Binary Star-Reality Check

by: EtheSoul

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that is the introduction

yo this is how I represent I rock the mic 110% attention man I keep the party moving like a immigrant by there we star superstar is no coincidence every verse eccentric kid this ain't a circus in the tent we don't be down like them clowns in the kids I'm used to being and to do who said it's all about the Benjamins I want a fortune I wanna make music get hit the lighter before Cinelli my music there's never winery this home economy is far as I can see maybe you should drive a telescope and see my viewers like astronomy it ain't all about economy so the fact that all these whack em ceases making G's don't probably understand my number one policy is quality never sell my soul is my philosophy my velocity there was like Nostradamus making prophecy I told you cats a long time ago with ain't no stopping it's not a threat it's a promise got everybody right no my whack I like diamonds but still I never claimed to be a big rap star because no matter who you are is still a lock act or when I'm Elena's most rappers Kennedy this I passed at the bone but x-rays can't even see this see I'm 40 did I let your money talk boys while I keep it rolling like paraplegics who I was the phone let it be known you in danger I got next like the Boston Strangler you ain't never hearda MC scream like this and Rodney King they never built the beat like this brothers semane see

I'm gonna do something else get a grip on yourself you ain't gripping mine - times out alive crap guys out alike as I finalized collide with this every day cyanide you've applied for to the side but thing that wakes killers hiding I'm high by they go big neck top and drain them dry at the temple side now you ain't cut till you ain't that I wanna be ever in order to get swatted for I can fly mastermind scrappy round till when contracted lines they kill swine's like the Alpine running the horse and now turbines a close encounter of the worst can go as some catching her we're gonna taste mine I carry hell on the waistline guys get the baseline so little slim black I survived seven five through the airline when I forcefully jet I had a ball I'm when I head fly bad I show up shoot that I chose rule that fly very low flipping high paper walk grip and I stopped and I sell for five representative my eyes acquire him ride me nothing subtle Oh Oh Gemini we're in this perimeter September night catch because I'm a wild wet I'll be raining precipitation till this morning your neck hair red flag his mitts guy without an alibi Lou said you wrapped tight you come and wrap up I'd slicer this raps gavel guys wicked apple pie I've learned it all schools of thought you Bible back and sexual intellectual fights life til a high-rise flow like a rock slag you musta forgot I slap your ass night meeting I got booze battered broken up will be crushed it death to the past black usually I don't do request numbers on this of course I have been asked

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Reality Check from the album Masters Of Universe My favourite album so far...I will post all videos with lyrics of course Lyrics: [Intro] (I have a request tonite...when you here this..that is the introduction) scratching....(do you love pianos?) [One.Be.Lo]

This is how I represent I rock the mic 110 percent It's intimate, I keeps the party moving like a imigrant Binary Star, superstar its no coincidence Every verse is intricate, this ain't a circus in a tent We don't get down like them clowns and the kids I'm use to being indegent, who said its all about the Benjamin's? I wanna fortune, I wanna make music and hit the lottery Fortunately my music is never watery That's how its gotta be, as far as I can see Maybe you should grab a telescope to see my veiw its like astronomy It aint all about economy so the fact that these wack emcees is making G's don't bother me Honestly, my number one policy is quality never sell my soul is my philosophy High velocity, lyrics like Nastradamus make a prophecy I told you cats a long time a go it ain't no stoppin' me I bomb your set that's not a threat its a promise Got everybody ridin' on my wagon like the Amish But still I never claim to be a big rap star So no matter who you are its still Allah who act God Better believe this, most rappers can't achieve this I'm bad to the bone but x-rays can't even see this See I'm strategic I letcha money talk bullshit walk While I keep it rollin' like parapalegics Whoever's on the microphone let it be known You in danger, I got next(necks) like the Boston Strangler You ain't never heard an emcee speak like this And Rodney King ain't never felt a beat like this [Voice:] (That is the Main theme)... [scratching..] ( I wanna know something else) [Senim Silla] Get a grip on yourself cuz you ain't grippin mines Life and times, outta lies rap guys outta line careers I finalize collide with this seranade cyanide you apply for Silla's high The thing that makes killa's high Hang 'em high by the gold link necktie And drain 'em dry into tempest eye now you ain't God so you ain't that high wanna be aeronautic And get swatted for actin' fly Masterminds crafty rhymes, I'll rip from drafty lines that chill spines like the Alpines, runnin up on some natural binds A close encounter of the worst kind Go ask the cats that heard I'm lyrical turpentine Who wanna taste mine I gotta carry hill on the wasteline God give the bassline so let the phlegm fly I survive seven-five through the M-ine, when I forcefully Jedi On the wooze I red-eye, heads fly bet I, sharpshoot dead-eye Snooze crews bed bye, Mary lou flippin' I pistol pump grippin I stompin, I semper-fi represent, temper high, signify Walkin round ain't nothin similar Like a Gemini, in this perimeter sublimin-ie Cats be cut dry more why I wet guys I be rainin precipitation 'til it's one inch your neck high Less fly kids misguide, without an alibi Who said you rap tight? You come unraveled by Slice of this rap scalpel, guys quick as apple pie I'm learned in old schools of thought and shit you baffled by Conceptual intellectual fireslide Silla oxide rhymes flow like a rockslide you musta forgot I, have your ass knockneed and cockeyed Bruised, battered, broken up, walkin, cut dipped in peroxide Death to the Pop Fly
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