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one two three row row row your boat gently down the stream merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream row row row your boat gently down the stream merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream come on little boat go oh no my boat those kids sunk my boat look what I found what happened why are you crying it's just I made a paper boat and I brought it to the pool to have it swim in the water but some babies showed up and destroyed oh don't worry I can help you make another one I love making paper boats come on I'll go with you to your house and they help you make it night one it'll be very fun you'll see huh I think that's a good idea let's go this is turning out very nicely I have an idea let's go to the swimming pool and have a boat race that sounds great boat races boat competitions come get your boats see which one will swim the fastest what are you doing girls you want to compete in the boat race I don't know it looks kind of boring they're all white how are we know which one wins you're so right we'll be back soon grab all the boats so we can go color them how didn't we think to color the boats they look a lot better this way I have an idea let's go to Poppy's bakery and buy some chocolate-chip cookies to take as refreshments oh I'm so sorry girls I don't have any more chocolate chip cookies what I do have our doughnuts they're fresh and I just made them mmm doughnuts are a good idea thank you bye good luck with the boat competition

let's go yellow the blue is last Thank You girls the boat competition was a genius idea yes it was so fun and the donut they were delicious hi friends stories with toys and dolls here I hope that you like the story and now I'm going to show you how to make a paper boat we fold a page in half then we fold it in half again we open it back up and we make sure that the part that we folded faces the bottom and then we drew a triangle fold here and the same thing on the other side now we take one of the pieces of the bottom of the paper and we fold it up here the same thing with the other side we just fold it the other way we fold the sides now we'll open the boat at the bottom and we flatten it like this and it'll look like a rhombus or a diamond then we fold this part down here to the top and the same thing with the other side that way it'll look like a triangle and we'll open it again and make it look like a rhombus again now we'll put the parts at the top and now there's our boat and now with these gel pens that I showed you in the last video I'll decorate my boat and here inside I'll draw some people [Music] today we also played with this Chelsea dollhouse and of course everything is Chelsea doll sized we have a lot of furniture here and everything is sized for Chelsea we'll put the furniture as we're seeing the roots and as you can see here on the side we have a window that opens and closes too and here we have the front door it also opens and closes this is the first room we see when we enter the house we can see that Chelsea prepared some cupcakes for her Fred it has this grandfather claw and for furniture I'll put this lamp here on this stool here and now we'll move on to the dining room and kitchen on the wall we have a refrigerator a stove some plates a pantry holding the dishes and a rug that matches the rest of the kitchen

over here we have another window that opens and closes in this room will put this stove that hasn't oven that opens we'll put it back here this refrigerator we'll put it in front of the one that's painted on the wall and we'll put a dining table friends all this furniture in size for Chelsea barbie is too big okay she doesn't even fit because this house is made specifically for dolls leather the size of Chelsea do you want ice cream chelsea yes please going up these stairs we see a bathroom the bathroom also has a window that opens and closes and there's a bunch of decorations on the wall even a bathrobe for Chelsea it also has this furniture this toilet can open for real and we have a bathtub that we can put here or here however the person prefers I like it over here now we'll go to the living room it's also beautifully decorated nice wallpaper and there's a chair there a fireplace and this room also has a window that opens and closes in this room will put this couch this lamp and a piano now we'll go to the third floor which is Chelsea's room ooh Chelsea's room is very pretty and it's pink I always had a pink room when I was a little girl I would like for all of you to tell me in the comments what your dream bedroom looks like for me it was for everything to be completely pink pink carpet pink walls everything completely pink for the room we have this bunk bed [Music] this boudoir and this stool for it that matches the sheets over here on the outside of her room Chelsea has a balcony where she can eat breakfast or just take in the view and this is how the side of the house looks with a beautiful garden on the outside friends don't forget to like the video before you leave and if you want to see the lol dolls turn into Powerpuff Girls click on the card on the left and if you want to see them turn into Beauty and the Beast click on the card on the right and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss

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