Grind Time Presents: Dizaster vs Illmaculate Pt. 1 (Promo Battle)

by: Grind Time Now

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fresh coats and we the shit Ajax Plex rock and lush one back up in this beat I each your already know what time it is battle the bay part Trey the main event on my right-hand side representing Portland st. John's

we got my man immaculate [Applause] shoutout to all crime divisions and king of the dot n don't flop it everybody keeping the battle movement lit for real will not jump off one love jump off and on my whip resent Los Angeles County we got

disaster this battle since we got a grunt I'm division president of the Northwest analysis and you're going to be a not judged battle three one minute rounds and a special ninety second fourth round y'all go first you want to go first you talk we're going to switch after the third round having the page that's what it is I'm easily hey yo hold it down hey yo this faggot is shameless you really have to explain this first you battled the source got mad he was racist turn around and specifically asked lush to battle in Asian haha you fucking hypocrite look you ain't even close to me so dead it well battle me in New York you can't even hold the decent record see he knew our beat him in Cali seeing as how he ain't even locally respected homie you're a nobody you know that he's pathetic how's he supposed to be the best I wouldn't know that he's a threat of writtens weren't so openly accepted you are such a bitch you will only be contracted when your clothing is expensive you're probably controlling and obsessive and need to go home and clean your ovary infection look he's sweeter than potpourri acting all overly aggressive but the only thing we see is a little hole that needs attention hey gypsy never do I bet that you're a criminal but make sure my name they never set up in your interview so what if I hate you be thankful for all the attention this is Jaden you know all the gallery oh yeah this is about to be some madness getting dizzy got aspirin by madness yo y'all hardly I saw you battle and all you seem to do is you babble in you're the only dude here up there they needed three chairs high just to see what the fuck was battling hey yo you say I'm all rinse your queer with your fucking rap to prove I rinse I'll tell you at least I can fit my ears in my hat hey oh hey oh yeah yeah I can see mad clear about to smoke this punk you act clear that up choke you up you whack where you won the championship last year but you're back here and you look broke as fuck oh hell what happened does it Harry have you all allowance teddy Jesus Christ immaculate value buy a new outfit already hey oh hey or disaster army uses you Styles the weapon hey yo I bet the swords lose some muscles on the shoulders from having to carry your faggot ass all through 2007 fucking you gonna rep yourself as a man knowing that it carried you like Jesus and then all you saw was two steps in the sand [Music]

heyyo how do we come to this madness show it's funny you cracking jokes but spit something that's factual like how you on my phone riding my dick like a month and a half ago let's beyond you a bra like this dude's fake I've been to his crib he's softer than chill grapes saw promise I'm not gonna lose not to this fruitcake this kids an embarrassment he lives with his parents and calls him his roommate see you're the sickest in the arts day I'll clip him like a jarhead he thinks he's swimming up in large bread cuz he put spinners on his tar bed you fucking mama's boy you have been proving your usefulness to mankind dude is getting mad height but you sound stupid and you cram rhymes the only thing natural about disaster is losing by a landslide

look keep it on his maximum swagger he thought that we'd be impressed but this unnatural disaster is a small inconvenience at best I think y'all think it's great how you are said that I live with my dad at home but I suggest you get off the sources nutsack and get some wraps of your own yo hey yo I'm a fist fighting instigator this is the result I'm going up with no fucking milk in your refrigerator hey yo yo check it out I better check this mark no disrespect to question mark but all I need is one shot to rip your chest apart he so sensitive at his height when direct after what it was for the grind time stats this faggot requested to leave a question mark you want to talk about shit that's factual you fucking amateur what's factual is you tell me on the phone I don't want it to be judged on or off of the camera yo yo yo yo hey yo yo yo yeah the spotlight for long enough now it's time to interfere and moves into disaster gonna be the highlight of your career and please everybody goes first call this guy queer cousin my hurt is fighting you might decide to disappear and go back into hiding for a year look I've noticed battle seems major cuz I'm well known but disaster I'm appalled or he had me as the screensaver on his cell phone that's what I'm not answering his talk and that's true look I should have seen it coming he got a big bravado dude his Tuffle when he reps but he wasn't swing or nothing shit he wouldn't hit the lotto if he knew the numbers in advance Dawg you ain't fucking with the champ you must be dumber than you whack I can see I'm getting drunk up in the back's learned cuz I served him having a discussion with the plant-like son it was a trap come on you got these fill them in the projects don't act like a killer kitchen not yet spitting all that filler in it's nonsense trying to fool them but I'm familiar with the process you ain't winning this one off the underdog effect but something muster up this confidence because there's one accomplishment is being that God at the source was fucking robbed against a young friend I don't need a blade to cut them this suburban thugs counterfeit now someone tell mozzie to save his cousin before I make a fucking Persian rug out of him back it up they prove Leo this is his freestyle right okay yeah that's pretty cool dog just killed the hype the source got robbed in about a whom doesn't that remind y'all spin the mic yo check it out

he said how I will fight them bitch if I fight you then you're dead you little faggot I can probably kick higher than your head [Applause] you need to tell me that this is a guy holding the torch trying to say that my movies are first went to the size of a primordial dwarfism with WRC you're legacies been falsified neither shortages are ready Terry from your father's side of you just a chinchilla that's genetically modified hey you're a rapper without souls so shut the fuck up and go back in your mouth for continue working for Santa at the South Pole fucking faggot bitch I'll smack the snitch snatch your bitch and topsail fuckers over the woolly mammoth sticking licker covered in camel shit


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One of the main events from The Battle of the Bay part 3 in Oakland, CA on February 28, 2009. Undefeated Dizaster takes on Grind Time Northwest President & Two-TIme World Rap Champion Illmaculate. Who do you think will take it?
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