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Wow I don't remember any others having a head that big that is just adorable what's up guys it's King daddy DMACC and welcome welcome back to another episode of Ark survival evolved that's right here on the poop and evolved extinction course server baby so excited doing flips man oh man guys thank you thank you for coming and hanging out as he always do please remember show that amazing support slam that thumbs up button that's right and if you're new to the channel do not forget subscribe for the daily art awesomeness man and speaking of Awesome last episode we went we got some super amazing new B's craziness the prime B and the super cool myth tech B look at that tech B ain't it sweet I love it oh so much we're still in the middle of leveling them of course but man so very cool we also got some nifty new tribesmen aired from Texas in Lucas from Pennsylvania guys do not forget do not forget you can get a tribe son named after you if you put your name in the comments and your subscriber it's always so easy of course will happen new tries them and at the end of the episode anyway dude day today I was thinking we could check out a couple more couple more of the tech super sweet tacking myth dudes why don't why don't we go have a look-see who you haven't done yet who are we gonna do today man oh man there's been two particular actually three in particular I've had my eyes on the Bosa Tecmo so we haven't seen that yet super sweet we got an awesome look at this manic or poison manic or which isn't that expensive and then we also have the dragon daughter the dragon daughter why don't we check out the dragon daughter let me go make a cup a couple more of the bells and let's summon this baby and let's see how cool she is oh yes okay here we go dragon daughter but by you me oh it's super sick it looks like a pretty big dragon but I bet you it is so much smaller than the others let's just go see my goodness super sweet tech dragon yeah look at it the next true Dragon Emperor it's tiny it's a little tiny thing look it's your daughter it's your daughter bro it's super cool I love it I think it's interesting how this mod has a lot of things where it has like father mother and daughter this is an awesome looking dragon dude can we get some better light let's see if we can get some better lighting on it I do have lights at my base are they gonna be big enough to see it oh look at that thing alright I'll top off it it's kind of mmm it's kind of derpy Wow all right we need better lighting let me let me wait alright what do you think of that that is a gorgeous gorgeous looking dragon it looks gargantuan but it really is nowhere near as big nowhere near as big as his parents is craziness it feels it kind of feels like just an extinction core dragon alright let's see what it does left-click ooh there's an alpha who turn this on what are we hitting for it Oh only 1000 Wow now I'm gonna assume it does poison damage alright right-click what's that doing Oh weird do it do it up nice it's go like a super cool dragon breath what level is this by the way it's a 525 stats Wow 39 million not bad steamin is kind of lonely 412 I'm will to see if it actually uses up stamina its weight half-a-million not bad small melee small everything it seems like all the ones you summon in or always like that let's see do you see the stamina going down no oh no it's mine early - I can't tell ya it doesn't look like the steam is going down on it that's cool what is this breath do 17,000 okay other moves all their moves is er see ooh that looks like it's a pickup and then acts doesn't look like there's an axe all right what about cue sometimes sometimes there's a cue move nope nope so it's just pickup let's see if we can actually pick something up oh did you steal something from me bro don't you steal stuff let's get out of here with the dumb birds are can I go under the water yes I can fly underwater that is awesome oh my goodness I wonder if this is just like the creme de la creme of creatures that can knock out other creatures it's super crazy cool it's got green eyes too kind of sucks it's got that whole scenario where it like flickers in the light I don't know if that's from the mod or if that's just the center map but it's cool either way I don't care it is so awesome Wow and it can just knock out all those sharks Oh always so good it's so good all right why don't we level this lady up oh man she just annihilates dragon daughter you were so cool all right I'll see you back after the storm all right guys ain't she a beautiful sight sight for sore eyes I'm loving loving this new dragon daughter I'm just about at max attack let's go ahead and do it we can get up to seven 8780 by him got it max attack and then of course I'm gonna want some more speed because she is kind of slow I'll be I'll be quite honest with you what's let's see how 150 feels rocking that oh man worlds of difference on the speed were hidden for around 17 before with the breath we're up to 130 and 87 that is crazy thousand gentlemen thousand holy cried alright I've been clearing out that area for a while let's move on to some other areas wow she is gonna be the creme de la creme of knockout artists seriously seriously let's head on up here let's see what do we got up here I would love if we could find a boss or something that would be SuperDuper sweet come here come here oh yeah I'm hundred thirty thousand hundred and thirty thousand that is such a powerhouse what was she rocking on health again see 39 million that's so crazy good let's go ahead pump her up again and she heals almost instantly that is so crazy good alright can we find like a dragon or something or man of course I want to see if she just destroys they or she knocks it out we might have went a little too crazy going to that max attack right away come here come here can she fly backwards kind of kind of she actually is pretty good about drift drift is like if I'm sprinting this way and then I stop and turn yeah she's still drifts but not too crazy not too crazy alright I think we get I think we could even go even a little bit higher in speed I'll wait until we get some more levels before we do before we do gentlemen oh this is so good we also just have now a fresh Dino wipe so we should be able to get some more cool things spawning in on the server that is my hope come on come on man they're all hiding from us they're like oh I know who your parents are the dragon daughter oh man it just tears it up but that is pretty respectable speed I do have to say I'm not gonna think this is a boss killer of any kind and whatever it's not a boss killer that means we can have more fun with the staff we can have way more fun at the SATs oh man so crazy good I wish it was a little bit higher up on the screen the actual dragon just cuz it's so low but it's so cool she is so cool and she is probably one of the coolest looking tech dragons I have to say really really good job as always from the myth mod on the look of the creatures she is gorgeous alright carrying on let's see what we can find ooh we got some pygmy hordes pygmy hordes where are they it says they're in range I wonder how close that means whew yeah that was a pretty looking dodo super pretty looking all right we're the pygmy hordes I'm gonna assume they're on this island but this I just do not know we got the hordes we got the hordes look at the pygmies get him get him get him get him get him oh my goodness all right it looks like we're not picking up this guy's loo holy crud oh dude they're my hordes go away go away from my hordes all right everybody down let's go have a look-see hopefully we didn't knock them out to where they don't involute I'm hoping that's not a thing but Oh crud there's tons of pygmies all around here are you dead pygmy are you dead pic yep yo please Oh beautiful we get all blue let's go ahead change up the gear change up the gear so we can hold it all come here that was like the red beacon this is like another red beacon one red loot drop sweet so those are pressing the red ones are probably the best let's see one more pygmy so that's like a yellow one alright looks like we got the stuff from you I think we got all the loot from all these guys it's definitely worth it to go check though because sometimes you don't sometimes you do not all right come here come here come access inventory EXO's inventory alright whatever you're done um yell and it looks like we got all the rest of them purple loot drop blue loot drop you would have all look at that that's cool look at their particle effects see it's like a sword it's like they're all different that is SuperDuper nifty I like it all right is there any more pygmies is there any more there's two horns that got summoned um that might have been both the horns because there's two of each all right we're good we are good what we getting in Tyra t4r lucha holy crud no the very best ones are these ones look at all those amazing amazing saddles we got that's crazy town guys all right guys we're sitting pretty at 200 percent movement speed now and it feels great it feels absolutely amazing everything I thought it would be and more oh my in and I believe there's a Manticore in the server right now I'm really interested to see how this guy does against the extinction Corps bosses we're hitting for a hundred and thirty thousand against a normal like alpha or something along those lines so what would it do against a boss I bet you it's gonna be pretty darn amazing come here let's see how do we do against the dragon racks oh look at that - shot to kill them those only a 240 but we got knocked out after the first shot dude this is gonna be interesting it's gonna be super interesting where is the dang Manticore I know you is here Manticore I know you was here do not try to elude me do not who'd you hear something I heard some type of shenanigan ree right let's take a park for a second oh I knew I did listen to these tribesmen they stand no chance whatsoever whatsoever rekt everything destroyed now is this guy breaking the rocks - yo it breaks even the rocks that it runs through definitely a tree of every single one of these tech myth crazy creatures it's so good I still can't find this dome Manticore though alright it must be down in the bottom let's go have a look-see Manticore where is you show yourself show yourself we got a fire dodo Rexy I haven't seen one that's a Purdy one you is a pretty one indeed what level whoo that's a 560 and it's a female oh my goodness oh my goodness this might be something we want I got to go back and get my kibbles though it takes racks kibble oh my goodness that is so good alright let's just see if we can find this dumb Mae and a-kor before we head back and drop off the dragon and then I definitely want that fire do it Iraq see Oh female 1 that means we can finally breed the fire type that is so cool I hope we did it I hope we can't spend too long doing this we got to move on we got to carry on Manticore alright I'm going to give you another another 10 seconds to show yourself otherwise you're in deep doo-doo oh look at the Griffin beautiful beautifully dead who did we just knock it out I don't know if we killed it right there alright then whatever whatever Manticore you appeared me off officially officially alright here we go here we go we got a boss let's racket broodmother I am look at that oh we didn't get the kill message so we definitely knocked it out oh my goodness are you the minions minions go away go away alright let's check out this Broodmother I just want to see that's a 520 also and we didn't do nearly like that crazy much health this is gonna be the best boss knock her outer of them all we find a 600 boss just come right in 1 dragon breath and Kabaya me you dead oh my goodness this so good and it's still not dead yet wow this is ideal ideal boss knocker outer I love it all right carrying on dragon daughter you are so cool let's just see we got a wyvern here baby I'm fried fried holy crud this is so good and that probably gave us all the levels we need that was a 520 so look at 135 holy crud and I love how the steam and it does not matter on this guy it just lasts four days four days that's got to be max level it's gotta be got to be got to be have a look-see holy crud look at how high it's going it's good oh it's gonna get all the health all the health indeed in max level we are at thousands six hundred and ninety million six hundred and ninety million for our little dragon daughter it's so crazy cool I love this thing I love this mod I love those horns look at the horns on its head it's that so cool holy all right let's go back I want to get this dodo Rex and its dodo raksi pronto that's actually a very very valuable thing you do not see the females very much and I don't even see the fire dodo Rex's that much so absolutely oh my goodness elf Locarno right at my base holy crap get to crap out of here yes all right we clear we clear are a dragon daughter you just chill you know what let's park you down here let's park you down here I'm gonna go grab the Pteranodon and let's get us a dodo Rexy I love it alright guys there it is look at this beauty look at that beauty holy crud nuggets come here come here come at me how the Stoics kind of make me nervous if it wakes up if it when it wakes up but man this thing is pretty much cleared the area all right here we go one shot oh did that even hit bro did that even hit all right we got one hit holy crud thank goodness it's not that great a shot oh man come on and it's down you would have fall beautiful beautiful all right we got to hurry up kill kill how are we doing on the area all right in the DOE dicks running away beautiful let's do this as quick as possible oh no I hear music I hear music boom but I am oh don't forget we need more sedatives and that should be a huh oh crap please don't say that says anyone all right whatever it's Taemin what's going on here what's going on oh no no crap all right shenanigan were miss holy crap you dumb scorpion of course he had to come right in at the end what a jerk face alright let's take this moment to just make sure the area is clear I can't believe that happened that always happens to me with the dota Rex's and this dude right here I know he's gonna cause issues I know he is that's just what he's gonna do he'll get all peeved and then I'll come back and cause issues all right and we had a vulture here or something all right that are you peeved it's tough all right he don't look peeved at me is this is most important all right we can do this we got it it'll be a thing alright Pteranodon you'd be okay let's wake this dumb thing up oh it's a fruit and inventory to tame still what oh crap Radda sedatives on the teeming XL I would assume will work we're just gonna have to hold we're gonna have to hope it works crap did I hear an explosion please tell me I didn't all right let's do this ready ready Shibuya me out which shebang me and is back down again beautiful all right let's hurry this time food and inventory Rex AG and Damian Excel you know it's probably already gonna be starved out yeah yeah the food's already down on it from the last sedative and a hundred percent Amy beautiful guys we got it we got our female what a beautiful thing and yes oh what a beautiful thing god I love it gotta love it alright let's go ahead put it on passive you know unfollow and let's go ahead and do a pickup matrix beautiful beautiful beautiful all right guys we got it we got it our female dota Rexy let's head home glorious glorious day alright guys back at the base and look at this beauty what a gorgeous gorgeous looking dodo racks seriously absolutely amazing I love these fire ones so cool oh man alright alright um lady female whoa whoa don't don't eject me don't get rid of me so quickly come later come here lady alright let's pick her up why don't we do a little breed session we haven't we have not done a breed session in a while why not I think it would be cool there's not too much going on on the server at this present moment in time um I guess we can use the dire bears little area over here to do the breeding I think that's cool so we got the lady let me go around I gotta find my dodo rack or in a mess right now seriously they're all strewn all around all over the place from stuff attacking the base let's see they this fire I think that's fire one all right that that should be a male fire one let's go grab that one let's bring it over here bada boom and there should be more I have another dodo rack see that's been glitched out for like ages let's see if it's still glitched I don't even know but it's been like this since I tamed it I think this is the one - yeah look at that 8:09 does it still have yeah it's like forever all exhausted forever tired see in the upper right hand corner I can't sprint on it or do anything I don't know what the crap is going on with it I just do not know it's so super bizarre let's just take this costume off this should be a fire one - yeah yeah that confused me for a mom I was like wait is the costume still on and I think we might even have one more let me let me keep on looking alright guys well it looks like these are just the two that we have this one's way higher level however I really like the color on this one I really want to try and pass it I know you shouldn't breed for color first but why not let's just do it let's see what we can get let's see if we can get some more females I think that would be super epic and we might as well breed um we got the matching Phi Alpha Thyle is not too long ago I would love to be able to get an imprinted version so anyway um let's go ahead and do this let's go behavior and an able wandering behavior enable wandering sweet so the two dota Rex's should hopefully breed soon ready to mate and are you doing it alright they're getting there hold on we got male and female yep they should they should go ahead they should do it any moment now the server's been a little walk today I'll be honest with you all right let's go ahead and get these ones all set enable wander I mean the Alpha Thyle is for just enormous they don't feel like they're that big but they are oh beautiful look it Oh we're gonna get such a good baby - these are really high level ones all right and they're breeding pretty quickly and finally finally the dota rexy's are doing holy crap it's almost ready to lay its egg oh this is gonna be a beautiful baby look at the parents I love it I love it guys absolutely love it come on hurry up and look it we got some therizinosaurus I almost done there mama 85-86 all right and man these dodo rexy's they breathe so quickly it's crazy town I tell you and egg egg egg let's do it lay it on me in come on yeah so we got it beautiful all right and we got our incubator already going so we should be all good in the hood there I'm just gonna leave it be and behavior disabled wandering sweet all right the file it should be done any moment they I believe will get pregnant let's go up a look see did you get pregnant already no it's gonna take a little bit more time I bet you she'll get pregnant around the time as egg hatches so look at that incubating oh I love this it actually tells you the time now oh that's awesome it tells you exactly how long till it will hatch all right guys it should hatch any second now this is so cool amazing dodo Rex baby oh look at it look at it 852 not bad and we get a male or female it's a male but gorgeous looks just like the father let's go ahead and give it some food Lloyd's behavior disabled wandering unfollow and last of all all behavior stands passive you would have full look at the little baby all those are awesome eyes to do that is gonna be a gorgeous gorgeous dodo racks oh that is so cool that is so cool I wanted one just like this except it had the derp toughness I wonder does it look more like the father of them yeah definitely looks like the father the father is the one with the the crazy face look at the father just like the father except I think our baby does her baby have the red face and red beak hold on let's check it out come here baby yeah I think as a red face and red beak that is so cool Oh totally scored and then I love that black body with it it just makes it look that much more red very cool it's almost like an orange red awesome so one care in 27 minutes hopefully it will be just one care and done and it'll be a hundred percent was for all the rest of them so it's just hope umm the thigh was doing pretty darn well - we only got a minute 58 left a minute 52 oh yes all right I'll see you guys right back once the style of baby happens all right guys 23 16 seconds left Wow look at how pregnant she looks - that is craziness that is create ohno ohno okay I was trying to pick up the poo was trying to pick up the poo alright you're about to get a little a baby pal yeah you watch with this little dota Rex alright it should happen any second oh yes look at that and it looks like we might have got a female did we 8:09 so we didn't score coy is high on the level because the mothers in $8.99 but Wow alright let's hurry up put the food in and we got him that's interesting we got a male but it's pink this is super crazy alright disable wandering behavior stance passive unfollow of all all right let's pick up the mama let's get the mama out of here mama you did so well go with your husband go with your husband all right awesome awesome awesome so two males today oh we get the little baby thigh look look at how big its head is dude that's crazy that is so cool it's so hilarious baby Thielen Wow I don't remember any others having a head that big that is just adorable seriously that's awesome Wow why don't you have such a big head huh you know he's like I got crazy eyes that is just the cutest thing ever though I do have to say it is it is adorable it is so awesome I love it oh man the detail the detail it's crazy cool all right guys well I think we did pretty gosh darn well today why don't we go and see if we can find a tribesman not bad we got two babies we got the female fire dodo Rex and we got the dragon daughter you know we had to get other babies cuz it was just like a baby day it was like a baby day all right guys we got a crap ton of black tribesmen today beautiful beautiful beautiful alright let's see if we can knock him out without killing them all crap they all get killed did you guys all get killed alright we got a lot of shenanigans going on around here let's go ahead let's do this come on quick before they summon in more dudes alright you should be down you should be down come on come on holy crap holy crap these guys don't joke around they do not joke around oh my goodness oh my goodness come on come on come on come on come on get knocked out is this now working this spear what to crap bro what the crap alright switch off switch off for a moment come on kill them all kill them all dude I don't think we knocked a single one of them out alright let's switch off to the bow ready you go down you go down alright come on I know we got more and you go down alright is that all of them I think we got them all all right quick coo coo coo coo coo like five sixty dude amazing somebody's gonna be five sixty today all right got should have oh crap we forgot our sedatives let's hope this works alright you tame whilst we got here alright very nice very nice you take that and Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam that should be enough you tame come on I know we had more of them over here I know we had more of them you're taming already right yep you're taming already nope you're waiting to be tamed beautiful got another one and yeah that's definitely a lady definitely a lady amen Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam and you tame awesome let's just make sure we put enough food into this one this is the only thing to make me a little nervous put a little bit more food into our 560 awesome dudes look at all right so it's at least three or more tribes in for today if we get one more we can save we can save some back all right that one's almost done taming do we have another one out here yes please don't be dead please don't be dead all right I think we'll have just enough time just enough time here we go and Shibumi beautiful we can do two today - tomorrow I love it I love it alright guys I'll meet you back at the base glorious day alright guys back at the base all four tribesmen super sweet so - today to tomorrow and thigh loved ones care in four seconds three seconds two seconds one what are we gonna get comfort food all right turtle leg alright so in the dodo Rex he already wants care and wants till oh I am 100% I love it I love it and let's go ahead and get some turtle egg come here don't don't lag out on me is it there we go there we go let's go ahead craft a real quick in her kibble machine so handy to have the keval machine right here I have to tell you I have to tell you all right whoa whoa whoa whoa and boom please all only 39% alright I might be able to do this I might be able to we'll see how it works out anyway guys let me go check out the comments and see where the new tribesman is gonna be today I'm pumped oh right I just finished going through the comments and yes it is my favorite time of the day time to name the tribesmen for those of you that do not know at the end of every single episode we tame and name a new tribesman to get one named after you all you got to do is be a subscriber and say your name in the comments below it's oh so easy it's seriously just that easy today we're gonna name one of the dudes and one of the ladies that we just tamed in the next episode we have another dude and another lady so could be you one of these two could be you anyway for today the tribesmen the tribesmen are revealing revealing in 3 2 1 we have grace from South Carolina welcome to the tribe grace and we have Aiden from England welcome to the tribe Aiden look at that super sweet sniper specialist and lady rocket launcher special it's it's oh so cool man oh man we had a pretty good episode today I do have to say dragon daughter super epic tech dragon look at that so crazy knockout its specialist we got a baby elf foot ila and a fire dodo Rexy I mean come on now it just doesn't get much cooler than that anyway guys I do appreciate you watching please remember show that amazing support if you enjoyed it slam that thumbs up button for new to the channel do not forget to subscribe and as always guys I'll see you tomorrow

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