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by: Dr. T ASMR

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hello and welcome to the two bottom industries and has come to my attention as a defect has been found in the Hama reception module in all Klingon words the program glitch was found recently you must fix that today I am going to put in a new tingle reception module but of course when I remove the 0th one so it's beginners procedure of course before I do anything the mastermind a search repair I don't very different this is not a latex

this procedure will be quite lengthy we may want to get count now it is quite take care of something very important before the procedure begins please allow me at the moment to settle into the


now maybe we just getting around look at the social area to my visual inspection

l yes could you please take some surgical notes I shall dictate

okay let me just have a listen here to see em listen I think I have the necessary

of course before we do any procedure we must treat is it a single area with the 2-0 it's quite quite a succulent delight






it's quite a bit of a substance not to continue shall be little bit apart of the concentrated form to go sir this is highly potent team should be action side

[Music] you should be feeling quite relaxed by this point

see area to be open the fuckin twat any infestation using the flange to scrape

the polymer as you see excessive power to the crabs and crunches I'd like to see my comment what is going to quit scratch

having experienced articulation quit puzzles at this point the sponge is quite effective

- could you please page dr. Stanley Tamara we require his assistance if their finger has usually mostly no the procedures remove some insulation from the surgical site because the

need some light

it seems that we are recently acquired as I envision losses you have in Channel I don't think this is ever getting enough love so we were sending some love my detective this Allan has programmed into Egypt are going to install names I'm getting a chain a guy to be a some armies rack so this man is called a professional technologies require a little more tension didn't seems to be getting so much let's put a period of Oakridge this is in the fastest as usual no other chain ever had this kind of acting which is what he'll want to take off

what I think is I'm happy Frank of the C programming network put a link in description desk we must very important the droids cannot be walking around and it will cook spirit this is what's going to make you copy

see that you could that you can see it measures a little over 1 inch high as you can see we have the control ship this control trip chain send the seasickness over to see jingle chip right there museum chips and frequencies of ride as it transistors tiles so forth is the other side where it again further processed receipt America's decoders and encrypts and then Z transferred which is what I'm going to do now yes Turkestan thank you please come over I need you to locate visited data ribbon treasured would you superior eyesight yesterday's

okay excellent oh please stop up there yeah yes I will now I'm going to take the lead go ahead of you yes I believe a fee is it lunchtime yet alpha-2 it is okay it's in the road will you please go feed the kitty cat yes mr. Rickett we are going to employ the tingled watch until you see circle side it helps with relaxing the metal fatigue allowing us to gain [Music]


now I'm going to install the chip but before we do and of course take crucial exact precise measurements so that it

take a seat take just plant it into its

website standing next for a feast is he covered back line to the accessible nice nice

now now this is a recorded of a procedure on how to ex open a small of course I do not recommend at the average Tim we draw a cheese such attempts because it will probably result in reply as it was many many years of study technically now to activate the chip robot me and encode it with to the point in the screen

excellent okay my little thing rides I mean the cross injures has been completed we shall be reeling a full-tilt ecolution but now it's catalytic a shell UBC integrals if that didn't seem to work we have this if not that a little foetus and movement usually does it should be working

darkus Pamela thank you for your assistance and this social position was a complete if you see the difference the next video until then I hope this shops

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