Sensory Deprivation Tanks?! (Beauty Trippin)

by: Clevver Style

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and I feel beautiful on the inside now on the outside I need some work but that's neither here nor there ditto oh my gosh hope we get a massage wherever we're going today all right let's read that clue where's the clue where is the clue I'm gonna fall in where are we going okay whatever floats your boat and the address is a street address and it says basement we want one of those isolation chambers where you have to like sit in salt water it's got to be those isolation chambers that's like really the only thing it can be whatever floats okay we're going to be floating for sure and I just ate so much right now there's no way I'm going to blow there's no way I'm going to blow the other weird thing is that like in California people like basements like no one has a basement it's just weird to me that we're going to a basement I don't even know if I've ever been to a basement are we sure we aren't going to be kidnapped

this is it right here I'm sorry are we going into outer space what is this Oh float lab oh no this is the creepy oh I guess we're just getting let in no one said anything though to the basement we go we are preparing your room and we'll be with you momentarily I felt weird I crashed so good to see you crash yeah what exactly is going on here well you guys have showed up for a century deprivation day at float lab you're gonna go into these chambers now and he's doing some floating in the dark you know makin ya naked in there you be with without your phone it's in a solution of salt now epson salts like 1,200 pounds of epson salt dissolved in there but if you take it out the solution out of that environment it'll resolidify and turn back into salt again at the end of the trail you have an opportunity to chap yourself into you and kind of see something about yourself it's a good break every so often and get with yourself and you know suits you check in with you yeah you know it seems kind of weird the end of the time there I'll go around the back and give you three notes when you hear it it's like knock back and then that would be that Oh as a narc system yeah we do it there we have a light in the shower too it's like we knock and when you knock we wait until the shower light goes on then we start cleaning it there are a lot of instructions I feel like I might need more help eventually we're gonna coach you through the whole thing here we go we got that I think we're ready do it look at this I think we're in some bunker in like Russia or something Hunger Games oh my gosh okay so I'm gonna put my earplugs in and I'm gonna get in the shower and rinse off all the germs grab your bike you guys be in the shower with me on Beauty tripping and here we are

[Music] okay lose yourself lose yourself you better lose yourself in the music the moment you own it you better never let it go no I my eyes even open right now are my eyes closed I can't even tell I wonder like send us snapchat in here

my nipples are gonna call right now okay a minute I'm gonna try go but uh let's see what but uh no I'll jump I'm gonna drown oh

stop it's time to get out of here wait hold on where's the door this is the door

people courtesy all right resurface fantastic feels so good I feel fresh out of the womb like literally just out of my mother's womb I feel so relaxed like I have not felt this relaxed as an adult I really don't your hair is the most relaxed I've never seen it like you don't realize how much energy it takes just to like hold your arms up hold your legs up hold your head up like it was fully disconnected but I kept floating into the wall yeah oh yeah did you get reminding me that I was still a human and I wasn't an hour-plus is hard heating oh I like give us any preconceived notions of what to expect and I was so in love with that experience I want to do it all the time I know this is gonna sound so weird but this happens to me sometimes like if I'm like deep in thought or like praying or something I like legitimately forget of a person like I'll look in the mirror be like that's me weird that was one of those experiences where I was just like oh yeah right I'm on earth I'm so weird for more crazy clever style in your life click to the left to get a bunch of wild facts about Kylie Jenner's beauty Empire and we're trying out really weird / not weird but mostly awesome youtuber products and that box on the right

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