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[Music] hello and good evening if you are listening to this that means you have the proper clearance to do so congratulations this is SCP 27 40 and I am clearly not the employee of the month this SCP objects class is euclid our special containment procedures due to the nature of SCP 2740 any means of direct containment are currently unfeasible access to the redacted address in Indiana is forbidden and is enforced by the foundation security personnel cover story Delta - 4b gas link is to be dissipated in redacted Indiana standard kognito hazardous object and neezy attic treatment is available to all personnel assigned to this SCP description the nature appearance and potential existence of 27:40 is uncertain this SCP is believed to possibly exist in the northwest corner of the Attic in the home of the Lee family and redacted address Indiana a location roughly 6 metres from the ladder leading to it individuals attempting to approach the ladder leading to the Attic will find themselves unable to do so while individuals can approach the ladder and in certain cases even begin to climb it upon further inspection it will always be discovered that these individuals did not in actuality do so the reason for this is currently unknown additionally it is uncertain if this effect exists at all research into this phenomenon is ongoing the only information gathered regarding SCP 2740 has been done so through interviews with affected individuals the SCP appears to instill essence of intense dread and any individual cognizant of it although the reason for this is unknown this effect begins upon entering the house at the redacted address or by becoming cognizant of 27:40 third discussion with other individuals affected by anomalous nature meaning you should all be safe because i've never been exposed to it except now I'm gonna play the audio logs so just keep an eye out on your on your brain okay the first interview that we have is interviewed 27:40 - a Franklin Lee the following interview was conducted after the discovery of 27:40 with Franklin Lee the owner of the home and the patriarch of the Lee family our interviewer was dr. K and our interviewee obviously Franklin Lee playing log

when did you begin to notice something was wrong maybe years ago it wasn't always like this though and at the beginning it was just something you know we could ignore it I remember there would be times I would walk up and down the halls upstairs and just just glance at it and got this feeling can you describe this feeling like there was something up there not that I could see it or anything and we didn't hear anything either the mood in the house changed and we thought it was because she I know it wasn't that mr. Lee who do you mean she our oldest daughter Olivia she left when she was 17 and there were some other things going on then we were going through some more times Olivia left to go live with my wife sister we haven't spoken to her in years I think I don't know maybe we did start to notice it then what did you originally notice the quiet everything was real quiet didn't sound like a house with three other kids you know but I don't know it just it just built up over time right and and after a while I decided I needed to know I needed to find out what was up there what she had what she hadn't left mr. Lee I tried I can't tell you how many times I've tried I'll begin climbing and open my eyes and I'll be back in my bed or the living room by the TV in the feeling never goes away I quit my job I couldn't handle the stress I couldn't explain it to anyone everyone thought I was crazy but there were few times I contemplated knocking the whole house down I even signed the papers once but the night called back and the company didn't exist anymore you don't think we tried it was like climbing that ladder you get halfway up push open the door and you can feel it but then you're you're sitting at the kitchen table and of log it was believed that following this interview the family were moved to site 81 for holding an examination but that was proved to be a rumor the Lee family has never been moved into site 81 and information claiming otherwise has been proven inaccurate research into how this rumor began is ongoing the second interview we have 2740 - be is with event lee the following interview was conducted after the discovery of the SCP with the event lee the co-owner of the home of the redacted address and the matriarch of the Lee family interviewer dr. K interviewee event ly begin log mrs. Li can you tell me anything about why your husband wasn't able to articulate any details about 2740 have you not been in the house tactic I have not my station has been here in our mobile facility then you can't understand we lived there for 20 years and we can't even we can't do anything about it either we've tried everything but nothing works we have reason to believe that you have entered the Attic can you confirm this aye aye no of course not I mrs. Li this will be much easier if you can be honest with us my my husband and I we we've been good parents but we fought with Olivia worse many things things that seem well consequential now but it drove a wedge between us and we all knew that something was festering in this space she couldn't she couldn't let the mistakes that she had made when she left I could still feel the wedge like it never went away one night I woke up and I heard her and went to the ladder and you climbed up into it in and I don't know it wasn't Olivia end log incident log 27:40 - a after interviews with mr. and mrs. Lee and their children and with neighbors also affected by 2740 all of whom were certain of the existence of the SCP but uncertain of any of the details several attempts were made to penetrate the attic both manned and unmanned in all cases further investigation revealed that no attempts were actually made regardless of the claims made by involved personnel stating otherwise these attempts may have included direct access through the second-floor attic ladder shaped charges situated at various points on the second floor ceiling drone accessed through the latter opening manned and unmanned access by cutting through the roof and complete leveling of the home as stated above no records exist that any of these methods were actually attempted interview log 27:40 - see Olivia Lee the following interview was taken after the eldest daughter of the Lee family Olivia was located in redacted working as a landscape contractor after changing her name to Rebecca Feldman interviewer dr. H Garrett interviewee Rebecca Feldman aka Olivia Lee begin log

miss felt her what I want to discuss with you is a phenomenon associated with your parents home likely located in the upstairs the Attic yes I know I thought somebody would come after me about that I just didn't think it would be so soon are you saying you're aware of the phenomenon I left my parents when I was a kid dr. Garrett we we had always fought they weren't happy with the choices I made and the things I believed in the people I spent time with there was anger there so much anger though I thought it might suffocate me when I left I felt like I could breathe again I never went back after that but but sometimes I can still feel it you know how you feel when you're dreaming and you're trying to run away from something but you can't see it and you don't know if it's really there but you run anyway that's how it feels what prompted you to leave your parents there was one night we had a fight and my dad was drinking and mom was even worse off at that point and I had just kept a knife under my pillow for a long time in case something would happen and they came into my room that night I don't know what their intentions were but I drew it and back them into the wall the whole thing filling I was being choked and that was the first time I heard it something moving above me I dropped the knife and ran and I didn't look back do you know anything about what is in the Attic this feldman there are always secrets doctor there's only so much that hate can build up in a place before it starts hating you back I don't know what's in the Attic or if there's anything up there at all and I don't think I want to and a log after the conclusion of the interview miss Feldman was detained by foundation personnel pending further investigation of her claims at least that was what was written in the document and what was believed but currently it's believed that Olivia Lee does not even exist and nor has ever existed the information and the interview log is undergoing further examination just an aside this information apparently was gathered after discussions with three young Lee children each of whom referred to an event where their mother entered the Attic stayed for several minutes and then descended no other information was recovered regarding this event and that is it for twenty seven forty kind of a weird one I mean they're all kind of weird but anything to do with addicts and creepy dark small places where there's probably spiders are not I think there is a Cognito hazard to this anomaly as mentioned you can become affected by it by entering the house or through discussion with other individuals now listening to the logs shouldn't have any effect on you because you're not actively participating in the discussion however if you do experience any odd anomalies as this is an ongoing investigation please call our tipline and we'll get you to where you need to go and that is all for this evening thank you very much for listening I hope it was as good for you as it was for me catch you later nerds

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