DEADMAU5 BOOB TAT - Garry's Mod 13 w/Nova & Sp00n Ep.23

by: UberHaxorNova

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actually I could probably do one of these big things here what about one of these big things what about that we have a little platform pretty much on this we have too much stuff on the back that's what I know there's gonna be more there's gonna be something else like helping it know what I'm talking about here okay yes why what this was my original idea I was just gonna put it right here like the same deal but oh so there's four buses no I wasn't gonna use a bus I was gonna use something just like small that can drag along make sense cuz we wouldn't have to drive it then make sense look at this thing it's got tits it's got a fucking belly button it's got a penis this is I feel accomplished I don't know about you I don't care this is good I just need a I need a homemade boomer dispenser somewhere on here shit this fucking bus is crooked well I guess that's probably because I have it retarded like that I seriously don't know where they put like the rocket ship and everything I had to go in manually to find that stuff before but here we go maybe there's stuff in here they didn't grab all of the assets from a lot of this stuff like there's a zombie there's some more characters what is that what is this the fuck is that ooh it's a face from Zelda what the fuck why is that that should be his face there's nothing oh my god there is a bigger one we have ourselves a face all right sweeties sideways I'm I'm gon I don't I don't know how to there we go he needs a neck oh god I can't wait to see like people should do like a bunch of fan art of this robot I think that's the moon from Zelda well that's your robot face so whatever I believe well I don't know what well that was in that was in what was that in all games what the hell was that that I got that there's fallout 3 why is it taking assets from like every game where are you and the news oh I'm not I'm looking under games under the with spawn list cuz this is where I found the rocket ship whoa whoa but it doesn't show the rocket so here's the the rails there we go what's in here oh shit what is lagging up what did you spawn that's fun shit oh because I was just loading look at that look that's a there's a decent sized body right there baby I don't know about this they're weak what the fuck that's like a part of a wall what is this it's a part of a wall well with something something could be coming out of his ass right here if we use this for the back this is where like a lot of the big stuff is oh yeah that wasn't that that wasn't that big right there I don't even know what game this is from I guess this is from I don't fucking know tf2 maybe oh look at all the debris see you know the shit that they like didn't put in there I don't see their look I found it see hello there's the rocket I found it again I just see a bunch of it isn't UFC's though under games oh no I don't under all I know they drop down far down huh and it'll give you more okay there's a door these you'll still spin here's a farm I don't know trying to find something big that could work as a body what is that it's a pumpkin this is the Halloween man has a big potion what the fuck is that noise what the hell are you kidding me [Applause] oh wait that's not working they haven't I spawned in the wrong one see where to go I deleted it that's where you're tough you're talking about the right thing yeah I deleted it I know I saw G I deleted it I said oh god damn oh there's his butt cheek two of these make up his ass yeah there's too much weight of the back though no more this would this would help cancel it out we need something to fill in the middle say look if this is his ass okay I don't want that out of here shit out of here get that Adi you got a lot of shit out of it see this would be his ass got a big ass is that underneath though okay maybe it's too big yeah that's too big arrest that is too big of an ass it wouldn't work too big of an ass uh-huh fucking picture I don't know if I want to spoil the fun oh yeah oh yeah else well I don't spoil them yet yeah well I'm not using that as a thumbnail then what's this no smoking how about that for his body okay well it's like half missing what about this what's this big enough security breach everything that I see is that's a good looking shape it's not big enough for like a proper body shape what is that is that a bomb it's flashing I'm sorry hell yeah palm what if it explodes take inside you know I don't know where I found that other that that thing that I use does the body at first movies nature pipes rooftop use the rooftop for zas that's just a bunch of letters that's an eye box there we go hmm the Sky box stuff might be pretty big okay what the fuck is that the tiny ass house what the hell that was a little train like little toys yeah this will be fucking huge the Sky box I guess the Sky box is the smaller stuff that makes sense then Godzilla robot boy what's this look at that dead mouse head holy shit I don't know where that came from put it on there somewhere right in between the boobs a boob like on the boob like a tattoo like a tattoo okay there you go be a tattoo let me know collide this shit what was that that was me coughing he's got a dead mouse tattoo weld that bad boy in there alright looking good looking good look at it for like when you fly backwards and just look at it for like afar no it's so fucking gross so it's disgusting fucking robot ever geez what is this what the hell is that Sam what is that it's an afro with afro can I make it big Oh me funny shit to give an afro I think you can't though oh I don't even think I can pick it up make sure I pick it up once if I drop it like this there we go oh it always goes into the ground if I find anything you're probably not looking in the right spot oh there we go where she said huh I said you probably not looking in the right spot I mean there you go how do you the green thing I didn't I just lifted it up I don't know what the deal is with this I wanted to see if I can make it bigger so that we could give it an afro but I don't think it's working properties I can't make it bigger why I want it to be big you have no pupils hey where the hell are your pupils are you big mm-hmm see what you got going on here huh what come here hey come here real quick stop I want to show you something no it's like a skeleton running next to you there's valve vehicles all that these are my like DLC type things that I bought the top hat we give them a top hat hey guys name that made this map is underneath the water how about that look at that hmm little top hat little top hat form it will fit right there yet

barely see it Oh see my fucking skeleton because you fucking room over here then let me take it away good aspirin come here whatchamacallit yeah yeah that's totally put it away okay fuck did you do to me yeah weld it weld I had on there fuck we still need a like a back a hole back to him I don't know what the but York threw your shit look through the gmod stuff maybe no way maybe half life half life stuff hey yo there's a crane no dad damn I don't want that why there's a crane what is that I don't know okay it's hard to find something that'll be good to like even out the weight here ahhh zombie debris this is back where I was it looks like with the half-life stuff there's stuff from the lab we just need a big box pretty much and then we can be working off of that what about this nope that's lousy props wasteland maybe something in here there's a bunch of rocks and stuff but I don't want to use rocks for like all right guys I have an eyelash yeah get it out thank you guys a big box I got it well there's a bunch of I found the from the the the trash bins I found that I don't see anything else though it'd just be under like TFT shit build the bowls what's that whoa dispenser got a dispenser here I don't know what else I could put down everything is taking forever to load my dad what did you do nothing who do who do who do was that was that was that whoa man think that's too big that is too big it's like Oh what is that like a ramp way here's something the hell is that I love this oh that's too small god damn it nothing is good for this weight barn blitz maybe there's an actual barn no not damn it it was nothing to be good for the body and that's all I want I get a bad day here's the other there's the other one we'll call it the other rocket I found that give him a jetpack yeah would that work with thrusters on it would he be able to fly I don't mind

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