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hey oh it's fabulous see you again I'm back with a new video and I'm going from logic to plan okay y'all so let's get started on this look I have to go out tonight and I look really really ratchet so I'm going to do a quick photo in weave with a lace closure and I'm going to slay it really quick and get ready to head out these are the few things you're going to be needing to start this for sowing weeds you're going to need a weaving net some clips some combs or hairbrush scissors and a razor comb in a flatiron okay with my part on the side because I do want to stop part I'm gonna be braiding my hair scrape back the first braid I'm going to braid gonna start from the size of my hair from the corners of my ears and I'm going to British scrape back across my neck towards the left side that's my head



[Music] now that my first braid is done I'm going to braid the other side of my head towards my ear I'm gonna do the braiding straight back again but I'm going to collect the first braid until with this braid that went across in the back towards my neck [Music] and now just my first two braids I called the Ospreys mind base my foundation base two braids I'm going to continue braiding the rest of my hair I'm just going to braid it straight back but just to eliminate any bulkiness from under my weave because I want this to be as flat as possible I'm going to reconnect every last grill tail with the other braid and I'm just going to go straight across this will help my brain and partner to be as flat as possible [Music]



[Music] oh and look at my head look at the shape of my head my hair is complete my braiding party is complete I have a base and look at those edges my hair is always bent in so y'all don't be judging me talking my she got in here my hair I've always been soon I'll never remember my hair being thick anyway I have a good base part now now we're going to move on so applying this weed but first we're going to apply our weaving net and when you use the weaving net it just gave you a great base it helps you so in between your tracks in between your breathing partner to apply more tracks to your head now put applying the weaving net to your head you want to measure it to the shape of your head so usually it's a really big piece so I just apply it to my head and I start up in the back I connected and by sewing it and then after that I cut out the extra pieces and I just I'm so down the rest of the pieces of my head and I go around and sew the rest of it around the shape of my head this will just help it stay pull when I do I'm check out the cut off the extra pieces

you [Music]

[Music] okay also now that I have my I'm leaving that apply to my head we're going to go in and start to apply the closure I'm going to line the closure parting up with my own parting space I'm going to measure it directly on my scalp and of course we'll start sewing it down I'm going to apply two hints on the side just to gave me extra hold so as I sew it doesn't I'm shift around I'm going to apply two pins and then I'm going to take my needle and thread and I'm going to start sewing the closure on starting from one side I'm going to sew all the way back and then I'm going to move over to the other side and sew from the front of my head going towards the back and then I'm going to connect the two arm sewing in the back I'm going to go across and around the closure in the back [Music]

[Music] now as you can see my closure is from done is really flat this is how I like it to be really really flat and to ensure that my closure still flat as long as I has my weave on and it doesn't shift when I started to apply my track to my head my first piece I started off to apply it directly on the closure piece this just helps my closure stays flat it doesn't crumble off it doesn't get bulky as I so so I started with my first um track and I go directly from one side of my closure and I sew going towards my ears and going towards the back and I goes around to the other side of my head and so dogs tracked down to the other side of the closure I hope that makes sense to you guys but this is how I always do so ensure that my closure doesn't shift and it doesn't move at all [Music] since I apply the first track to my head this is pretty much my base of my track I know I have base for everything but I'm going to start and apply the rest of the track until my head going just pretty much in the same direction I'm just going around my head and I just caught my tracks except I really really have to cut it usually it's at the top of my head but I try not to cut because it promotes a lot of shedding so I try not to cut so I just go ahead and I apply the track so I can still the top of my head where the closure piece is

also a lot of yeah that was a lot of work if you are not used to doing so and yeah it's gonna take you a bit of time but it's a lot of work to get your own hair burn anyway I'm going to apply my last piece this is the last piece I'd measure it exactly to the length of the closure piece so I'm just going to apply the last I'm track the last piece I'm gonna sew it down around the closure piece just to make sure I have a neat closing and everything is to kill and in place and that is the end of this so in as you guys can see my lace closure is sewn down extremely flat my hair is sewn down really really flat and it's very very neat I'm going to move on now so the styling of this here now for the styling of this hair I'm going to start off with my blow dryer as you can see the hair is sepals got that little wavy look and I'm going to try to make it straight a little bit not too much plus screening is blowdry a little bit so he gets screening a little bit before I go into curling it now as you can see the hair is a little bit gray now that I'm done bull drying I'm just going to cut all this extra lace piece in front of all my hair is to kill now and it's flat and I'm loving it so just wear the hair and I'll cut it off [Music] and now I'm going to go on and out a little bit of layers to this hair I'm going to use my razor and I'm just going to give it a little bit of shape I'm going to trim summer it all just to add some layers this will just help me gaze on the hair or bouncy voluminous look once I went and heard and put some curls in so I'm just layering it with my razor I'm going to go all around and pick off some extra pieces and now I'm moving on to the curling of this hair I am going out tonight to get my party on and I will be dancing moving around probably sweating and I do want my curls to last a little bit longer so instead of me just curling and letting my curls hang I'm going to do a little pin-up curl this will actually helps my curls will cool off completely before I take it down and this helps your curls to last much more longer than the night or during the day and I love to curl this way especially when I'm going out because it just helps my curls I'm last long now the curling technique I'm going to be using I'm going to be curling away from my face this just gave me pretty bouncy curls that pretty voluminous that I love and the curling I am using I think it's on one inch or half inch curling onion but I'm just going to curl and then I'm going to pin it up just with just gave me a nicely tight curls and it's going to make my curls last all night long [Music]



[Music] and now for the fun part I am done curling is here the fun part I went in here I changed my shirt because I'm ready to go in a poised I went and applied some makeup one I'm all glam up and ready to go out to party now I'm going so take down my curls I know I look a mess cuz I when I was doing my makeup it was dropping a little bit so we do look a mess but I'm going to take down my curls now so you guys can see the finish results

and finally we at the end of mine so and this for so and I'm just gonna do a couple of finishing touches I'm just to make sure I'm slaying right I'm just going to take my foundation powder and I'm going to apply it to my parting space onto my closure just to make sure that my closure look seamless I'm and then I went a hair and I flicked out my edges already even though I don't have that many edges where I split it down already and I'm just going to take my flat irons now and just make sure my hair is lay on top making sure that I don't have any type of flyaways on top of my head making sure that my top of my hair is slicked down and after that this is pretty much it as you guys can see my parting space suit looks seamless I'm going to take a comb now and I'm going to comb my hair going towards the back this just makes your curls for right into place it makes your curls look seamless and it just looks for luminous and so pretty this is the end result you guys tell me I didn't go from ratchet to blame tell me I didn't go from ratchet to fabulous I hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching and hanging out with me if you haven't subscribed to my channel don't forget to subscribe I have many more so ends coming up as always I love you guys I will catch you all in my next video bye bye

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