Minecraft 3v3 LAVA WARRIORS #8 with Vikkstar, BajanCanadian & CraftBattleDuty

by: Vikkstar123HD

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hey guys it's me veralyn laughlin against those guys over there when I get why well global cuz we're from different countries we cover the whole that's the thing not only we from three different countries but it literally makes a triangle around the globe like Australia Canada and UK all very far from each other so it's you're gonna represent them Green doing label I why do we need to ready all the things no no not anything we did a command without we don't we don't wish this could anyone flick the switch that's what I was wondering that is the main switch I don't think anybody wait I'll stay in here just in case it goes did I write things not good my face was pressed your robe went down oh I just broke down they're broken gonna go go one two buckle won't even break it off break it I how I do it for the vine all right every guy did it fine did it for the vine all right oh boy we good we good we good okay team global what's that team - just team blue team like Jax sorry you don't get any gear we're gonna have to find you some here okay oh yeah this is we're doing this together is people honestly it's fine like a public guy first anyway no son bested this obviously what do we need I'll get the wood yeah infinite water source thank you ooh welcome my gosh we just go straight to one of these other islands let's just yeah let's go to two of them all right woods it the woods in the furnace up furnace on the HS what how you do I make a snack and hop down oh look they're already at the mid-chest what a bunch of Jags holy down okay grab some a fishing pole yes whatever love a bucket Mitch uh no one Oh water water bucket can use yup read some water down this way cuz I yet st. this way as well yeah dude he just spread me out to that to that building and they only do this time for walk one oops wait did you get two sets and I have no almonds I have a good answer I don't all right we're going you want SAS go let's go let's go rubadoux we gotta hustle we got to strategize this 3b free level plug wars we've never done this before nobody have not this is revolutionary I'm grabbing all the stuff from here two buckets item ah Lockland unit water bucket here take a walk bucket yeah it's gonna say okay so I'm gonna start working on a sword for the Bell what do you know so they can just rush us right now and they curse no code not necessarily the fishing rod is over power mhm right I'm gonna go and get some gonna go all this iron ore under our base should I hit that up maybe get a cheeky iron sword I don't know this too though I made my way well let's get this oh wow they've not gone for the outside chest that's a free second bow Mitch if we can get to that one my water just disappeared on me ah haha just give Peyton Peyton water one I'm sneaking around the back I'm secretly back together one for the what's called doing a bow right now we got to make our does anyone have building blocks we can get to the secondary base I do I'm coming down now come away doo doo doo doo okay I got the OMF eldest born they had like the diamond stuff though so you need to watch ourselves alright Vicky a key oh yeah it's gonna say fall but how's that gonna work yeah just ice take it honestly yeah he's no reason not to yep I'm down cuz yeah this could go on for a little longer than usual right now dressed as yep yeah that we did even us once this one's not rated alright oh you got done pick Mitch if anyone's got any cobwebs put them down let's get some bows made ah don't haven't I have cobwebs dude all right - um is that I'm gonna go investigate the other team okay great Vicky Vicky do you have a sword oh yeah how many I'm gonna use my pick you can use water about you might wash away the cobweb guys I'm gonna need Oh God oh he's dead oh the cool I was going with the water I'm sorry oh no wait I'm on the other side of the water guys I need over here get over here that was so hot that was insane sorry only gonna pick me off I could swim well I've seen it all rather twice he's not in a fatal position okay that's very very scary yeah are you retaining okay yeah I'm at half L I think I got straight here stream okay let's make it right now that was so clutch okay alright they're coming around it know why we only have two I can we land one behind I only have a wood access my weapon um here Mitch take her diamond pickaxe it's those five yeah Vicki have an hour when your head please get rid of it oh no he literally a head all right so so so how does one let's make a full ring road ring road rage Roth give full iron what in the chest my chest Oh Jenna I think we gotta get out traffic monsoon hours yeah yeah but somehow they didn't have a job I see always yeah yeah they're not gonna be critical here it's like here I'll pick the up Rob cheers appreciate I will just regen just make sure foods over all right I've gotta bail I'm gonna try and wait till I can get um you know Batum we going around the back here Mitch Oh chica cheek oh I think you can come now to complete a watch because they get in mid chest to get the slap Apple yeah they already got that I already have that I feel like he's gonna bring our complete ring ruff complete oh come on okay I got no Alma son literally glass cannon with a diamond pick right now come on and without the cannon I don't know Heidenheim a fast arrows Mitch back up now um Oh Preston's going in he's got a slap Apple I got hit in I'm going back in a scuffle don't hurt that boy get rags I got a hit so yeah guys y'all carry I'll finish Kenny I'll get a job I got a job ah wait out I couldn't get his armor off dang it oh it's 1v1 that cyanide pill you watch them Oh baby Oh ffs oh yes free-for-all uh-huh for the always we've been yeah we won I spanked Rob I slash he'll Mitch all right good I wish I was your date all right Matt they find into arena for round two you noobs big noobs all right let's do it all right I want to watch this free throw I had a better battle with shots on shots on yes with the hurting arrows oh you did all right all right um is this a new arena yeah see I did anyone find you ready take your armor off armor off new arm dead ah risk every time like Preston like I'm not even kidding okay got it boom oh yeah TP to me yeah all right writing it up awesome go straight into a big go Garnett and let's go team global - hello okay yellowbellies you ready okay mellow bellies oh so what game mood I call this how many a while they're being Jags they just did it but do they drop down man you like an idea what I did only did yeah they did know they didn't write it oh I think I'm done okay we could activate there we go oh oh my god all aboard all right this time I'm get some starting gear I have every I'll take a mix I'm stung actually might be a good idea to go to the other Island chess and maybe they are on every going Rob's already going down looking she's trapped on it's one little obsidian yeah what a screw there's one set of armor in there guys as well don't forget mm-hmm I should whoa I nearly just jumped down onto weather well good luck is that a wood axe yeah good luck with that okay I think that they go ahead I'm gonna get a diamond pick and just go straight in on the Med if I die it was worth if you should left the water sauce that I nearly jumped oh yeah yeah sorry sorry I should I do they go admit against such Jags literally nothing came out you swallowed a milk aren't you oh no I know you should have you if it's above a block and you break it had to be above a block I suck no Vic we need to get down yeah okay whack at water and let's water it down but this is not safe um I kind of want to go rush one of them with the diamond pickaxe I'm gonna go in make sure buckets whose way let's go to this ones go to this one first so we can get low down here sure @ viki you're so fine you're so fine you rocked my mind hey Vicky it hey Vicky hey hey hey hey what oh my water nearly all right you got though you had the pick ya mind it up oh you like what are you doing we get down then you just ditch it like you know I'm Jack I want a bucket I'll put the cobweb down for you guys to mine yep and I'll make a crafting table ah yes again fate oh you got it alright yeah okay teamwork do not go Robin it's full iron as well snatches it up literally the biggest Jack uh it's not if we try and rush mid next game that just seems to be them yeah yeah we'll do that now yesterday do that ma'am I've got three hours here you take it because honestly like 200 ping with a bow is just not happen okay you found my bow shots one exactly X / - yeah no snitch I should give it to Mitch you Rex yeah before um sickness yeah mousse you can have our bow sticks for you at our stone sword or diamond pair that sound like a table okay alright mate just about here you go Katniss how cool do you wanna be come okay Rob over there oh please if you pick him off that would be the best place for it she crazy close to lava and no no no he sees maybe not pressing off his high horse mm I did that last round okay so we've opened a bridge to mid oh I steak let's get cheeky with the steaks yeah I take them I also have a cobweb here as well if you can build another one there's a string on the ground alright guys we have a clear route through mid um way today mine into the thing yeah they did you Oh are we going in which is gone in a shot me no no I was just I was just fishing rod poling them do we should fix that little gap yolk into it like I can uh who's got the buckets put it around the style oh you cheeky I ever loved a bucket I've got a spare bucket as I don't need one yes and there you go yeah I have to buckle and below one water the way it would be I've only got yeah one more - if we need it I mean do you guys want to just flag could you put water around the side and just charge or like push it down the front but be tsunami second bow they're trying to make I'm gonna try and shoot press with a flame arrow oh that's so cheeky oh wow that's next level come on please I'll do that I could take Preston or Kenny out like GG come on you want to just rush I'm going in alright let's go now butter butter and editor rush rush Oh Preston got rekt then Oh Rob but love as well as me alright that we I'm going in I'm going in on what are you at now I want to go out I'm gonna go out baited Oh I'm go to these areas oh yes I couldn't take him out okay I'm gonna I got pause know that honey oh and no let's get rolled over all cook cook hot on the spicy lemon no jobs for your love by Lachlan no not my lucky nobody little lucky not like that no fish even with the fruit of you gotcha cruel world CJ alright we got a new arena we're gonna go for the rock strap this time guys yeah yeah I underlined a new one Matt I've got one if charges do it yeah yeah not boom what all right keep your song let's let them shoot a cover color yeah I'm around morose can we do the red one please please already ready it up yeah team global gun team flawless team flaws yeah dude let's do it and robust like auto won't be a lot lunch team he's not gonna be a team this trailer is true all I say just care move let me punch this oh my hat i dad my whole and this good time because I think my whole family just got in so I'm gonna be very surprised if my dad doesn't come down and my brother or something and then start randomly saying things so I'm waiting for it and it's gonna be a babe accent if it's my daddy always does that alright although I'm going to rush drop I'm gonna take it we got an infinite water source um yeah yeah can you put some wall to it can I get oh can I get a water bucket to go rush the mid yeah hold on yeah I'm high on you yeah good now because of the world at it damn it that makes me sad alright okay thank you right I'm gonna go for the rush auto press is gone rush like they're all gone team I wanted they want it how are we gonna get there quick I'm the thing is the thing line I only get one weapon down that I recover I'll jump down and join you I'm getting your lists offices I'm putting some water down behind me just Fierro those can disappear sorry no it's all good I'm letting this flood I'm breaking the sky floods everywhere right what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna go in with the diamond pickaxe I get from the side chest okay alright sounds good you honestly this water was pretty annoying last time um should we block it off I don't know but it's our base look how pretty it is take a punk dude you know there's a crafting table underneath the chest I really don't know that anymore yeah all right Mitch do you want to go straight in you have a weapon wait wait wait Vic Vic I'm made of the air here no I go to dry air he made me to piece the cobble right here big behind Meg stored I put it behind me all right Iron on the ground nuts do shall I just go in there great wait up Ian barrier boys Oh peace candy all robe was crafting I just put a lava block on him I'm the world little frog he's not getting a job today everybody's got a food ring OH what creeper eggs what is that a thing we need a bag Vic up okay yeah I'm backing up oh nice okay I wanna know what you can lose you on its part myself Mitch I got Walter hit third turn all right get down oh I wasn't a pinning it out I stake haha that's why I come in the comment board you'll press Stoneham on dodge the lava lies direct Oh roaster oh no I'm going away I'm getting older for rock all right let's go let's do this let's do this in global Tim global team customers love a mob I got a much higher than all bad hash tag team with a low bun not good manhole down all right free-for-all oh that I'm not ready I'm ready good I'm I'm cheeky like yourself I'm gonna wait all right I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready you want exile one two and three I want to do this I want to do this you don't want to do this do i oh but the Benja does know the block amen over Oh Vicki Nord okay come on pour it all eyes go Gigi we got we got one win each on the free-for-all three wins as team deliver before they want one more than that desperate Wow so salty then oh my god I'm down I'm down Nonna's do we had to find a new arena don't we yeah let me do up all right Vicki you want it mm-hmm I'm always honor I'm always down for a bit of team global um good I think they try to look at the Redstone to blame on their losses Preston's on fire all right what team they gotta empty by drives real quick a space created space created all right what we see they're gonna go I've gotten alerts and I was about to lose I hope you haven't we been yet oh wow yeah blues not - yeah I was gonna say they should go by what I agree and we're going we're going we're going back to the original original yeah quad goo squad goo gamers yeah I'm gonna be pretty salty we don't like flawlessness yeah that's the thing there's a lot but I got you more pressure on us right now than them I'd say it's true it's true everyone's lost hope and faith like we got to keep this streak alive we got to do this oh it's just not a strat like it's just over they've got the armor every time cuz I don't get the weapons that's the thing Oh peachy cheek I want to be a team global representative today to go yeah cuz when they rush MIT they got this laughs well they got the armor but they don't get the weapons we just come in with the diamond pickaxes and just boom boom we're going in our room or I'll have a blast yeah or the lava bucket I just ran up to rob lowes crafters put it on his feet and watch them all panic yeah you're a monster all right wait up come down here and someone he's got the buckets please expand Dee expending a zebu get expended beautiful food oh I have no I have no watching McCullough fishing rod this time oh I have it here I'll give it to you you're probably better with it all right well it was my strategy I need it expanded what you buy should we play defense this time oh yeah we're good okay I'm someone expensive and the ladder I'm gorgeous right here just like um what now wait do we have a bucket okay yeah I got one all right have a pic yeah I got high I'm bad with that a bit just like hope that could've been the door I'm gonna go home every time oh wait he doesn't this time there Oh shining arena water right all right give me a bucket there I'm gonna grab the bucket um oh yeah what take it all Vic you know whatever you make what I just had to get the efficiency on point I'm gonna swim up to our base to grab some water I think I don't think anybody grab this well didn't we go wood I've got it I've got it right I need crappy test stone sword it could make me one up there Vicky I would make one's dinner I usually otherwise you're not a pickup oh wait mate just go the other pick now why don't you give ya a bucket and tell him to swim up so we can break this I'm coming around whoever got the pickets just get this next oh I'm calling I'm craving a Ring Road the Ring Road of t-mobile honestly good idea though I shouldn't do this right now but it's okay okay guys this is like without Lachlan you just get involved in here you Scott one was cracked open okay so Ryan crafting table is down I'll make the stone sword can you get the cobwebs and put them in front of me layout and don't know right now the AYGO synergy the synergy guys this honestly dreams level I know here Vic take a yeah take mates you need a stone sword chili Mitch behind you stone sword there can you stick I think I did it stick it down put the web down I'm going skiing Katniss this game I'm gonna build it wrong I build it wrong like every time I wait let's drink there you go that's true I built it right the first time on my god I'm witnessing a fortress okay fourth drift of Solitude oh wow they're shooting hours already all right I reckon the cheeky lava strat with the arrows like fire arrows definitely um best Rene yeah yeah we should we try that we make that our aim for this round pick up there as well last one's got to the big wolf of global global war oh that's just Lachlan can I have an extra bowl they're doing our strap there doing our strap wanna get I'm gonna make it backfire on them down here Kenny get out of here this is my centerpiece they're gonna go phew Mitch it can't do nothing what's your arrows arrows fire arrows yes well Booya oh I was painful uh-huh they're coming they're coming mate top mid oh just pick up the arrows just pick up the iris team yeah Rob's coming as I was coming and get ready okay I was on he's coming he's in I'm no expressed in ROM dead oh hello there take it down take someone on No Oh rub-a-dub flub he's getting a job alright I'm sorry like I'm in big troub Luka do this you need to make them go to the lava somehow I'm just thinking that motor wolf a toothy and such destroy the last bottle I can't do any morning I'm wheat I write oh you yeah and then the drums

GG at least have salt levels it won't be over yeah we had to let them win everyone watching we need to make sure that they wouldn't puke you too hard oh my well there we go that was 3v3 lava warriors with team global I hope you guys enjoyed if you did make sure to leave a like crate and check out all of our channels in the description below and let us know if you only see some more stuff like this in the future and we'll see you guys soon let it go thanks

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