New Beyblade Battle Test! Is Balkesh the Best Hasbro Ever? Toy Beyblades Review

by: Blast Zone Kid

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hi guys welcome back to the blast zone everyone is talking about bail cash speak the piss has no switch track today we're gonna find out if bail cash v3 is actually the best Hasbro switch strength I'm gonna test it against some of the best Hasbro switch strikes cows rk3 so - mesthri chaos III génesis rodríguez pre-owned record of our three Eleanor Elsa this is actually my favorite Bay out of these because it just looks so cool before we get into that you guys are running at a time alert alert to subscribe doing this all sequester Excalibur he doesn't have mercy against people see how my bustard shell they're really completely destroyed every bank and then he had to throw people into my face so that's why you should subscribe or else he's gonna do that to you once again alright so let's move on to this awesome video okay guys I'll bail cash be three wishes rule or l3 in my last latest video with this stadium in it Lenore was a god he be back here and record him at the same time demon she launched one go shoot going are bullying ours on Val kisses tail my purse went for the center he always goes for the center if we was gonna keep doing this then he's probably gonna lose stamina but who knows the last time I did this I was with scare tell me in Lowell are kind ofa's no cash is easier to burst in spirit Tony Bell cash loss bill cash with the spin finish demon shield all its works guys go shoot get a port together buddy big attack by little in the beginning another big attack or might get him up out that was a big hit that was a really big you like huge that there's a big attack though cuz she's never gonna get it click in a battle I want to like have some intensity in our minds like when he ate when he's about to burst like oh my god know about cash be three the trick Genisys out trade means 3 2 1 right what I said destroy last battle we just don't talk about it really just deny I don't want to hear a peep just about sure it's still the best in my mind ok next bill cash versus scroll for the defense so you might have this if he just keeps hitting it in the right place but bail cash still has that green in it I can't really tell it's gonna win this but Atomics probably gonna win because it has more of a free spin kind of driver but defense demon life after death see that's why not spin right there learn if he goes to to hit him hard yeah if the two takes the center you might have a big advantage to Belkis bill catches movies tiny bits of salmon when he's going around like that but bankers she's a really strong bay when it comes to defense because it's black rotation and defense when it's my protein and defense it's really hard first and knock over might end up with the first battle widows come on no cash no don't lose you haven't lost yet three let's do this okay what big we already know from the last rec room is he first from small text I really hope this doesn't happen just for this referee others very good Snape ability when it's in left rotation not so much is right yeah spit finish for squeeze in a Rik really 1:0 go rickreall it's an attack right now I want some pig attacks when you whipping on - oops fries and X launch Oh suppose I might lose my spin finish ball to drop this frozen throat that doesn't lose lost now cashews you're awesome you won't ever use that doing almost good attacks where kram rec Rams turning into stamina I heard that little quick from someone I think it was rec room I'll bake the fence tax bail cash he played by come back in one click okay finally got a click on FL cash is really good when it comes back and punches you right after it's back here at 3:00 left loses Bell cash guys that was a really good attack by bad luck beauty as you saw so bad near lost a lot of stamina Johnnie to's one tiny bit yeah I got him now ultimate dragon claw dragon destroy your fat here o10 they'll catch you won that battle to a little should it go no it's gonna lose stamina doing this wait Scott Thomas pre-fitting tip won't do that much damage - OH that man is in the middle too long but when it got theirs in the middle a long time it kind of loses stamina because it's hoppy hit it needs to be hit to kind of get spin they'll catch one spin finish focus has no Lux once next battle is council arcane three vs. Bell Kesh B 3 3 2 1 let it rip Oh Yugi tax but it's oh he got him off balance for like two seconds but it's not gonna work it's probably gonna lose with a spin finish come on kill co2 it guys this might be where calzone strike go hit it with the pizza brother come on go no what happened Cookie Monster

yeah but it's axe gonna text get it under again and again keep it I just wasted my vocal cord saying that come on Unicode shield I choose EEP cane ops because he won the National beyblade World Tour tournament where I was at you guys can check that out in the link in the description below [Music]

it's gonna be miniature text every single time peanuts is hit it gets a small bit of stamina because the rotation of the bearings rice and as live half the dead soul piece gaining wipes and it keeps being taken away every time it loses summer and then gains the stamina back ok what if you take like really hard it loses a lot of stamina and might lose yeah every time I'm closer to hitting it's gaining 7 is being taken away upset Oh laughs after this where 0 guys fight this guy's I don't to hear about a few sorry

come on let's go [Music] another miniature attack battle don't you want the sound of that cookie I'm cooking down here to see what the 56 yeah hey Doc's is not even it doesn't even look scratched right now bet bill cash looks like he's been scratched up a lot in the go come on you got this I believe in you bro dude you grunts yes yes yes hit it under hit it under I just want baby but to rule the world with beyblade okay now this is a really good babe but I think this is the best paint it this is the second best day of the hazard switch strike and Hasbro whoever has a driver like this on a Bay they're basically unbeatable but if they have a really trashy bail in there thank you guys for coming back to watch so please subscribe please night okay thank you guys again for watching it means the world to me thank you for all the support you guys are the best fans ever

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