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okay friends so here we're out again Ron I've worked for many many times great guy phones me up when when there's issues so I want to share something with your friends you guys hear me talk about root rot all the time okay well I'm gonna show you something here now this is what we call a green snag you look at the tree anyone who's not kind of savvy about this type of thing I want to show you look at okay this tree just blew down this one here we're looking it just blew down but the interesting thing about this tree you don't need it you don't need to be a brain scientist to see this look at this friends it's mush now this is right in the tree look look at that it's completely Rock there's no even roots hanging off the side this thing just blew over friends look it it just blew over it's like a ball that's what you call a root ball now there's just nothing left of it now look at this so there's a little a little ball now you'll notice the root rod will come up in this so this is where you have to read the stumped Sonny for root rot okay these all got it now friends I know I get all excited about this stuff you guys know me but this is important stuff so there it is little contorted in the stump so when you're looking for root rot and disease it's not all about that the indicators are your mushrooms are your main indicators but they're not here friends so now we have to go around so my point being is as we walk up this tree look at its healthy it's got a full crown in it look at these limbs here's the foliage beautiful foliage on a beautiful green foliage it's a green snag friends root rot it's everywhere look at beautiful tree goes all the way up full crown full crown complete you know the other thing you can look for is mushrooms around the stump like around the ground you look for mushrooms this one here's got it that one's definitely got it that trees rotten for sure they've almost been marked with something I wonder what this is yeah oh not that's definitely got root rot it's all it's big time in here but but its emit yeah see look at that one again there's a but anyway I don't want to start picking apart the forest we're far away enough Ron from the house here that and we are you're right yeah looks like he's got a couple hanging up over there or something here up in the little this area is really got it bad and we've known this and these are indicators to friends this is all indicators of Route already pre-existing trees that are down oh that's the line they're on okay yeah and they logged and put a house and this comes off wearing right yes yeah yeah so so here we are again here's another tree with a crown in it and another one same deal friends no root system on it look none you see blue top over now lots of root rot friends lots of root rot so here's your indicator your most dominant indicator of root rot on fir trees is right here the foliage it looks thin as you can see it is it's just thin okay but this is your indicator right here right there okay there's no reason they they they don't grow on solid trees look at its all the way out better see them see them there this this is this this trees rot okay it's got root rot okay and the only place for it is right towards the shop it'll fit but he's probably not going to take this tree today right yeah Martin uh we're on a property this morning um oh 10 minutes from my house not even sunny hey so anyhow we got ruh rah dish OU's here I've just been roaming through here for the last eight to ten years doing tree work in here for this gentleman he built a beautiful little cabin actually there's a video on the channel where I hid one from up here right down towards the house it was a hundred footer I measured it and it come in somebody's may remember the video friends when I show you the house remember this one and I slipped it right in there and I measured it then and it was it was a good one i hi stumped it off the Merc tailgate right over there

[Music] it was a good it was fun it was good regardless anyway we've got we got some trees to cut down but not yesterday was a few days ago Don Walker the famous Donny Walker from the Walker sauce shop then I'm all British Columbia lobbyist know who that is now Johnny Johnny from from for Shore has Walker eyes to this echo 620 we got a little 620 here I don't fall with echo sauce I just I don't Sonny can you pass me that another oil please this one's brand new we'll leave it for now Thanks so I'm gonna put this little echo through the paces today friends it's a little walker ice echo 620 and donnie Walker's done his little magical touches to it so he fooled me up he says Bakken I got this power so I'd like you to give it a test run for me so we're gonna do that it's an echo 620 what do they call CP or something a CES 620 pw p w zp 6 20 P W power so there it is it's a 28 inch bar full house chain stock chain which it's full house at least I haven't touched the rakers and I won't touch the rakers I don't know the saw yet 620 walk Erised echo nice little saw Victor Scott won Victor's has his Walker iced by Johnny iced by the nor Shore horse for Shore thanks son foreshore I think of North Shore for Shore in Abbotsford if you're in Vancouver on the mainland go see the fellas Desmond and the boys and Johnny over at foreshore in Abbotsford they've got another store I forget what town in Vancouver good guys Burnaby I believe for the hot rodding of the echoes and your top and sauce nice dubs a nice dubs for those folks okay let's get prepared

these ones yeah yeah let's do it just talking about what's going and yeah I agree with you and then when you come back maybe we can just walk the perimeter of that guy's property yes where we might see something that in that came this ground oh his way yeah sure in the new year yeah yeah let's do it good idea yeah and then enjoy these over the over the winter and or just the next little bit because I knew they were gone and I knew that I knew that they would stay with Joel you know what you did Wow I'm surprised really yeah yeah so it's not a shock anyhow we got we got trees we got root rot rotten fir trees friends up all through this property but he after that big windstorm he he phoned us and he said buck and I heard you got an axe called hurty can you come over and hurt some axes for it hurt some trees for us this is the sweet axe friends thirty-two inch handle we're gonna go crack some silver I don't usually use it for that son can you show them this frickin tree on the corner of the house here yeah this one here always dug us out

yeah and it might not be wrong now what a guy would usually do friends she leaves in this way off the stump and then it takes a big ya bow out that way the GoPro doesn't pick it up very well no that's true we talk about we talk about high and low sides of trees highside and low-side right this is the high side of the tree as far as landscape is concerned but as as far as the tree is concerned this is the low side of the tree and what I mean is the tree leans to the house that way the house is right here friends okay right behind us anyone just show them that okay so the tree actually has got a bow to the house flat and the target is there so I would be kind of foolish cutting from this side friends I cut from the low side because of the target that's the only reason I'm doing that and we're gonna move this little chest we're gonna have the slide disc handles honors Oh pull it will it pop out the bottom is the question

perfect good we'll just spin it go easy one more time okay okay so so again friends the target is right behind us I'm gonna go on the low side it's not recommended friends to fall on the low side but son if you look at the lien from here take a look at this son you bring the camera look at the freaking bow in this tree look what it's doing is terrible face the camera up there look at that it just literally it's bowing it's actually bowing back this way but we're not putting it this way I'd like to put it out there would almost be easy for you out there wouldn't it run this would go quite nicely this way but you've got bird hangers so we're gonna pop it off so we're gonna have to pop it off down here son right through the window there right through here yeah we're through there I thought you'd be going down there no cuz we got that maypole so we're on the low side we're gonna give the echo a shot friends make sure you got swinging power

hunker down here get comfy with me camera yeah hoagies running camera so we're gonna tap this thing it's kind of leaning back but the only place for it friends is there we can't go up this way





background bets over it's helping


gotta come out 94


so here we are so we have signs of root rot not bad it's it it's in there was definitely not bad at all we just have so much root rot around here we're just kind of Ron's been so lucky he just had one come out the back of the house so we have some signs here but nothing drastic so that's good we core sample dis Ron I think two years ago and there was some in here that were okay but this is peace of mind work friends peace of mind work good looking stump about a quarter of the way in the stump they've changed the program now which is kind of different they want narrow or undercuts now a quarter instead of a third ooh I understand why but we've been doing thirds in and more for a long time but that's that's kind of what they're looking for their friends good piece of hinge wood all the way across the stump I'm level they like you a step above right

[Applause] [Music]

[Laughter] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] perfect because there's nothing I can hit there is a cedar but your property goes to the fence rod so

ha nice to get it down there for you wouldn't it wow that's a big bang but we're gonna do it for Ron I just hope we're not hooked up into that maple worst-case scenario Ron I might have to take that maple but I shouldn't have to in order to get this thing down there if it's hooked in I think it's gonna bang out I think it's gonna bang out








that was a good call Roz oh look a lot has dark I felt it right in a stump that's dark I felt it on my very first cut right here look at that that was a darn good call I just wanted to ease that that's rotten rotten rotten Ronnie so friends out that was just a nurse nurse at over show rot Ron mentioned that this Ron you said the ground was literally lifting and moving around like yeah back and forth yeah so so son or the root ruts crazy in here friends it's crazy it's all through who we've always known it's been here but to hear that the ground was moving around just tells you that there's not a lot of root structure there so this was a good thing straight side the house Francis right beside the house and he's gotten quite lucky because he's in a forest that's the only reason a lot of these creases are working together right friends they can all be sick and work together and hang out but has things thin and change out we got you know I got a few issues over here to we're gonna deal with but that's good so so Ron yeah you look like oh you're okay with that one yeah nothing up in the air pretty pretty safe for you good okay


this little 620 is actually doing quite nicely there's a 28 inch bar full house chain friends the things doing great it's Walker iced Donny's done a nice job it's got nice pull we're breaking it in it's gonna open up more as we bust these saws in after about quite a few tanks they start to open up this saw starting to open up a little better even now I like it it's a nice little saw I wouldn't use it all day long in wood like this it's not quite strong enough but it will handle this this what is this son two and a half foot tree two and a half feet we'll measure it after 20 inch yeah 24 for sure it's more than that son ok this is 24 well we'll see once the bars all the way in yeah well yeah it's a 28 inch bar



Oh friends how are you doing I hope everybody's well happy new years to you all again just torrential here today absolutely torrential we've got a ton more park work to do up in parksville which will be going up tomorrow they're talking 500 trees down there's stuff like it just everywhere it's not the place for an unexperienced man he'll be you'll be punished it's all twisted and hung up and loaded and that's their ASCII they're asking for certified fallers and there's what they're asking for qualified men it's it's a bad spot that we call them jackpots so we're going up to dismantle some of that stuff there's stuff all over this was a bad storm but anyway this last stump the battery dies so I'm just gonna walk you through the undercut and I think it all of a sudden it just ends as I go to put the back cut in but the snag came out beautifully this is a snag this last tree the low saw is nice the low saws real nice Danny Walker nice job buddy nice little song nice little saw I wouldn't take it in doing second-growth steady on the day you'd lose it in your production at the end because the 372 or the 461 or whatever you run and is is gonna get it it's it's bigger it's bigger and yeah that's just playing it simple so you know when you're under cuts are going in quicker and things are working quicker at the end of the day you're gonna have you know let's say 8 or 10 more meters at the end of the day that's a lot in loggin so you know the mean prints so it's gonna pay in the end but beautiful little saw love it actually comfortable nice ergonomics nice little saw nice little saw but very nice to have it walker iced or imported you know so anyways this last little stump we just clean it up and then I lose power on the batteries and that so friends thanks for watching yeah we got an exciting here bucking stock September 6th 7th and 8th it's plan your holidays if you can make it great if not well there's always the year after / know Fred's be kind alright friends in in closing I'll be honest the 620 I liked it I did I liked it but how I would run it if I if it was the only song I ever had and I was stranded on a desert island I would have a grinder sent it on a plane because it needs to be in my opinion only it's just from what I'm used to cutting and what I've used to have it in my hands for a saw that size it is a great little saw Donny Walker and I know Johnny's done one for Johnny at for sure all right son for Shore at for short and he's done a hell of a job they-they-they hot rod up nice I enjoyed running that Don Walker if you're ever watching this buddy I did I enjoyed running it I wouldn't put anything bigger than a 28 inch bar on it it'll it'll run it but if you're cotton well we forgot to measure that tree but it was a two foot two and a half foot tree he's easily 20 inches maybe 20 through 24 ya know anyway Fred's a nice little saw smooth donnie picked it up with whatever you did Don to that saw it it's nice to run ability stayed there it's smooth I did reference I did but he I did not run hands all the timing that things definitely is it oh yeah yeah son Hogan says he runs victors but now his his Walker okay okay yeah I know his stock compared to that one it's a world of difference it is isn't it yeah this did he did and friends this is a this is a stock chain okay this is a stock 28 full house so but it's all like there's 60 cc's I mean that second growth would good-sized second growth would I would definitely put a full house grind on and I think I'm actually going to I'm gonna run it with a full house grind I'm gonna get us saw I might pull an old one off I got one at the house actually groans so I'm gonna throw a ground chain on it and give it a run with that and that'll speed things up and I'll have another report on the 620 but Don Walker that Walker saw shop in Nanaimo I have known you for a gazillion years you guys sent me into the bush for my first time when that little bugger ate there was in his mom's belly and I'll tell you something I love you guys and you guys run a great business and you've been you've been with me the whole time so that's a nice build Don nice build I like it they picked it up the Nets up Hogan was bucking with it he enjoyed it so anyways yeah that's a good

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