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hey guys what's going on in swivel Syria and welcome back to another episode of prisons it's been another seven days since the last episode and we are here on this glorious Saturday with the next installation of the epic epic season I think you guys are really going to enjoy this episode the store lab progresses it gets real intense so buckle up definitely watch the whole thing because you guys are gonna love it and obviously if you did make sure to hit that like button you guys been crushing like 10,000 likes on every every episode I can't ask for any more support you guys are insane it has been an interesting week and I will fill you guys in on all the awesome things that have been going on in another episode because well this is prisons and we don't have time to talk pleasantries so again like the video if you guys want to go for at least 5,000 likes lippies super cool we have make the smile don't forget keep on being the goodness stay hot and spicy and most importantly enjoy the video I always it's like it's like an earthquake is he happy is he sad I brought you what you want I brought you what you want I brought you what you want I brought you what you want I brought you what you 100 oh my god what happened holy boy that's never was an earthquake whatever that was the magician someone broke into my area here maybe he had to leave quickly I don't know what's going on I feel a little dizzy it's aa walk over here so I left the things in the chest diamond Oh God I mean I don't know that if I was happy or sad let's uh let's find out here well the diamonds are going maybe he just knocked me out so he can enter my place and leave but then why leave a hole in the back anyway it looks like he left us a present no note this time that's not like the magician to do that usually leaves us a note but no note this time let's see we we got the delicious drill oh my god down with the block Empire well that deserves a replace holy moley down with the block Empire is this some sort of revolution am i part of a revolution right now maybe this has all been a test maybe I'm being used either way all I know is that I need to progress because I'm not getting stuck nowhere let's throw ahead and just the show this used to stuff we got the Pacific 64 stack of obsidian too which is pretty awesome get rid of this terrible diamond pickaxe holy moly this thing's gonna be crazy maybe maybe the time for revolution is is now let's see where we are because wow it's been a while so I need a lot of money to rank up that's that is insane so what are we at right now our next one who is escape artist that's what we're at right now let Supes warp all right so we're gonna go to our warp I just got to get my bearings real quick maybe do a little bit of mining god I'm just like my oh I feel I feel like wind in my chest is bruised my ribs I earthquake was intense it was that really necessary wizard if you can hear me hands out with them all who's that is it is that him was down with the block Empire so there is some sort of rebellion going on here there is some sort of joint effort oh my god we really need to do some mining we really need to get out of here we have a lot of lot of ranks to work through right now this is going to be insane I wonder how far we could progress in the next like 10 20 minutes guys I think this is really about to get insane so let's get mining let's fill up my inventory let's get rocking and rolling cuz we are real business take care of now alright actually I actually missed you guys so I wanted to just pop on that recording again cuz I'm feeling a little a little intense after I guess that was the magician came in there and spoke all creepily like that to us like oh my god scared somebody hold me please um but I want to talk about the block and pyre kind of uh kind of scary don't you guys think I mean hopefully hopefully they're not too scared we can make friends with him and take out the magician I mean we don't really know the magician so I want you guys to go into the comments down below and you decide what do you guys want to see do you guys want to see me trying to find out who the block Empire is and maybe teaming up with them take out the magician origami to try and find out who this crazy magician is this wizard of of masterful wizardry and maybe help him take out the the block Empire we got decisions in front of us guys I'm gonna be reading the comments and seeing what you guys think but other way so check this out right now we have 220 million dollars we need so much you basically need a billion dollars to progress I'm pretty sure rank up is uh that 100 that's a thousand that's the million and there is 1 billion so we are still a really long way away and it doesn't take long for me to fill up my inventory in fact it pretty much just takes me there and a back bang-bang with this new delicious drill the the drill the apparently quote-unquote revolution and I get to fill up all that stuff really quick and we pretty much have I think like around 30 slots available three that's like 11 one of yep so pretty much like about 30 you know 33 35 slots and we sell for just under a million dollars so we really only make like 40 million I think every time we do this set so that's kind of slow we look at our balance we have 220 million now we're only at 240 million so doing it this way will actually take a really really really long time and really really grind the other thing is is that would be okay with that and I'm sure you guys would be okay with that but the thing is is we got some really big things coming the storm is coming and ain't nobody got time for just sitting here mining up this this useless junk like we got to progress we are pretty much think like 10 ranks left we got to get to the end as soon as possible this is gonna be really really I have no idea what's going to happen and the last thing I want to do is grind grind grind so this is what I think is necessary we got 60 levels we got a pretty decent amount of diamond I can literally just break one diamond block I think what we need to do is we need enchants Rhian chant some diamond boots because feather falling for is not good enough enchant the diamond leggings in the diamond helmet we get the sword could also be reading chant as well and we need to make ourselves full gear and we've got to go for more obsidian that's like the big thing right now because that's just gonna be able to progress so much faster we fill up our slots with obsidian we'll be able to ping BAM boom BAM aligned with that BAM and just absolutely wreck it just wreck it like our name is Ralph and we're just gonna boom we're gonna get a job in the wrecking department and we're gonna kick it and then that's kind of like that's gonna let the plan but to do that obviously I do want to get a little bit more prepared sell some money but I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to go sell create diamonds here and then go to the enchanting table and get this all in obviously there is one in the main hub so we could just do this right now should be hard slash workbench and we we hope sigh kind of odd durp a durp a durp that oh I just wanted I would like work one work one where one okay what am i zay who even knows workbench okay so we needed we wanted to remake the boots and we wanted to enchant the rest so let's go ahead and do that /warp what was it thought Such spawn because i don't think we actually have hmm the bar get a chance at double or nothing should we do this what does he have for sale beer cola with like cola pale ale oh my god Wow price to buy fifty million and I think if we win is that honestly I don't know at one point o to the eighth to the power of eight is I'm assuming that's a hundred million so it should double right oh my god that's five hundred million if we win this we get a billion we don't even have that much money though so I think what we need to do is we need to go get at least 500 million and then maybe just drink some Jack Daniels chance to win forty five percent that would be way too intense we're just doing for fun though maybe just throw 50 thousand dollars alright Zima I don't know what you are but I'm gonna drink you and let's see what we get here drumroll please is oh you slurp down two Zima oh no it seems you do not hold down your drink I apparently I'm not a good drinker which is a good thing that's not something to be good at but we just lost fifty thousand dollars which is unfortunate which is really really unfortunate but we're going to go back to this bar later maybe if we can gamble 500 million dollars that'd be pretty cool but we want to go to work eight yeah or pay is where we want to go because this place has all the wonderful wonderful enchantment tables that we can use I feel like there's some elsewhere but these are the ones that are really easily accessible us we're going to run over here these are for level one and chance make out that big boy bad boy The Devil's right here let's go let's redo these down boots because that was a bad level before three two one protection feather falling protection feather falling nice that is legit toss those out like it's nobody's business all right and then we're going to get it yeah get into the enchant it and take off our little booties I mean our little pants doodles hashtag pants and protection fire protection maybe yep okay that's actually pretty flippin good I'm not gonna lie I'll take that I'll take that so we're gonna give that a 30 again so we go to warp escape our tist and then walk over here and just slurp levels we're gonna make here about filling up our inventory we just want we just want level there's gears left look at this go oh my god level 12 already holy moly that's a shame this is way faster than I actually thought it would be this is the most fun I've ever had in my entire life and that might not be saying a lot about my life but deal with the brother because it is happening right now and you cannot handle what is going on can you handle what is going on I said we're talking because the answer is no level 30 work a like literally you guys don't know what just happened like that was that was the most insane thing ever I may have broken the server because I broke way too much redstone you know what worse things have happened in this in this world oh my god it's a rental party ahh Potter Potter immigrants dude oh my god she's got like six more levels okay and coming cut before hey I think I literally just wrecked so hard that the server was just like girl we cannot handle how much you just wrecked on look at this it's going crazy alright this delicious drill is literally down with block Empire like that's that's the thing we're technically using huh the magician's weapon maybe it's all part of his plan but we can't really think about that right now we got 30 levels we're gonna go ahead and chant this helmet see what we don't got we go okay get Adam you know what you look like you could use somebody's stuff so here you have some redstone and whatnot ye little Hill old pumpkin face you yell little pumpkin face level 30 protection here we go up hurt projectile protection respiration 3 that is so bad but whatever deal with it bro we're gonna go back to you warp which we call it escape artists and we're gonna go ahead and sail ah beep now with the block Empire oh god I feel like I feel like they do there's an enchanting table right there I'm kind of a derp be like that was kind of a sneak peak it's kind of creepy guys I don't know what that was all right so let's sell this redstone get some money back we are getting all of our goodness in here we are full set of stuff we got some decent decent Jam I think I have some God apples leftover which I will most likely need and we're gonna go ahead and try and sneak into the pvp arenas see what we can do see if we can grab a whole bunch of obsidian with his brand-new pickaxe should break it really quick should be pretty awesome and I'll see you guys there prepare yourselves for some epic Casa T alright PvP 2 is here don't forget I have unsliced vanished so you can see me down here so it's not too crazy I'm just wondering if anyone's gonna be down here waiting for me let's check out that in mine it's been consumed absolutely consumed we're gonna head to the bottom prepare to eat a Golden Apple if we see someone in battle this could get intense all right let's start mining oh the delicious drill absolutely wrecks this stuff oh my god this is amazing have you ever seen a city and get rekt it's fast ok alright alright we need to stay calm stay calm stay cool we're gonna fill up our inventory we're gonna go solve we're gonna go make absolute bank oh man we already have us a fool I was gonna be down here for like 20 minutes we're gonna make infinite money all right let's go let's go all right we got to keep an eye out for people though this could get kind of sketchy I'm not gonna lie thankfully we have five gone apples we're gonna use those to our advantage maybe I doubt the magician's gonna do anything to stop us this time like like that I guess I didn't need his help last time but do Oh all right they're fighting they're fighting that guy will not go for me come on come on come on come on come on come on go go go go go go go did not see me did not see me sell sell sell sell sell sell so Sally come with me get out of here oh darn it Jon it here we go whoo sell sell sell sell so guys can't we all just be friends can't we all just be friends this is not the time to do this No Oh God oh I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done oh I still have so many more to sell yeah hey easy easy ting now's the time now's the time now is the time now since I'm so oh shoot okay eat eat eat sell sell sell sell sup okay we're gonna we're gonna hit this up with all that guys using an axe is using nice we gotta we gotta watch out okay okay they're not looking me they're not looking at me so so so alright I'm out I'm out I'm out I'm out I'm out I'm out let me get out let me get out yes go go go go go go go go all right we can actually get the drop on all these people now cuz we can get below them we're taking serious damage taking serious damage yeah they rolled an apple well has just gotten crazy all of a sudden oh go go go go go alright we're gonna jump down here we're gonna mine like crazy ah ready a pickaxe go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go ah shoot ah darn it alright place a block place a block oh man alright this guy he just wants to man fight right now he just wants to man fight apparently we're gonna see who drops first this is gonna go on for like an hour whose armor is gonna break first who has better armor that's the question I have no idea oh he's hurting me he's hurting me or anything oh I hate my Golden Apple good good good oh he's running he's running he's running is he go die are we just a two Golden Apple always fighting someone else oh my god we could totally take this guy out or should I just use these guy to assist game we're gonna use them to escape that's what we're gonna do hopefully they're fighting we're gonna grab all the stuff up full level okay and go oh no you don't know you don't know you don't know you don't know you don't stay away from me buddy I have no more God apples I'm gonna die but I gotta go do this quick oh my god can I warp out of here alright where do I go guys where do I go okay I have an idea oh shoot alright this way yeah get this ladder okay we're up here we're gonna crouch maybe they didn't see me

okay now's the time now's the time jump oh gosh darn it okay this way this way and the water swim up we don't have a got out but we are going to get one shot we need to go and quick please don't please don't love me please befriend team team team team team team team team team team yes yes yes yes yes go go go sell sell sell sell sell those of you that stay oh my god are they coming oh god no no no no I still have so much to live for I still have so much to live for somebody help me help me with this guy yeah all right bleeding bleeding way to bleed bleed we believe we believe will be Oh God oh no I'm gonna die help me with this guy help me with this guy no I just got like teleported here geez this guy's powerful all right let's oh my god King Penn helmet kingpins chest plate kingpins leggings and kingpins boots with the chancre and twelve golden apples that's like royalty status stuff how is he pulling these cards this this revolt is powerful 3.9 billion dollars still not that much or PvP two guys just tossed stuff down we don't even care we're going in well we got ya a whole bunch of really good stuff we actually kind of needed that oh we're gonna go in there's a lot of people here still we're gonna try just grab up as much obsidian as possible eat golden apples try and go and sell it see how much money we can get think I have people here protecting me which is actually kind of epic but I don't have the time to look let's go right here up on this platter up on this ladder get up get up get my god it's a battle alright just be invisible be invisible be the wall be invisible go go go go go oh my god they're going on me oh my god they're going on me I'm scared I'm scared someone hold me no stay back yeah go away go away oh oh oh yes yes yes they're not coming all right sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell oh here they come here they come here they come here they come anything I'm sensors I'm going as I can I'm sorry a million doh each one go go go go go they protecting me or something that's actually kind of Awesome oh my god yes o P X I want this where did I get this from alright we went back to the obsidian oh god get out of here oh I'm dying eat the Golden Apple aah run run run this ax has actually been so good it Drex through armor like crazy guys so nice to have ya so nice that well actually think we're alone here alright you know what buddy hey uh huh Oh new mines mine like crazy it goes it's Minecraft uh oh god what are we gonna do though now Oh No okay um where is the end to this where is the end to this what do I do I totally did not think of this and I mind all the way down and now I need to find the edge which is kind of can I warp PvP to again I don't think I'm in combat anymore alright we're good we got a full thing of obsidian again we're gonna go super super ultra sneaky no one sees us on the right side here going in for the shop going in for the shop getting that water moving on up hmm oh this person's going on me get him get him get the person behind me it'll be the best thing you've ever done I swear oh there's actually some on the ground here don't mind if I do pick that up if I can come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on purchase purchase sale shower shower shower she'll feel like I'm on the stock market so gel gel gel and we ever warm sitting oh now let's turn to hit me okay you know the Golden Apple cuz I need that resistance in regen bb-bb-bb-bb-bb-bb-bb pppp pppp pppp I'm running down the hallway and boom get out of my way become a choo-choo train I got a block party to block people to take down ah and watch me oh so close but also so perfect yeah why I'm busy oh Jesus alright so we're gonna just list rills again we're gonna do the top this time as we don't fall down again and have to warp out I'm just gonna grab all this stuff up grab it all up grab it all up dab it all up with the og pick while fighting everyone the intensity is real okay we got pretty much four limits right let's get out of here all right let's go let's go let's go let's go and while I jump here I'm gonna eat well and I'll knock me out of the lava nice all that worked perfectly okay and go up stay away from me you vermin stay away from me you Myron go go go go go go go sell sell sell all right I'm selling him selling I'm selling I'm selling I'm selling I'm selling I'm selling was like what do you want what do you want no what he want from me what do you offer me let me let me let me let me let me love me love me stop it going going go away going I'm trying to sell I'm trying to sell and you sell all my stuff so that I may save you all you don't realize what I'm trying dude I'm trying oh my god it's an absolute get out get out will I get out will I make it oh oh oh gotta me shot I'm shooting arrows me sure never I just I know I did what just happen again another flash another teleport I guess the magician is watching he definitely wants me to stay alive for some reason I'm playing some sort of a role in this in it is freaking me out Oh God so we ranked up we're actually at ranked Aires now you can tell that all of our money is gone I did it really quick I guess it automatically did it for me when teleport and magicians trying to get me to rank up himself but I'm at nine billion dollars which is actually really close to the next rank oh man it is not going to take long to get the champion status in fact one more little farming could for sure do it and probably do that in the next episode I think that's gonna be it for today guys oh man something's coming something is coming in it is scaring me it is scaring me a lot it's got shooting arrows at me but there's a storm coming and we'll be ready down with the block Empire let's jump back in ahh


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