My Perfume Collection + Declutter

by: Lisa Stevens

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so as I've been promising today's video is going to be my perfume make our perfume perfume collection declutter so I've been declaring my whole makeup collection and have pretty much gotten through all of that but this is a category I have not declared in some time as you guys can see this shelf that I store it on I have had questions on I did get that at HomeGoods a few years ago but this is getting really full I have a lot in here I don't wear all of these anymore I do like obviously to rotate my perfume which is why I do have so much but some of these I just don't wear anymore so it is time for me to go through and get rid of some things so that's what we're doing I am holding my camera so hopefully this is not too shaky and it is so stormy outside it's like almost looks like nighttime even though it's 9 o'clock in the morning so sorry if my lighting is a little off I have all of my lights pointed right at this I do have all my lights on right now so hopefully this will be ok but let's go ahead and start with this bottom shelf here so I want to actually start on this side I'm gonna start with this one in front because I know I need to get rid of this this is from Calvin Klein this is the euphoria fragrance as you can see I'll hold it this way there's not much left in this fragrance and this is probably maybe the fifth bottle of this that I've owned this used to be my signature scent it used to be all that I wore this bottle here is probably four maybe five years old and I never reach for it any more because it just doesn't smell the same anymore and I'm kind of over it I wore it for so many years that I just I'm not a fan of it anymore so I'm gonna go ahead and throw that in the trash because that needs to just be thrown away behind that I have this pink fresh vanilla this is actually a body spray all of the body sprays that I own I'd been trying to use up as like room sprays that's what I use them for cuz they just don't last on the skin long enough for me so I'm gonna move this out of here because I want to put all of those in one place so that I can just use them up but I am NOT going to get rid of it I'm going to use it up as a room spray but I just need to pull that out so I remember to use it that way alright next I have this year this is a newer fragrance for me this is the meu mio original fragrance I actually really like this so that is going to be staying it is like I said pretty new next I have this Marc Jacobs this is the honey this is the Marc Jacobs honey I got this at t.j.maxx because it was on clearance and I was like I really like Marc Jacobs fragrances so I might like it but I got it home and smelled it and I'm really not that big of a fan of it so I used it a few times but I just have other fragrances that I like better so I'm gonna go ahead and let go of this now all right next I have this little luxury scent scent box this is just like one of the travel sprays that they do this is just a little travel spray that I was sent from them I had a bad experience with this company so I am gonna go ahead and just declutter that next I have this little jar where I keep some travel size fragrances sometimes when I'm traveling I'll just grab like one or two of these to bring with me I'm not gonna go through all of these right now I'm just gonna keep those because I just don't have time to go I don't want to go through all of those right now but I do use them when I like I said when I travel if I don't want to bring like one of my roller balls I'll just grab one or two of those next sorry about the shakiness next I have my YSL black opium this is another fairly new one for my collection it looks like it's full but it I have been using it a lot I love this fragrance so that is staying for sure alright next up is this here kind of hiding in the back this is the Elizabeth and James Nirvana white I love this as well so that is definitely staying and the last two things on this shelf are two more body sprays from Victoria's Secret both of those are going to come out once again same thing that's the other one I'm just gonna put them in a different area to become a room sprays next let's move on to this shelf I do have a rollerball this is supposed to be in my rollerball thing but this is the Elizabeth and James Nirvana black rollerball I love this fragrance as well I'd like to eventually get it in a full-size but honestly I don't need it cuz I have so many but I do use that one a lot I also have the Marc Jacobs decadence which I really love so that's staying hiding back here I have the scent bird this is a little again travel size they sent to me and inside of this one let's see what's in here I can't remember this is the gucci bamboo oh I do like gucci bamboo so that I will keep that's nice for traveling as well next to that next year the decadence I have Flowerbomb this is one of my favorites I will for sure be keeping that and Jimmy Choo which is also one of my favorites as you can see that one's like half gone I really love both of these another one that's fairly new this is the YSL Mon pari I've been using this a lot you guys can tell it's not even that neat or that old and I've already used quite a bit of that so that is sting as well this one you can't really see what's inside of it but this is the this is the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy rose I love the bottle of this I think it's so beautiful even when it's empty I'm going to keep it for the bottle or just for display but I love this fragrance as well and I'm definitely keeping that now hiding back here I have the this game is a set for the holidays with the full-size fragrance this is the rollerball of the Nirvana white and then I also have the perfume oil I don't reach for these because I do have the full-size fragrance I thought it would be nice to have the rollerball to go with the rollerball of the black so I could travel with it but I just don't do that so I think I did it one time so I'm gonna go ahead and get rid of both of those alright and we're moving on to the top shelf up here I have some little minis which I love getting these little as Point perks so this one here is a dior poison I really love that one so that's gonna stay I also have this clean warm cotton I've used this a lot to spray on my clothes if they kind of smell like they need to be washed especially on my work uniform if I don't have time that's gonna stay I have a mini a flower bomb um you know I have the full size of flower bomb and I don't think I'll get to using this so I'll get rid of that one and then I have a Versace bright crystal I do like that that's gonna stay alright next I have this Michael Kors this is the sexy amber I do like that so that's gonna stay and then I have the little mini of the Levias Bell which I love as well so that's gonna stay alright I do have a room spray up here I'm gonna pull that down to go with the other room sprays next I have the this here is the Britney Spears fantasy fragrance I used quite a bit of this I just don't like it anymore but my youngest daughter steals us from me all the time she loves it so I'm gonna give that to her all right next I have the Vera Wang princess I really do like this one so that's good I'm gonna keep that one I do love this this is another Jimmy Choo fragrance this was a limited edition what was it called I can't remember the name of this I found it at t.j.maxx and because I love the original Jimmy Choo I thought I would love it and I do so I've already used quite a bit of that and I do like that as well and then the last thing up here is this oh it's not the last thing just kidding glass full-size fragrance is this Vince Camuto Fiore I found this on clearance at Target Fred Meyer and I thought I would just pick it up just to see and I hate it it's so bad so I'm getting rid of that for sure that's why you don't buy fragrance before you smell it okay and then the last thing up here is this little jar that has some of my roller balls in it so let's go through these quick this is from Realtree this was okay I got this in a boxy charm this was okay I also have a viva la juicy little duo I do like that fragrance so I'll keep that this oh I didn't really like this one I'll get rid of this that's the romance deep Provence I didn't like that much boxycharm again this I also got in boxycharm style to Paris I don't want that either I'll get rid of that I do like the Harvey prints hello so that I will keep oh this is a mini a black opium I don't need that I have the full size so I will get rid of that alright so I did finish reorganizing and this is what it looks like now I'm just for fragrances on the bottom two shelves and then on the top I have all like the minis and stuff and then I just put two of the gym the Jimmy Choo ones up there I might end up moving those down and just have small ones on top but I'll kind of play with that a little bit but obviously as you can see there's a lot less stuffed in here so I really like how it turned out I'm really happy with how much I got rid of let's see these are all of the products I pulled out of there so these are the ones over here that I'm actually going to be getting rid of and then these ones are the ones I'm going to use up as room sprays so that's everything I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video today if you have questions or comments leave them down below and I will see you guys in my

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