Michael Pangilinan - Lay Me Down | REACTION

by: newgirl246

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[Music] what's up you guys Meggitt here with another video and today I thought I would look at someone different someone suggested I look at Michael Pond going on I am sorry if I am not pronouncing that correctly but I've not heard about this person but someone commented and there were like a lot of likes on that particular comment so I thought I would check it out and the particularly like cover that I'm looking at today is lay me down very excited about this because I'm a huge like Sam Smith's fan the only problem is like he's way up there and I'm a little like scared to see like what happens because I mean you actually really good free of the sting like a dance with song well which I am not doubting that this guy can probably do but yeah I'm super excited about this so without further ado let's get right into the reaction I do I believe one day I will be right there right next to you and a card basically so dark the moon the stars and nothing without real skin we're doing anything when you walk out you say no way I'm missing you because why hey the engine if this hold it up high speed they tell their I'm sorry told me not so Christ when you which but the feelings overwhelming it's made by I next to you oh my god see you

I figure you and I don't to be here if I can't be with you love the horse of you sitting up to you can you hear my call [Music] Wow I never heard that [Music] I'm missing you and I'm missing you like crazy [Music] when you [Music]

I uh next to you to you by my babies okay - you gonna start if I can't win

Wow [Music] Wow [Music] yeah [Music]

[Music] one Oh 75 oh my god like I was not expecting that I all she knows who this artist was and so I was a little skeptical because like Sam Smith is so hard to stay but he pulled it off oh my god it was so good like um like I don't know what to even say because I feel like he was pitch perfect and like everything he was like very expressive something that I feel like only a few people can do and like I honestly think that you know how is when you can copy-and-paste like certain sections I feel like the first like all the cores were literally like copied and pasted cuz it was identical each time and like pitch perfect like each time like literally just so good every time I was like waiting for him to like have a little like break or like have a little you know like small like mistake or something cause like usually people you know you obviously are going to make mistakes like it's natural right but like it was literally like it was so perfect like there was no mistakes that I could hear at least and like yeah it all was really cool I'm really glad that I listened to that if you tell like who ever suggested that to me cuz like he was honestly like so amazing something like really new that I haven't heard in quite a while there are other artists or like other covers that you want me to listen to just like comment down below because if I love to listening new stuff and like new music and everything and this was so like original and like different than like the stuff that I've been reacting to but yeah if you did enjoy my reaction and go ahead and give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you're not already I post Monday Wednesday Friday and comment down below what else you want me to react to and that's basically it that's all I got to say so I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys in my next video bye

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Hey guys! This is my reaction to Michael Pangilinan's cover of Lay Me Down! **Michael Pangilinan covers "Lay Me Down" (Sam Smith) LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus** *** Don't forget to Subscribe! Follow Me! Insta: @newgirlll246 Twitter: @newgirl246 Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NK4YPJOXgI

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