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hey you guys it's Audrey yeah hey well it's Audrey and Tad and we're playing with us all on the mineplex us go bake cry cry Chad are you a wither yep as the wither I see I going to kill all of you ah for this first like 15 seconds were blind we can't see anything I know I'm just falling someone else so I can hide with them okay now now I shall dig dig dig dig dig this is me oh I see tons of people right here I know there's so many people there I got a zombie Hey yes hey I'm trying to get the people following you you're welcome Thanks I'm not even chase - Jim you're trying to get people you just happened to be there Chad Chad don't make up excuses yeah it doesn't work or does it they're still chasing you they're making it very hard for you

okay I'm gonna try to get these guy hey I'll be anyone's following you anymore so that's good winners are yeah but at least other humans aren't so they can't give you away what what what come out I see you hey you see me no someone else hey thank goodness they were hiding underneath the ground but I used my binding thing and I found him oh hey oh no I just oh I hate when I do that I didn't mean to what I knocked her into the void I was just trying to bury her a little bit and when you get talked into boy no one can unfreeze you and I hate when people do that to me so I don't like to do it to other people oh yes hey hey oh I do there's only 300 left are you one of them ah yes okay there's someone way over here but where uh

this is a lot of bombs I know there's someone over here just don't know where come out come out whatever you are you still got two minutes I'm hiding right now oh my gosh this is terrifying where where where oh they're over here okay they're all over here oh we're trying to get like two people right now Chad I'm underground you are yes be really careful though because we can use our hunter raising a point right to people like someone just did okay no oh three point two seconds oh I see someone is that you yes just one person left - are they I don't see oh my thing is it working oh they're that way okay and RT this last person might be able to save you wait what really well they got you got potions to unfreeze people yeah but I I don't even remember where I died oh I found myself I found myself where is this other guy anyway I don't know I might think this point over here I just don't know where he went where is he let me use my compass oh he's right over here on the edge somewhere it's saying I'm good try and find me I get you my compass is saying this way I'm at my my yeah oh no you can get that far where there's whoa-oh you guys are like when some of you guys were digging a hole and you're somewhere like right on the edge that's so cool okay okay okay okay I want to be human again yeah I'm human I'm on it are you the editor I'm gonna be the editor again I love being human editor it's so much fun me too especially in the maze don't you you are especially when you're in the maze it's so awesome labyrinth yes yes this one is so much fun okay I might come in Chad okay Chad let's stick together I don't know I think maybe we should split up cuz everyone's gonna follow us ah true okay and that way we both don't get blog together my gosh I can trump guys try to save you if you get frozen oh yeah okay if you guys are gonna hide with me you got a shift shift shift please shift okay thank you Oh someone else is with me hey I only have one person with me we're hiding I'm with another human editor oh no it's spooky we're like digging right along the walls I'm trying to make a long pass know how many people are with you like - okay go go go go go come on come on move move make sure you use your double dry weight double jump what yeah your ass you have a double jump like you do like beserker wait seriously yeah yeah even when you're you an editor yeah try it oh yeah are you frozen

okay I'm gonna come try to find you hide Oh with you other people but if I can come hey Kim hang in the wall you just need to get away and find a really good hiding spot what's happening okay okay we're still know someone's after a someone's after I can double jump ah oh yeah you can nevermind yeah good with your axe you can okay someone's after us too oh no don't do it run we're gonna admitted to come try and find you I'm just on the run huh my height but been compromised I'm trying to find you I can help you ah no ah double jump double jump no oh gosh oh dude they're after me soup soup back soup no there's someone right there let me a priestess person nope nope nope nope oh gosh I'm gonna die this is Dan for Chad this is the end okay are you still alive yeah I'm on the run oh no oh no no no don't kill me don't kill e oh yeah I'm unfrozen give me up give me up give me a bow Roger oh my goodness oh my goodness that's a dead end that's a dead end Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron run run run run an e fan run run run I'm not bitching the girl with me only me oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my gosh podiatry die John this is the end this is the end of the line where are you I'm just running I like the doctor I don't stop running I just freed one guy you know not chasing just me stop targeting me it's Road oh no no I'm flying all of a sudden it's lagging oh are you lagging no I might as well be though there's a block sliding no no no no nose leave me alone leave me alone don't no no no no oh it got me man be still life that's a yes and now I'm dead oh my god I survived so long though I did too we only had 38 seconds Wow that was scary oh my no eight players left alive though why don't they listen they were trying to get us Audrey but why don't they come unfreeze us take me oh wow they found a good spot how they all together oh there's three of them together oh there's some people on the run turtle craft and Road where I know run hurry I can't be safe oh they're guarding me let's see oh gee generous human one that's what you get yeah hey I'm just saying all because we were we were an alive one ah good job though you've been editor video editor editor girl let's do two more rounds and then on the last round I want to see if I can be a with her sky ruins what is this one I don't know about this one actually I can't huh wait is this the grass one cuz I don't like to Maps I think yeah hey I really want them to add more maps on here because I really like this game it's a really really fun minigame okay humans hiding already being shot as you want chug what where you like aiming you because right now they're blind they can't see anything they're just shooting Chad what are you I want to hide with you cuz I went to like the far corner of the map and no one actually followed me Wow okay oh my gosh oh my gosh so many people followed me guys you need to run

I don being shot at okay I'm hiding in the ground no no don't kill me don't kill me okay still alive I'm building a giant underground dirt path Chad I need to find you I I seriously oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh I need to find you jack can't come out cuz there's I hear a bunch of people um shooting rah wait are they chasing you oh yeah yup yep yep yep oh wait oh I didn't realize you I didn't know that you collect blocks you could build stuff yeah I don't know what but you could yes yeah Audrey I've just got this huge underground tunnel it no Chad I need to find you I need a serious backup right now I'm being constantly shot at and chased and people are being deployed and in life is oh I just run in a circle oh my gosh live I dream I literally just been running and running and running in circles this is like non-stop run this is like oh my gosh they're gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I have full health but I'm I'm still being chased okay faint pace there's still eight players though so we're still looking good still looking good hey please follow me and I heard a bomb really close to me me too I'm just gonna keep building my path that way if they oh I hear Bob's no hey you know I know a secret what if they ever um blow a hole in the ground and the water like stars deep into the void jump in the water and like go down the water as low as you can't adjust swim there yes they like don't ever hardly ever check that low yeah oh my gosh that's smart mean someone are hiding in tunnels right now oh you had any one of my Turtles no we made our making our own phone right now oh I see a nametag that's not all this running shoe home there's nothing I don't like about this map is they can kill you in the void Oh

they're trying to kill oh there's what Oh I think I found a thing with water oh nice ah which would be really cool I mean if I can get to it I'm gonna go down to water hey I hear shooting like right above me I do too a lot of it too I'm just making this long path and it's working so far someone's like they've got a giant hole they're trying to kill this guy after they do I'm gonna go jump in the water and get down as low as I possibly can you got this Chad oh no oh no oh no my my location has been compromised Oh jump in the water oh I'm so far down here with this guy oh no this is that you're funny I just have this giant hole with water and I jump down here ah Chad I need to find you oh my gosh it is like darkness right now for me I'm sorry if you guys can't see this is like the only way to survive right now oh gosh oh gosh no we all have a minute left no I've been discovered to live go back in the water back in the water no no no are you dead Audrey I'm hiding in the water down really really low well I only had 15 seconds just run where's this guy God the best forever I win yay yay TG and thanks to you guys who killed me oh my gosh is so happy to stumble upon me and that healed me it was great so whoo did you uh know where I was hiding where someone like one of the editors who's trying to kill someone so they blew a hole into the very very bottom of the map and so I jumped in it and I was just hiding down there and you couldn't see anything oh my god is awesome Wow okay I'm gonna be a widow goes round oh don't kill me a through yeah are you with her yeah Oh No Oh No please if you follow me please please please shift Joe hi Joe yeah if you guys are ever playing with us on here please hold shift when we're hiding you don't pay oh gosh there's 20 people with me I'm gonna die stop I'm trying to dig it get out of my way okay good good good I'm trying to get this guy move okay okay I'm not gonna get high with disabilities okay we're good we're good no one knows we're here thank you for something so I can do again oh gosh aah aah don't give me through ok oh no I saw one of you guys I saw one of your kind I am just going out for this guy right now

okay Oh oh gosh oh gosh we've been Colin run okay good good don't kill me don't kill me okay that's not you good Oh got someone oh man oh man are you who you looking for I'm just shooting people I've been finding them and just killing me this okay yeah there's still nine players left oh man okay I have a very good spot at all oh hey I go down here yeah Chad no leave me alone I didn't run much ramen 100 way about someone it was complete accident - oh my god - oh no

hide oh no honey knows fruit no baby no no no I know ah a little bit user attack evening oh no bad Audrey bad like I go no I got you oh man yes yes no no Audrey no no Audrey no don't do it I don't know what you love him how do you don't do it rude that was epic I'm sorry I'm really sorry jack are you though are you uh not really save me something up there before you die hurry oh no sorry I got a good night a dust ball ah I was just doing or shooting at me huh let's see yeah all she was trying to save me it's okay or ham I don't know that person look there's still five people left oh no oh my gosh no no no Audrey do it I don't know I don't know I gotta tell you three almost three times now no it's not worth it okay sorry Ted sorry what you were casing me I was and then I and then someone else got you oh man I dieted hate hammer Pocius I couldn't even save anyone else Oh me there's only 27 seconds left I don't know if you're gonna get all five humans life yeah I don't think we are this game is stressful it's so much fun though

I'm gonna wait here till my time's up and just die here all whoa oh oh poor humans left us all humans 1 e to the G even though I don't feel like I want cuz I was dead oh hey you you have me my three-times check oh you did good you did good but like I was being guarded by lots of people's there every time it was like ever alright you guys I hope you have enjoyed this winter assault video I hope you guys have enjoyed thank you all so much for watching I love you my Doritos goodbye see ya


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