Cheryl Phillips' February's 22.5 Squedge Table Topper

by: PhillipsFiberArt

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hi this is Cheryl Phillips and welcome to our second squared V do what's a squared you might wonder ask wedge is a wedge that makes a square but it also makes other shapes another shape that we'll be doing is the tabletop or for today if you look at this isn't this an interesting shape put this on your table and it adds a little splash of color now let's get started the first thing you're going to need to do is download the instructions from our website you'll find these on the product page print those out notice they're in full color you got your diagrams you will need three pieces of fabric and from those fabrics you're going to be cutting two inch strips will also need a 22.5 degrees squidge which you see here and I take these little adhesive rings here and place these on my tool I usually put four on the front side I also put four on the back side because we'll be using both sides of our tool with our two inch strips we're going to sew together a strip set you'll notice that in the center of my strips that I have one piece of the coral fabric and then next to that on both sides I have the print and next to that on both sides I have the wine by doing this we can cut from either side and still get the same piece I'd like to show you something else see the end of my strip set the way it Stairsteps down by doing this I'll be able to get them both cuts from my strip set I make one like this and I've made a second one and you'll notice that it's Stairsteps up where this one Stairsteps down so you want to make two strip sets for this project once our strip set is pressed we're ready to cut we're going to place our sketch tool so the outside edge is along the edge of the fabric now you can see why we did the stair stepping there's not as much fabric wasted we'll hold this we hold it here and we cut move the fabric cut and then I have a rotating board turned it around I'll cut and turn that tip and so now here we have our piece when we reposition the sched tool rather than here we rotate that around and now we'll cut from this side again we make sure that this edge is right on the edge of the fabric we're going to cut here remove our fabric trim the tip rotate our mat cut again and cut the end and we have another piece so see there's our identical even though they were cut from the opposite sides we're going to cut eight of those now we're ready to cut our second strip set our first cuts were made with the sched tool where you're able to read the words for the second cut we're going to take that tool and flip it over so that the numbers in the words are upside down and we'll place it here on our strip set so that the edge of the tool is along the edge of the fabric take our first cut remove our fabric turn our mat make our next cut and then trim off the tip so now you have the mirror image piece here is the ones we cut earlier can you see how they come together now we're ready to sew so when we're ready to sew we'll take two pieces put those together right sides facing we've put the two pieces together and pin to be sure that our seams match now we're going to sew that together begin with a narrow end to the wide exact quarter inch seams here's one that I've sewn and we're going to make eight of these pairs they too will be pinned together matching the seams let me show you the finished piece here's our finished piece when we've sewn the pair's together we have an opening in the center to finish that opening we cover it with an applique a circle applique if you will watch the first video that we've done on the sched we get into a lot of detail on how to do that I think you'll find the shape very interesting and realize it's it's created by the same piece repeated eight times to finish our piece much easier to just pillowcase it what that means is I take a low loft batting or flannel layer with my backing fabric right side up and my top facedown so around the perimeter turn it inside out and and press the edge and then you can add some quilting to secure it but it's a much faster way hi I hope you make the time to make one of these little projects you're going to find they're fast and easy and a lot of fun to add a little color to your table you can find the complete instructions free download on our website Philips fiber art and you can find these on the product page so thank you for watching and God

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