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hey we're gamers this weekend chapter proof 2018 went up for pre-orders that means that we're learning a lot about what's actually in the book from the GW affiliates and from GW itself so today I want to talk about the point changes to codex Tao and how that might influence the units that you bring in your list in the near future so before we do that though I say thanks for watching if you like this video go ahead and hit subscribe that way you don't miss any upcoming content all right so like I said we're learning about what's in the book we have point changes there are other huge things like the 8 and you know for worlds adjustments things like that we'll talk about that a different video today let's get into basically some of the biggest things in Chapter proof or tau and that is the point changes so here is a list of everything that changed for codex tau right off the bat we have two big changes broadsides are down to 35 crisis down to 27 ghost killed down a 70 devil Finch down to 70 Pratt is down to 30 sky rates down to 80 gun drones down to 10 Farsight is now at 125 inch Houston is now at 110 so some pretty big changes to you it's there some larger than others but overall you know point adjustments where we think we would want them war gear for advanced targeting systems on the little guys at 6 that's half of its previous cost meridiem battle suits is down to 10 cyclic AD breaker is down to 32 flamers are now 6 fusion colliders now 30 high output burst cannon is 16 I accelerator down to 50 that's a pretty big drop missile pod down to 15 plasma rifle down 8 pulse driver cannon down to 50 quad I entered down to 30 rail rifle down to 12 and rail guns down to 30 all right barring any changes to the commander rule which I haven't heard of yet I don't have a copy yet obviously so I don't know for sure but assuming there aren't any changes to how commanders are treated in chapter approved these changes to Farsight and Shao Sun probably aren't going to make a huge difference and how often you see them although the changes to shadow son being much cheaper does help you out especially when considered within the context of the changes that we're seeing to broadsides as well so I think broadsides and and together are probably going to be seeing more commonly but if you're not bringing Brad sides you're probably not going to bring shadow son at least not anymore than you were before so that change there is you know kind of in the middle of the road changes to puranas sky raise those things are good Dell fish - that saves you some points if you're gonna be bringing those things but you know if you're bringing a Dell fish that allows you to bring another another fire warrior with those points so that helps changes to the piranha or welcome it was over costed as it was previously it's still probably a little bit too expensive for me to consider bringing them but if you only had points for one crisis suit with one gun and two gun drones this is a better use of those points it has more durability it's faster and so if you were you know trying to bring just one crisis suit which you know you can't but if that's what you wanted to do the Piranha is a better choice for you however if you have then enough points to bring multiple piranhas you're better off just using those points to buy crisis suits at this point so I don't really see that being a big shift but again it does save you points elsewhere if you were planning on bringing piranhas anyway changes to the sky rate kind of the same deal it's still not cheap enough that I went to just bring a hammerhead or something else instead of a sky ray it's just not not there for me yet and then before I get into the suits I want to mention that the point change to gun drones is actually fairly significant that's a 17 percent decrease in the point cost for that unit which means that you can bring a lot more gun drones than you used to be able to bring of course you're still limited by the rule 3 and that particularly with respect to leadership put some constraints on how many guns roads you actually want to bring but nonetheless I think that's a nice change that helps out quite a bit moving on to crisis suits I think this is a fantastic point change basically going down to 27 points was way cheaper than even the you know the fake leaks had it at so I'm pretty happy with this change and it makes Crysis who's a much more competitive choice overall when you compare it to things like the Riptide the point drop on plasma rifles on missile pods on fusion blasters all add to this and make the crisis suit a pretty reliable chassis for a lot of these different weapon systems particularly when I first saw this I thought yes plasma rifles are back and that's kind of true plasma rifles are more efficient than they used to be there's they still have some relative advantages compared to some other weapons namely the cyclic ion blaster but it's still not competitive enough to replace some of the other weapons that you have access to missile pods are also kind of in that same boat they became more efficient but they don't necessarily have the efficiency advantage over other weapon types one thing missile pods do have of course is the range and so if you're planning on bringing crisis suits either before or now considering the changes to points missile pods give you that range and synergize fairly well with some other builds so I could see more missile crisis suits also being a thing but really what I think we're going to see more of is the fusion blaster suit so 3 fusion blasters on a crisis suit pretty cheap now and if we look at the point efficiency of fusion blaster suits compared to something like a heavy burst can riptide we see that fusion blaster suits are actually much more point efficient offensively in comparison for anything that's like toughness 5 or more so we're actually getting a really good platform with crisis suits now granted they don't have the range this calculation was done not assuming half range so if you actually get closer than 9 inches you are you know even that much more efficient so that's good but you do have to be close to use the fusion blesser you don't have to be close to use the heavy burst cannon so you know there is strengths and weaknesses here but overall if you're looking for something to take out a target that's high priority high durability fusion suits are going to actually have a really nice niche for this broadsides are in a similar boat they got you know a basic point decrease on their base cost but their weapons weren't really affected the only thing that was affected that you know could be considered in that calculation is the fact that war gear some more gear options are now cheaper primarily the advanced targeting system and so if we look at the point efficiency of broadsides whether we're talking about high-yield missile pods or heavy rail rifles they to are more points efficient than riptides so this is a nice change this you know really does help bring broadsides back to the forefront however they still have the same weaknesses that they did before relatively low staying power they don't have you know I built-in invulnerable save or anything like that they have relatively few wounds and they are not very mobile so the fact that you either have to take a target lock or shield generator on these or a bunch of shield drones really kind of pigeon holds them into a certain list type if you are bringing shadow son I think that helps a lot and again this could be paired with bringing miss upon crisis suits as well and so you have you know this really built up fire base I think that actually has some nice advantages there but overall they still have their same weaknesses that they did before however that aside if we look at the numbers we see that high-yield missile pods are you know universally more points efficient than a riptide they're going to be able to do more damage than a heavy burst can Riptide at any type of opponent and so that makes them appealing if you can keep them alive if we look at the heavy rail rifle it is more points efficient than a riptide at taking out high toughness targets similar to the fusion blaster however the fusion blaster still remains the more point efficient choice and crisis suits have multiple advantages including the Havel being able to deep strike and so if we were to rank these different options it would be fusion suits then heavy rail rifles then high-yield muscle pod then riptides in terms of point efficiency at these higher toughness classes but really that means that if we are looking at these different options all as equally valid it comes down to what your actual strategy is so if you're looking to be up close and personal crisis suits are your choice if you want something that's going to be on the table for the full game riptides are gonna be your choice there's still the most durable option out of these three if you're looking for something that's a little bit more of a glass cannon then broadsides are going to be your choice but they lack mobility that are found in the other two options so we can consider riptides crisis Susan on sides as representing different outcomes of kind of a choice triangle where you're balancing firepower mobility and durability pick two of those three and that's going to dictate which type of suit you want to bring if you want mobility and firepower you're gonna go with something like a crisis suit if you want firepower and durability you're gonna go with a Riptide and if you just want firepower you're gonna go with the broadside so you know kind of curate your army considering that but either way if you're bringing riptides crisis suits or Brad sighs you're gonna force your opponent to make a choice they're gonna have to choose which one of those units they are going to prioritize and that's how you gain leverage over your opponent if you have a situation where you have two units and they have to choose which of those two they're going to focus on but both units are equally valuable to you then you get the upper hand because they have to make a choice they have to dedicate to one thing and you can exploit that choice using the unit that they don't go after so that's you know kind of a basic strategy thing but overall making your opponent choose not giving them one obvious pathway forward is a good way to gain leverage over them and win the game overall so overall Myka said big changes to crisis use broadsides and that impacts how many riptides were going to see but overall I'm very happy I think we're gonna see more crisis use more broadsides still gonna see riptides but they're probably not going to be as prevalent as they have been in the past let me know what you think in the comments below and of course happy wargaming hey everyone this video is made possible by my supporters over on patreon if you enjoyed this video consider joining our community 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