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all right hello and welcome back to some more Garry's Mod guides today I have something very interesting for you it has everything to do with these sharks over here now they look dead I know they look they look almost fake like like a guy in a suit you know like sometimes you're watching planet Earth or the Discovery Channel or something something comes up and you're like no that's real I'm not quite sure you see like a hive of bees and you're like that's just a bunch of guys in suits it's it's almost like that except now wait for this they become real as soon as I can start with the baby one because I don't want to get hurt here they become real now we'll get to what's going on over here later they become real as soon as you put them in water look at it huh look at him go he's making his move I think he's good I think he's going to uh going to attack I'm gonna take him out of water okay so I turned off ignore players cuz I had it so that they wouldn't come kill me let's see if I can get his attention here hello let's stop ignoring me oh no he doesn't even want me he doesn't even want me he was good to go deck the freddie's I'm taking you out of water all right time out time out put you over here alright look he's very light apparently he's he just floats on down I'm gonna put this this guy in and we'll see what happens here so now if you barely touch them all they start freaking out as soon as they know waters near they start coming back to life oh and he's absolutely hauling for the Freddie's not quite yeah I want to see the Megalodon first we're gonna see if I don't think the the Freddy's actually interact with them I don't I gave them guns so that they can defend themselves but it seems like jaws doesn't really scare them he should he really should I don't know if you can break boats or anything but I'm gonna take big old jaws here I'm gonna put them in the water and I'm gonna let them loose I'm just gonna let them loose on them and see what happens he's so slow let's see what happens here I'm gonna go all planet earth on this you know in the wild with with David Attenborough we're gonna just see what's going on here okay it looks like jaws is approaching the first boat and he's going right under him who is he going for some might ask what what is he doing making his way all the way through I don't really know oh wait it looks like he wants the one in the back he's May he's going up I know he's interacting hold on I'm gonna help him out and take the boat out up ladies and gentlemen planet Earth what is he doing Josh I think you forgot it's been a while since he's been in a movie you know back in the day he had this part back excuse me can we can we get an interview how does that feel how did that emotional was an emotional hurt or was it I don't know did you feel anything at all can you tell us can you bring us in I'm gonna remove all your boats what I was gonna say he's he's standing on water I do for a second I'm gonna remove all their boats and let them go down all the way to the bottom now we're gonna give the slightly smaller shark a chance here I'm gonna see what he does hopefully he knows a little bit more about this and the other one dead because I don't know maybe it was just a lack of practice come on in oh he's kind of scary-looking he is something terrifying about those teeth okay here he comes who's he going for who's he going for oh boy oh it looks like he's going back for freddy is it gonna happen is it nope never mind he's that good who's uh I guess they all want to kill chica okay here we go and oh wait oh oh now he's going now he's chomping and chicas confused hold on I'm gonna bring him back a little bit here we go let's see what oh he's running they're running oh we got him he actually killed someone that's that that's kind of astounding to me after the performance I've been seeing from these sharks I can't lead you to salvation you get you gotta find it on your home let's bring another shark down here bring in this little baby maybe he's better I don't know he's causing an awful ruckus on top of the water so he's only killed two of them stop that impressive let's see what this guy out God Jesus stick up you got another one oh and now he's dead too it was just all floating on I don't know what that's all about look out actually I'm gonna get him out of here get out of here we're gonna give the baby shark a chance see if the baby sharks any better I want to learn this is a learning experience he's going for the ankles I think that's just uh I think that's just a him kind of thing no don't come towards me no you stay oh god damn it I forgot hook the other shark excuse me are they fighting did he just I think he just killed that shark he looks he looks in agony why we're gonna give this guy another chance to redeem himself I don't think he's done much the other shark definitely a little lethal there cost him some death toll there oh okay he's just mowing through him okay certainly certainly the more deadly shark here he just completely okay Wow he killed everybody else is he coming towards me or is he trying to do a windmill is I don't know I think he's coming to me I honestly couldn't tell you what's going on right now but I think I it almost looks like he's getting closer to me slowly inching closer to me I'm gonna walk over there okay and now I'm dead you got hit with the old windmill technique I should have seen that one coming okay so what appears on land they uh go ahead and reload there no you got him let's let's see hold on this is uh unfair advantage I guess either way it's an unfair advantage to someone oh but he's going in after him oh no he's not gonna let it stop him get on in there that is one brave there's one brave bunny get in there go on Kenny oh oh oh oh oh he okay well he didn't even need to go on land okay it is a full underwater battle now I think they're actually killing each other I'm not quite sure there's just a general confusion going on some people are shooting him he's shooting him the rest of them are shooting the shark that look out Oh God that mouth what that mouth do shark oh they apparently kills foxy a lot and everybody else here they go how many does it take to kill him I feel like he's got to be close to death I don't know how much life that this shark has in them but apparently enough to kill everyone hold on we'll see we still got two left I'm rooting for him come on get him buddy get him okay oh I just keep setting them down and they just keep floating not off all I'm gonna set up a whole line of them I believe in them I believe they can eventually kill this thing is he dad well he looks kind of dead they're still shooting him though oh he's dead they did kill him oh good job it only took like hold on ah like a few dozen now here's the next test I'm gonna send this shark in dressed as as a spy he's gonna be a spy is what he's gonna be hold on can I get yeah we're gonna get up we're gonna get a Bonnie here we're gonna we're gonna disguise him this guy in a suits not gonna be what's all this stuff okay are these bullet holes okay now that he's got his disguise on hold on how exactly is this gonna work can I pick him can i all right so let's just have him can I get this on you how does this oh there it is okay now that he's got his disguise on let's send him in and see if he fools anyone all right here you go this is gonna be completely normal for him yes perfect there we go so far completely inconspicuous nope they're all back there oh and they're already shooting they are not fooled at all they know what they can do and they could they know that that is completely not normal okay but but I don't I don't think there's enough to kill him this is a very strict oh they're all just dying oh he's like giving them the laser vision or some shit he's not even getting close to him and they're all day yeah this isn't gonna go well for them okay I thought maybe why is it good I think his foot stuck in the ground maybe he's just praising praising the Almighty fan a floored I don't know what's going on there okay so as far as the actual animatronics go they all expire he'll die I think they all explode as soon as they you know nope yep they all explode as soon as they hit water except for one he's immune to water mr. purple man I don't know why he's just he just I guess is immune to uh to water he just likes it maybe because he's not actually an electronic that actually makes sense well to make it fair at first we're gonna do a one-on-one cuz I I think that mister purple guy here he does killed things in one hit so I don't want to overwhelm mister shark here okay oh and he's a little confused okay here we go let's bring him a little closer alright and get oh excuse me what so let me go ahead and turn off oh it's ignore players he just decided to ignore that no it appears that they're on the same side what hold on go over there and oh he's I think you just killed him is he dead okay so purple guy purple guy wins okay next question can I ride the Megalodon can I ride him here come here come here guy hold still oh what the okay he's he's activated his invisibility cloak I don't know hold on I'm gonna just retry that then old still mister shark oh okay he killed me instantly great great let's try that again they gotta put a saddle on him or something don't submerge no I'm trying to ride you there Oh I think I just killed him I just kill you okay I killed him god damn it get out of here the animatronics fought well uh you know they lost horribly they didn't stand a chance but they did fight um they killed one of them eventually so there's there's that it looks like his eyes a camera anyways I'm just gonna live inside him now it's nice and warm all right guys I hope you did enjoy if you did don't forget to leave a like and of course I will see you all next video have a fantastic day and a fantastic

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