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we've got a little bit of a change of pace today I made the two-hour drive out to Tampa I'm hanging out with Chad and we are at DeSoto skate park and I'm just gonna get a couple of chill clips since I forgot my helmet at home you mind filming a couple clips Chad sure that's why I dragged him out here looks so enthusiastic to be at the skate park right now with legs broken well we'll fix it in a little bit how's that I'll help you fix it okay you happy yeah let's get some chill clips

all right oh yo this guy's been in a five just playing with nunchucks the whole time well it's so funny I'm gonna go over and see what's going on with this guy hey dude can i film you doing like one of your tricks for my video for myspace know it's YouTube I guess I really do anything cool what are you a motor song what you say you work so I'm training it for hungry didn't use your numchucks on them do too deadly I got the bruce lee nunchucks it's like my mentor just helped me build myself up and defend myself and just stand up to lick Sam to bullies like that guy you're with I subscribe to him on YouTube you get do either subscribe to Bruce Lee no just subscribe to him and like other stuff like My Chemical Romance Hawthorne Heights it's like email stuff like you know black Bell brides and like like Tanner Fox just all the email killers something that really understand me what's your name man I didn't tell you my name no you should know it but it's Skyler all right well we're gonna spend some time with Skyler today Skyler brought some rollerblades and Skyler said he's going to get some clips on the ramp yeah I didn't get to be this fricking Punk but things like rollerblading diet like really promise assaulted like got six kills but no one cares too soon because all people care about some dumb scootering now when it's really rode blatant is the all right well I'm gonna go grab my like legit like riding fisheye camera and we'll get some good clips through skylight cameras yeah dude my camera looks like it's good for my space selfies yeah you want to try it yeah I'm sorry I'm me EEMA not email and punk I understand you just caught off guard but it's cool give me some nuts what bros now right yeah you can repost my Bolton on MySpace yeah sure I promise I like your hair actually it specific what kind of hair straight it is I don't you don't hairspray yeah he's like a package a what is this for again YouTube it's not MySpace no not like this that seems so pointless but whatever huh I guess I'll start off with a like a fat fakie okay is it is it cool if I use my chucks just please don't hit the camera okay you ready we do it all right here we go Chuck's I like the pan I just don't know a clip see what maybe whatever you want me hey nice really man okay I guess we'll try to try to hit the gap I haven't done this in forever bro how many subscribers you got if you only you can link my myspace in the description dude like we still exist yeah dude you're freaking legit yeah I honestly don't mind falling like it's weird like the pain doesn't bother me kind of like

did you just buy this is that still the price tag shanky that's fresh but let's say $14.99 I did that whole 360 unbuckled I don't know if I can grind this but you got fit sir myspace I'll do anything Oh

Schuyler felt that one try to keep it straight Skyler's drenched in sweat this is nothing I used to ride a moped in Ecuador and didn't even have AC but it was nicer than that TJ hunt cars pretty sick scholar have you ever used a camera before just in my bathroom for taking selfies do you try to film a couple clips for me on one time I filmed in My Chemical Romance concert on second row but yeah I think I can do it take you guys with me on this and over here trying to get a good screenshot for my space ready well can I say you're my friend in the photo I'm a caption check was your name again Adam how's poisons uh

oh you gotta help sure

shakey oh my god did you steer them right into the cone tell me where it is ah I just want to know dude my hip already are yesterday I just don't know what kind of hairspray uses from me so back when I watched YouTube videos before like died out in my space took over I used to watch this guy named Jay Dalton he's a huge nose and the only thing like I unsubscribe him but the thing is good as I chose males so I'm doing this man

world is a dark place that's been over there talking to load of crap saying that he thinks he could air higher then Skylar on rollerblades on my bicycle I'm too hardcore for you doubt it see it should see you I want to see you you got first caller you got the one that caught me emo you called me out saying you get out higher than me cuz you're a little that's pretty high

oh I'm a little intimidated but I do not back down ever

ng I had to land it do you have a so much I know is gnarly you definitely took first place on that air scope yeah I'm even rollerblade normally in just a nunchuck so I'm pretty pretty stoked definitely gonna post the bolt on myspace about this way good try okay so what did I win for beating him he like take me a hot topic or something I only went there for breakfast so I need to go there and get something else probably more online I think it's fading or something like a new Fall Out Boy City I don't really know maybe a link to Tanner Fox's new video can you jump the pyramid I don't know if I guess before honestly it's pretty freakin big I'll tell you down

so we brought Skylar to the West Shore mall in Tampa you excited Skylar I know you love hanging out here on Friday nights yeah I'm usually here on Friday I'm pretty excited to see what Hot Topic has on any sales I got my membership card they don't get a slushie a babe juice I can I think I see your store so stoked right now hot topic is to see my favorite just go to there and everyone understands me you stick My Chemical Romance shirt the only thing I'll get in this place I listen without my life is at least front to back we're trying to have this band I listen to on have you guys heard of them finally they go hard you're looking at some fingerless gloves Skyler yeah I rip my blade earlier but I actually like the whole cut makes me look more hardcore so it's not a little eyeliner this isn't what I usually use to make check real quick my mother's better you're back you're come here all the time I know here this morning I love this place honestly I tried I've applied 17 times get it working still waiting for my call are you honoring a man yeah I got my hub hoppin card handy Keplinger back and get this this is everything you would ever need but it's just all black because you don't need another color black is the only color you need dude what are you doing in there everyone is literally staring at me I don't get it lose a normal person scholar you want to get some photos so we can remember this day I mean every time I exist a must you have to take a photo with your new Hot Topic shirt use them I light a photo style run that's okay there's no one I usually have to be in here with guys this is usually where I hook up with all the babes I picked up on Friday you guys are kind of cock-blocking me but I'm definitely gonna post this on myspace for sure good times I had a blast hanging out with Skyler yeah stoked scholars pretty good friends with the guy you guys seen my video sometime Spencer so if you want to subscribe to Spencer's channel you might see Skyler now and again and do it like truly make me so happy and like that's like rare that I'm happy so you should go subscribe to Spencer don't do that like the bolt and you put the song like it's it's a video not a Bolton it's going on myspace alright YouTube you see ok whatever just wanna how's it how does it work how people know that they like the video there's like a button there's a button look at what you just guys if you could hit that button I think it it'll truly make me happy and also like Adam happy right career everyone likes being happy so just hit the like button thanks when you said when you say

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