Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Iron Man 2 Movie Mark IV Action Figure Toy Review

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hey guys be sure to like me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram for extra content you won't see here click the links in the description below hey what's up everybody everyone re for we know the action figure of you today we're gonna take a look at the Bandai tamashii nations SH FiguArts Iron Man 2 this is Iron Man mark 4 this is a web exclusive as we can see the box does not show a window so you can see the figure it's all covered this is what they do normally with these Marvel figures that are web exclusive so finally our next piece who are a hall of armor series of figures that we're getting to finally complete the hall of armor of the first seven suits and this is the mark for now this suit doesn't get a lot of love because I didn't get a lot of screen time either I came out towards the beginning of Iron Man 2 and then he quickly changed the suit the one with the triangle arc reactor on his chest so we didn't get to see him much and plus it wasn't such a big upgrade from the mark 3 they almost look a little similar so that's why it doesn't really look all too different but anyways he was from the package here is the side and then here's the other side if you guys are interested you guys can pick this up at big bet toy store calm he comes with the hall of armor peace since it is gonna be the US release on their bethlo SOCOM so keep that in mind that price includes the figure and the hall of armor piece which is pretty decent in my book so check that out there's a link in description below here's the back of the box we have Ironman some various poses and then we also do get an accessory piece of a box of donuts which is awesome and what's funny they don't really promote or display the unmasked head on the back they don't even show it in the option import section down here so that's pretty interesting they do kind of show right here right there but that's it huh but it's a nice little surprise I guess in case you guys aren't following this or weren't following this up to the release let's go out the box and see how he looks [Music] here we have about the box and once again MANET Tamashii Nations does not let us down they always always do such a great job with iron man figures and this one is no different at all so as you can see he looks great he looks just like Iron Man looks just like the suit the colors are amazing the paint is perfect that metallic pane they use on the figure looks great the plot the whole figure is plastic except for the feet are always die Cassie cent they tend to do that only the feet is diecast so that's pretty pretty good I like I like it it's got some weight to it thanks to those feet and he's a pretty pretty sturdy figure no loose joints you know like that so far so let's move aside and take a look at the accessories right now he comes with quite a few I first will start off with the alternate head we do have a regular Robert Downey jr. Tony Stark head here and then we have a face plate that is what the glasses here what she wore while he was eating the donuts in the arm and to see when he was at Randy's Donuts so this is just a face so this one separates and then you're gonna have to use the back of this head for it for this one right here so there's that they look good they look like him I think they did pretty good job there so I like that and then we do have of course the donuts here so there are the donuts for donuts inside no logo or nothing on the box and the donuts are not removable so that that sucks you can't put a donut in his hand which day he should have done that at least you know right now but they did not and I'm sure you can pry one of these out of there and somehow make it seem like he's eating it if you're really wanting to do that a extra donut well they may be a bite into it would have been a nice added touch he does come with an extra neck peg which is for when he you put the unmasked head of course you can see the neck you have our standard effects here so our feet effects our repulsor blasts effects and in the shorter versions of those repulsor blasts effects here are the two open hands with the peg so you can peg those effects a to our standard straight flying hands here or saluting hands and then we do have regular open hands here as you notice each hand has a peg hole on the on the top of the hand because the hand guard must be shared with all these hands they do not have their own we also have than this before which is for the back of the calves on his legs so it can open up right there you can choose to have that and in the flaps on his back also there's an extra open flap and there you have all the accessories a closer look at Ironman we can see the sign of the suit here pretty nice got the big repulsor or the big arc reactor sorry on his chest and it's not colored which sucks I don't know why they don't do that that's one thing they should do is a color the the arc reactor the is Li the silver I know weird because it is supposed to be lit up at least put a blue in there and it would be enough but you're going down to the legs and there's overall there's a good up and down view of the figure and then let's get in real quick we get in the mark 3 which was the soup previous to this and very subtle changes of course the color is different and then you can see the chest somewhat different the legs I feel like the thighs are the main difference here see focus that's when the articulation of the figure we're pretty familiar with this the head goes left and right it goes up and down the neck articulates like crazy on this one the arms go forward and back they go in and out we do have a socket right there for the shoulder there's a bicep swivel a hinged shoulder pad right there double-jointed elbows there is a swivel at the wrist with a hinge there I believe that's just a ball joint but it still hinges down our guest moves down like like a hinge do have a diaphragm joint that swivels goes forward and back also a waste that slows the angles for in memory there's a good torso movement here we do have legs that go forward and back these do drop down SH FiguArts tells so it allows more movement that does hold its own so that's good goes in and out as well we have a thigh swivel double jointed knees ankles go forward and back there is an angle pivot and we have a toe hinge we got them next to the Civil War version of the SH FiguArts I remain here so you can see major difference there but of course we do share the same quality and paint in detail that you know Bandai loves to give us here so I like that this one is the mark 6 but this is the Japan exclusive black and golden which isn't official for any movie but there he is next there this one is not figures this is the mark seven figma I remain here and I has yet to make the mark seven four figures but he should be coming next seeing that we are completing the hull of armor were only missing mark one and mark seven so this is the mark seven is what he looks like so expect this from Bandai and I'm pretty excited to see because this was my favorite of course but actually actually Hasbro has I made it either I don't know why they skipped out on mark seven which is the one from Avengers so that's quite odd but they did skip out on mark seven and we're finally getting them now cuz Hasbro is making a mark 7 as well so something has brought did do is they did make the mark 4 before anyone else and here he is actually made an unmask version as well with classes so they were the first one to do this I guess in 6-inch form so there you have him and of course how spells Marvel Legends always stand taller than this sh t wards so that's why he's taller and once you remove these shoulder pads I guess for the shoulder pieces so you can put the back flaps on right here we do get some more detail that's hidden underneath the armor here we've got some silver paint there and some scope going on here so that's pretty nice for them to do and that just comes out very nice once you attach the alternate shoulder pads or the the flaps the back flaps here you get this look and it looks fantastic I think that's such a great great look looks nice just add some more fun to the action figure and it doesn't end there we do get some more detail once you remove the other flaps on his calves down below behind his legs we do get some good detail back here we've seen this before so this isn't anything new but this it's still a nice thing to have it still gives a good look and just some more fun to the figure here we have him with the alternate head and there's no denying this looks great I mean I really really am liking this look they did a great job I mean this this head is on point I think they did I don't think they could have changed in any other way I think they really really really did a good job they improved this sense in just a regular Tony Stark that one looked like him too but this one I think this is 100% Robert Downey jr. and here is more of a top-to-bottom look of you want to see him the rest of the armour there that's where the hair they're still going with this gold highlight type thing that they've been doing with all of their figures all over there I guess regular hair figures if you look at their Star Wars Luke Skywalker has it as well though does Han Solo and Anakin just anybody with regular hair I don't know why they like adding this round slash goldish color to it it's just kind of weird not too bad on the front it's more on the back you can see their craziness on the back but it's okay it's not too bad and there you have the regular Tony Stark from the armor and three and yeah maybe they had different haircuts that's probably a thing because they do change that too between both movies so maybe that's why the hair is different but I don't know if I had to choose I have to go with the new one here this looks great looks looks they both look like him don't get me wrong but I mean this new one is it's nice and then now seeing these two next to each other almost looks like this neck is a little fat I don't know if it's because the weights that but the neck looks fatter on this one and there we have them with the alternate glasses on face here which is what he wears while he has the donuts in that one specific scene so this is just an extra added bonus I feel like my main intention with all these armors was to get the hall of armor all set up and though don't get me wrong I would probably bought these anyways if the hull of armor was not in existence I just think it's cool that band I did add these alternate unmask heads because we don't get an unmask head with every Armand so much as we would like to what's cool to the Vito his head down see if it picks it up you can't see the eyes and the eyes are there too so they didn't just black out the eyes and I like that it's painted yeah you can't see it it's painted and everything you can see he's looking forward alrighty guys and that concludes my review of the SH FiguArts web-exclusive by bayonet tamashii nations is the Iron Man mark for this is without the hall of armor since assisting Japanese at least so keep that in mind the u.s. released well had the hall of armor so if you guys are building that together this is yet the next addition to the virus was very exciting and as an Ironman fan myself I am extremely happy about this figure this figure as soon as they announced it coming with the Tony Stark head the glasses head the doughnuts bad just mean I just that was just perfect I love it I just swab bandai and what do you do with sh figuarts just absolutely just great I loved it this figure is as you can tell you know well what else can I say I can't just keep repeating myself so anyways go out and pick this guy up if you haven't done so already I did hear some of the ones from Japan did sell out so just to be better safe than sorry pick one up now at least pre-order it and you still have some time before it comes out in the u.s. to make a decision if you want to carry on with it but this is a great figure and I do highly recommend it but that's I'd hope you guys enjoyed the review please leave a like comment subscribe because like and don't forget to have a great day [Music] [Applause]

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