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this is the worst you're the worst I hate well you need your face what we've done tiny closet came today we'll be doing in class well challenge that one of you guys told me I should do so I'll put the comment up on the screen but today we're going to be doing a little collateral challenge we're going to do is we're going to make a deck using the top eight players favorite cards so we're going to go to number one check out his favorite cards though his favorite card is three musketeers which means we have to put three musketeers in our deck so this is giving our first card by the way that's a really good candid deck you guys want to try it out that's the wrong button number two his favorite card is poison it looks like poison is going to be our next card so it's a good thing that we got a spell because I was thinking that it would probably be all troop cards but I guess not so let's go to here number three favorite card is the knight which looks like we're gonna have to put the knight which in our deck gosh dang it we're going to be one of those Opie night which spammers put that right there that's our third card and let's go to number four we're forest favorite card is the Elektra wizard alright don't know if this deck is going to be good or not it's looking a little bit if you hear wait where's the well she's already in there he's here let's move that right there alright so Elektra Wizards number four that's the wrong button again number five Pompeyo his favorite card is balloon oh gosh this is getting really interesting this is getting really interesting where's the blue there it is put that right there that's the fifth card and let's go check number six number six favorite card is the knight which alright well we can't do that so we'll just go back and go to number seven his favorite card is a lot the lava hound really totally does look at this deck so far guys let's go to we're on number eight right number eight number eight to your card is all right let's get that one number nine favorite card is electrocute elixir collector alright so this is good because this is a really heavy deck so we definitely do need the elixir collector so we'll put right there that's number Seven's card and the last one is going to be not the night which the last one is going to be arrows all right so we got two spells actually so that's a pretty decent deck so a lot of hound balloon nine which three musketeer dish oh gosh alright let's jump into the first battle see if we can get some winds with it and I have not been pushing so I'm really low entropy so I guess this might actually help our chances because we're facing level 12 so I'm going to go ahead and start with the night which I guess we'll just put him or her actually right there so he's going to drop archers you can split the archers okay that's a pretty standard move right there and we're gonna have to pump up over here so we're going to put a collector right there waste it a little bit of Lichter you've got a mortar so we're going to poison this and we're going to take some damage but that's the worst thing in the world we might also take the damage on the right side we'll just drop in a lecture with what's up this guy's job Expo and mortar are you serious dude I don't have enough elixir not going to target my top it's going to tart it oh all right this guy's neck is really wishing he's a trolling me with XML mortar what the what the world dude we're going to drop a lava hound here we're going to get a huge push going that Expo I don't think it should take the tower is it I'm a little worried I don't think it's going to take the tower so we're just going to we're just good oh geez we can narrow that we're going to arrow that get the ice bridge too and then drop the balloon down this is good you've got archers maybe we could drop this actually we could drop a poison oh that was good let's go and get a night which going so that's going to walk into the tower night which is going in bloomin please get over there to the tower we're gonna have lava pups everywhere probably should have poisoned those archers let's go in poison allness look at the bats and the lava pots and a balloon that tower is going down is going to go down all the way well we're going to take it down to like for something 389 all right so that was a pretty successful first push but this guy has freaking expo and borders so probably drop the excel any second now you can't really drop the elixir collector because of his expose and stuff so we're going to split the Musketeers like that all right well that's fine maybe we'll drop the Elektra wizard because it seems like a pretty good tower guys look at this what is happening all right so we made that change targets there we'll drop a balloon on the mortar there Musketeers cleaning up those archers we're going to arrow bit and let's get here still alive Expo is down with this guy's balloons going over to the wrong tower although we can just poison an arrow that so let's drop at night which I here look at the balloon and the musketeer guy doing work that tower is down oh my gosh I cannot believe this is working we're going to split the three musketeers does you have direct damage not exactly sure cuz got Expo and mortar so we've got a pretty heavy deck already I thought that mortar was going with the Musketeers will drop Elektra Windsor what's up well the mortar click it out alright look that let's just drop a balloon arrow his minions here and also actually we should poison the tower so we can get this oh no way only four seconds left come on man so close well the good news is we did somehow win with this deck that's a it's a really weird deck but we also faced a really weird AK cuz we had both mortar and X well ok jumping into the next battle well really surprised that we won let's see if we can keep it going so we're facing Gabriel and I'm going to try and drop a pump this time hopefully she doesn't have anything for it so we're going to drop it in this corner over here ok he's got an elixir collector - so does this guy have 3 Musketeers or does he have like golem not exactly sure so if we poison it it could be in a little bit of trouble just a little bit let's let's drop a lava hound every year so we've got skeletons let's keep got graveyard is Lee nope um alright we're screwed learn a little bit through your lecture was it is going to stun that alright maybe we're not screwed let's try and defend it lecture Wizards good alright we're going to go lava hound balloon over here so oh wow alright we're going to poison all this and then also arrow that just in case we've got shielded zfgo oh my gosh she's got heal alright so not exactly sure what to do here we're going to arrow that and take them down to really low health he can't heal it again but the bad news is he let's drop this balloon here cause then it'll not do anything alright well that was interesting alright he just ended ton of damage that balloon is not going to make it he's got a minion horde hopefully did they blow up to the bomb nice alright so so far so good not really this isn't going that well we're going to drop an elixir collector so he might rush us again with the battle RAM so we got to get this huge massive push going and we're going to we're just going to stack these three musketeers behind a lava hound alright maybe not alright electro wizards should show that okay good just fine we're okay here okay we need to get enough elixir for the three musketeers where is double lick sir please double X a little second now please alright so we're going to drop that come on come on come on dip it's a link to do all right three musketeers going let's go employees in all of this actually yeah let's poison that we must get you oh we even got two minion horde guys what's going to arrow that and hopefully get rid of these three musketeers and the Musketeers are down although our tower is barely holding on it's at 300 so we don't want to go with anything too crazy here so we're just going to go language saloon Oh No forgot I was really bored so thank you I think this tower is a pretty much done so he's going to heal it right now as we yeah oh we forgot about that all right well probably should have arrows that oh no all right that's game guys no way we're going to win this battle it's just you know it's just not going to happen we're gonna drop three musketeers trying to prevent the three crown although it's not looking good see what are my Musketeers doing they're not even going for the battery all right well we're going to prevent the three crown here but we are going to lose this battle unfortunately so yeah heal spell very dangerous should have used their that's okay all right - 27 moving on to the next battle we're just going to try and eat up that loss there and just try and forget about it so facing marching level 12 and we've got the liquor collector so I'm going to try and drop this down and everyone wants to take out my collector okay this guy's got an elixir collector - don't tell me we're facing more three musketeers I hate them I know I'm using them but it's because we're trying to do this challenge so we're going to drop a nine which on this side all right you've got archers standard play yep only we only this was triple like I think this deck could work for triple elixir so we're going to top the three musketeers down like that and he's going to fireball he's going to hit everything all right well we do have a musketeer going on the other side and I don't think we're going to take too much damage over here on the left so somehow it will be cycled a lot faster than me so we're going to go like this dude my elixir collector is the next card still let's arrow that hopefully our balloon makes it to the tower looks like it might going to get one hit maybe two come on come on oh all right so should we poison this yeah because we got poison arrows so we're good we're going to poison that alright so if you've got a golem that means that we're going to have to stack up this night which here with Three Musketeers and hopefully doesn't fireball what's ours that 99 even realized I didn't take out not saying we're going to make one musketeer go the other way those archers are unfortunately going to do work on my night which and there's nothing we can do here so oh wow okay what do I do what do I do I'm good right guys all right I'm just going to arrow the tower so that way we can at least get one crown here you can a fireball my electro wizards look at that tower go down to the Li barbarian oh my gosh and this guy is going to be a jerk that's okay we're just going to say good game and move on with our life casis obviously you know needs to make himself feel better about himself so I with Johnny Toby coming into the next all this to me excellent hopefully we can get a win still will be 2 / 4 which is 50% win rate which is not too bad so we're facing another 12 and I'm thinking about pushing like trophies pushing trophies not exactly sure though so you guys let me know if you want to want to see me do that I haven't really been playing the ladder so elektra wizard should deal with this musketeer what I'm as mega menu and then we're going to drop a balloon behind this we have arrows just in case you as minions although now we have no elixir oh wow that would be really good arrows alright we're going to arrow back and hopefully we can keep our balloon alive balloon is going to get one it would one get one the balloon gets one hit and we have lot of pumps on the tower but she does have a lava hound coming over here we have a lot of puffs to get out the line we're gonna drop a knight which to the bats start taking that out and we took your tower so it's looking good if that was looking really good and we have that cleaning up that alright so not too bad we're going to defend that force I don't know why he dropped a lot of hound on the bridge like I think he was trying to lure my lava pub with that but it didn't seem to work out so I check this out ready he knows we have lava hounds but he is never going to suspect that we have three musketeers so we're gonna we're gonna start doing some games to this tower just yet I'll use lightning oh well okay that hurt that hurt a little but I don't think it was enough elixir just act this up with anything we're just going to poison this and that's what we're going to do so the mega minion is going to get some damage there he is going to but that's okay so we're a little bit low on elixir not exactly sure what this guy's next move is he has some kind of lava hound deck so there's a lava hound and we could just rush with a balloon and then arrow his minions so we do that sweet although we're not going to have much elixir for the the counter push so did it arrow the minions and now we got the balloon ton of health left and now we're going to drop a knight which over here look at the balloon digging for the tower and we are taking that Tower down all this guy has a balloon so we need to take out that lava hounds ASAP we're going to totally get lightning he's like me he's going to lightning that Alright balloon is down you miss oh wait you missed wait what give me a month to tears okay then we're going to just poison that that tower is almost down so we just need a poison and arrows and then we're good so I'm gonna start out a lava hound place used to it's totally fine so yeah we just need to arrow that town that we're good you've got 24 seconds so we're looking really good here and we're also going to drop a knight which in the back and then we're fine just getting out of the towers 13 seconds I don't think you can make it to the tower in time we're going to also drop this down just the case it's gonna be close it's gonna be really close all other balloons on the tower we got the poison down and that is been a big game that was really really close that was a really close mental but we're getting a plus 31 trophy so we won two out of four battles with the top players favorite cards so I think that's an accomplishment so hope you guys know this video is look fun little challenge make sure to check out my other videos and until next time I'll see you guys

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