Jena shku me gjujt me allti ( VLOG #1 )

by: Endritmaps Tv

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[Music] we're little town here in Atlanta cops TV 11 et al Assad in a criminal act theater such as person in actor in October you're going to pay a sinner to look for whenever we pay another so common nuisance Anna it's a camera shot a songbook son can i machine elevator she happen within County well Laura Collett Indian for dolly Park meadow satavahanas Jefferson Park a bitch is back - Gina - we have to be method and that maps need to say it there's no zone and enjoy it is radiant Pacquiao's it

Donovan daughters Alamos me teach okay I got a cousin who are angry tiem - achoo - that will make a copy dude so by minivan

sweetie pick up us scream the ladies in Kannada each year

I can dip your macho condom to implant so we don't know any that do better for detainer sup man okay yeah did you return ado that I call five needs us dear - beeps shutter no mana for each other bill HR everybody's on the phone

that's pretty sure for them shop for it trusted you just use Dustin


okay okay




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