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modern industrial technology the unique achievement of our age unmatched in Earth's long history

but maybe not today a growing band of scientists and researchers have begun to wonder aloud if advanced technology could possibly have existed on earth thousands of years ago impossible scoff the experts only in the last few generations they say has humanity learned to harness the forces of nature and only in recent decades developed what we now proudly call high technology history and the evidence they assert is clear on the point but is it really today's state-of-the-art tests and cutting-edge research facilities and modern engineering laboratories have begun to confirm the incredible the existence in Earth's ancient past of what can only be called space-age technology could it be that at a time when our ancestors are credited with being little more than hunter-gatherers high-tech engineering methods equal to if not superior to our own we're being applied on a worldwide basis could today's scientists and academics actually learn something from their ancient forbears

hi I'm doc Canyon editor and publisher of Atlantis rising magazine

this is Stonehenge in southern England one of thousands of mysterious megalithic sites around the world built by ancient engineers using methods which remain a mystery today while it's true that many attempts have been made to explain how primitive cultures could have moved placed and aligned such giant blocks of stone with a skill and precision which we would be at pains to duplicate today the fact is that nobody knows for sure how it was done today astonishing new evidence is emerging to show that the ancient builders were far more sophisticated than has previously been supposed in fact there are some including for example many top government defense scientists who have employed advanced mathematics and engineering tools to demonstrate achievements and ancient technology which our own science has yet to equal for the next hour we'll look at startling new answers to many troubling and persistent ancient riddles so keep your mind open and your reason clear and join me now as Atlantis rising presents the technologies of the gods

anybody with any degree of expertise in astronomy or in building or in architecture looks at the pyramids the Sphinx temples various of these other structures built on out of university with cyclopean sized blocks and realizes that this could not have been done as the archaeologists themselves you know insist by slaves with ramps and and you know no pulleys but ropes pulling these 70 and 80 100 and 200 ton blocks into place up mud ramps so we're confronted by a technology clearly a technology that we absolutely don't understand the reasons why it is so difficult to to approach Egypt because because their way of going about their lives was so very different from our own that if you can't if you can't begin to experience on that level and usually that experience comes comes out of out of a sensitivity to great works of art if you if you don't have that sensitivity Egypt remains to you forever opaque in 1994 author and Egyptologist John Anthony West won an Emmy Award for research on the NBC television special the mystery of the Sphinx West and Boston University geologist dr. Robert Schoch had jolted the Orthodox academic establishment with powerful geological evidence that the Great Sphinx of Egypt was thousands of years older than has been taught West believes that not only was ancient civilization on earth much older it was also much wiser than Orthodox scholarship has maintained one of the problems of Egyptology and archaeology and the study of ancient civilizations in general and that is the modern conceit shared by virtually all academics all official academics that we represent the apogee of civilization and that everything else that happened before us are sort of lesser breeds without the technology as it were when you come from my point of view you tend to take an opposite tack which is that for all our technological and even scientific brilliance we don't know what the hell our lives are all about and we should look if we have any sense at all before we self-destruct to these ancient cultures for guidance as it were and not for comparison's us against them John Anthony West is not alone and is challenged to such arguments now one of the main problems is the size of blocks involved we're dealing with a the Sphinx temple for example where blocks are in the region between 50 and 150 tons some of them going much higher to over 200 tons now the confines of the Sphinx temple is very very tight so in order to move blocks in that in that very confined area we cannot see I cannot see how one can use the kind of primitive conditions that is traditionally allocated to to the pyramid builders oftentimes archaeologists find information and evidence the chose that they're wrong particularly that civilizations were more advanced in ancient times the Antikythera device which is today in the athens museum is such a device it's a highly machined a computer of dozens of cog wheels fitted together in a very precise astronomical computer when scientists examine this in the 50s they declared that it was tantamount to finding a jet plane in the tomb of King Tut we don't know how to move 200 tons and what's more when you get down to the question of how you vote appear me the Japanese found they could only do this by using giant cranes and even then they were to sort of tiny little pyramid they couldn't do it they didn't know how to do it when I have discussed the lifting of these stones with individuals who actually do some lifting under for a living we call them riggers that they express amazement especially when we're talking about 200 ton blocks being lifted and also talking about the forty-three granite beams that were installed above the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid weighing up to 70 tons each and raised to a level of over 175 feet in the air the attacking of technologists or the the individual would actually be doing the work express amazement that it could be done and this very would say that it's a almost an impossible task in this day and age this structure more than any built example on the face of this planet is your proof positive of a technologically advanced civilization that existed prior to the first dynastic period in ancient Egypt in his haunting classic science fiction novel a canticle for Leibowitz author Walter and Miller jr. envisions a post-apocalyptic future in which a few fragments of our present civilization survive hundreds of years after a nuclear holocaust humanity has again fallen into the barbarism of a Dark Age struggling to preserve the fragile relics which remain from a more advanced al biet forgotten era a handful of cloistered and dedicated monks seek to stave off the looming threat of total amnesia for Humanity the brothers themselves unfortunately have lost most of the keys to understanding the mysterious culture which preceded in ancient deluge of fire their mistakes of interpretation are many

an electronic schematic diagram for example though incomprehensible the scene is a thing of mystical beauty and one consecrated monk spends a lifetime lovingly illuminating it with gold scrollwork and within the cloistered walls of the monastery tales of the fallouts those dreadful monsters which once devoured the ancients are whispered about with much fear and trembling ages pass in Miller story and understanding of nature's processes once again begins to dawn electricity is rediscovered mechanical transportation developed even powered flight technology is born again and even as in a flawed and distorted way the knowledge of the Ancients is slowly reconstructed odd patterns of the previous order ironically reappear a Theological dogma for example forbids recognition of the true nature of ancient advancement and an arrogant new order seeks by claiming the unprecedented nature of its own achievements to buttress its own authority somehow though as Miller tells it despite ignorance and tyranny civilization painfully climbs once again to the heights and finds itself at a crossroads where like its forebears it must confront terrible dilemmas or die if Society was to survive Miller believed it must somehow come to understand and overcome the challenges which destroyed its predecessors well so much for science fiction nothing of the sort is happening on earth today right the authorities have told us as much to hear some tell it the leg dr. Jacob Bronowski for one the story of human evolution is one of unn almost unbroken ascent from the darkness of the Stone Age to the so-called enlightenment of our present age certainly there have been setbacks Wars plagues Dark Ages and the like but we've continued on relentlessly moving up the ladder and just a few thousand years after cowering in the caves here we stand masters of nature technology in all that we survey alone at the top or so we have been led to believe in Egypt near Cairo towering over the Giza Plateau stands what the Encyclopedia Britannica calls the greatest single building ever erected by mankind taller than a 40 storey skyscraper it is according to the Encyclopedia a masterpiece of technical skill and engineering containing approximately two million three hundred thousand blocks of stone weighing an average of 2.5 tons each many way much more than that all this we are told was accomplished without wheels pulleys or block and tackle moreover often forgotten is the fact that the entire surface of the pyramid was once covered with 16 ton limestone blocks polished to the tolerances of a contact lens and fitted together so tightly that a sharp knife could not penetrate the joints an achievement far beyond the capability of any Bronze Age implements that we know of if not today's high-tech tools in Peru near Lake Titicaca the Colosseum temple has been dated by astronomical methods to almost 17,000 years BC its massive stone blocks are held tightly together by bronze staples toward from some kind of portable smelter many millennia before the so-called Bronze Age at the nearby a Capano pyramid stone blocks at the base are still so tightly fitted that a fiftieth of an inch thick playing card cannot be inserted between them while at puma punku-- work stone blocks lie about which way in excess of a hundred tons

throughout the world and especially in the British Isles giant standing stones and other ancient monuments are precisely aligned along perfectly straight tracks for many hundreds of miles the existence of this vast network of what are call Li lines suggests at a minimum the high development of mathematical and surveying skills and justice mysterious are the stones themselves which it is said were moved into place on primitive wooden rollers the blue stones at Stonehenge for instance were brought over a hundred fifty miles from Wales and lined up with a precision which at the least allowed the site to serve as an astronomical observatory Boston University astronomer and mathematician Gerald Hawkins is among those who have demonstrated that Stonehenge could with astounding exactitude predict both lunar and solar eclipses but even if we concede Stonehenge to conventional Stone Age construction theories what about the grand men here breeze of luck America in Brittany northern France once more than half a football field tall it has been felled by some earthquake or other natural disaster and broken into four pieces when standing it weighed 340 tons more than double the lifting capacity of today's largest commercial construction cranes when standing in the grand men here could also be used to predict lunar eclipses

how high did the sciences of the ancients once rise and what could we learn from them today

we're standing right now in the ruins of old sarum castle just a short distance over that way the Salisbury Cathedral in short distance that way Stonehenge all three are on a perfectly straight line though Salisbury Cathedral was built in the 13th century the site on which it is located is really much older serving some kind of ancient ceremonial function for perhaps thousands of years before construction of the Cathedral the same is true for many churches throughout England when the Christians arrived they recognized the high esteem in which certain locations were held by the locals appropriated them for their own purposes and thus permanently marks such spots for posterity in the 17th century observers of the English landscape primarily William Stokely and John Aubrey noted that many ancient sites appeared to be aligned along straight tracks of considerable length two centuries later Alfred Watkins a Hereford Shire businessman and amateur photographer discovered what he called the lease system a vast grid of perfectly straight lines uniting all of England's ancient sites British author and Cambridge Train scholar John Michell has investigated the Li system and other ancient lore and now argues that not only in England but across much of the earth our ancient earthworks and stone monuments built for an unknown purpose who shared features suggest that they are part of a worldwide system which served the high elemental science of a civilization now lost to history CEO says himself to the Druids knew the size and shape of the earth and talked about those matters broken examples of sea island territories we can tell the boundaries they're defined by nature where they're set worthy where the surveyed centers actually on the main axis that Island the very center not inch off it's all the roads the audio tracks need to hear we're converging here and the video - mmm it's bright from lithium domain exits case from East Anglia along something called it Neil way prehistoric part that falls on the old axis between right to the west extreme west of corner and all along it those shrines sometimes evidence of tracks and then other track ways converge upon this place so it's it's it's much older actually than these stones as a sanctuary while the exact purpose of the Li arrangement may be unclear that does not mean it had no purpose some think it might have served to guide souls after death others believe it might have been some kind of power grid harnessing subtle earth currents in some useful way which we have long since forgotten

for John Michell and his kindred researchers the lost ancient order is envisioned as a vast and complex to a degree which is difficult to grasp today the suggestion is that we are literally surrounded by the ruins of its legacy but like bats in a haunted house we have failed to comprehend the design and purpose of the great structure in which we find ourselves only when we rise above the stereotypes of a more primitive way of thinking do we behold the grandeur landscape and discover where the rotting building Timbers lie buried the lede line structure investigated by michelle and before him by William Stokely John Aubrey Alfred Watkins and others implies nothing so much as the presence of a vast but coherent prehistoric order or civilization whose existence is difficult to deny

I would speculate that there was a very high volt civilization running around 10,500 BC still active and somehow was perhaps eradicated by catastrophic event and the remnants of this civilization and its knowledge found itself in Egypt Robert Bauval is an engineer and an astronomer who has produced extensive evidence that the ancient Egyptians were attempting to build on earth a subtle and mysterious reflection of patterns in the Stars especially the constellation Orion he finds their technology equally mysterious one of the questions that is rarely asked is why do they use such large sized blocks to to construct temples there is a very annoying question that ray is ready out because you can't build temples in fact you should build temples with much smaller blocks so that is the the problem we seem to see people who for reasons that has unexplicable made their their work process extremely difficult and took it to a point where conventional explanation do not fit so we researchers are but who are bold in exploring this need to break through this convention and say well they must have had a technology they must have has technology that fitted I believe there's evidence that civilization on this planet goes back many many thousands of years even hundreds of thousands of years David Hatcher Childress has personally investigated the remnants of lost civilizations in many parts of the world and has written numerous books on his findings there's a number of unusual artifacts that are found and more importantly there is the evidence that comes from the ancient traditions including ancient histories and texts which also indicate that civilization has gone back many many tens of thousands of years and not just the six to seven to eight thousand years mainstream archaeologists say that his realization is going back there is no doubt whatever that civilization is far far older than we ever thought prolific writer on the paranormal and unexplained anomalies Colin Wilson has been fascinated by the mysterious capabilities of lost ancient civilizations for many years it's impossible that Egyptian civilization could reach that point of sophistication in such a short time you see is supposed to have started round about 3,000 BC this is when the legendary King meanies the first Egyptian King is supposed to have appeared before that there was supposed to have been Bedouins on horseback and nothing else in Egypt and then quite suddenly a mere four centuries later you get the great pyramids and the Sphinx well it's preposterous I mean essentially to me they're saying that well history is a straight line graph where we have caveman down here at the bottom and then up at the top of the graph there's there's modern man I maintain and others too of course as well that history is this roller coaster of ups and downs and these peaks and valleys in this roller coaster have been going on for tens of thousands of years hundreds of thousands of years and not just the last few thousand years what seems to be the case is that a very quick upsurge of such construction technology is not there is no evidence of a build-up towards it or at least the period that is involved between the construction of earlier pyramids and Giza is very very short to allocate a progression it seems that there is a knowledge a technology that came from outside that was already pre available and was imported or came and was brought into Egypt where it came from I would not venture to suggest but there's been many suggestions of a earlier civilization the old slave rap roller theory is little more than pablum spooned up and fed to children it's it's like a Grimm's fairy tale best-selling author richard noone has made the case for advanced ancient achievement a personal crusade for over 20 years i believe and i have a massive amount of data in the book that supports the theory that the Great Pyramid was built by survivors of the technologically advanced civilization that entered into Egypt and chose this one single spot where the Great Pyramid sits it's at the exact center of the planets landmass and I believe that it was built by survivors of the technologically advanced civilization and they incorporated in the structure all the knowledge of their science and they built it so that it would survive practically any disaster on earth and it patiently sat there for thousands and thousands and thousands of years until man Rhea tamed a state of knowledge where he could begin to see that there was something extraordinary about this massive structure the Orthodox version of the origins the Great Pyramid is made clear in this 1950s film prepared by the academic establishment to teach the public just what the ancient builders supposedly could and could not do on the plateau of Giza we find the full flowering of pyramid tomb construction

and the mightiest of all the Great Pyramid of Cheops one of the seven wonders of the ancient world here great blocks of stone were used weighing several tons each stones which could not be raised by muscle power alone the engineering principles of ramps rollers and levers were employed in this stupendous architectural feat stupendous indeed yet despite overwhelming evidence for the magnitude of the accomplishment accepted theory among today's most influential Egyptologists remains unchanged the Great Pyramid was nothing more than a large tomb constructed by slaves working with primitive tools mud ramps and rollers I think the mainstream establishment finds it difficult to to look at the world in a different way than they have and this is very much the story of ancient technology and particularly advanced ancient civilizations it's a way of looking at the past differently then our high school teachers or TV has taught us how to do a modern scientific establishment is only now being dragged kicking and screaming to the table mainly because of the media combination of the media and the Internet it's now impossible for the opposition they don't own the show anymore they own the mainstream media the mainstream media still basically made newspapers and so on perfectly tame and parrots the stupidities of the Egyptologist from the archaeologists is that they were gospel truths but we now have the internet and television which actually has a huge advantage television catches a lot of flak because it is quite rhyming it's in one sense quite rightly it is absolutely amoral I mean television doesn't give a damn about whether things are right or wrong as long as they make money so as soon as they get ideas such as some of these of ours which are glamorous they also happen to be right television doesn't care if they're right or wrong as long as as long as people are going to watch they'll put it on there so it comes possible actually to present right ideas even responsibly present them or even responsibly to enormous audiences whether the establishment likes it or not solo in fact you get the establishment kicking and screaming at the hardcore Nazi edge of science where you have the skeptic the sort of the savages of the skeptical inquirer you have you find them actually trying to campaign to force television not to air this kind of material which is an indication of how very frightened they are and for good reason so we probably don't have to wait for all of us to die for these ideas for these valid ideas to wear for the ideas let's say to prove themselves valid and to then get accepted in due course when the conflict between Orthodox and unorthodox is so sharp where does one go four are truly authoritative answers we decided to go where any modern real estate developer with much at stake would go to the experts of the engineering and building professions

James Hagin is designer and builder of some of the most outstanding architecture in the world today among his creations the Walt Disney World shopping center near Kissimmee Florida the federated department store building in Cincinnati Ohio and Marta Atlanta's gigantic state-of-the-art subway system when it comes to computing the logistics and engineering requirements of a major construction project where most Egyptologists must be considered mere amateurs Hagen is an expert that's all stainless steel skyline all set within that segmented drum precast post-tension each one of those slices was brought to the side independently fastened together strung together in post tension with stainless steel cables series of cables heavy engineering I can't I can't tell you how much engineering how much design work went in to fabricating each one of these pieces if you try to transfer that to the dialogue that must have taken place at the construction of the Giza pyramid it's impossible to do it in a rudimentary way our design statement for this was to build something in the last 100 years we selected the granite the brick and the marble and the precast man cast stone you can see each one you can see how large each one of those stones is and that's smaller than what would be in a pyramid when we talk about the Great Pyramid at Giza I would have to say it's impossible to build by modern devices and therefore impossible by in primitive methods when we go back to the earliest known architectural vocabulary of ancient Egypt they deal with small pieces relatively small columns and small masonry units the pyramid is different than that it has none of those pieces it has no small repetitive pieces these are very large very complex pieces to even conceptualize much less translate that into something that is quarried right by primitive society with limited tools the things I'm concerned about are the elements of the construction and how they came to be that's what I have to deal with in my world and those are the principles that I'm trying to apply to this building the placing of the stones would be impossible by today's standards we have no cranes no mechanical devices that are up to the task we could not place them with the precision where we find them the alignment buildings today are simply not situated that perfectly on their site we don't even try for that degree of accuracy in building today there's really no reason to do it so to try to determine what was the reason and why did they try to accomplish it is the first mystery I can tell you that these Egyptians or whoever it was the built the pyramid they could build anything they wanted to Robert Bauval an engineer himself sees similar challenges for the builders of the valley temple near the sinks the difficulties is for example the number of men that you need to move the size of blocks a very quick calculation shows that taking the friction of the soil and the the maximum angle of ramp to move a hundred and fifty ton block you would need in the region of about 800 men towing at the same time at precisely the same traction force now assuming that you would have four rows of been with distance of approximately one one-and-a-half metres away you're talking about lengths that far exceed the the size of the temple they would actually have to fall on the other side of the temple we cannot see how that type of ramp methods could work so we have to consider that there may have been some other technology for every mysterious megalithic site there is a standard set of conventional primitive scenarios most of which have never been subjected to a rigorous engineering analysis a professional tool maker and engineer Christopher Dunn has subjected many ancient Egyptian artifacts to state-of-the-art laboratory testing when I was in Egypt in 1986 I was absolutely astounded by some of the artifacts that I saw in the Cairo Museum and also the Great Pyramid itself and around the Great Pyramid specifically I was looking at some of the the granite stones that were broken off the second pyramid and the sharpness of the corners the flatness of the surfaces so when I went back to Egypt in 1995 I took some tools with me some instruments with which I could check the the precision of these artifacts I had in front of me an artifact that had a contour and he showed that it was actually it must have been cut using some mechanical device that traveled or guided a tool in three axes because the tool marks and the contour of the artifact itself thought created a contour that had said that was repeatable across a length of about 29 inches also the tool that cut this contour when it came to a corner it left a radius and that radius was consistent around the entire block but I wanted to measure it against what I knew to be a true radius and so I measured it against a step just a standard gauge that you would find in a machine shop which use a radius gauge but you can see that that is actually a true radius you bring it away from the radius and you see the light disappearing or you see the light appear and then you bring it into the radius and the light disappears and so what we had on that particular block was a true radius that went completely around the corner blend evidence of machining clear evidence of machining it was repeatable and precise there are fine grooves that one sees cut in this kind of work but the reproduction itself is an application that requires that would require a template a machine template to reproduce it and that is what Chris brought out the other thing is planing he convinced me at least at one stage that the kind of planing of stone such as granite with require machine planing to the precision that some of the blocks have been found for example some of the granite blocks in the in in the Great Pyramid and more precisely he examined we examined together some sarcophagus in in the Serapeum where the planing is almost so smooth flat almost like like a mirror within the kind of precision that one wouldn't expect by hand planing so that's the kind of thing that began to convince me of something of a greater technology than mere hand technology the inside of the sarcophagus & khafre's pyramid is extremely precise I used the precision ground parallel on the surface in on the inside of the sarcophagus and found it to be so flat that you could not see light pass through the interface where the metal actually met the granite sliding that parallel along the surface was like sliding a gauge along a precision ground surface plate that you would use in a tool shop the regardless of where you moved this this parallel whether you moved it horizontally or vertically up and down it was so precise I was absolutely amazed I exclaimed space-age precision and it's not just the tools for cutting even even if you would accept that they were able to machine this or to actually cut this using sand and using bone or using other parks and bashing it or using copper chisels even if we were to accept that to be able to create these artifacts and create these perfectly flat surfaces and repeat the precision over a large area would require other instruments metrology instruments because these were not done coincidental they were done intentionally they had to be intentional so it would have required other metrology equipment not content with simply saying that Egyptologists are wrong about the capabilities of the ancient builders Don makes the astonishing assertion that the ancient Egyptians used at the least high speed drills and even ultrasound

as I was reading William Flinders Patrese work on the pyramids and temples of Giza one of the artifacts that he was describing was a core that was taken out of a hole drilled into granite some of these cores were up to four inches in diameter the feed rate which was what puzzled Petri so much for every revolution of the drill turned it sunk into the granite 1/10 of an inch the feed rate could be a indication of the method that they used to advance the tool into the workpiece and with ultrasonic machining it is a totally they say different than conventional methods of machining essentially what you have is a vibrating tool bit and the tool actually cuts through vibration and an abrasive slurry would be fed into it into the workpiece to assist and accelerate the cutting action so this is fairly strong evidence that the ancient Egyptians were using ultrasonics for the drill I have yet to have anybody come forward with a conventional means or even our primitive means to actually reproduce these artifacts the work that Chris Dunn is doing proving as far as I'm concerned proving that a very very sophisticated machinery of some sort was used to cut and polish those stones is I think extremely compelling and I mean the evidence comes from where evidences are supposed to come from from somebody who actually cut stone himself and who works with machines Egyptologist and archaeologists do not cut stone and do not work with machines and their opinions in such matter as with the weathering patterns on rock are basically of no particular value their PhDs in Egyptology does not give them any expertise whatever in the machining of very hard rocks that we can't machine today when you look at the the precision a high precision of these artifacts and photographs and the evidence that I have collected while I was in Egypt it's still there and people can still go over and they can still look at this material they can take measurements and then they can look at the evidence and say yes there's no way this could be done by primitive society we have to revise the theory inventor Patrick Flanagan is best known for his book on pyramid power he believes the ancients possessed an insight into the capabilities of the pyramidal form itself which is only beginning to be rediscovered today in my research I further established for example that if you were designing a pyramid microwave horn the impedance of free space is about 377 ohms this is well known and in a pyramid if you change the angle of the pyramid what you find out is that the impedance the matching impedance will change this is well known in electronics and basically by if you take the geometry of the Great Pyramid the impedance at the apex is 377 ohms which is the impedance of free space which means that it's a perfect resonator matching the impedance of free space so there are many possibilities that the pyramid can resonate not only known radio frequency type energies but also other possible energies for example scalar signals we now know that that we have a lot of scalar energy fields zero-point energy for example and that the pyramid could be resonating because it is resonant to the impedance of free space they used a chemical engine at the heart of the building site to bill the building up from the middle and outward Richard noon believes the Great Pyramid was built using hydraulic techniques the technology used was not rediscovered until a man by the name of Edward Conkel who I tell his story in my book spent 30 years of his life up until the time he was 80 something years old deciphering how the building of the Great Pyramid took place by an ingenious use of water applied physics compounded atmospheric and gravitational pressure and an ingenious use of vacuums where water was used as the lifting medium with this hydraulic system of engineering you can lift 70 ton stones up move them set them gently in place with no handling scars Colin Wilson believes the advanced capabilities of the ancients are best understood in terms of highly developed SCI powers which are now Layton these peculiar puffs I'm sure the Egyptians didn't know they're performing magic they did these things probably under the guidance of a priest they did them all together singing as they did it they heed these great six ton blocks into position or in the case of the the Sphinx temple 200 ton blocks they thought the gob did it or whatever and suddenly the block was in place when we do these things in this strange state of sheer happiness I'm sure you know everything works writer David Hatcher Childress believes that every technology known to man was as familiar to the ancients as it is to us however I according to many of the ancient sources including legends there is evidence that such things as levitation and kind of sonic or sound technology has been used in levitating stones similarly we know that the ancient Romans and the Mayans used concrete and cement quite a great deal much is the same way we did today and similarly I mean there's evidence that some ancient structures have actually been molded into place in our a very sophisticated form of of concrete so I think we have a combination of different building techniques which include everything from pouring concrete much like we do today to even levitating stones with sound and other high-tech devices to even just simply moving massive stones oh by a truck or train or by crane but if the ancients possessed such advanced knowledge the question remains when where and from whom did they get it

for zecharia sitchin there is no mystery regarding how the ancients team by their advanced knowledge the leading scholar the ancient astronaut school of history city uses his formidable knowledge of sumerian Tenaya form another ancient text to argue that all human achievement is a legacy from extraterrestrials in order to understand the so-called ancient myths which I take as factual records one has to factor in into the ancient past of our planet and of mankind the acceptance as a reality that people from another planet much more advanced than us had come to earth starting about four hundred fifty thousand years ago coming and going between earth our planet and their planet and which was called Nibiru every 3,600 years and every 3,600 years when they found mankind worthy of more knowledge of more technology more science and more advancement they gave it to us and that was the basic premise of all the ancient writings since it's not my direct experience I want to see some evidence so that when you extrapolate out of that and say well were these ancient civilizations terrestrial or extraterrestrial well that just simply magnifies the problem of origins exponentially we don't know the problem of documenting extraterrestrial life is itself is another big huge problem and when you put those two big huge problems together you get a huge problem squared or cubed and it's simply a nun and you don't have to believe in ancient astronauts however to explain the source ancient wisdom there is a certain amount of documentation the Egyptians themselves for example talk about their they say in their text quite openly that that their own civilization extends many many thousands of years further back than the time of the Pharaohs this is simply discounted by archaeologists and Egyptologist but when you look at the figures that the Egyptians give which unfortunately are not in very close agreement with each other but they're talking in the neighborhood of twenty-five thirty-five forty thousand years and oddly enough the vedic texts also talk about origins of civilization and they're also giving a period of around forty thousand years or so so actually this still earlier cycle is not that shouldn't be dismissed as nonsense piled upon nonsense the this technology was known in the ancient land of atlantis and lemuria and that at that time we applied those powers to shape the pyramids as a record to us of a long-forgotten time when we were wiser and more closely connected to the creative forces but we're evolving back to that now in fact we're fast approaching an era in which will regain that wisdom author and researcher John Van Aachen is executive director for a re the Association for research and enlightenment in Virginia Beach Virginia established to pursue the work of Edgar Cayce a re preserves in its library transcripts for thousands of clairvoyant Cayce readings given in the first quarter of this century dealing with everything from health to Atlantis the material we're testing as possible has proven uncannily accurate today researchers carefully comb his words for clues to many mysteries including the scope of ancient achievement according to Edgar Cayce much of the sophisticated technology we see represented on the Giza Plateau was actually because we were more sophisticated consciously in ancient times I know right now we hold to the theory that everything old is primitive and that only the more modern things are more sophisticated and wiser but the truth is there was a time prior to this evolution in which we were highly sophisticated and could use the forces of nature and of the universe to actually affect matter and material Edgar Evans Cayce the youngest son of Virginia Beach's famous sleeping prophet has recently collaborated with his daughter Gail Cayce Swartz ur and writer Douglas Richards in the re-release of their book on the Edgar Cayce readings on Atlantis according to Casey it was at least advanced to maybe more so than ours he talks about in the past in the very distant past fifty thirty thousand years ago of flying machines and talks about technology that sounded like gene research it sounded like development of lasers amazes of atomic Paolo he talked about things that were very high very scientific especially when you consider these readings or some of them were given in the 20s and 30s and some of the technology hadn't been developed yet I mean what they talk about about that crystal being able to drive to actually do what you drive things that through air underwater it was like it was a central force for everything I mean you didn't need gas companies or whatever it all happened through that somehow now I don't know what the Cayce readings talk about of course is some rather high technology in Atlantis but the interesting thing about the technology is that many of the readings that were given about the technology they're actually only a few were given for the same person a man who's reading number is 440 who was an engineer and he was interested in all kinds of technological things and so he's got readings on building radionics machines on the great Atlantean crystal and this sort of thing and so a lot of people are surprised they expect there are many Cayce readings on Atlantean technology whereas the more you search the readings the more you keep hitting against mister 440s readings and those are quite interesting Casey encouraged him to work on developing technology and also put in some strong warnings because he said that he was one of the people involved when they tuned the crystal too high in destroyed Atlantis so the readings combined this encouragement in working with technology and warnings that he'd better be a little more spiritual this time around what he said was that some of this technology would be discovered in the next 25 years well almost exactly 25 years to the date after that reading there were two things that were discovered that might relate to what he was talking about one of them was the discovery of the any of antimatter and of course the combination of antimatter with ordinary matter would be the complete obliteration of all the matter into energy and it would be a much greater explosion and an atomic or hydrogen bomb another thing that happened almost exactly 25 years later was the development at Bell Labs of the first maser writer Tom Kay is a lifelong student of the Edgar Cayce readings Atlantis destroyed itself it just literally brought itself down because of the misuse of its technology and it eventually I guess just the powers to be or the the energy that it misused eventually destroyed the country

Casey is not the only source for information on Atlantis among others Helene Petrovna Blavatsky and intuitive and founder the Theosophical society wrote voluminous ly about Atlantis and its history the source most trusted by scholars though is the Greek philosopher Plato whose vivid description of an advanced island civilization in the middle of the great ocean beyond The Pillars of Hercules Anse is still and while it is true that no one has produced tangible physical evidence which can be certified as from Atlantis there are some who would say that advanced knowledge among ancient people is itself an artifact of Atlantis

anyway all disputes in the matter may soon be over that Alicia's the view of KC true believers according to KC and others the atlanteans left behind a Hall of Records which fully explains their history and their achievements for the nearest thing he said that where they might be was that there was a passageway to this chamber Jeremy that he's record the end from the right for Paul the Sphinx and it evidently it was according to him it was in front of the stink somewhere until somebody finds that we will know if he was right or not of course he said that Atlantis wasn't destroyed in one day as Plato said but over a period of time and that the inhabitants went both east and west and that they carried some of the history with them and some of them went into Egypt and Spain and Portugal some of them went into South and Central America and that the war records in Central America some where there were records in Egypt my expectations from everything that has been suggested in ancient legends in ancient texts is that we may find the records may find writings if there's anything now what would be certainly very interesting is that something was concealed that required to be preserved other than written documents something of material importance it sought to be very exciting if there is something that shouldn't be there that we discovered like a piece of steel for example or or some some manufacturing material that could not have been manufactured at that time throughout history knowledge has been destroyed not only its great library at Alexandria been totally destroyed the 4th century AD but the Emperor Chuang T of China who built the Great Wall he also ordered every book destroyed in China and 500 BC certain times or Aurel Stein in 1910 discovered an ancient library in the Gobi Desert which had been walled up in some ancient Buddhist caves I mean we know that these secret libraries do exist and certainly these ancient libraries existed as well with hundreds of thousands of books on history and what happened in the world before and books on technology as well a number of archaeologists are actively searching the entire world these halls of records I do believe that many of them will be found in the near future I am very excited about these times every week we hear of a new discovery every week there's something new occurring it's like time has sped up and everything's revealing itself very quickly I think we're going to see over the next 20 years the greatest discoveries ever seen on this planet if as panickin and others believe a new era of discovery is dawning it's possible we may soon behold the gods of antiquity for who they truly were our magnificent predecessors maybe then we will understand at last the lessons they have to teach us

could an ancient civilization have risen to Heights similar to our own and perhaps have traveled a different road what would we understand of a world which might have employed fundamentally different though no less effective techniques to harness the forces of nature would we understand a world which could for example achieve and transmit energy by means other than a power grid are we capable of recognizing achievement along different lines that are owned or would we resort to the convenient pigeon holes provided by theories of mumbo-jumbo and mysterious religious practice the Church of the Middle Ages underscored its own authority by insisting that earth was the center of the solar system and burned at the stake those who differed and no matter what the evidence might show to the contrary could today's reigning conception of the limits of prehistoric society be but another in the long line of self-serving conceits to which our races air much as I delight in sort of tweaking the noses of the academic establishment fact it's random or violent and I like doing a lot more damage than that but much as I enjoy that that's not the objective of the exercise in the past people had an idea of very good idea or knowledge the wisdom that we are on this earth for a very real purpose and that civilization can only occur when we are trying to achieve that purpose and so the ancient civilizations stand as models for understanding that ancient wisdom




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