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what's gonna god did you burn one chair or phase ring coming at you guys with a brand new video here today so I haven't done a video like this in years like a straight trick shotting video and the reason for that is honestly because I feel like a lot of people don't necessarily enjoy them but sometimes I feel like they do then I'm always confused as a youtuber I love always posting videos that you guys enjoy I mean as much as I like enjoying but it kind of kills the fact if I enjoy something I post and you guys don't really like it it kind of takes away from basically all math even if you guys want more videos like these and please leave like so that I know this is Bangor I'm gonna do another one you guys go enjoy alright guys so we are in a church or a church doing a best black ops 2 and a best agree on modern war if you I probably did an intro before this video so that's why I need to really do an intro but here we go we're about to start plays again ready 5 4 3 2 1 I'm an idiot - oh thank god oh why do you use lightweight I'm not gonna kill myself right well I didn't even how's he mean to you that I'll just gonna keep running up this little fucking rock right here I don't know that's I'm hitting you want me at this cuz I'm pretty sick at you're shouting as you know it's going for a little sucker yeah it was simple know how it is we have so many dumb easier - you should tell them what we tried recording this yesterday but we we did it only on Nikon and it took us for it we didn't take it oh yeah we tried to do it way let me turn on the game volume because I hear a game one way too loud but we try to do this yesterday and literally we did it against literally only nikan as our dummy and it did not work out it took away to look 20 minutes of shot damn that almost like kind almost hit right guys like a little bit like oh yeah oh you know I fucking I miss oh and your scope the second one always head stood every single time on any game at any situation the second one always hit I hate my life bro Hannes got hella Niagara Falls what my eyes I mean I got mad what Oh cuz you're mad sweaty yeah dude I'm choked oh so nasty bro I'm so butter please hmm check it out check it out boy we got the one knife we got two notes we got the third night switching over to the ballista get in that reload - yeah Queen volcanic for the fans good shade next door Blaziken takes Game one you bitch mother fuck hey don't still see okay we get it what's the second map we're doing okay so we are in the second game and we Luke is dispersing with us yes look shit look at and we're about to go to second was ready you can go first three two one and almost hit it first try if you hit it first try when I said alright you can go first I would've gone this is for the W right oh I need a shop row I need a like hit a stinker and if you guys enjoy this trick shotting video then let me know because I'm down to do out it's not that like but slacking just literally choke it make it you're like teen whore I almost let's not go Danny Connor out oh yeah I failed and I went for but I kind of still hit it if you wanna see only had a 360 and wasn't a 360 but it was so ugly like I failed yeah literally a 1080 structures there with it just won't move into it yeah you want to do the third map but you want to redo this map it's up to you bro if you have a hilarious bro I'll give it you how are you hey oh my god be proud of that zombie so I don't look bad i fuck oh fuck fuck of them i don't suck that bad I'm sorry are you guys I want map don't do next okay guys I honestly choked so fucking heavy that last shot but it's okay because guess what oh he is glitching that's how he's doing it not a little bugger duping me out I found out worried he's the match three times in a row like is he trying to show off yeah maybe he's trying to show off I'm getting butter cuz I don't know how to do it I feel like he's a cur maybe happen dude he sounds mad young can can actors be that young alright guys so we are in round three I want the second one by a really bad shot and Lucas fun too first one for the six shots oh yeah I have to make it off with an 1800s already know your boy alright get started ready set go oh my god bro I'm a legit just sink back into my 17 year old brains and imma just hit it on you alright ready not on you but let's go fuck yeah no I got an 1800 I think so I think I did a little bit more than 800 not it I'm not hittin it I did exactly 800 bundle 360 from oh my god what I was sick dude now you bitch good how sick though I honestly have now played this game too much boss wow I wish up over to your domain and see how you do this Christ man fan the judge oh he's like no damn pussy haha it's gonna be W that's a w4 place again eyes here babe Lord North you my man is here let's go let's go okay I'm gonna tell him no no that's mine don't take a look now is that quad Oh kind of that lack triples for me wanna kill games that back-to-back triples yeah was like the mech jump with the sounds very broke what he sounds there for triple triple that's the fucking clip of a lifetime I think that was set up my personal professional opinion it's just let's just let's just say it wasn't oh my god oh nice quick scope Oh bro bro I just got the sickest clip bro I swear to hex I'll throw up bro okay guys so we are in Game one of the modern warfare 2 best of three for who who is the better trickshot er in-phase house I mean so far Lukas seems to be one of the cave already seer you go Chad then I'm gonna happen to make a prediction and say that my my bro phase rains gonna come through here with the W although I'm not gonna make it easy for you but I know one how good you are on this game I'm confident ahead you'll see it well I just a duly aroused by accident yeah oh my god I know was it even called in daily a room row I don't know magic Kitty's called at that my god yeah I'm I go for something else that you know I keep going for it oh you hit I hit it but it was like a little dude I can't trickshot day but it's still hit it's no fair it's still family I have everybody freaking out what the fuck that was dope you liked it and I was sick cool that's impressive new you thanks dude appreciate it I'm little but I got I got I next shot what will happily do next okay and then terminal I'm gonna ask to take this map from me so it can move it onto a game map number three okay so we're about to start ready set that's all this way for you to come up I'm okay oh yeah yeah good shit bro alright ready three two one I'm a gopher I'm pretty sure that that level of salt isn't this better I've been sick Blaziken this better than Bangor what's going on I'm the real vapor ignored right mother hunt my god bro that was sick broke the only problem a trick shotting and what I hate the most is how much my hands sweat it's like it's like disgusting it's like my hands literally become like bro at one point I remember when I did an all-nighter and I filled a water bar are a bucket filled with ice and water now dip my hands in every like sweaty nerd yeah bro I sweat so much like my hands bro I don't know what's wrong with me that is sweat like crazy I was really good at ladders apex he's always yes I'm gonna start it I've never been because like you know he hated me for the longest time because of a ladder stall right no way who year because of this because of this it was like a secret ladder and I can't even hit it right yeah I can't even do it and he hated me for it because I uploaded it to YouTube like any kid he's like the first person to hit that ladder and I didn't know it was like a secret and like I uploaded it this is when he was in phase right or yeah bro I didn't get into like I'm not gonna say it's his fault but not if it's not his fault it's just because like I remember like at one point I was like see that's like really wanted to recruit me or he made it sound like he did and he was like just so you know like I can't recruit you because like I can't recruit someone like that the team doesn't like and I was like vert the only pepper the only person doesn't like me is the fucking woman like I mean oh I was so be honest I always thought you guys were bros like since then no bro I remember in my like episode I hit like a estate or 720 like mid-game and I was like my first game playing with Apex since I joined phased I remember after I hit that I was like yo you could add me on xbox and he did he did but it's really awkward he's like yeah I got you yeah more of the story guys the guy that stuff seen a locker every day at school you might end up living with him one day you I knew you were gonna turn on an IED and hit at him oh you didn't think Oh thing I look I look he knew this was gonna happen bro fuck oh that happens yeah I said if there's a cod god then it would hit so let's try it out again if there is a cod God listening and you file let's try to get if there is a cod god and you're listening and you're a real spirit please let this hit okay so you're really a phony I hate myself I did again I didn't guess they did a that thing yes same exact thing ah it's all good

how does that happen dude oh let's go yo right to the job of Timmy Turner oh oh right to the dr. Turner Timmy Timmy Timmy Turner yeah don't oh nice one please I guess we're moving on to the crane trap for the final finale I said I guess we're going on to the crane shot for the finale wait I think we got to take turns for this one yeah we're just gonna put our tag and then go turn by what I got a house it's what could you come over here bro since when is this a spot oh my fault alright guys so we are in the last game and if I win this then you know we just call it a day but if but if Lucas it's this then I will forever be known as the best face house trickshot her period out of this garden right oh this is I'm getting a little bit nervous here because a lot of my shots are dead on so I'm just really hoping one of them gives me +100 oh don't let me do it to you rain don't let me freakin do to see rain huh dude I'm sweating I'm sweating buckets she's kill me I got stuck out these guys are down today and there's no bear what the fuck don't let them kill me yeah okay motherfuckers at they wanna kill me why I just got three good ass attempts can't believe I did this yet oh here we go if you hit it wall oh it's down there BRR BRR what would you dumb Burt it's been salt right nice Burt are you know bond you push me off that time asshole hey I got straight fish stock okay can we take a quick like 30-second pause let me just go fucking take a quick freezing cold shower are you serious no but like can I wash my hands at least if you really want to you are aren't you Sean fucking shower one shot I went for a shot yes are you Nora shake it is I think it's cuz nikan touched my controller made it extra grimy oh let's go dude honestly at this point I'm guys so that was nothing not even that hype that I want I'm just height that I finally had a shot we don't fucking die so yet we had so many fucking deaths guys econ level sure that's some econ level shit why did I say catch so much watching a video if you have to join please leave a like I'll do another one of these I will get better for the next one if we do a next one if you guys enjoyed them enough but thank you guys for watching she has a next one say piss on Lucas beside

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