I Found PENNYWISE and JEFF THE KILLER in Granny Horror Game... (Granny Mobile Horror Game)

by: Dark Corners

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that it is Pennywise himself also known as it before we start make sure follow me on instagram at darkness TV make sure you send me a message after you followed me because i'll try to respond to as many of you guys as possible top one morning to you laddies my name is dark welcome to dark corners today we're making another episode of granny obviously it's granny in gmod so it's technically granny y'all know the gist please stop telling me it's not granny anyways we're playing granny but it's not just any other regular granny granny is actually on vacation and she left her cousin here who is her cousin you may be wondering well Fran did you guys know make sure you leave a like nature subscribe from the see more and let me know the comments section you should physical granny next what guys look at that it is Pennywise himself also known as it well actually it's it also was little closer actually I think he's supposed to be called it but he's also known as penny wise whatever logistics you know tomatoes tomato same thing how am I supposed to get out of here cuz he's actually blocking the door wait I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna break his ankles where'd you go oh oh dang is he's slower than in the movies but you know this is this week for me so as to scare enough children to grow stronger I think that's how penny wise works but obviously we actually have to take him down I'm not sure how no let's I wanna I wanna get a closer look at him so penny wise he actually looks scary is he strong enough to attack me the oh snap okay he is not as weak as I thought we can take him we can take him actually there has to be a weapon this is great sound Geronimo Stilton this is Granny's house so there has to be a weapon somewhere we're gonna check the garage that's where it usually spawns I'm just gonna pretend like I'm not the one spawning and before I start recording but that's a secret there's not that's not a weapon here maybe in a sauna what did you guys oh that up in case you guys didn't know actually if I don't have a weapon I can still slap anyways anyways here let me slap you well why she slapped him into the sky Thanks what let's think guys if I were a weapon and I were a weapon that could take down Pennywise what kind of weapon would I be would I be a magic sword would I be some kind of form of holy water some kind of I don't know stuff they use in the paranormal or would I just be a fully automatic assault rifle can I say that well I got de menthe did I say a fully automatic assault rifle I meant a nerve gun so there's not a weapon downstairs hmm obviously granny knows I've been finding her weapon stashes everywhere so there's the place I haven't checked out yet and I know exactly what place it is somewhere in the garden I don't think I've ever found a weapon in the garden so would she would she hide weapons in the well guys I can't actually get in the well since I'm too big Playhouse is it play awesome luck no it's not there has to be key somewhere it's time to do some more investigating well I haven't seen Pennywise in a while maybe he went to the sewers huh maybe Pennywise lives in the well

mmm what is this I found a safe key safe key I found what huh well maybe see the weapons Locker Oh brah look at this Duke that's gonna be mad my hairline in like three years I shouldn't be laughing at all what that's this right Brad double bra bra bra there's it wait now how much weight what how much how am I supposed to get into the Playhouse I'm like 100 percent sure there's weapons in the Playhouse don't ask me how I know I just do okay keep up the facade okay I've just been here I'm an idiot I'm actually Oh obviously don't think I can make this job of course I can make this job what do you mean what is that that's nothing it's literally nothing I thought that was something Playhouse key were you err where is your head man upstairs there has to be in this cell come on I know I found it before this is that kind of meme where there's something laying laying in your room for example I have a lot of useful stuff in my room for like this bag of Lay's natural it's been here for like a week I will never need this is what I think I always see it on my desk you see this thing every day you never need it and then one day you need it you're like oh I know exactly where it is and then you can't find it it disappeared it's gone it went into another dimension it just got up and you know this boy got jokes but still no play house key if I can't find the playoffs key because I was expecting to find a play house key if I can find it I'm I'm be honest with y'all I'm just gonna cheat I'm sorry guys but uh y'all know I'm not good at video games there's B please I get up bad sir get back sir Smeg date that your mouth boy oh oh I haven't checked the shed never check that shit girl him check that there's really nothing I got a flashlight slaw look I can beat him up with this but I'm sure we can find a weapon I'm sure we can find a weapon so it's not in a safe it's not in the safe it's not down here right it's not down here where could it be it's not you got if I don't find it you guys have to let me know in a comment second because I'm actually very confused right now oh oh is that the playoffs kickers didn't say anything boy I miss magnet days Action Man aha well well well look at this granny's last weapon stash who would have stopped dad ah what kind of weapons are you I even found a dorky but you know what come on big dog brandy for this kind of weapon is this mmm no seriously what kind of work rat-a-tat-tat well boy silly clown you ready look not even gonna look I'm gonna hit every single shot gotta reload still gonna hit every single side oh shoot boy don't tell me he's invincible no dummies invincible boys and girls oh oh no oh oh no oh no you got me cornered no no oh look I only got 12 bullets per clip fitness ticket boys use the table against him who'd have thought of being a strong Spenny wise also known as it manifests in your greatest nightmare is beaten by a wooden table that's what that sucks oh he's dead instead I just killed him there's one final thing Oh Oh you just disappeared you just dissipate I was about to throwing it throw him back into the well but he just disappeared does that mean I actually didn't beat Pennywise but if if I can't be Pennywise with a pistol then how am I supposed to beat him I have no idea if you want to see more videos like this make sure you leave a like though make sure you subscribe and let me know in the comments section which other ways you want to see yo that's not granny oh snap ha whoa why do you hit me whoa that's like that Jeff Jeff buddy what are you doing here this is not your house where do you go oh snap he's quick though okay guys obviously we I know what the thumbnails gonna be now somehow it was somehow Jeff the killer managed to sneak in to Granny's house I'm guessing granny's dead or or or she she's she's roped up somewhere oh he is faster than granny okay guys we need a plan we need a new plan Jeff is not granny he's quick he can hear me he's got a knife so we need a different plan how are we gonna get rid of Jeff the killer how are we gonna get rid of Jeff the killer oh ouch oh please don't hit me Jeff - I have I need I need to clear my mind I can't think straight if I'm running away so let's get the hell into the shed hopefully you didn't see me go in here close the door damn it did you see me I know he didn't see me okay so Jeff the killers here how do we kill Jeff together he has a knife he's not scared to get dirty he's quick what's quicker than Jeff I don't know that's something I have to figure out what's quicker than Jeff hopefully he has no idea that I'm down here - the door's locked I still need all the items oh she's in the kitchen Jesus Christ did he see me he saw me oh snap oh snap maybe maybe I can hide somewhere

oh boy let get get get in my room let's get back in the room get in the room get in the room get in the closet get in closet oh it's gonna know he ran away he ran away luckily all right guys I gotta stop screwing my Vegas I got new neighbors there's gotta be some what's what's okay so if we if we line everything up you got fists what would be stronger than a fist a knife what will be stronger than a knife what's stronger than a knife never bring a weight what's the saying help me out here guys how what's that saying they always say they say don't bring a knife to a don't bring a knife don't Brett don't bring a knife to cuacamole night what was it don't don't bring it don't bring a knife to a birthday don't bring a knife to a cook don't bring a knife to the Oh don't bring a knife to a gunfight you guys you guys think granny has it as a weapon somewhere around here for us Jeff where'd you go this is creepy where's Jeff I don't see Jeff anymore guys did he did he disappear did he leave Jeff did you leave I miss granny I wish grandeur here I like granny more than you because granny is slow and blind hmm guys I don't see him Jeff oh I just heard him or at least I heard his knife Jeff Jeff you boy okay I guess I can just go down to the guy rich never mind there he be never mind uh-uh how can I get to the character though going down there of course that's not a room of course through the garden if I go through the garden I can sneak behind his back I can sneak behind his back and get to the garish hopefully there's a gun there too that I don't have to get the parts for and if I do that and I can kill Jeff to get her once and for all

well that didn't work out all right so Jeff is doing a lot of damage let me think let me think okay so he's quicker than me he can't Crouch luckily or can he no he can't okay I got past him guys okay he knocked me out once shame on me knock me no no knock me out once shame on you and something like that yeah guys I'm not this isn't this channel is about video games it's not about saying so leave me alone okay it's nothing in here honestly guys so Jeff the killer took over Granny's house which other characters should take over Granny's house night we've had Baldy we've had have we ever had five nights his phrase we've had free game yeah we've had Baldy what granny so who should take over Granny's house next let me know in the comment section and I'll do my best to get to collab with him look he's gone I can get all he's not gone he's not gone Oh what where I just want to check out the garage bro he's smart he's a smart little thing okay cool oh hell yeah boy oh hell did the air your Jeff where the heck are you boy aah oh snap my aim sucks get that bring that butt over here boy look if this were Jeff this would happen to him Pam son Jeff come on come on up hey Jeff hey Jeff yeah hey Jeff are you okay see is that then is that supposed to be an insult are you insulting me right now Jeff you know that's not gonna end well for you right Oh oh snap I got shot democracy not dead I did that shut up kill him oh my god okay somehow okay he has bulletproof skin y'all saw that I hit him twice and he's not dead he didn't even break a leg what am I gonna do maybe maybe he just takes more shots to kill maybe that's maybe that's the problem okay I'm gonna try to get behind his back so true dad how do I get there I can get that Trudy to this room you can get through there I'm shoot these boxes because they've been annoying the hell out of me every single video or watch my ammo watch my Emma okay we got it we gotta be sneaky guys I wanna shoot him in his back maybe people can actually kill Jeff the killer was taken over Grammy's house he disappeared what he's gone oh maybe he knew what my plan was Jeff Jeff Jeff I want to hit him in the back because the front hasn't been working he's quick I was hit as quick he's literally disappearing right now ah yeah boy whew do a back flip Jeff is dead one more one more maybe I can actually shoot open the door now I'm gonna try that yeah boy that was easy that's great if leaving that shotgun here guys if you want me to kill more characters and Granny's house make sure you leave like make sure you subscribe and see more for me on instagram at doctors TV maybe I can just shoot myself out here hey that works what's up max oh dude I'm granny right you look beautiful oh my god what have we done here why we stuck it started I don't get it this is our old school house we kind of we kind of got ourselves in a bet that we could find something in here this is an abandoned schoolhouse we used to study here when we were younger and they say it's haunted haunted yeah ghosts and stuff yeah I like people that are dead but are not that their Spurs have left their body yeah mmm-hmm can we both go to this school I don't remember I'm so old these days you know I mean surprisingly enough yes you did go to the school you have gone to school you would not say that but hey maybe you didn't pay enough attention I'm and what are we hoping to do here and we having to find some ghosts or anything I heard there's like a book or something we can find and there's all kinds of weird spells in the book that we can use to bring the dead out of their grave yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah I don't know if it's true though I don't know if it's true I got a computer room in here space copy thou oh wow look it's a freaking computer from 1976 a fortnight on this probably oh whoa did you hear that do you know dude is this place actually on that you know mess with me no I mean I'm just telling you what I heard yeah okay but you heard that as well right yeah cuz I did dude you think it came from upstairs maybe um maybe I mean how big is this place it cuz if it's a school it's pretty big yeah it's pretty big yeah that chairs not govern that you know cover that chair what chair mm-hmm I done that no did we even go in there no - dude we're actually hearing stuff right now spook maybe this was a bad idea of course this was a bad idea you're gonna pick it up I'm just gonna put it back the right way huh it ain't working there's men in here I don't think we should mess them around with too much stuff yeah I don't get out here just the best thing to do describe the chair and post up down the little door at the front that's how I'm gonna try that go ahead just vandalize it what's the worst that can happen mm-hmm-hmm oh we could party break these windows right that might work maybe I don't want to vandalize anything not yet no it's not working well well maybe we can find something upset well maybe there's a fire exit upstairs yes no there's bound to be right the spyrix is loads of fire exits I mean it's a pretty old school back when the school was made it in have like this the rules for fire exits and stuff yeah I guess they didn't have fires back there yeah begged and fires weren't invented yet mmm there's a bunch of lockers here you see this yeah I see them oh did you see that dude oh I saw something walking he asked me to do yeah you weren't checking out I kind of do but I can't down let's go it's go you go first my mind saying me no yoke you could have a flashlight off you don't think nothing to see you do but my body wanna bet it was just the wind I don't see anything for this right that was just - oh wow oh my god oh jeez right behind this dude hey we gotta hide we got hide do Beks where'd you go where'd you go max I don't know I'm in a room dude I'm gonna classroom me are you serious oh my god I got it I gotta help you which room did you go in oh she's leaving she's leaving because she's gone she's coming after me max max has helped me make sure to help me thanks max max where are you why are you I'm in the hallway she's chasing me max Oh max hello max go I'm not gonna vote for you deal with it Oh what's chasing me it's she's heavily chasing you do that hiding behind lockers I'm hiding behind the lockers well please we'll see you or she went right past me or she's quick max okay we're good we're good no no no she went that way she went that way I was gonna fall to her is that is that all try that where'd you find that bottle maybe I see one that says we could probably take this though can we take that take take the tub stop okay yeah yeah okay no we have no choice we have to find the fire exit that that downstairs is low but that's a ghost this will go right to her you know do you think it was a ghost it it looked pretty real to me I don't know who she is - yeah yeah she's looking out the window you ain't go in yet okay you won't try it you first maybe she nah oh my god I hit I hit her I hit her there's no reaction okay I'm sorry I'm sorry please don't kill me what is she saying still following you bro is she oh she's not she um so I think she's like half blind or something and she sees miss great though she's so quick okay if she goes downstairs we can investigate up here just go in there going that go in the room she was looking outside maybe she's looking at something maybe he exit she was looking at the front gates maybe she's trying to get out just like us maybe she's just like us no yeah you right no no did you hear that I did I just assumed it's probably her how do we know it's a her as well well this the legend says there's a nun that used to live here and now she's killing people something like that it kind of looked like a nun mm-hmm I mean that adds up beneath Jackson is she doing downstairs you hear that yes you want to go check it out I guess so there's no fire exits appeared are we in agreement there's nothing up here did you see nothing uh but I can't see anything I found something where is it was this a looks like a flame bro you wouldn't check it out go pick it up yeah yeah yeah we'll take it in turns she's flush it down the toilet no no I I slipped yeah I got move move before I can refer hit you oh oh oh you've got it oh um it looks pretty uncomfortable wildung it fine I'm I think I have third-degree burns but it's fine the only you won't worry about it okay wait I can do this I'm actually gonna do this um I think that's the time to find out whether this is really gonna work I'm gonna stay over here stop Oh oh my god she won't drive true to fire stop oh my god oh my god she went drinking it handle it handle it stop stop stop she was right you like fun for the windows okay that's definitely not a human dude they worried so much trouble can you can you like burn for the windows or something this glass right glass bounce dude she's coming here the hurry oh my god that it's not working it's not working okay it's not working oh my god I'm burning down to old school I'm burning down the old school max oh my God we're gonna die here screw it I'm gonna take her with me quit backed up into a corner you got to deal with this dude if she gets in with dead there's no worse to go max we're gonna burn to death you're gonna do just do something stay back stay back we do see burning we're about a stop on in I don't care oh yeah Vic she step behind those chairs what is she doing I don't know I think she's challenging us to I don't think we can do anything the whole places is she dead pretty dead broke my phone coasts don't die like this yo you need to chill you need to chill Oh No Oh No take the far logs go no thanks we killed the evil nun at least she won't escape to school and take over the world but we're gonna burn to that please tell your viewers to subscribe to craziest I found out some stuff about the rock costinesti the rock yeah that's what we're gonna call it the rock or you want to call it Dwayne Johnson ok so what's special about this right guys is it gives people special clickbait powers what yep like yeah I'm serious we already flushed it ok I believe you I guess so now we're clickbait this I don't know what that means guys cuz I have never clicked paid it in my life what about you no never nope no never never no no so we should probably do like an experiment see what with changes okay I mean I don't even know what to think would click be like what's the most clickbait thing you can think of who's dies recently No stop stop stop no no what do you hear that no is it the rock did you uh did you have Taco Bell before we took off or no wait how do you open this door like so oh nice what is that weird it's like a dog or something what do dogs aren't allowed here right oh I don't think that's not a talk oh god that's great fuck up with a rock causing God cut it I mean I don't know maybe let's cover with rocket you're gonna lift it up I can't remember well if you're strong enough then okay yeah let me see let me see okay she has it she hasn't noticed us yet yeah I'm gonna get closer okay okay let's hope she doesn't detect me she's so loud granny ready right granny yeah I gave her the kiss of life they'll bring her back okay maybe pinkie press have been a granny as a Pat's Abed but as a friends okay this is friendly then I guess there's nothing to worry about I mean she's Freddie she hasn't affect us right okay boy she's not she's not sleeping in the same room as me I mean if she's gonna

get rid of her she's our fret now Razia's she might be asleep before she wakes up well if she wakes up then we'll figure out what to do okay what happens what do you wanna do this creaking blower into space maybe they've sleep like you protects then while she wakes up and all hell breaks loose yeah I'm gonna wake her up okay oh okay okay I'm gonna scream real loud she'll wake up and we'll see what happens surely nothing fast could possibly happen look I'll even stay it's they give her some distance okay so even if she's evil nothing's gonna happen granny granny granny she's not we go granny wake up granny granny granny fast asleep granny come on wake her up break bro granny granny see I don't know what you're scared of I mean I thought I could scream in here air and nothing would happen granny like that the word I have a weapon I have a weapon in my room come here come here come here come here rez [Music] oh you got her oh wow that's a laser oh my god did you see how high she jumped bro yeah and she just disappeared she's just vaporized that was scary maybe she was so old serious pretty much 99% dust maybe are this amazing rifle yeah possible where did you find that listen my room just in case there's anything else weird I mean come on dice they can only be one grainy if this rock brings like anymore you know weird things then remember prepares right yeah I'm gonna go back to the surface I guess let's clear out the ship make sure there's no more random Frankie's yeah keep your ears open oh I always got lost in here you remember right ellipsis yeah it's this way it's upstairs yeah I got your back okay okay I don't hear any more grannies and that can only be one granny right I know I'm the chick no no good that's none of the diner yeah you sure yeah double sure what was that shooting the vending machine because last night I put in a dollar and didn't give me anything Wow oxygen species yeah yeah okay we're gonna go to the surface oh my god there's a whole army training must be the rock maybe I have something to do with the rock with Duane okay we have to destroy the rock or something oh no okay that was the super good look at this one these ones are dormant you see that are they praying so hard to aim space I got you oh there's one left we're gonna shoot it together okay thank God double stop okay they can't be any more grannies right can't get worse than this right oh look at the earth it's so beautiful yeah I wish I could go back to earth right now wait yes ready Wow open you open then somebody launching a rocket I didn't push anything we do not shoot it we're playing granny in gmod we have a secret weapon somewhere in the house let's get right into it oh never mind that's granny before we actually start searching for the weapon make sure you leave a like on this video right now make sure you subscribe you want to see more and let me know in the comment section what I should try in granny / gmod next so we have granny over here we're gonna just finish her real quick in order to search for oh snap she's quick Oh granny how are you that quick whoa oh she's hella quick boys am I actually gonna be oh yeah I just slept granny oh there's multiple grannies obviously she's not teleporting yeah I'm loose yeah if she gets too close I'm just stuck I was just gonna slap her back but she she was too quick for me slap slap shit watch it guys

turbo slap hook anyways we are searching for a weapon of mass granny destruction here last time it was in the backyard I wonder if it's gonna be in the backyard again let's sell oh let's find the play house the freaking Sun affect the play house key is always in this way oh snap I just smack the taste out of granny smart no I just smacked the life out of granny's mouth let me check but there's no weapons here granny where'd you put all your weapons don't dump their upstairs I got to go upstairs really okay I guess we'll go upstairs Hey I'm not old I shouldn't be complaining at least I have my legs and they're still working completely fine hey granny oh you're just letting me oh I didn't want to do this but you leave me no choice okay I was gonna slap him but there ah this granny is all by herself this actually said Alexa play royalty-free sad music I'll be your friend oh never mind well I guess that's the reason why she has no friends that's that's how she reacts to a friendly face I was always offering to be her friend and she just slams me to the ground really granny well I will not feel bad for killing you killing I mean yeah I'm good you know what we ain't gotta be family friendly all the time I'm gonna kill granny I'm gonna kill her okay that maybe I was I'm gonna kill her with kindness yeah I'm gonna kill I was going too far there I'm sorry you too Susan please only monetize this video Susan editor gave got that out of the video boy how could she hit me from that far I can't even hit her oh damn granny I didn't know you played sports oh you know what the Gurney's actually starting to piss me off right now I got to find a weapon don't tell me it's in the garage again right it's not it's not gonna be in it is really oh my god yo editor action-packed music please oh I only have three bombs I got to use them sparingly okay okay oh and I got to stay back to the Blazer she can't get in here okay so just whooshes wow that makes my tummy feel good does this make you feel good as well if it does make sure you leave a like okay or not it now they're not gonna chase me anymore because they know what kind of power I'm packing where you add granny Oh get the problem with this weapon is I can't get too close I have to stay back because there's an actual blast zone see I actually got hit there granny come on granny okay okay okay okay see that's what that's what I meant that is exactly what I meant luckily I didn't pick up every single weapon I can go back down and I don't know why I'm talking like a robot right now just ignore it what is scooby Doo it go on me and OH what is scooby Doo wait how does it go what does scooby-doo scooby-doo where is Scooby where you guys give me a second air [Music] guys I need a team song why don't you guys comment a team song for me dark from dark corners and maybe I'll sing it if you get if we get six thousand likes I'll actually sing it nomemes I'm gonna outta tune it of course but I'm gonna sing it mandala bow hello did I just kill every single granny I'm not sure Oh obviously there Oh bah ho ho snap - oh she just got obliterated hello I know that's a granny in here in there oh snap did I get hurt oh did I get hurt oh let me check I hear one running around so I haven't killed every single granny oh I have no idea why granny has this many sisters anyways then her parents get tired at some point how did you get here [Music] Oh soldier boy tell em you know I'm gonna grab every single one I think I'm gonna need it oh my god one if I get too close I'm gonna die and I don't have any ammo left so I'm gonna have to slap every single granny out the old school room okay I was still in a blast zone cuz I just got absolutely destroyed there okay can be she can be down here can she I killed this granny right this granny is dead aah oh my god upstairs I haven't killed him up stair way to there gurney in here is there granny in here still that's impossible that's impossible okay whatever close that bow son is y'all Oh y'all having a party up there I wonder if I can shoot them you guys know what I was trying to do that it was a good idea it's except it didn't work now we don't have to worry about the NY anymore why didn't I think of that before alright okay so dad didn't work but you guys know what I was trying to do it was a good idea let's balance here can I hit him from no guys I'm literally in the blast zones oh okay okay okay okay hell yeah whoo okay okay quick quick quick she's behind that door snap oh no she's stuck in there oh I got him but also I died [Music] okay let's listen for any other granny is there granny I didn't get doing granny up here alright guys I think I got every single granny now I think so we're gonna see think this is the last granny she's scared now you know why am I gonna kill this granny let's be honest all this senseless killing for no reason I I really ought to stop these guys I'm not giving you guys the good example there's no reason for this violence I

hear mice you guys hear that anyways usually the weapon spawns all the way below in the garage so that's the first place I'm gonna look at I haven't seen granny yet which I'm not sure if I should be worried but whatever okay there there's not a weapon here maybe in a sauna get your butt out of here you know what even if we don't find a weapon if granny pulls up on me I'm just gonna slap Route like this I'm gonna say bro look look look I even got combos left right left left right that also counts as a weapon right alright so if it's not in the garage mm maybe in the weapons Locker even though I don't have a key so I can't even open it start running a little bit whereas the weapons lock or even oh it's upstairs this should be the weapons Locker right don't have a key should be a key somewhere just get this out of the way and still no sign of granny I am kind of starting to get worried is granny even home is this practice mode with the key somewhere downstairs if I remember correctly I think we went best it went up could this be the key in here what kind of key is this that's a safe key wait and the safes no no the safe is in the basement who knows maybe we don't even need a weapon maybe we're just gonna find a way out of here so this is the safe key no now we found a weapon key all right now though let's go upstairs to get the weapon while we're gonna open the weapons box whatever you call it but I don't know if there's an actual weapon in there but we're gonna find out it's empty well that was a waste of time if the weapon isn't here record it even be um you know there's probably some places I've never checked out in granny now that I think about it I mean I've always I always check out these rooms but I don't think I've ever checked out like this closet could it be in here could it be in here Hey look at that it's right here looks like a flamethrower it's a flamethrower guys I wonder what it does Wow just fires off my mixtape oh oh oh oh oh oh no oh yeah this is this does it come with it oh oh oh no I'm so does this come with a fire extinguisher I think I might be burning down the house and I'm in it oh no granny granny do you have a fire extinguisher in your house all right guys I was thinking maybe we can get some water from the bedroom over here but I can't find the sink Oh what did you guys see that what is that Hey what what's going oh snap oh I messed up I messed up Wow it was something's blocking his door guys something's blocking his door maybe I can purr and burn it down oh I'm not sure what I was thinking that that that uh Oh someone open up uh-oh I'm dying I'm dying Oh oh I'm dying I'm actually dying what was I expecting can I actually not get through this door though okay guys I'm just gonna use the magic of editing I'm just gonna oh wow Oh granny I swear to God I did not do this on purpose well actually I could just burn you down granny UK you cannot tell me anything oh my god I'm actually burning granny down this might just be the coolest weapon granny how are you not dead yet or not that I mean why are you not burnt to a crisp I'm not gonna kill granny that's not family-friendly okay I'm burning down your house granny I'm really sorry but it's your fault or kidnapping me

granny cages fall down please you're blocking the door granny er you're blocking the door would have thought a wooden house would be such a bad idea why why is there even a flea granny why do you even have a flamethrower in your house now that I think about it yeah UK guys feel the heat through the screen cuz I can dang son and granny's still standing how is she doing that away I think she died okay no III have to quickly get through the flames ah see if you oh snap if you move fast enough you don't actually get hurt Wow Oh Oh granny already respond hey granny don't mind the flames I was just cooking something in your kitchen oh boy you know what I might as well just burn down everything I don't really care to be completely honest they'll just burn down every sip wait this doors black this wall who's blocking these doors breathe

I'm gonna burn down this whole house I

wonder what that's gonna look like oh no I'm burning myself oh I'm burning myself uh-huh oops okay let's be honest with me guys let's be honest hey this actually is pretty cool come on let me know in the comment section it is not pretty cool guys we are actually burning it down and these flames look really cool well they look cool but they're very hot okay Wow dang I'm sorry granny you have a beautiful house but it looks better when it's lit up

that's freaking beautiful that's beautiful this is art if I do say so myself this might be the best thing I've ever done game over chattering now but you know you know exactly what I mean well guys we burned down granny over here I think there's not a granny still standing over here just burn her down as well she's just more walking

Wow anyone else doesn't mind they should really add this weapon into the main game look how cool it is our us that I'm burning again I'm burning again I'm just gonna go back and forth between these grannies until one of them falls down oh wow wow this room not as room as last I can't even see her anymore mushy even his granny was still there does she uh that she is still moonwalking oh that poor poor granny [Music] hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure you leave a like make sure to subscribe if you wanna see more and let me know in the comment section which other weapons I should try out next and once again thank you all very much for watching I cannot say that enough I'm gonna keep saying it and make sure to check out my other videos just click one of these buttons here and I'll see you all next time dark signing out

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