Стальная моторная яхта Popilov-1999. Большой обзор!

by: Popilov Yachts

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Hello dear friends! Yachts with large DWT are constantly criticized. Nowadays besides the same class yachts by famous world manufacturers and really overpriced we have this one – a rather cheap yacht by the Russian shipyard POPILOV.

Today you can see this model - POPILOV-1999. It’s a big steel 20-meter yacht, with width of 5.5 meters and draft of 184 cm. This 65-foot giant is a real home on water Over 250 square meters of useful area! In this model you get not only spacious cabins and huge flybridge with the second control post but unique autonomy as well – almost 2300 miles after only one fuel bunkering that is as many as 10 tons. after only one fuel bunkering that is as many as 10 tons. Just think - it’s more than 4000 km. For example, after one bunkering you can get from Sochi to the Atlantic Considering the fuel price in European marines it’s not bad, is it? And now let’s get down to everything in detail. Walking up the convenient removable gangway we find ourselves on the platform for swimming Look how spacious it is! On the platform there is a special fastening hole for the removable gangway and the ladder which you need to get out of water conveniently. Difficult mechanisms are at minimum, all is simple and available. Also the fresh hot and cold water shower is introduced on the stern which is very handy after swimming To get to the cockpit there are two comfortable ladders. You can see a large sofa and boxes for equipment, grill etc. storage on the cockpit

The flybridge part above the cockpit will protect you from the burning sun There also two video cams installed that help the Master to moor. Here you will place a table and extra chairs and in the darkness switch on the lights. Now we will get down to the yacht’s heart. It’s the engine-room.

As you see, the compartment is quite roomy for convenient units and machines maintenance. The engine room will be used as a workshop by the crew. You can easily place any extra equipment here, for example to charge diving air cylinders. During long passages a bike or a small motorbike can be placed here, too. And so, this reviewed yacht is equipped with two marine time-tested 6 cylinders in-row diesel engines Sole Diesel 270 hp each. The engines are surely diesel ones. They help this heavy boat of 60 tones to reach the speed up to 12 knots with the comfortable cruise speed of 7-8 knots. At 1500 revolutions fuel consumption is about 30 liters per hour that is a bit more than 4 liters per mile. 10-ton fuel tanks are fixed on this model. Not a single the same class boat can compete this. Not surprising you get such characteristics of autonomy. Fresh water tank capacity is 1200 liters. The same capacity is for sewage. The yacht is equipped with the fresh water plant, capacity 100 liters per hour. It’s especially vital during long passages. If we speak in more detail about all the yacht’s equipment , we will have to devote another video to this. So, more detailed information about this model will be in the description.

Let’s move to the forward deck. Passageways are as you see sufficient for for comfortable and safe walking. The railings are fixed so that all passengers including kids feel safe and secure.

In the forward part of the deck there is a comfortable sofa with a box fitted. You will highly like to keep your fishing equipment there because this part of the deck is the most suitable for it.

What a sea voyage without anchorage? Here you have the anchor box. The winch on this model is two-optional both for anchor chain pulling and for mooring lines. It’s operated both from the wheelhouse and from the deck.

If you open both doors to the lounge you will create one accommodated space of large square. I am sure you will love it here.

So, we are in the mess-room. At the entrance there is a handy case for shoes. Above it there is an electric switchboard. Here are switches and automatic circuit breakers. Due to the diesel generator the yacht always has voltage of 220 Volts. Look what a cozy and spacious galley! By the way, other models now get even bigger galley space. There is an electric cooker, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, an extractor fan needed so much when cooking food and a sink for washing up, a full-size fridge with a freezer,

a large number of cupboards for dishes and all you need. All doors are fixed with special locks. Look how easy-to-use and safe it is. The yacht’s interior decoration is made of seawater-resistant plywood covered with natural wood. The ceilings in all cabins are made of eco-leather easy to wash. The most important while using the yacht in humid climates eco-leather has no mould to grow opposed to textile. In the upper cases there is life-saving equipment for passengers easy to reach. In the lounge there is a dining table with a comfortable sofa. Here you can place a few more portable chairs and find yourself in a great company or family. Nearby there are switches and sockets. In the lounge you will appreciate huge all-length windows that can be closed by the sun-resistant curtains.

On the model POPILOV-1999 there are four cabins. One is a VIP cabin and three guest cabins. The entrance to the cabin is separate. Keep in mind the steps lighting. If you are the yacht owner this comfortable cabin is specially for you. This is a room with the comfortable ceiling height of over 2 meters. There is a luxury bed and side lights, spacious wardrobes, large working surface, a sofa and may mirrors. The climate control is installed in this cabin. For more comfort there is an individual bathroom with a pothole. There you will find a real bath where you can also take shower. It’s convenient, isn’t it? You can rarely find that on the same class yachts. As at any home there is a space for domestic use with laundry and ironing equipment. Now I start understanding why the POPILOV Company’s slogan is AT SEA LIKE AT HOME. At a certain moment you begin realizing that you are not onboard but rather in a great mansion in the countryside.

In another part of deck there are guest cabins with a separate bathroom. All cabins on the yacht are fixed with a porthole. These are the smallest guest cabins. They are double and equipped with the night lamp. All doors have got a magnetic stop-pin. It’s very useful while rolling. For the guests’ convenience all cabins are equipped with the climate-control.

So the cabin for your dearest guests is located in the lower forward deck. There is a large double bed with lighting and handy side lamps, two portholes and a hatch you can watch night stars through. There is a desk and of course an individual bathroom with shower cabin. All toilets on the yacht are equipped with electronic pumping and a porthole.

So, the main steering post. First you pay attention to is the all-round view. It’s so vital for navigation. On the ceiling decorated with eco-leather there are two hatches designed both for evacuation and ventilation. On the bridge as well as in all cabins the conditioning system is fixed. On the control panel there are engine sensors, fuel tank level indicator, full control of the engine-room, convenient and multi-functional chart plotter, fixed with the video cam from the stern which helps during mooring in the day and night time. The video cams are also installed in the engine-room. On this yacht all navigational equipment is by the RAYMARINE Company. Manufacturer also equips the next model with the SIMRAD Company equipment. The wheel is doubled with a joystick for easy steering. There is an autopilot and a vital bow thruster. The yacht steering is transferred to the control post on the flybridge. Certainly, it’s a cruiser, comfortable, stable, making small waves, passing as a tank. No doubts this yacht is for those not in a hurry at all.

Every time when passengers board the boat they rush to the spacious flybridge from where there is even more beautiful view The height from the sea level is about 4 meters. Once on the flybridge of exactly this yacht there happened a spontaneous concert of opera singers. On the deck there are comfortable sofas, pouffes, chaise lounges, it’s great for sunbathing. Also, there is a mast with all necessary navigational equipment and signal lights. But the most important there is the second steering control post on the flybridge. It’s easy to operate especially in the hours of darkness or in good weather. Instead of a wheel a joystick is fixed. All necessary devices: an autopilot, a compass, a bow thruster control. Sitting in a cozy armchair you can enjoy an awesome sea view. Steering the yacht of model POPILOV-1999 you experience absolutely other emotions than while driving other yachts and boats. This is comfortable passing of wave. Many pay attention to excellent manouevarability in spite of impressive size. You will be satisfied. The yacht has been classified as A-2. The crew consists of only 2 people – the Master and a seaman. If you need a spacious and comfortable boat for long voyages or business trips, commercial purposes

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