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Hello? Hi, Luis? Hi, how are you? I'm good, you? Oh, great great. Hey, do you still work at that foam place? Yeah, it's my factory actually. I wanted to know if you'll lend me some foam bags that have little balls. Oh yeah! It is foam snow. Exactly, those ones. I don't know if you'll lend me some bags, because I need them for some important stuff. And what are you going to use it for? It's for a project. Oh, sure. So you think I could pick them up later? Yeah yeah, I'll lend them to you with all the pleasure of the world. Okay, thanks! No, thanks to you. What are you doing? What's wrong with you? We are in private What happened? Hey what do you think I found in the muses' cellar? what is it for?Ah yeah, it's for a tutorial. Why did you take it?. Polinesios, I mean I really have to tell you that if you put your hand inside this, it feels so nice! I don't know if you have seen satisfying videos? It's like those activities where you do and put these, but this is for a tutorial. Don't lose them cause we don't have many. And what if I tell you that we have more?! Do you mean less? Come, come and see. Karen, open the car's trunk, please. You can figure out what's going to happen. Is it a dog?

Why did you buy so much? I mean no, no, no. No, no, calm down. First, it's not for a prank, second, I didn't buy them, I borrowed them so we'll have to turn them back. But I'm not gonna be picking up every single ball just to turn it back. No, don't worry, we have a system that does it for us, but. Wait, how much it weights? Take them out. It's light. Yeah, it doesn't weight much. Karen. What? Welcome to the most amazing experiment ever. You know why I asked all of this? Why? Because I thought that we can fill Lesslie's shower with her inside this. With ice? No! With her inside! She inside? Yeah! I mean, how? For what? What's the point? Satisfaction. I mean, yeah, but how many bags would we need? All of these and the ones in the car. We do not know if it's going to fill up, will it? It's gonna fill, for sure. Now let's see Lesslie's reaction. Lesslie... Aww little Kler, why? Are you cheating on me? You're with everyone. Lesslie, look what we bought you! Why did you bring it here? It's called snow... I don't remember. Lesslie, come with us.

Our great idea is... that you get in the shower first. No, it's not happening. Is to see how many bags are needed to drown you. To fill your shower! But, what did you mean by "drown you"? No, it's not true. Look Lesslie, as our little sister, and the shortest one, is easier we can cover you with the "snow" than me cause I'm taller, and so is Karen. Yeah, it's faster that you drown than us. Let's do something. Lesslie, how many bags you think we need to achieve it? Of those ones? Yes. Yeah, of those ones. How many? Like eight. Ok, eight. What do you think? I think twenty. Ah, I... I think like twelve. Twelve? Ok, now Polynesians, right now is gonna pop a poll so you can bet too. Exactly. And we're gonna see at the end of the video... Don't run away! Lesslie, no. Lesslie, we already order these. Let me put a more comfortable outfit. A special outfit for this. Yeah, I don't want it to get all over me... But we also need something to know you're still alive. So, you are NOT trying to kill me, right? Okay Lesslie, are you ready? Ready. To the bathroom! Let's go. Aaand we're ready! Lesslie is in her position. I'm in my position too. Let's see Are you ready Lesslie? Ready!

It's getting out of the shower! No, Rafael... We need tape. To cover here. Hellooo, do you have the tape? No, you don't. Here we go! Here's the tape. Okay Lesslie, I'm gonna have to stick it from the inside because if we put it on the outside, I mean This is going to fill. Polynesians, Lesslie already seal everything. Lesslie is having so much fun there. Stop it Lesslie, it's not supose to be fun, it's torture. Aria, what are you doing? do you wanna get in there? We have someone who wants to get in the shower too. Aww, bring her to me! okay, here we go... There she is! She likes it. What did you think about this Aria? She doesn't want to move. Another guest is here.. You wanna get in too? Pass her on. Oh someone is super excited! Who's excited? What happened? Aw, mi baby! Karen's gonna do the honors. Here it comes. Come here babies. ♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ ♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ ♪ This is endless and it's never gonna end... Eh! ♪ This bag's empty. What does Kler thinks about it? We've used two bags already. Put Aria down. Aw Aria, what happened? You're all covered! Lesslie I'm gonna give you the Polynesians, here it goes. Okay *screams* No way! *laughs* Why're you laughing? You thought... *laughs*

Look how cute you are. I'm so happy and chill here. Bring another bag, brothers. Here it goes...

My eyelashes! *laughs* Polynesians... My lashes! I want you to see this. Okay, they already fell. I'm gonna dig deeper this time. And we found... a living dinosaur. We found a creature, catch it! Aw so cute! Kler doesn't wanna get out. Eh, Polynesians? She is so chilled. No, Aria wants to get inside again. This can't be true. She's like those whimsical kids, look. You let her out and immediately she wants... no. Kler was so calm. What happened? Well, let's keep flooding Lesslie She is starting to get nervous. Let's see, cover your whole body and let's see her reaction. They're getting nervous. Calm down Kler. Lesslie disappeared! Lesslie!! What? You're gonna need these. What's this? They're ear plugs. I'm gonna put them on so I don't hear any of the crazy thing you say. Polynesians you saw, we're still filling this up and look how many bags are left to use. -Microphone windscreen- (to simulate a rat) To fill Lesslie's "pool", it's her shower really. Done. Let's go.

Oh, this is really good...

I wanna go for a dive... Tear me that one. While Lesslie is trying to dive in, I...

Ah! Wow! Everything is covered! I broke my finger... What?! Really?! *sobbing* I broke my finger Are you serious?

It's a prank. You... No way, I thought we were gonna title this I hate her! "We play with foam, and it ends wrong". or "It not ends well, we don't find Lesslie". And it's sealed with...

*screams* What happened?! *still screaming* What's wrong? No, no way. What's that?! What's that?! Gross!

*laughs* You're mean. It's just a microphone windscreen. Here's your "stinky rat". I throw it to her and she did'nt notice. I thought "uff, there's no way she's gonna find it".

Polynesians, it's time for the last bag. You can only see her head. Shout up! Lesslie is going to get drowned there. No! she's gonna drown! The bag slide out of my hands... No! Easy, you'll get out of there someday . When we can clean this mess. What's she doing? What's wrong? Hello, hello. *laughs* *similar "Jaws" theme song* *Avril Lavigne "Kawaii" song* Polynesians, we finished emptying everything, and here's Lesslie. I can't anymore! It feels good but it's getting all inside my mouth... no. Get them out! Polynesians, your faces are a little dirty. Polinesios, Lesslie.... What? Are you ready to see the blower's magic? *blower noise* *"Nutcracker" theme song* *blower noise* Oh, oh... What are you doing? Who's out there? Look at this! What happened? Some of them flown out here *more blower noise* *"Jingle bells rock" song playing* Woo! This is called "Christmas in a bathroom". There's not much but the imprtant thing is what you have there. I mean, this is even less, look. Well I have to leave now so I don't get to clean any of this up. Noooo! Attack! *"Can keep my hands to myself"*

*"My hands to myself" "It damages your hair, right?" And our great adventure ends here. Yes, look at this, it's a mess. Lesslie, I'm sorry. Laeeslie, stay there, we're gonna grab some food. NO! NO! Goodbye Polynesians! I love youuu... *laughs* It's like moving sand. What's wrong with her?

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