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good day fertile travelers and welcome back today i am in sorrento in southern italy and I had this had so much fun there were video here so why don't you stay tuned to find out why [Music] okay let's start off with a little trip around sorrento by visiting somewhere really impressive by the way yes i'm in a jack hipper is part of my outfit I know I'm hot but I'm in Sorrento so I gotta look good this down here is a gorge it was created 40,000 years ago during a volcanic eruption and when this happened it created a number of streams which made it an ideal location to have mills water mills sawmill flour mills etc but what happened is over the years due to the climate it created a lot of damp which made it the ideal location for a particular type of fern to grow it's basically took over these mills and now it's left or ruins and it's really spectacular you would normally think of this sort of thing to be and so on sorrento you think it's all posh restaurants and celebrities but this is brilliant just come out the station go for a little walk and you'll find this easy beautiful [Music] I'm now on a road called Corsa Italia which is the main street in sorrento in terms of restaurants places to go shopping and I'm talking about epic shopping the more affluent type of shopping if you know I mean I remember those days before I traveled to 24 countries anyway you can also and go down one of the side streets which we're going to go down now and it's all very pre lots of posh cars and lots of people looking nice in their nice jackets this is been in my suitcase for like 11 months [Music] take my jacket off because it was just too hot I was dying I'm talking about a bitch whore not sexy hot even though my haircuts awry anyway I have that budget burning care I'm having some gelato I heard some ice cream it's dripping allowed my hand run pretty much gelato you get it everywhere it's nothing special it's pretty much a tourist track but it is gorgeous mmm heaven I don't normally like and drop ice cream it never tastes like chocolate but proper Italian gelato does beautiful and a cone like this it's cost 2 euros you know extortioner but okay a place called villa commune Ollie house communal I don't know it's a park and as you can see behind me there are amazing views of the sea mountains Sorrento is awesome I love it I want to come back here another time but I'll tell you now about my horrific day of catastrophic Helen disaster yesterday so you might remember from a few months ago when I was in Tokyo I hurt my foot my left foot I'll do a flashback right now but honey core is really good anyway so it still hurts now by the way my foot especially when I climb up ladders so on the top bunk in my hostel more on that in a second first of all Westbrook pineapple juice all over my laptop luckily it survived then it fell over in the shower when I got out of the shower there was water on the floor and we're flying land on my ass it wasn't pretty next up I dropped my laptop down the stairs luckily was only about four steps I think and again the indestructible laptop lived to survive another day then what happened ah this was the best bit then I was walking along with my laptop this one was completely my fault and I wasn't looking where I was going that tripped over some steps and landed on my right knee oh my god the pain was monumental I've never known a pain like it to the point that I was limping I couldn't climb up stairs I could then not climb the ladder to get on the top bunk so I had to change beds which proved to be my downfall I got into the other bed went to plug in my travel adapter which then proceeded to explode with a blue spark of lightning so I can now no longer charge my phone or anything I'm looking for a new travel adapter and for pre-much and the gods of travel must know I'm going back to London because they are causing me chaos every day so mm let's have a look around this area it's gorgeous [Music] I'm now down a bit further so you can see down there how you get to these restaurants and also the beach area by the way I'm feeling a bit nostalgic is the word this is my last day of travel life kind of even though I'm still going to be traveling but I'm going back to London this is really odd and in terms of nostalgia my Osmo is my best friend if I was without this Osmo stabilizer I would be dead so and on that note I think it's time for a classic Shibuya crossing Tokyo style motion time-lapse

I'm back on course at Italian out continuing my exploration of Sorrento look what I just found if it is gorgeous leather jacket but I've already got like six five maybe I don't know that's what my first world traveler does apparently collecting their the jackets and they've got nice women's ones there as well my red one

now one of the things you may want to do in Sorrento is visit Capri this is an island off the coast of Sorrento and from what I've heard it's very nice however I'm not going there so it costs 35 euros one way I believe I've read online but as you can see from this place I've found it's 50 euros that's expensive to be honest with you and you go to the island on the boat you have five hours free time and you can go to somewhere called the blue grotto which is apparently very famous but what I've also heard is overrated but to be honest with you oh happy enough with sorrento it's very nice why all this exploring has made me hungry which I've just realised is probably the first time I ever said this on this channel I haven't had a pizza yet in nearly so and I think it's about time I did now there's one thing with pizza and me right I don't want pizza I need pizza pizza is the best so when let's see if we can find some that is reasonably in my budget okay while I'm on my food hunt I've stumbled across the main square of sorrento which is called the accent ah so annoyed next to me is a statue of Saint Antonio or sant'antonio as I say in Italian apparently he's the patron saint or Protectorate of Sorrento and it's funny as st. Antonio's Sorrento they sound quite similar maybe that's where the name came from I don't know if you know why don't you tell me in the comments below because my knowledge of Italian Sorrento is pretty much nothing okay just to give you an idea of the cost of pizza in Italy so if you're in Naples for example you can get pizzo very cheap so the nice three euros 5 euros per G's for the noise this place I'm going to show you now I'm not going to go in there by the way it's called Tasso restaurant a pizzeria as you'd expect him to Renault things like Pete's are slightly more expensive so pieces are around 10 euros 12 euros and some are like this but how about we find somewhere a little bit cheaper so good news I found somewhere a bit cheaper in my price range it's called bar del Carmen I think have a look at the menu how helpful of mine you've got antipasti appetizers I'm going to have some of them and pizza is significantly cheaper it's about 8 euros you also have a good beer menu and also wine and some of my friends won't know that I'm a big fan of pink wine Rose age which I'll be getting let's face it it's my last day of traveling so I think it's a good idea to treat myself on with the food so let's start off with some antipasti basically it's an appetizer if you don't know it's a selection of Italian meats and cheeses which pretty much is everything I've been eating more than Italy it's my dream meal meat and cheese forever as have some scooty Oh heaven

there are no words describe I mean right now

let me just do the machinery shimmy heaven let's move on to the pizza I've got a deal Wolle which is fairly simple it's basically just tomato cheese and salami which let's face it is the best thing on the planet knife fork you don't eat pizza in Italy with than your hands let's face it gorgeous heaven spicy as well which is the best thing on the planet come to this place I'll put all the details below so when you're in Sorrento you can come here also and have this amazing Itza you also get free garlic bread which wasn't expected well I'm one slice down and of course say this is the best piece I've ever had I'm so happy but oh it's unbelievable by the way if you like what you're seeing is pretty only want me to do more food videos don't forget to subscribe leave a comment down below as well because I'm going to London next and I will be doing a lot of food videos in London hopefully if that's what you want to see anyway I'm gonna finish this Pizza because let's face it nothing comes between me and Pisa okay you've defeated me I cannot fit another inch of pita in mice backups cheers everyone so that's my time in Sorrento done my jackets back on my stomach is full of pizza and I am very happy I really like Sorrento it's gorgeous make sure you come in if you're in Italy please do it's completely chain with a perception of Italy prior to this I'm watching the biggest fan but now I love it beautiful like I said don't forget to subscribe if you enjoyed this video leave a comment down below tell me about your trip to Sorrento and also do a like in a like button next up the years of videos from London I can all hate false I am equally petrified so stay tuned to see what I can bring you from London and of course as always I'll catch a later Sorrento's main street in terms of shopping booking tours buying ice cream

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