FEEDING 11,000 KIDS! (ft. Alodia Gosiengfiao, Yexel Sebastian, & More!) | Vlog #180

by: Mikey Bustos

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all right here we go excitedly

somebody [Music] oh my goodness my boys but check out all of these ahead Wow our ji our day take tomorrow my goodness either they'll see and me I'm a yes and guys mark here in jail here is Raquel and Raquel King Mia and Mars of course you remember them from few days ago there's Charles and Martin from the Vikings team they're also here to support tonight I know you have a friend here Malloy Todd what's your name Long John Connor

I'm here today and look at all of these kids

[Music] we are they see I'm okay and now we're giving a Apple to the kid guy this is Jerome very well-known internet celebrity building we're doing these from you guys abroad fantastic here in the Philippines an apple is a very luxurious group it's not common and it's quite expensive it doesn't go here in the building so is a real treat only on very special occasions that they get to eat Apple good heavy our Marco yes all right so these kids have all gone there apples and now they're going to go back to class and then there's going to be another round of kids this is incredible a great mighty brain dessert all right this is great den sealant also mobile explore I'd like you to make the kinder kindergarten class we did hello Kay and oh my god fully in your mouth okay thank you sort of four or six times guys I'd like you to meet Lavinia key recognizer cheese from the half to the inspi Nov do all right thank you we have Martin and Alma joining us an urban Kimberly you remember her from the past Apple Droid and a partner taking the polite one photo because for Filipino again yes thank you all right you've got global strategic Mark's team here just I have such a big heart to be here guys I'd like you to meet get your face very famous mental Anubis yeah here in Philippines Kerry Walker Thunder Oh Johnny Bulger a whole ain't no way you're going to heaven see Amy Mina for me were you drinking review so Arjun how can people help well began sender support spectacles over by affable we have people account it's apples drive 2011 so if you guys want to help and donate we'll leave the link in the description box to the Apple Drive project website and then you guys can donate however you guys feel comfortable yeah and help these kids oh here in Philippines no boring thought I'd like you to meet a friend from Dubai what is your name lucky Clawdeen and she just informed me that she came to the Dubai concert guy oh thank you did you enjoy yes and because of that I made friends with Omar from error all boys for three please going on the road and give a shout out so I can get to the back his name is happy I got the Arizona we're missing you here in Manila up here hahaha oh my gosh thank you so much she's giving up coffee Oh try this coffee from clogging yes Thank You Claudine I will definitely try this coffee roasted oh it's the beans oh I'm going to grind this up tomorrow hahahaha she's showing us video of Dubai okay so you have proof and then my mind my on my officemate Makram bargain oh I told I remember this night this was such a fun and Hardy holding the camera cause this was such a fun show you guys there and Dubai were an awesome audience ah yeah that's awesome wow she is apparently solid my boys watch she watches every day hahaha I love watching other people so great haha Kimberley don't a lot of time you appeared in the blog you are heading to the red carpet in Hollywood for the Oscars I think is enough to being Harry how was it it was amazing you this time I kind of exterior like today is awesome you know what mentoring confidence hi why did you see Wolverine no he was man Walter yeah you know that's one thing I didn't know actually when you get in the theater really really cool and the only people who are invited are like okay nominee denominators thank you all so much we won last year because many people here neither you will care internal Disney or the baby I feel like that's right congratulations for getting in there thank you you guys must follow her on Instagram the police issue goes to a fantastic so were you heading to next I'm beginning my mother lode things David sees and upset in and I am NOT a no around sexy all right people come my family in France Manila for a while Hyatt they're everywhere your garden my trouble the lawn that you can buy a little say you are I think I just remember that okay oh yeah by the way I know this thing is going pretty been running I'm so Kimberly a signing autographs truth [Laughter] [Applause] it's so great mom was saying that every day he watches our speedo video oh my goodness kid there's no video let's get it okay let's do this all right Kurt you rock Atika ibig sabihin there we go bye thank you Salameh study hard hello George I need a pen oh thank you they come prepared I love people who come prepared and they go oh boy now they're all coming now there you go thank you Kalama study hard yay bye oh man the autographs are starting you know why because look the kids have arrived look at all the kids coming in now yes for the first batch I was busy vlogging so I wasn't as interactive but now with it back I am happy to say hi kid love you guys there you go thank you thank you Mark for facilitating Marcus Morgan's a big ho thank you great please welcome Blaine's wonderful friends hello yeah what's going on because you ahead oh yeah yo Vic you okay oh my god oh you saw it fooling rather good and it's open to view here you're such a big heart this is your second sight

look at our vlogging camera guys look T it's not high-tech audio on everything Galang very night do you even have second camera Wow hahaha guys I brought my coffeemaker so that people here could have good coffee are they empty is leaving a lot of your coffee hello tea has a commutator do you love coffee God really agrees I love watching bloggers vlog oh you're welcome enjoy I love ya it's hot Carol I love when people enjoy conversation making love like what another longtime friend here gets out the back end yes if you're gonna be you know we did this very famous influencer all right dude we're one big family

please get us blonde hair whoa

all art is going to give a sample I will drive be a whore going oh I know what it is [Music]



[Music] all right it is performing it was my cardio for that we have some friend here to the bar

oh my god guys that's all about coffee I have to go to the bathroom it's okay I wanted to show you one of the many uses of using this container which is called the Saba you basically use it to flush the toilet because a lot of toilet often don't have a pleasure working so you use one of these tip Westen for you just pour it in and it flushes I actually wrote a parody poem I use Saba you guys haven't seen it yet check it out this is how it you along with other uses watch the parody alright finally they're giving out the Apple to the kids

[Applause] [Music]


[Music] alright guys here with the crew mark Len RJ RJ you did good work today yes so all of us have been so busy now that we completely had no opportunity to celebrate the success of our Speedos videos which the three of us worked on right in Seoul mobile hai squad we'd like to take you to one of our secret gathering place mm-hmm and this place is called [Music] you you [Music]


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