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this is the greatest hour to follow Jesus no even China named the baby by faith named our baby by faith so just trust me on this Isaiah Isaiah in the name of Jesus was there someone else here that raised their hand wave you got a hurry now come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come come the name of Jesus you want a boy or a girl what do you want her name to be Natalie Natalie feel it please lift your hands everything's fine sweetie you feel the power of God it's going to get stronger father in Jesus name bring life bring life life sir anyone else anyone else anyone else anyone else

Laura thank you thank you pastor Pastor David it's all yours can we just thank the Lord we just thank the Lord

we're just thankful long thank you lord thank you

Menke el frente here Annamma

can we just be still before the Lord


just let Holy Spirit have his way just wait just be still

just reach out reach out

or left your voice




these for these


Oh Oh

Oh Oh

tea worthy



for the were these

Oh ah Oh

come on John



Oh well he is the man he is Oh


only holy is the lamb

oh so holy



Oh Oh




pick up the keys yep

or Keith John little more keys



one Oh

singing John Soph that's right

we don't have to do anything

no anointing a new anointing it's coming easy now it's coming easy now sis alone I'm your breakthrough salon my daughter you're a prophet says the Lord keep singing John down

your profits s alone you

you're gonna steward the mysteries of God

you are never supposed to be normal and it's okay says the Lord healings are only the beginning

healings are only the beginning

you were never supposed to be normal system

I'm gonna open the windows of heaven

you write them down the Lord says what you've been waiting for write write fast right what I say draw the dreams I give you I love the way you react to my presence system but I want you to be like them I want you to be like that I love it Lord

just lift your hands Jesus let her know you're touchy make it undeniable

because if I touch her and you don't nothing happens Jesus you are holy signature holy 100 Holies come a little closer let's go holy Lord of all tell him again he's holy tell him John

oh holy you holy release the finances you're sent one with an apostolic mandate you're not one of the other you're both in more you're not gonna do one thing your heart for the nations will involve plantings as the Lord

the Lord says as you walk with me I'll call you to break the mold and don't be discouraged that you not seen it done before it doesn't mean it's not me and as you step out in obedience I'm gonna give you everything you dreamed about it will come by default that's the word for you on it will come by default system you're gonna break ground tonight the Lord floods the ground and will break easily the hole that he digs will go deep and wide but the Lord says I've given you depth and your reach will be wide the depth will keep you the width the width will be remembered to your children's children I'm going to give you an increase in the casting out of Devils says the Lord the casting out of devils and that'll be assigned to you this new season has come you will teach the word diligently and you'll teach the word with faithfulness you'll build on Jesus the cornerstone and as you're teaching Devils will manifest you mark my words they'll come out with a single command you'll know it because they'll be lightning going through you like John G Lake talked about the lightnings of God for I've given you a calm raging fierceness as long as you even read the scriptures demons will quake in fact the Lord says some are but some have devils they just have not manifested even in your meetings even at the church some have demons you're gonna see a manifest now because of the anointing I'm giving you now will arouse hell in a good way I'm giving you the name of Jesus to carries us along his name is him stretch your hands please let him know the lightning of God let it hit him in both places both places


miracles all over the room move your body and receive your healing now move smoke shoulders swinging elbows move hands squeeze feet stomp telling you you can't rush the Lord it's just the way he does stuff

Jesus that's right move your back for your back pain bend over move fast now move pain leaving pain leaving pain leaving you sir no more pain how many of you feel something happening in your body right now what happened to you your elbow your back Lord use your back who else you sir what happened man look Marik I'm telling you miracles just breaking out what happened well if you have leg pain now move move your legs move move move move move move there are different winds with different flavors loose loose move move move your legs move stomp them jump that's right that's right who feels pain leaving their body waving waving me if something's happen to me both hands put your hands up yep that's right that's right that's right it's all over the room what happened what happened what happened here someone else behind you what happened pain leaving what happened yeah I felt someone from my left swing your arm come up here come up here feely help me please three days I felt somebody to my left the shoulder I saw someone the spirits swinging swing your arm so your honor it's gone it's gone so else who else anyone else have a shoulder you swing it move it move it I'm telling you listen when it comes you just say okay Lord you just receive you don't do anything father thank you for his life as your eyes received father in the name of Jesus the power of the Spirit legs you'll feel something going through their legs anyone leg pain move them move what happened sir what happened you're him is there any more paint no come come come on give Jesus a little praise what happened to your hip feely I need him here we go what happened I've heard it many years ago many years ago in a bad accident what happened tonight it's eased up a lot better yeah do something you couldn't do that your wife hey I won I want you guys to see his face your eyes are telling the whole story what do you think of all this this is fantastic I feel the Holy Spirit I was I was mentally crying this whole period of air crying I couldn't control myself what do you feel that they're the spirits moved through my whole body what does that feel like who cloak and golf and me and go for me like I never felt before I just accepted I received it your pains gone yes is that your wife that's my beautiful wife come here beautiful life you lost your son yes how did you lose your son drugs drugs

my Savior he will Eve real definitely a little heaven is real okay yes and I don't have to do anything he's already touched lift your hands I'm just gonna agree with what he's doing you want to help others she wants to help others with lots of children Lord just lift your hands I'm telling you there's serious presence here daddy too lost a son father fill every gap the presence of the Holy Ghost

Lord thank you for what you've done in this hip now renew his mind

the power of the Spirit

it's good huh

so I have to do is worship it

holy double but the Lord's gonna give me more than one more oh it's just the way it's just the way he does it oh I feel like I'm right at home holy Lord children receive the kingdom come on you a second was for a greater anointing there's something more beautiful than the anointing scatty there's something more beautiful than the anointing it's the one who annoys us the scripture says that we are rubbed with the anointing one time the Lord said to me Michael oh i love you lord i love you I love everything about you cheese he said Michael the moment what I'm rubbing you with becomes more beautiful to you than the hands that rub you you'll get in trouble third prayer that's what Jesus prayed father you keep them with your name it's the Lord Himself

annointing we still work and cooperate not when Jesus scrubs your hand we just sit back and watch Lord

like miss Cathy feel what I'm feeling


closer with your name now the name

Bridal Union bridle union afford enormous Kuhlman I thought about the bride and they attacked her for it Corrie ten Boom thought about the bride mother Vesalius link thought about the bride there's a deeper realm it's one of experience in Union that's what I just prayed on she's nothing like it it's around that if you had to choose your prayer closet instead of the platform you choose the prayer closet every time

come Lord to her a ring on a ring on her


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