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welcome back to my youtube channel sorry I'm kind of like hyped today because I haven't posted on my channel for a very long time and I apologize for the the only reason why I haven't been posting is because of family and not just family just life in general like especially if you're a student obviously you guys will know why and a lot of you guys have been telling me why are you reacting to these Chinese guys and I have to correct the person thing it's not Chinese that is Korean and that because you guys are requesting any videos so how am I supposed to get input from that you know so that's why I'm reacting to Korean guys because I don't know I just like kpop so it's like the ultimate group well anyways today's video we're gonna be reacting to a new BTS trailer comeback trailer and this time it's take young kim taehyung AKA v his comeback is called the singularity singularity his comeback me just to come back because he's I won't sing his because he's only in it right all right yeah so yeah this I'm saying his but um we're both very excited especially this going cuz that's that's my is yeah so um shall we begin okay let's start I'm very serious the same okay [Music] that's intro low and always makes me nervous but it's just something all right now Chuck [Music]


[Music] sounds so good laughing as if nothing else to say oh [Music]



well the dance is just like wow this is my ultimate bias I love the instruments everything phones and it's vocals really Wow [Music]



so good whoa black ear get it here oh god that was so good I freaking shot to the max and I was not expecting that at all I never expected this from you no no me neither like I okay here's some thoughts we have skipper and put on this first of all I don't know where subscribe happened it was just wow as you can see through the video I was just laughing cuz like I was nervous and like kinda like shook at the same time like feels were everywhere like oh my god I can't even speak right I'm just my phone let me put some thought in okay that's it turned off into this okay first of all the music was like so his style exact as we know his like music type especially she does bully in a so like my style and alone no it was like that I just like this is so him like the music well I didn't expect him to be like oh he's not like that in real life he's he's really goofy and real life so yeah I'm just like you see like a different side of him you're like what's a good side though wish I could see more of that but like honestly this video was whoa stupid news shivers everywhere it was okay it was really good that's a very good thing hope you guys enjoyed a reaction I know this was like a coyote reaction because we didn't say much but you know we're just joke Oh shook it to the max like holy I'm not supposed to swear on this channel but anyways it's acceptable for this one yep so hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up also subscribe to my youtube channel if you guys already an uncommon down below please request YouTube videos if you guys don't want to see any more reactions maybe you can request vlogs or challenges or you know whatever you guys want just please please please put it in the comments down below I was about to say description and I'm going to leave the video in the description and by the way we're gonna be going through the BTS worlds whoo yes so and the tickets are on sale tomorrow hopefully we can get our fingers crossed I'm pretty sure we will but um can't wait to see them on September I know so yeah and also follow our social medias which I'll leave down below as well so see you guys next time

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