[Hearthstone] Sindragosa, the Fair Generator

by: Kripparrian

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hey guys how's it going kripparian here today I want to give you guys a pretty awesome game I experienced using sindragosa sindragosa is the mage legendary that we got from the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion and overall I think people were largely disappointed because it wasn't a very high impact card and it was eight mana now there are a few cool things from it because it is dragging it's discoverable through some of those means and yeah I think it encompasses the sindragosa thing pretty well there's just some really powerful things that can happen and yeah the main issue with a lot of these cards with very high random effects is that their overall way too powerful and in the end we get a version of hearthstone that a lot of us don't appreciate that much because randomness controls the game you know to such a large degree but I kind of appreciate sindragosa because sindragosa delivers fairly well but certainly not overwhelming so that people are playing in every single deck I think it's a well balanced RNG card and I think it is kind of how a blizzard should model there are energy cards in the future I think RNG cards are pretty cool and sometimes a few will fit the niche that your deck tries to satisfy but as standalone cards there shouldn't be on average better than non RNG cards and sindragosa is that you get the two zero ones you have to spend some time pinging them off or have your opponent board clear them which is a decision not really RNG then you get random legendaries while the the range is extremely large the average result is not that great the average legendary and hearthstone is not particularly strong so typically you just use sindragosa as a means of having multiple cards in one and if your deck strives for that if you're playing kind of like a grinder mage sindragosa is pretty good and that's about it I think it is the model RNG card for hearthstone and I think I think that needs to be said and I haven't seen it said by anyone else in the game I want to highlight sindragosa with for you guys here in a moment you get a side-by-side comparison of soon Ragosa it's you know very powerful effect no doubt alongside some of the other more random cards and their risk and reward opportunities so check out the game hope you guys appreciate the card and I'll see you guys in a little bit well rather a not still sindragosa out of my deck

drinking waters making me say ten spell be better than say is legit insane dude

not to ban I haven't done brofist today sorry about that I'll get you guys soonish

believe this is not too bad that's pretty bad

just trying to get the heads up on the sindragosa counterplay it's crazy value

all the in that's an intimidating need roller misstate that's okay


but I might be good sometimes like you

not exactly the spell I was looking for

alright only smites for no reason in the end whatever you little damn deflect this is arena yep

chippings face

MacEwan doesn't give me focus

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