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[Music] - a crazy long video me and moose before we get started I want everyone that's watching this video leave a like on this video right now let's go for 20,000 likes and yeah let's just go for such a stress if there is lava Wow this press futile first stage I don't know the first stage is not what it looks like we're doing is that press it 2 times I pressed it 2 times I don't know this is being moose have to run from the lava behind us is really Joe it's right behind us legit okay I don't wanna look back no I feel I feel I feel I feel all step awesome what Jack my my chubby fingers my thick fingers okay it only gets harder it only gets harder oh my god oh my god Nathan not gonna make it anything am I gonna make it you think you are yeah you're gonna make it you're gonna make it I have a new car I don't want that today dog Oh what don't flip I hate these jobs

[Music] oh my gosh oh my gosh all right come on let's go I can't think I'm dead oh my gosh hard one you know we got to go quick the lavas coming faster faster

yo chill doc come on come on buddy you go buddy [Music] no I don't know what you're talking about bro all right press it one okay we got this man ready Angie oh you know let's get this flawlessly all right ready okay yeah let's get it flawlessly now like right now you know what I mean I mean yeah

yeah one thing I can I don't think you click the lava button dude I did I click the twice oh I did I don't know why it's not giving us 11 unspeakable cheats is back oh yeah that's coming quick it's coming where I think it moves faster what's up bro correct yeah there's head jump head jumpers right here why my boy gotta always have the head block jump smited it's just not necessary on being this part is really easy come on campus alright so we did finish this course guys but we do have one more super kind of lava on the head you guys and this one's really good as well so let's go walk to that map alright so here's the second house like this Maps has a lot of levels but all these levels right here are actually under construction so there's not done yet but if we get a ton of likes on this video and stuff then we'll come back to this map and we'll finish the boy has built it so sorry oh my god did you already start it okay let's make this flawless dude you're going long where's the lobster is a llama going to go behind us hurry nice teamwork oh okay so uh the way this lava run works is it's continuous moves so if we actually sit here hang on chill here so the lava doesn't get to this world until the lava finishes the other world if you want to waiting to make it more intense I mean way the lava get right here and then I'm gonna start just gonna make it more intense because the lava right now is still on the other level that's the finish the others just so good man know that like lava hates us we gotta wait we gotta wait for the come on boy you have no change the whole thing [Music]



lava how you doing today he's a pro do how do you do this jump what wait what wait what wait who's happy anyways lead out you'll please you later [Music] to the top all right where you open up that yeah yeah well I was not here yet I'm waiting for it hello I have Elektra wings I got a little winged boob little eater oh maybe the lava comes now because I stepped on a pressure plate anything to do I walked her wait for the lava so it can reappear where is the lava mr. Lyle up up I flew off the I flew off the thing goodly that makes sense I know wings broken hello and they just we do the lies almost so quickly do it up answer me right mom I'm so far down oh no no no comes the law does not even here yet dogs you know what you know what I make my own I think oh you make your own luck actually how do you gonna do that wow we did it actually break they did actually break I thought it's probably because I didn't touch the pressure plate on the last level you nub I did I just did that why you know this huh oh wait there we go no no it's it's still pretty broken off what boys I don't know what just happened gradually well that just happened you broke the map that was you I failed again I did it again nope not the network oh look it's sweet I guess we're supposed to go over here oh hold on and wait for this fire to go down to it I can't see anything okay there we go all right everybody there we go congratulations so tap for more matches thank out okay made by rattling plays all right tap to choose what level you just finished so we finished the overworld but there's supposed to be a nether and in in a heaven world but none of them are finished so if we get 20,000 likes on this video when they are finished we'll come back and we will what way them but guys that's gonna do it for this crazy lava run video who figure sounds like videos like this because that was so much fun and if you guys want to check out our real-life channels we do have real-life channels and outbreaks our roadie won't were called moose of life or life of dinosaurs live amongst or of life moose something like that English be sure to subscribe to all the squad members in the description and we'll check you guys out later or another minecraft video so have a safe and fantastic rest of your day [Music]

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