Until Dawn - Get Jessica's clothes off

by: Sickdistic

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holy crap I feel like I just ran a marathon I think we kind of did was it a bear yeah gotta be things are crazy fast I mean I didn't see it hey things not gonna come barging in I promise how can you be sure cuz I'm pretty sure bears don't know how to open cabin doors I've seen them open car doors what we're on the internet really okay well this isn't the Internet Jess all right this is real life I promise you that no bear or anything else is gonna open that cabin door I guess you're right okay I'm almost feeling relaxed again almost huh typical this is not the cozy Chalet I was promised Mike well there is a fireplace fired things up Michael I am a lady and a lady needs a proper romantic setting a lady would like to cuddle up with her man buy a nice cozy fire bathed in atmospheric mood lighting right it'll get plenty toasty once a rubbing up against each other my fire and mood lighting yes milady

ah yes I'll take care of the mood lighting all right logs are ready to go just need a match nice so lighten up the mood a little hey why are you okay what are you doing it's it's the lights I know it's the lights dummy you broke them it's probably faulty wiring or something you've got faulty wiring

unless you want to make out with an ice sculpture I suggest you get a fire going pronto

oh hell yeah these guys were inventive oh I'm not sure ever ready for such advanced levels of gameplay

fuck shit fuck fuck shit what do you think was in there Mike come on

you're lighting a fire Michael not writing a novel how much longer is it gonna take you fuck Mike where is it what what's wrong gone he's gone no just slow down what is gone my fucking phone Sherlock you find it no I must have dropped it outside I can't lose my phone my parents will kill me you can always get a new one that's like my fourth one this year okay okay well don't you look for it's got to be outside yeah I don't think we want to go out there right now with the bear fine

looky looky who's gonna fire up some nookie you've been dying he's that line since we got here haven't you

Man 1 fire zero very nice a Bravo

all right m'lady what comes next



oh my what is I don't know okay go find out now please


it's your phone what how is it my phone I don't know it just came through the window oh fuck hey goddamnit what those goddamn assholes probably folders that was here to fuck with us and just when we were getting down to business

hey yeah bricks that means you so enjoy it because we're going to




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