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hey guys welcome back so I think there's a lot of confusion out there regarding VPNs some people are saying that you must use a VPN other people are saying that VPN is only necessary if you're torrenting there's confusion about what happens to the speed and lots of other stuff so I thought I make this quick video and basically go over some of the most common questions and give you my take on them so with all of that being said let's get so question 1 what is a VPN so a VPN stands for virtual private network and it's a method of connecting to the internet or to another network in a secure manner where your traffic is encrypted so let's put that into real life so right now if I want to access Netflix or you know to a website my computer will make a connection through my ISP and from my ISP I'll make a connection to Netflix and then I'm then able to stream that content so if I want to watch a movie or you know stream a TV show I can do that now if Netflix were able to check their logs they would see that this IP address belonging to tech doctor in the UK has made his connection and is currently streaming at the walking-dead for example now in the case of VPN if I do install a VPN on to my computer or to my Android box or into my Feist take the job of that software is to basically encrypt my traffic so what that means is before my traffic actually leaves my computer or my Android box the VPN software will encrypt our traffic and I'll create a secure tunnel to a VPN server that I choose so let's say for example I decided to choose a VPN server in Canada so the VPN software will encapsulate and encrypt my traffic and send it directly to a VPN server in Canada now the job of the Canada VPN server is or all VPN servers is to basically decrypt that traffic and then fooled you on to the target destination so in my case it would be Netflix now if Netflix were now to check their logs they'll see the IP address of the actual VPN server in Canada so there'll be no trace of me actually accessing Netflix in their logs so this would give you some form of anonymous networking because as the data left my computer that was encrypted so so for example my ISP Khan what's inside the traffic tunnel but also from a Netflix point of view they will see that this connection was made from Canada not from the UK so for example if there are shows or if this certain movies or certain TV shows only available to Canadian users then this way I can use a VPN and now access that content okay so next up we have will I lose speed with the VPN and the short and easy answer is yes 100% as previously mentioned when you're using a VPN server or VPN you're not making a connection directly from your computer to the target destination you're going via somewhere else first so so any time you add an extra point or an extra hop in the journey that is gonna cause you some delay so that is gonna slow you down now the question is how much speed I'm going to lose and what I can do to limit the speed now to determine how much speed you'll lose there's a couple of different factors at plays so if I choose a VPN server which is geographically really far away from me so I'm in the UK so I purposely choose the VPN server based in Australia now because of that physical distance all of my data all of my traffic has to go via UK all the way to Australia then depending on where the actual website is then route from there onto the website I want to the service so let's say for example I choose to browse Amazon Cotto UK so presumably those servers will be hosted in the UK but because I've chosen to go via a VPN server based in Australia that is severely going to reduce my speed because that data flow will have to go UK Australia back to UK so the general rule of thumb is whichever service or whichever a target destination you're going to go to try and choose a VPN server in that location or alternatively just choose a VPN server that's very close to you so you basically minimize that latency from your device to the VPN server and then from there onto the target destination that's probably the first thing you can do to mitigate the speed loss when using a VPN now the second thing which is also quite an interesting point a law if it does depend on which device you're using so me doing the VPN speed test on my computer using the same VPN ipvanish clicking to the same VPN server something based in London will see the results so that speed tests are greatly different we the exact same speed test on my Miko box for example now the reason for that is obviously when your device is encrypting data its encrypting packets it's allowing these things to run in the background that is gonna cause overhead for your device so if your device is not very powerful that is gonna affect your speed now also an around the same speed test on a fire stick that was by far the slowest so we can clearly see depending on the power of your device will greatly affect what kind of speeds you see when using a VPN server

so let's see this test in actions on the top left hand side is my computer without any VPN running and we can see I get run by a 70 Meg on the top right I've enabled ipvanish and we can see again run about 60 mega so I've lost about 10 Meg and on the bottom left I'm using my Michal box and there we can see I've lost about 25 mega so so so we can see the more power that the box has or my computer in this case it has a less impact on the speed the slow your box is or the slow your device is that will have a greater impact on your overall speed with VPN so the close at this point I would say yes of course you are gonna lose some speed when using a VPN but as we've seen now a law if it does depend on what kind of device you're using which kind of VPN service you're connecting to but also we must take into account that if privacy or you know staying anonymous online is your number one priority then losing ten or twenty or even thirty Meg of speed is that worth it or not so that's something you really have to decide for yourself so I know for the majority of people though as long as it's doesn't really affect their browsing or when the streaming stuff having the VPN enabled as long as their speed doesn't drop below like 20 mega so which is more than enough for doing HD streaming then really it shouldn't be of concern next up we have probably the most common question I've been asked regarding VPNs which is do I have to use a VPN now I think to answer this one I would say it really depends on who you are and what you do on your computer so I mean what are the most common reasons for using a VPN I'll say probably security and privacy is probably the main reason which basically means like let's say for example you're a coffee shop or you're using some public Wi-Fi do you really want to be doing your banking or shopping over an unsecured Network and the answer should be most definitely not so if you're doing some kind of banking transactions or you know shopping you definitely do not want to do that over an unsecured Network so for that definitely if you do have a VPN that's definitely the time you do want to user the next reason we probably have is to get around geo restriction so this basically means like if I'm in the UK and I travel to another country by still want to watch BBC iPlayer because of geofencing the BBC iPlayer servers would only allow connections from UK based or IP addresses so one way around that be to connect to a VPN server based in the UK and I'm then able to access that content another big reason is to get run restrictions in your country so I know for example in China or certain parts of China you're not able to access Twitter or Facebook so if you do want to use those social media platforms the only option you have is to use a VPN because once again if you go via VPN they can actually see what you're looking at so you're able to access that content now probably the two main reasons which you classify as grey areas depending on where you are is a streaming content and then also torrenting now I think we're taunting there's not really much of a debate so and the big reason we Turrentine because that's something else that people have asked me is what's the big deal with torrenting so I would say it's probably the biggest issue torrenting is not really the fact that you're downloading this potentially copyrighted content it's basically the fact that your client is also sending out that potentially copyrighted material so so the fact that you're sharing that stuff that's what causes basically the red flags and the alarms when people are using torrents so again if you do use a VPN that does support torrents then if you do want to download something I mean in certain countries or certain eyes PS they actually blocked on traffic so you can actually find normal things on torrents like for example Linux distributions or other large files instead of having a single server serving you like a two gig or five gig file it's just a lot more efficient to do it through torrents so even though that foiled that distribution of Linux is totally legal and nobody would ever question you because it's open source the fact that it comes without torrents if your ISP is blocking torrents then you're not going to be able to use it so once again if you were to use a VPN you will be able to access that content now if you're just a typical user who just uses that YouTube or Twitter or Facebook doesn't do any kind of like streaming or torrenting it's not.we concerned about if the ISP knows what they're looking at then really I can't see any benefit of you having a VPN because as we've seen with a previous question where the VPN you go for you will lose some of your speed so if the previous reasons I mentioned are not really applicable to you then a really concerned benefit of you then going for a VPN because you're just not a use case for it so lost or because some of the smaller questions so first up we've got is it legal to use a VPN now using a VPN is legal in most countries except I think is about six or so we know how to use it countries like Iran chyna I believe also in Russia now it's been banned turkey North Korea and there's a few more so as long as you know in one of those countries you're able to use a VPN without any kind of legal issues whatsoever next up we have can I use a free VPN yes of course you can use a free VPN it's totally free to try out but the question I always get asked is how come this VPN is free generally and by and large when anything is free online there's a reason why it's free which means either they're selling your data they're monitoring what you're doing or lots of different reasons so big services like you know Facebook or Gmail or you know these are the big platforms the reason why they're free is as I say when a product that you're using is free then you yourself are the product that's being sold because they're monitoring what you're doing they're selling your browsing habits or they're selling your preferences or they're giving you you know a specific address based on who you are what kind of stuff you look at so that's why it's free so similarly with the free VPN yes you can use it but I'll be very very careful about what you do using free VPN next up we have what does a VPN Killswitch do so so as the name implies on certain VPNs you can set up a kill switch which basically means that if your VPN was to be terminated for whatever reason either you can get it to turn off your internet connection or you can also make it shut down a program so let's say for example you're using a torrent client because you want to download something you can set the application in your kill switch so the application can only run if the VPN is running if the VPN stops whatever reason then application will be terminated and now you can guarantee that you're not accessing any of these applications without your VPN running someone said VPN will give you more speed I actually saw this on a review Doc's channel great guide if you check him out if you're not subscribed definitely subscribe to that guy and the reason why saying that certain ISPs are known to throttle certain protocols which means as I'm monitoring your traffic they can see that oh tech doctor is now using peer-to-peer or torrents so because he's using torrents I'm gonna limit how much bandwidth he can have and they are perfectly able to do that so one way around that would be to use a VPN so if I wasn't using it and because my ISP is throttling my connection let's say I'm only gain 20 mega of my normal speed as soon as I use a VPN because they consider traffic I should be able to get more speed so that's why that statement that using a VPN in certain conditions or specifically when your eyes be circling you it can help you speed up your connection and lastly we have how can I find a good VPN to use so I personally use ipvanish I'll also use Nord VPN in the past the good thing with musti's VPN providers is you do have 30-day no quibble moneyback guarantee so you can try it I'll give it a go and see how it affects your speed you know see if it does give you the privacy or the nonnamous network connectivity if that does meet your requirements and you can carry on if whatever reason you don't like it you have the option to get all of your money back well that's all for this video guys many thanks for watching and many thanks for staying till the end if you did enjoy the video then do press that thumbs up if you don't see more videos like this and definitely do subscribe it hit a notification bell and I'll hopefully see you guys on the next one thanks thanks again for watching guys oh and if you interested in a VPN if you click on that link on the bottom left you'll get a great 46 percent discount if you are worried about your privacy and you want to stay safe online I do recommend you check out VPN thanks again guys

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