacted to things I used to run in school and sit down yeah you just need to yes and it all comes to you when you're hearing the script you can visualize the I while you here yeah because yeah so only if I can visualize anyone's got like it I mean and when he's narrating it's a nice to you know half-hour you know in the process of the narration in that three and a half hour when he's narrating your mind is going here in mind is going then it keeps on coming back inside and then um Voki I think I didn't get that job somewhere zoned out then he comes back and he explains scene so that is where that is where I sign the film is if I can visually see me and the film you know that's the only thing else I would want to see this film go back to that thing where you're go to watch a film in the theatre and you see the person's around you see the trailers around sar this is what I want to see here what's wrong you're going to take oh no no no no you watch our retaliation I get the reaction what are you curious and working duty galaxy Makaha loader laughter you can't hear the dialogue because when he walks they're already clapping I can't I started noticing I remember I mean tiger it's just a silhouette your first introduction is just a silhouette and they were it was just it was deafening to the point where you know you you know clue what's going on like a festival yeah and the thing is even though people who watch films and multiplexes they go and see this in in in single care does not sing out dude collection but all black image was that another part side panels are get ticketed or black and that well made multiplex made a clear Mohammad Ahmad mature with homage on office you're being a joke joking half of much other film is I don't know if you saw such an documentary you know so there's this moment where it's an awesome that when you walk into that Stadium and this whole stadium is going such-and-such and what do you see and he says actually responsibility do you feel that famous because the people who love you will follow you to hell and back and that why you always want to be good on screen here off screen as well yeah why did you smile ah screams it's very important to be good or off screen yeah because you feel that but I feel that responsibility do you feel that get me might not get along that they like you and then they go to to watch a movie and because you've been irresponsible or you just had some days free and you want to do something for a friend or so for some you know family member you've signed the shitty film which is going to release and you lied about it in all your interviews is like the best room that I've ever done and stuff like that I mean that's a con job friends in not the world but you need to believe in the song you need to believe in in that discipline will come and this will go you know be a blockbuster otherwise don't do it you're just going convincing you telling people something mediocre something very average is you know really really nice you know it's like a person that you ever done I mean that's a lie that should not ever happen just because you want to do you know a friend of paper you know or you get into awkward situation gay neighbor they got to you know donation Chikara bodega or for money or for money money money money yeah yeah because I mean there was a time which I did because I didn't have any other choices films and I knew that these things are not going to do well back you know that in you're born yeah yeah yeah so at that point of time I need to buy a house so I took those there was no choice there was no choice I was at that time you know that was the best that I was getting you know so I just in my career have been to films I guess I'm from those two films today because of these rooms doing so well I mean no one has lost money ever you know in that in that last interview when you were lunging for the feet and saying I'm over zone you also said to me that that I don't want to be remembered as an actor who then became a star who then became a character actor who retired and done you said there has to be a larger-than-life goal that beyond the movie but at that point you didn't know what that was do you know what it is now no no but you still think there has to be something to tell me something I think that right now the only thing that I see is the Charitable Trusts being human so who got a pound Ellis car we are Quaker actor Papa Tanya mom I don't know anything Razak on coming Shahrukh letterbox out will go so it should be so big that we just really forgotten that has daddies that is my goal that is something that we all want but this is not the end goal at all which movie the movie is really important because if I didn't have this I would have nothing so this storm will do hold on to like really tight there was a time that the grip was loosening and I got back and I'm starting the table around and they always got a fight always go to fight you know and you always got to keep you know building your level high and higher and higher and higher like we went to this show the array Sunil Grover Grover show and me and him you seen on there and we saw some you I felt so incompetent as an actor so incompetent as an actor then I was like look at these guys look at that timing look at how brilliant they are and I'm like I just knocked out dude so now I need to you know appreciate the fact and I need to keep on working harder he has come in as um the doctor he is not doing any comedy he just playing a character then after that he is coming as mr. Bachchan if you have to see that oh my god it was like I'm we've both had that whistling for mr. Bachchan and he's not doing any comedy he's not he's not doing mimicry keep playing it said he is straight out playing it what harm is the Bachchan is in his real life I mean he's got in nuances that you know not that filmy one's the real life ones I've never seen anything like this and I'm just looking at so it just felt swim confident that it well you are human after all everyone today here is Alton pike it's not that it is how he comes in those day something else when you know yeah well I have to say I did expect that but you feel incompetent then I feel incumbent over them all the time I see and I see a lot of people who are 10 times better and they're still struggling in you know I don't know what connect I have that I'm doing well for myself I see it in the house only is he was so very nervous only when we threw together they humor you know their sensibility you know the maturity level is far superior so I see what I do is only one thing that they've not done and they've not done because I've done it before because I you know came to the industry before I've picked up soil and I picked up our body might support them in in films senior moving again straight out dad so most of the dialogues or the idea was used to be things that I work from dad you know see the whole target chopped well you know we're going to see both of you now yeah no need for chopping the only know anybody I look forward to think you've lied and thank you so much thank you thank you thank you hi my name is Salman Khan hi my name is Sal Khan so if you like this video then please subscribe to if you decline for doing companion film companion thank you

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