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hey everybody it's lavender town and today we're gonna be talking about classic movie monsters now in really old movies a lot of the times these special effects and makeup aren't really able to hold up to a modern audience so these really great monster designs end up looking a little cheesy when you look back at them so I thought why not honor these classic movies by going back into these character designs and trying to redesign them to be scary for a modern audience but first a quick shout out to the sponsor of today's video castle Vern Castle Burton is a super fun RTS game that you can play for free on any mobile device all the heroes have unique abilities there's cards to collect and it's competitive you can actually climb the ladder in ranked play or you can play casually if that's more your speed I think the artwork and aesthetics are really cute too if you're a fan of real-time strategy definitely give it a try there's a link in the description thank you so much to castle burn for supporting my channel so I knew right away that one of the very first classic movie monsters I was going to want to work on is Dracula now vampires have had a bit of a weird moment lately it seems like most modern attempts at dealing with vampires don't want to make them very scary or at least want their scariness to be somewhat contrasted with a certain lure and an attractiveness in the most ancient stories of vampires this was not really a feature though to be honest by the time that Dracula the film came out it was already starting to be associated vampires with a certain kind of suaveness so I won't go full Nosferatu on this design but I do want him to look more like a creature less like a human and just more terrifying in general because I want this character to be really scary and honestly I think that if a vampire mostly just looks like a handsome guy or girl with some extra long canines that that is not super scary so I want to lean into the more monstrous elements of vampires and giving more fangs and they're more disturbingly long I'm also giving a forked-tongue some sort of demonic little bat wings because vampires are known or rumored to be able to transform into bats and I'm also giving him some long super creepy claws I'm sticking with the sort of old-style Victorian suit because I think that that's kind of a key part of our perception of a vampire especially the Dracula style vampire so I'm keeping that but I'm trying to show him looking a little sickly and emaciated and very undead I think a lot of the times people actually forget that vampires are supposed to be Undead and a lot of vampire media it's not really a much a part of it so I'm trying to lean into that like this is a corpse walking around sucking the blood out of people in very old stories about vampires usually they're described as like demons and undead corpses so that's the combination that I kind of wanted so next up is a Creature from the Black Lagoon and this is a super classic story and it is actually the inspiration for the more recent movie the shape of water so contrary to what I thought might happen I thought The Creature from the Black Lagoon was at least one creature on this list that hasn't had a romantic adaptation but that's actually not the case anymore but my Creature from the Black Lagoon will not be very handsome that's for sure I'm basing it off of a leech because I was trying to think of what scares me the most in a swamp a goon is kind of like a swamp so that was sort of sort of where I was like going for and honestly the thing that freaks me out the most about swamps is leeches now when I was young I actually had a little Creek by the elementary school where I went to school for the first two years and my sister once fell into the creek and when she came out she was just covered in black leeches and I remember being so freaked out leeches have these sort of horrible three like I don't know you can't really call them jaws they're like these long bony like I don't even know how to describe it it's just like there's three rows of teeth spread out in this weird triangular pattern and it's honestly just the most horrifying thing ever and then I also gave it sort of these like black human arm sticking out because I thought that would be extra disturbing as well because sometimes when people fall into a bog or a swamp they are sort of mummified almost in the swamp but it turns your skin black a lot of the times and I thought that would be extra creepy next up I'm doing Frankenstein's monster now I don't feel like he's a monster in the way that the other monsters are he obviously wasn't trying to prey on anyone in fact he's more of a victim in this story than anybody else so I wanted the fear in this image to really come from a place of empathy like imagining that you might be in this position basically I wanted him to look like he's been cobbled together out of very uncompetitive parts I thought that that would really press home these sort of creeping realization that you're all discombobulated and you're not one hole being I think that's one of the things that's the scariest about Frankenstein I remember actually I read the book before I saw the movie and I was just so shocked at how different the movie actually is Frankenstein is quite a flowery book like it has a very beautiful language in it it's very poetic so it was interesting to see this version of Frankenstein like not really being able to speak or anything like that because in the book like you honestly can't shut him up like he's just constantly waxing poetic about how miserable he is and honestly who can blame him he's made out of lots of different parts and essentially his parent has sort of abandoned him which is really really sad so I tried to give him two arms that don't match and generally just tried to make him look more like a person that was sort of cobbled together out of dead person parts um I tried to have sort of a vivisection style of stitching on his body and I just tried to get that sort of existential fear in his face and pose honestly this story typically makes me more sad than scared but I hope I did an okay job with him nonetheless next up is the Wolfman also known as a werewolf and how werewolves are obviously someone who's in between a wolf and a human or who can transform fully into a well from a human typically when people are trying to capture the horror of this they try to sort of focus on the painful nature of the transformation or they try to show a creature that's in between a human and a wolf and usually the transformation is fairly smooth but for my werewolf I wanted it to be sort of in bits and pieces I thought that would look even creepier so I wanted there to be parts of the werewolf that are fully transformed into a wolf completely and other parts that are still mostly human because I feel like that's a lot creepier and that hasn't been explored as much in werewolf media and I think paws are inherently very cute so I wanted to fight back against the cuteness of an animal paw by leaving these longer human fingers sort of sticking out of the paw pads I think that looks really gross and weird so I thought that would be a good angle and I left the bottom jaw in the shape of a regular human jaw with human teeth and a human tongue underneath this longer snout this note is really important when you're creating a werewolf of any kind I find that the least scary part of this old retro picture of the Wolfman is the fact that his snout is so small animals with a smaller snout end up looking more like a puppy dog or more like a rodent long snouts like the ones that canines have are very hard to achieve with practical makeup effects which is why you don't see them a lot in older movies but it is really critical to get that long snout if you want someone to look like they've transformed into a wolf versus another creature like a cat or something that has a much shorter nose I think the fear of werewolves really comes from this idea that people can be completely overcome by anger or motion and turn into a monster and I think that that's actually very scary next up is a mummy and I'll be honest when I was younger I thought the least scary classic movie monster of all time was the mummy because I was super obsessed with eat ancient Egypt and to me it was just a sort of curiosity rather than anything be afraid of but actually as I learned more about how mummies were treated by Victorian explorers that's when I started to become a little more afraid about the reality of mummies because the first thing that a lot of explorers thought to do when they found all these people that were buried and mummified was to like sell them turn them into paint and even eat them which is way scarier than a mummy that's been brought back to life but this is what I have to work with so I have to make the scariest mummy that I can now obviously death is scary so we can sort of lean into that and of course there was that petition recently I'm sure it was a joke but there was a petition to let people drink the red fluid they found in a sarcophagus so I'll be using some red fluid on this mummy and who knows what it actually is probably some type of embalming fluid but yeah we're just going to have a really desiccated creepy mummy with some red fluid coming out yeah he's looking pretty gross I also gave him some really long fingernails because I wanted to lean into that myth that your nails keep growing while you're dead even though that's pretty definitively not true I hope you guys enjoyed seeing me take a crack at these classic horror movie monster designs and if you have any other scary video ideas for me I definitely let me know I'm really on that creepy train right now I'm super excited for Halloween in October and thank you so much to Castle barn again for sponsoring the video there's a link in the description if you want to try out the game and I'll 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