Giant TOY CONE Egg Surprises!

by: HobbyKidsTV

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I don't think so it's the world's biggest ice cream cone attacking our living room their surprise is hiding inside this idea was created by hobbykidstv hobby bears gonna open up the first super secret surprise hiding inside that ice cream cone Wow oh it's a pygmy pop hey that's one way to open it

smell good oh look at the giant ears what don't you like just wanna are you an astronaut oh okay so at the bottom is a little envelope and it tells you a secret message you want to know what it is have a hoppy day huh T the bunny oh and look their surprises inside one oh we got two two baby bunnies a blue and a pink no cute oh one that's a vine bag chewy two blind bags yeah open to 1000 didn't jog Oleg oh yes there's a beard there's porn flakes the corn flake yeah how are the hobby ready nicely done this guy has an epic beard stand open up the next one one he has a twin today right you know twins make sure to give this video a thumbs up and if next hilltop dang garden captain no no no captain Lord Garmadon it's not copy guy okay Lord copy Tong garbage coupon and she has three babies oh hey your muscles work that's why you got to keep eating your broccoli and your green beans and your spinach these are all the babies that you can collect over 100 babies Oh hunter husky loves the cold weather

pinky poodles is the shy type oh she's shy whoa pudgy pug loves belly rubs I think they like it more than you do we're interested in these things yeah I just saw someone or something sneak behind the giant ice cream cone where's that it is hobby drugs just blaming my babies here's all the little babies with a mama and a giant bear hobby frog stirred open up the super secret ice it's the silly sounds tools that fun I can fix that camera [Music] I want the blue guy his ice just a boring good lab it hears all the little doggies that we think let help I get Commission one I thought that a pig but I hope I get the bug we got Oh which one is that Cory I bought a bar oh no honey bear fell asleep wake up Bobby bear your ice cream cone is moving Shh apparently it's gonna tag you the little blaster oh and a pop dennis is right it's a collectible vinyl toy PFF let's see which DFS we got it's gonna open it with a saw [Music]

these on to you although there's a giant peanut I thought was a potato at first and um I thought his name was spud but actually it's Sheldon and Bruce and look comes with a little Nutcracker thank you you can crack it open can you do that she credits can actually crack it open I don't think so no that is so huge my favorite one as you can etch deal yeah yeah I see a surprise hobby dino is here to help us it's ha Bieber's cousin surprise he's like afraid of it oh he got it are you gonna drill it open okay hobby Bears gonna help them open it

is that a pig or no I think it might be a hippo yes [Music] it does gotta be Bobby I knew that it's a hipposaurus Rex pistol I'm Shrek are you sure nobody cares about the pink thingy oh you like that okay like the weird Bowl that's what you like oh no I have a dog cocktail happy the hippo happy loves to roll around in the mud to cool off pigs do that - that is true oh yes oh

look at that look it's like your spongebob face there you go oh you want a ham bread oh of course you do what you gotta find out who is that guy is why does he green mistreats Romney everybody's green is theirs explanation on the box nope Jesus tree you want to keep them yeah thank you hurts oh I know to get the next supercool surprise that a little bug is it creepy little surprise the bug came with a surprise what is it ah the little baby bug dresses in there it's a nigger baby bug chill baby boy is this the mommy bug look you feel it watch ready Oh what do you think of that we like that is that happy is that a happy bud oh yeah they're glistening bugs with the mommy you like that pretty nifty huh there it goes hi baby bugs you want to put the baby bugs in the shoe good job look at that you're gonna go night-night mom to baby bugs with your little mommy okay the next surprise good job Bobby Dino what are you kiddin maybe the kid hey anybody need to share yes he's gonna share let's open it up okay mmm this chicken leg Hado Oh a giant spatula of course apple juice please do you like peas apple juice resizable pan yeah ice cream cone

like that huh mustard ooh what is this beef or something very unappetizing flat ale oh you got a banana and a zucchini or could be a cucumber which one's your favorite you like the banana you like the Apple too Bobby Dino chooses I poke you that's his boat leave your comments of what your favorite food is in this pan we want to know I think mine might be the cucumber or the banana he's picking it Oh Oh be careful here you want to eat it he's like oh this is plastic yeah it's ice oh it's a piggy pop wow you wouldn't open it yeah it's open it it's a book Oh guys probably a puppy ear and then you say puppy Pepsi the dog we're perfect together it's got floppy little ears and their surprises inside oh right puppy pain oh look there's another one [Music] oh let's be a little blue guy oh so cute göttingen I'm surprised there is there are three yeah doc you oh did you find another whiney little sneaker mmm there you see seek seek the happy chic oh it's it's Coco the gorilla we love swinging from tree to tree grace grace grace I know it's gonna fall down like a second all right good job hobby 1000 what did we get what's happening over there huh hey spongebob sweet dreams in your bubble birthday friends forever weasel the cat oh oh it's your fault that was called a ball right on my face oh no that was scary huh oh it's a purple one just like one there's the pinky baby and here's the purple beauty look it's a busy building that looks fun let's take it out of the box

[Music] while you work with your tools make sure to leave us your comment of your want to know and click on one of these videos keep the hobby family fun going I'll see

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