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Oh Windows XP how much I love you so it's a good thing you got rid of the Vinko errors now I'm going to use Google what should i type in I know

hello oh my god your voice is so bad why did you all say this to me because your voice sounds like a girl now prepare to die

that's what you get that was the best video ever I never laughed so hard too bad it's over what's with all these ads I hate ads anyways a new version of Windows I will get it yes I would like to install wait what is that small text oh well I will get it

I am going to turn on face cam there now people can see my face it can't be I thought I turned you into dead meat you may have turned me into meat but I am back as an operating system baby OS I pranked you into getting it I'm going to turn it off to cancel the installation alright restart it you thought it would work nope if you restart you return to the installation the installation is complete anyway when you restart you will be using baby OS instead of Windows XP but I don't want to restart that's it I'm restarting for you

let me turn on face camera game I hate this wallpaper because it's the baby genius logo I want to change it welcome to gay vos I am eco I will be your guide anyways how can I help you I want to change my wallpaper to change your wallpaper click on start click on control panel I know what to do vinco stop telling me what to do

what I don't want a baby genius wallpaper give me a better wallpaper no you only get a baby genius wallpaper listen to me right now I want another wallpaper so give me another wallpaper or else I will crash this PC and the people who made those OS okay I will give you a better wallpaper there that's more like it wait I thought I saw an option called get money you didn't see that yes I did I'm not giving you money was it plain or what more a smile okay stupid cry-baby I'll give you money really yes I will give you money for free would you like some free money yes I would giving you five thousand goAnimate dollars with that much money I can buy a Mac bro an air Mac and a Playstation 4 you thought I was going to give you five thousand go anime dollars nope I actually stole that amount of money from your bank account oh no not my money now I will become poor and my parents will beat me and ground me that's what you get for turning me into dead meat oh no you got a blue screen of death you have to restart I guess I'll have to restart

I'm going on the internet because I love the Internet you are an idiot hahahahahahaha I'm not an idiot that's it I'm going to another website you are not going to another site you can use YouTube scratch go animate or other websites so I'm closing the Internet well that's dunk I'm listening to music I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas oh my god that song was so horrible you have no talent I'm downloading a new song you do realize that in order to download another song you need the internet which isn't working so you can't download other songs dang it I think I will try videos oh for crying out loud why can't there be anything good paint better be good why is this window green while the rest are red and why are there three colors brown white and pink the first to remind me of Vinko while pink is for girls I don't see any problems with this program I love it do you I don't love it it has three colors oh no you got another blue screen of death you have to restart once again

so far this so a stinks it is even worse than Windows 1.0 windows me and Windows graph edition combined there are only two options games and more let's try games huh the only games are big rigs make music aunt oh boy five nights Advent goes I'm going to play this that game was so unfair in the original it took a minute for things to start happening in this game it happened automatically how sad you lost the game not you stupid crybaby stupid crybaby stupid crybaby ang ang ang ang ang ang he go how did he get my stupid crybaby that's it I'm done with the sauce oh come on you're not going to check out more no underneath the sauce this is them wait what is this kill option I guess we forgot to fix that lever what the heck facecam just turned off anyways at least baby os is gone a Windows XP how much I love you so


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Based on Barney OS.
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