Tips to get Pressure Off Nerve While Sleeping with Low Back Pain and Sciatica / Dr Mandell

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most commonly talked about topic sciatica and sleeping sciatica low back pain is a common epidemic and that's talking about a nerve that is the largest fattest nerve in the body that comes from the lower back area goes underneath the buttocks underneath the buttocks and down the leg the back of the leg which gets to the leg to the knee it splits and it goes to the rest of the leg and the foot in the big toe sciatica never affects the front of the fact but sciatica can be tricky because you can have no pain in the lower back and have burning or pain of the leg or you can have pain in the lower back and pain in the lip sciatica is a very very painful condition excruciating it will keep you from walking it will cause actually it feels like a toothache going down your leg I want to explain very simply we're sciatica comes from the lower back you can see these yellow nerves in the áfive lumbar nerves and lower back and you have nerves in the sacral plexus now these are the disk spaces this shows at this problem right here see that redness that red shows that the disk is protruding outwards affecting on that nerve and that nerve would be affected very important thing I want you to understand our goal is to get the pressure off the nerve how can we do it when we sleep those eight hours or six or seven hours maybe five hours we want to open it up so how do we open it up we open it up when the legs under here come up this way watch so when they come up this opens up so our goal is to open up the back of the spine so we can get that nerve to breathe so how are we going to do that if I'm on my back here you can use a wedge and that wedge is going to cause flexion into my knees and it's going to open up those that hole or the holes in the lower back this is how you should be sleeping this is actually good to sleep with a normal spine now if you need the wedge to come up more you put another pillow under here but you must keep these knees bent it's going to cause it's going to prevent the locking effect within the muscles in the deep abdomen in the definitive region it's actually going to cause the muscles within the lower back to relax so the muscles can actually heal now if you were going to sleep on your side I would tell you to take a pillow put it between your knees like this but what the same idea is keeping those knees bent ok now some people may say I need to bend it up more fetal the more you can bend it if it feels more comfortable the safer your going to be nothing to worry about don't think that if you bend them up it's going to hurt your back you cannot hurt the lower back the date of your knees like this but the worst position for you is when you keep it straight this is putting more of a sway back in the back you have nothing being supported the muscles are overly contracting and you may be wondering why you're waking up a lot of pain so the key thing with the lower back is we want to reduce the irritation off the nerve we want to relax the muscles and a little tip I can also give you when you wake up in the morning address those muscles when you're on the back take the left knee bring it up and stretch pull it up you'll feel stretching the buttocks you'll feel stretching the lower back you can do the other one pull it up okay try to keep the other leg straight and feel the stretching and then you can hold it 30 40 seconds and then you can do both knees okay and just pull it up and you feel that really good stretch when you get up in the morning don't jump up sit up let the blood circulate you can actually sit to the end of the bed you can just lean forward just let your body lean forward guess what very important your long gating those muscles you prepare those muscles for an action and the next thing you're going to do is you're going to use them very few people ever stretch the lower back muscles when they first get up but if you just lean forward you're going to feel real good you feel it all the way between your shoulder blades all the way down to the lower back so

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Low back pain, pinched nerve, and sciatica can be very painful especially if the nerve continues to stay inflamed and irritated. Sleeping in the right position will help reduce pressure off the nerve and allow you to sleep more soundly. Make sure you like us on facebook:

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