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by: The Quarter Guy

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you know the feeling when you've been waiting for something for so long and when you finally get your hands on it it turns out to crush all your hopes I know it's happened to you don't lie I know everyone has been there I'm no exception not even close I've played my fair share of duds in my day enough to make a list in fact so I'm going to lay down my list of the games that I was excited for only to have that excitement squashed flatter than wily coyote on a bad day keep in mind I'm not bashing the developers here and if you like these games that's fine you just have another opinion that isn't mine besides if you're planning to riot against me I have deal on standby just in case trust me this is going to get ugly enough stalling it's game time Breath of Fire was one of my most nostalgic games of all time it was what got me into RPGs in the first place and its sequel was pretty darn good as well I sadly have never played three or four though I hear they're pretty great however during my college years I realized that a fifth game called Breath of Fire Dragon quarter slipped under my radar given my past experience with the series I decided to rent it suffice to say I was less than impressed I'll give Capcom credit here they did try to experiment with some bold new ideas the way they were implemented however was not up to my expectations for one thing the world is dark and dull a stark contrast from the vibrant worlds introduced in previous games the characters weren't much better being bland in generic and the story an overall tone just felt bleak but the game's biggest flaw is it's cheap difficulty the general scarcity of healing items and complete lack of healing spells means that even minor enemies could pose a significant threat this is made even worse by the fact that dragon quarter took the Resident Evil approach to save points only allowing a hard save if you have a token of course if you die which is likely to happen often you can start over from the beginning only keeping party experience and a select group of items there's a difference between encouraging multiple playthroughs and outright demanding it and remember the dragon mechanic of the Breath of Fire series yeah you want to avoid using it when possible in dragon quarter otherwise it could consume you resulting in an instant game over again I get what Capcom was going for but I didn't make a contract with Q Bay I just want to play my game through well there's always hope that Breath of Fire six will make things better oh crap it's on mobile to say that Sonic's had it rough lately is the understatement of the millennium Sega for the most part has forgotten what made previous Sonic games great it wasn't all about the speed speed was just a reward for your platforming skills but with a lot of the 3d games the focused is too much on speed and not enough on good level design and more importantly good control sénéchaux six could have been a return to form had it not been rushed by fandom and of course I haven't played Sonic O six but I have played what came as a result of what was originally attempt to bring it to the week that was Sonic and the secret rings okay ignoring the fact of the plot basically amounts to Sonic trying to restore the Arabian Nights my initial enjoyment of the game wore off quickly the first problem I have with this game is the controls now remember this is an early Ouija which means it had to shove into your face affects the week and motion controls nearly everything from steering to controlling your speed to attacking for light on tilting the Wiimote because hey who likes the old control sticks am i right the control feels awkward and loose homing attacking makes my arms tired and trying to stop on a dime but get about it yeah you can earn tighter controls by leveling up but that stuff should come standard after that the fact that the bits of story are broken up by seemingly pointless missions they get repetitive and boring a camera that's as bad as ever a counterintuitive leveling system and characters that are bland and boring and you've got something a facepalm at oh and how about we throw a note shameless and unresponsive Mario Party knockout for good measure because sonic shuffle was clearly a success right I swear the Hedgehog needs to rest for a year or two so that the current sonic team can play the old games maybe focus on Sega's other series while they're at it where is no Rhythm Thief sequel already

one game I'd heard a lot about from countdown artists like myself was Shadow of the Colossus many of the eats your countdown artists such as the arc Josh and whatnot were praising this game for its exciting a unique boss battles and its overall artistic brilliance so when it was announced that it was getting an HD re-release alongside ICO I decided it was time and gave the game a fair chance and to be honest I wasn't seeing it yeah I understand the whole art angle but I feel that art should never come at the cost of good gameplay the camera for one was a huge offender it felt really finicky and awkward to control in a 3d action game a functional camera is essential for me to enjoy it bad cameras can sometimes outright ruin a game and this was one of the deal-breakers for me I know there it was the overworld it really had no point except to look all artsy fartsy yeah it looks good but only had three purposes shooting down fruits for health killing lizards for gripping stamina and connecting the boss fights game is already a glorified boss rush as it is so why is this overworld even there and why is there an actual boss rush mode for that matter and then there's the biggest problem that controls I found them to be clunky and not fluid at all this is especially true when trying to control aggro he acts like he has a mind of his own and as a result rarely goes where you want get this apparently aggros controls were made this way on purpose to make it seem more realistic oh yeah well I play games for more than art and realism should never come at the expense of good gameplay design choices oh and those boss fights I lost interest after the first one I'll admit it looked cool but it was frustrating to get on the guy in other words fuck this give me Monster Hunter any day

opinions have been mixed on the Final Fantasy series from the very start especially in more recent years take Final Fantasy 13 for example often put down as the bottom of the barrel for the series for me however it was a guilty pleasure don't get me wrong and had plenty of problems but nothing that really deterred me from finishing it however there is one game in the series that I've played but never had the patience to finish that would be Final Fantasy 3 or more specifically the DS remake which was its first release in America first problem the Famicom original had nameless characters which felt a little more personal but in the DS remake they were replaced by actual characters a term which I use loosely because these guys are among the most bland and generic sacks of crap in the franchise and this blandness doesn't top of the protag so no the main villain for most of the game sandé is a worst villain than even exdeath let's see the first game had a corrupted knight that became a Demon Lord the second game had an emperor who conquered both heaven and hell and what did this game give us a wizard who wanted to live forever friggin really but the worst part is the job system I like how you can choose from a lot of different classes what I hate is the fact that whenever you change classes your stats get nerfed until you get used to the change in class that's why did you swap out a Pokemon from your team for a new one and but the new one had slow starting to get bought a few battles with it how much sense does that make add to that an aggravating lack of save points and a pointless online feature and you have a game that probably should have stayed in Japan Final Fantasy 5 honestly did most of this stuff better you know at one point in my life I was obsessed with yugioh by which I mean I needed every UVO game I could play eventually this came to include the sacred cards it was okay it wasn't anything to write home about things like the deviations from the standard rules and the deck level system threw me off but at the very least it was tolerable so why on God's earth would you want to take a step back from that rash F of destruction was a huge mistake the first of many issues with the game is the huge difficulty spiked from sacred cards for one thing your deck starts off even worse than it did in the last game meaning every duelist run into is likely to wreck your shit next the Duelist level and deck capacity systems which are meant to prevent you from getting too strong a deck too quickly are even more poorly handled in sacred cards they went up by five or ten after a duel in red stuff of destruction 1 and 3 respectively that means good luck getting enough good cards let alone putting them in your deck the entire idea is just stupid anyway it's better to just unlock packs like in the world championship games and speaking of cards there are even fewer than in sacred cards including only 19 trap cards possibly the worst part however is saving and life normally you start a duel with 8,000 Life Points in red chef of destruction you don't regain Life Points between duels they carry over the only way to get them back is to save remember Pokemon Colosseum remember how you can only save at a PC now imagine if there are only one PC and that was also the only place to heal making matters worse is that bosses can have ridiculous amounts of Life Points and absolutely broken decks to be honest I really didn't get that farmed at the story I spent about a week with the game before I returned it and discussed good fucking riddance

I may not be the biggest fan of Dragonball Z but I still have a fondness for the series in fact Budokai 3 is still one of my favorite fighting games had a fun story mode a wide array of customization options and plenty of modes key players busy I wish I could say the same about Dragon Ball Z tai ketsu unlike the Budokai games that are deep and involved tai ketsu is little more than your generic button mashing Street Fighter wannabe most fights are condensed to hammering on the buttons until one of you falls down oh and there's charging your power - but doing that makes you right for an ass-kicking on top of that the controls are so janky Kang that you'll be lucky to win fights with any manner of consistency the problems with the controls are especially apparent in the sky battles which happened for no apparent reason and basically boiled down to more button mashing another problem is that the graphics and music are completely forgettable in fact you're not even hearing the music from this game you're hearing music from Budokai 3 which is honestly much better the animation does very little to do the source material just as either making an already forgettable game even worse however is the distinct lack of options available when you compare the enormous rosters of games like the Tenkaichi line to the 16 fighters in Thai Tetsu the difference is indeed real on top of that the unlock levels are pretty much limited to the kind of stuff you could find online with better quality for free the game's biggest selling point at the time was the playable debut of broli who was just being introduced to Western audiences at the time but that is no excuse for such a bland and unmemorable game and besides Budokai 3 didn't better justice anyway and this is coming from the guys who gave us the legacy of goku games what the hell happened here the Mario RPGs brought some fresh ideas to a genre that was feeling formulaic at the time Paper Mario in particular was something truly unique not only in terms of aesthetic but in terms of the gameplay and story lines after a thousand-year door and Super Paper Mario however Shigeru Miyamoto decided that for the next Paper Mario game he wanted it to be as far removed as possible from those two games well even Shiggy can have a bad idea once in a while yes sticker star may be pretty far removed from the other Paper Mario games that much is true however in the process it's also far removed from what makes a good RPG it's a mediocre game on its own but for a Paper Mario game it's inexcusable for starters the first thing people look for in an RPG is a great story the previous Paper Mario games had deep engrossing stories surrounding the MacGuffin that you were supposed to collect some subplots in the games were downright disturbing saying nothing of villains like Count black on the shadow Queen sticker star simplifies things down to Bowser causing trouble and kidnapping peach and Mario having to gather royal stickers to save the day moreover some of the best characters in previous Paper Mario games were the partners enjoyable characters with interesting personalities sticker star gives you a sticker spirit named Kirsty who's about as flat as the world you inhabit that in itself is bad enough but the gameplay makes things three times worse stickers are everything literally everything and you can only carry so many arnout you have to run away other vital components like experience points leveling up and OH targeting go by the wayside as a result random encounters become unnecessary throughout the game since you can basically find stickers everywhere just by exploring the biggest problems however are the boss fights which are near impossible without a specific sticker look there are puzzle bosses and then there's trial and error not something I like in a game of this variety especially when said trial and error in folks going back to find some random thing I'm a fucker man kaitos did the disposable attack concept better people if there's one series I talk about more than most people it's the king of fighters it's known for tight gameplay its unique lore and of course its enormous cast of characters the series has also tried it's best to evolve in some way with each installment with the glaring exception of the King of Fighters 12 horas I'd like to call it the King of Fighters HD tech demo version 0.5 beta I'm dead serious build us a rebirth to the series KOF 12 instead felt rushed and downright incomplete let's start right about here notice anything amiss let me give you something with which to compare this the King of Fighters 94 the first game in the series had eight teams of three fighters for a total of 24 playable characters how many characters does KOF 12 have 23 where the fuck is Kay - where the fuck is my where the fuck is T's up wait no one cared about T sake and the characters that did make the cut we're missing some of their best moves not to mention that the hand-drawn characters looked like ass that's the least of our worries here in terms of gameplay each game added something new and it usually worked the gameplay gimmick of the day here was the critical counter system which almost never worked when I wanted it to and how about all those awesome modes huh all four of them arcade aka a glorified Time Attack practice mode versus mode and online play oh and by online I mean connection problems up the fucking ass compare this to blazblue calamity trigger released the same year yeah ARC's is delivered the superior package and I ended up paying full price for a beta test reverse pack the real rebirth actually happened two years later with KOF 13 which wrapped up the Ashe saga with a satisfying game that still has a place in the hardcore fighting circuit so KOF fans are lucky that 12 didn't effectively kill the series outright I wish I could say the same about the last two and their respective franchises I hate this game I really hate this game Megaman X 7 pretty much shat in the face of everything I loved about the X series in one massive bowel movement for the record I enjoyed all the 2d Megaman X Games even x64 what they had in common the stories were interesting the characters were compelling and the gameplay felt smooth and fluid let's tackle yet order how X haven't fucked these things sideways to leg day the flood is a shadow of former games boiling down to a squabble between the Maverick hunters and rival gang red alerts over one of the ladders expats I mean we're going from fate of the world business to friggin gang wars are you fucking serious that's not even talking about how bad the characters were portrayed now I won't go out of my way to defend other m's generally bad writing but at least I can understand what team ninja was going for in their portrayal of Samus but here the new characters are blended shit and the hunters our clan derives beyond recognition they played up Axl's cocky kid angle way too much zero who admittedly got the best treatment still feels too much like the cliche shell-shocked veteran and x2 your god they made X such a pussy ass bitch that you can't even play as him when the game starts why were you in LA the central feature of the game that never works remember this in order to unlock X you need to rescue Reptoids and that's a mess because they're in places where they're likely to diet or not pixel perfect they die in one hit and if they die they're gone for good it's a killjoy and Fire Emblem games pre awakening and it's a killjoy here to the gameplay makes matters worse controlling your heroes feel stiff and clunky the camera is atrocious and invincibility frames aren't going to save you from deadly traps the 2 character system doesn't work well either since you lose a life if either of your hunters goes down because obviously their lives are intertwined somehow and don't even fucking get me started on the stages and bosses or the voice acting otherwise this will turn into a full-on review thankfully x8 fixed nearly every problem that x7 had but by then the damage was done the X series had fallen out of favor and as a result x8 + command mission suffered in sales the worst part is that Capcom was considering making Megaman X 9 but after the previous games flopped they made a remake of the original instead conclusion x7 killed Megaman X and as a die-hard Megaman phonetic this is unforgivable but I'd rather play x7 to 100% completion on hardmode than even touch number one ever again because at least x7 tried to stay true to its series and though regrettably I can still consider it a Mega Man game but number one oh man number one needs to be brought to justice immediately

warning well you're about to see may shock you it may even horrify you by continuing to watch this video you absorbed both me and pure on digital LLC from any responsibility from any trauma that may result from exposure to what I consider be the most disappointing game I have ever played and the more I put this off the less I want to talk about it but I've come this far already there's no turning back now disappointment incarnate thy name is Samurai Shodown sin now you'll have to forgive me if I start to sound like the nerd here but this game deserves it and now it's time for me to rev it up you won for everything that it is now I really enjoyed the Samurai Shodown games in 2d fast paced hard-hitting web and based combat that gave one big fuck to you - any sense of realism but when it made the jump to next gen 3d it comes all that in the septic tank and left me with one of the most horrifying experiences which I've ever subjected my poor xbox360 it's gonna be ok it can't hurt you anymore so how do I best describe this game well think of Senna's what would happen if Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat had a drunken one-night stand behind the bar one night and then shack food after the bastard child that got left in a dumpster I mean look at this shit it's been enough that the mysticism that normally accompanies the franchise got thrown out the window in terms of story but team play is even worse the controls feel stiff and not fluid at all the special moves are confusing as fuck and the characters oh god the newcomers had no place in the mythos and the veterans were neutered to hell heaven purgatory and straight back both in terms of gameplay and personality remember all those awesome and super flashy moves from the 2d games well too fucking bad because you won't find them here as far as aesthetics go it's about as uninspired as a gameplay bland environments compared to the vibrant backgrounds of the originals character designs that look like they're from the early days of the ps2 and the entire experience just feels bad and soulless imagine if you will a Kesey attempt at remaking Kill Bill as a video game wait you don't have to this is what it looks and feels like right down to the finishers that even Quentin Tarantino what facepalm at I wanted to like this game I really did but the amount of frustration and boredom that had put me through sucked out any joy I could have possibly gotten from it like an evil bizarro Kirby and the real sad part is there hasn't been a true samurai shodown game since this one and honestly I've lost all hope that it will ever happen the dream is dead mutilated and tortured beyond recognition by this heartless soulless emotionless excuse for a game you're better off playing a real Soul Calibur game using the creative character than subjecting yourself to this fuckness this is not Samurai Shodown this is a fucking sin I'm the corner guy hangout me and mr. dirt devil need to go back to the kubrik we need to recover from this




ooh boy that was emotionally exhausting hopefully next time I'll be back to my usually positive self in the meantime feel free to leave feedback and if you enjoyed this video drop down a like if you want to see more from me I have links to my other videos and there's always the subscribe button since I'm posting more content regularly I'm also on Twitter Tumblr and Facebook and if you have the money and want to help this channel you can become a supporter on my patreon page maybe score some cool perks thanks again for watching laters


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