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so you might have already seen my video on the Christmassy craft hauls I did and in that video I mentioned that I'm doing a December daily type of project this month so I thought I would share with you what I'm planning to do and I might possibly record some prices videos in here if I don't then I will obviously record flip through when I'm finished yeah this is what I'm doing for December I got this album in 2015 from Amazon it was a very decent price on Amazon I thought I'd get it and kind of dip my toes into the whole project life type thing and at the time as well I saw these which were for Christmas they're pack of 4x4 journaling cards and they go all the way up until the 25th I think yeah the 25th so I got them at the same time thinking I know I'll get them for Christmas I can do a little daily thing on the run-up to Christmas and have a little project for documenting my December turns out in 2015 I was not up to doing it I was too busy and I just didn't end up starting it same happened in 2016 I was somewhat more prepared because obviously we've moved out and everything but by the time December rolled around we were still doing up the house it was a very Christmasy and I just didn't want to document a Christmas that wasn't I don't know wasn't enjoyable for me this year I have a bit more to document and I have started it and I've kept up with it until well to be honest I'm about two days behind but I have managed to start it which is better than I did the past two years so the other thing I dug out this year as well it's my Instax camera this is the Instax Mini 90 and Jack got this for my birthday a few years ago I used it a ton when I first got it and then like most people with an Instax camera when the film that you have runs out you go look it up on Amazon and go oh I cannot afford that the film for these cameras is kind of ridiculous the cheapest place I managed to find the film works out about 50 pf8 oh so 50 P for one of these obviously adds up especially if you mess one up and have to retake it you're kind of throwing 50 P away every time Jack got me this one instead of the usual one because there's a few more modes on this one you've got like close-up mode something to do with light and dark I have not used this in a few years so I need to find the instructions really to know how to use it properly again there's a little mode button and then you have all those different modes this one's fun I love this one this mode is a double exposure when I show you the photo in here that I took with that you'll understand it bit more that is what I've been using for this project because it prints them instantly and I can just then put them in the pocket and have them ready to document so in here in each pocket I have two days they sit back to back and on the back of each one it's just blank which is where I've done the journaling so the journaling is hidden and then on the front obviously I'll have the photo and staff the cards do you have numbers on them so where I can I'm going to try and journal around that but some of them like this one the number is right in the middle so I'm gonna end up covering it up on each of the photos I am stamping the date at the bottom and for that I just used some stays on ink and my trusty as the date stamp that I've had for years I'm pretty sure this date stamp was one of the first things I bought like my crafty stash when I got into like the crafty community on Instagram so yeah this has been with me since the beginning this photo as well it's the double exposure so you basically take one photo so I took a photo of the Christmas tree and then straight afterwards I took a photo of bunny so when it prints it combines the photos so this photo came out with bunny covered in Christmas tree lights so I've pretty much gone up to the 10th of December or 11th this was one of my mess-up photos so this is the exact same photo it's just this one had the fashion and I completely forgot to turn the flash off so it reflected in the TV and gave me this glare so this one's staying in the album and yeah I will use this one some of them I if they go wrong I just bend them because I just want to forget that I've just wasted 50p this one I didn't use the flash on and it ended up kind of blurry but you can see that it's a load of Christmas cards and on that day I was writing all my Christmas cards so yeah there's no need for me to retake it because it shows what I wanted to show on the day what sometimes happens when you don't use a digital camera and you use an instant one instead some of them I have gone back and taken a photo like this one for example I took it on the 11th of December because I didn't get around to doing it on the 10th but on that day I made a ferry for the top of the tree so it wasn't some things that I need you to photograph on the day so yeah I'm not stressing myself about getting a photo every single day as long as I have a photo for every single day if that makes sense I'm trying to make this as less stressful as I possibly can but I don't get caught up with myself and I don't get behind if you did watch my other video on the Christmas haul I mentioned these little pockets I got these are the 2x2 ones I could put some of these in between some of the days and add some more photos if I wanted to I was thinking of making a kind of front page as well with one of them for the actual project but yeah I think for now I just need to make sure that I keep up with the journaling and the photo taking and then I can decorate anytime I want like I don't need to stress about that that's like the super fun bit for me I love documenting and I love writing and I love taking the photos like my thing is the decorating that is the bit that I repeat it to me I have also obviously popped things in the pockets that are from that day so if I want to add some mementos I can I think I'm gonna cut out a bit of this bingo strip and somehow put it behind the photo or something I don't know so I popped it in there for now so I don't lose it yeah that is how I'm planning to do my December daily but it's not really like classic just a mad holy type project as always if you have any questions and let me know below and I will get back to you thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in my

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