Most unexpected GG — throw or comeback? The International 2017

by: dotatvru

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during this he knows these verses a dual lane because the Conklin's force middle to try to help the tinkerer a bit because we should get a good chunk of experience and plus that's down here can be very nice forever you can come on guitar I'm gonna make an upper bit of an attempt on some in one hand oh the bellies are rocking it down and that's gonna be your first blood this mid lane look pretty scary indeed I mean you say you're saying man it's never gonna be nice for the invoke current cuz if he gets caught out as well if he's the one to get going on things cuz son get a bit trickier we'll see if they can close the distance mid while moving forward down a little bit by the laser yup sorry it's still in good position to react this part it's going to miss here they try and go in with that one cuz in the area to that as well yup saw hits the three man sleep holding back TNC and indeed with the rotation because ooh they kept one they may even get more out as well as the three stacks napalm buildup on 1437 Kazu heading in deep looking for that silencer kill he should get it he does he may pay of his life as the tower comes flying through with the hits and cuckoos one no because quite reach him guess who gets out and indeed Japs or with these stomps making sure the secret have the chance to turn ok so don't come back in here son oh they're gonna die oh that's so much extra Kong for the conquer there good luck you could have gonna have you just got the bounce of rhythm and yeah that's the thing is that they're both being very patient about not taking dumb fights and also just they had like that kind of mirror think happening where they have the to be two in the mid lane and neither them wanted to get over-aggressive run away he's got the blink out there we go chance for global silence comes through and that is gonna be enough to buy some time to savage they look to move in all the flame break as he knocks a mage out of the Sun strike not to play the secret wanted to happen there they may still get the kill that put the sleep on to Santa now in return though the boat flies through it's gonna be TNC taking down MP and maybe even more Raven moving forward forcing secret back there and a plane break him out okay I was looking a bit retired from it felt like he had time there maybe maybe not maybe the cars too long but it's a yappy 37 silence our response are now straight away remember Graham Peter later will fly through the boat lies down MP will survive though and this is secret now look for the turnaround they turned to Wars the Legion commander who's trying to get himself away sammich can he escape he cannot will be taken down so you can find the kill trying to stick around for more in this fight the rock is getting spammed out for some secret bag the secret will survive they get themselves out of this one they're not gonna get the chance to jump in mid one reveal down bottom was goofy to push that Lane out till this comes water as the glimmer came in fact he's gonna get the patch as well on to puppet tracks about the Xbox our puppy with them again for himself up the apps on the capacity to try on the big night silencer net no but it gets purged not straight away from Sam H allowing 1437 to get out the global Raven Alec with a j-style focusing MP savage roar will be there from the bear to send TNC back that is the global town that's global downtown last hoedown mid one is set up that bottom he sees cuckoo for a second that's the big casual the tornado just misses loses vision loss that would have been the Sun strike he holds that always done it he's done it there with that can he finish up the kills got the deafening bite or else he should get this surely for spirit Perez there as well stop there that's the catch they were looking for getting that sinker off the map straight over to the shrine now at they'll head to contest TNCs attempt for roshan that's the perfect way to do it get that tinker out of the game now you've got a much better chance of deed lays down the arc sunstroke won't connect but with the tornado from upon they're forcing chancy away from the pitch Ravens ready to come back in them still with the illusions causing issues for secret force and yeah cuckoos buying back knows that he's required for this fight they need to have him here to have the chance of holding Roach the boat flies through connects onto invoker allowing savage to get in with the jaw and there's kuku and his present rosula gator who's gonna get hurt so good who gets the snatch tnc will get the kill though can they bring down Kenzie twice they'll bring him down once that's the ages gone diffuser plate charge thrown down auntie abs or they'll chase him down up to the high ground gives you back in trying to get them off the his friend but it's not gonna work cuckoos just doing too much as he gets the triple with the burst damage that he's throwing flying out because he gets out he is transitioning it very well radiance knocked out Thunder it's how I just really come in the radiance structures are fortified and she to try and push without that yep saw the game ready to hold them back with the stomp see how much didn't get through this five seconds and tink is gonna be back as well to come and join the fray do a good job by holding them off with bananas and the ice balls and so the Bears around as well cuckoo now jumps in after they down the Rockies beginning to fall secret back see if this rocket spouts cause a huge amount of issues obviously works really nicely as well yeah having the illusions out having that vision for the Rockets to connect blanket of the March over the racks to allow cyclists each piece of thing to men stop tornado for us and we will look for connection on Silas about 37 to pick up with the hurricane pike the bear in trouble get slowed down by the diffuser plate this shrine trying to keep it alive the spray let's bring it down low can they save the bear website they can get the bear back out to safety Hoosiers though causing issues from puppy as he's again forced away from the racks yep saw again trying to hold them back with the storm yeah there's no I as far as I've seen I'm checking again yeah no solar crests no medallion on either side bit surprising to look for the bear you have to throw nice all the Crescent the bear could be super good versus GOI Christmas region they're looking for the bear kill the real hero they drag it in they are going all in on the bed jump for for Sam H Sammy just like I want to do it the same time down bottom a lot of split push pressure being the double catapult rip and the alacrity catapult look at it just chunked that tower down they get the tier 3 and they get themselves out of it with the TP away they've flown with the backup down the lane he'll get himself away from any hookahs being sent back to hold it off the rest of tnc staying in the middle lane who said they can't get any sort of trade obviously here they've already taken down the kid for the rack moving in against sending allusions he knots the bear that got the time to hold it back trough rolling Raven sending him away and again looks like chance they get a Petrelli and melee rax Smith those double catapodis ones doing it the pressure that this in poker can put on as you say with the alacrity he just please dollar like you have to be allowed to happen alacrity catapults like 300 damage per hit on building ENC are going to be disappointed 410 see which is coming up to the 15-minute mark really is nothing at all yeah and mid one is just continuing this foot bush now he's even taking out shrine to the poorest bird so hence he's starting to feel it okay we have ages cheese we have to get something out of this ages cheese because we lost they're my friends they're heavily committing now on to the high ground on fitness racks yeah he's working on that tear to the top we should say this right as well being taken down they just don't need move one on to the kill gonna try and catch him they're gonna try to them can they find him here in the tree line the BKB but they're to get your they lock him down catch him out they should indeed get the kill and they do that Smith ones out Brady seconds and fortunate he now picks up the Lincoln Swiffer only he had that then I would have been fine but he's got it ready for next time he was so close to getting them he had like yeah I think a little bit less than half a second on the blink dagger is welcome yeah perfect by Sam agent 10 makes does get his second door victory of the game ie there we go that will be there to reflect there with the loads of salt sending it back yeah I'm still trying to chicken out with the glimmer cape as the stomp revved up as well but the second hex is Quicken again they do get the catch the apps or nowhere to run nowhere to hide it gets brought back by the Exmark they'll take him down the fence now where secret is starting to heavily fall apart my feet get sports back but Cooper's found with the laser takes them down and meet you buy back from puppy and yaps or if they look to hold this Raven back up to the high ground hasn't quite got the creeps there to remove the fact or protection no we're still 35 seconds to feed without mid one see how well they can hold here Raven poor down to half elf just to back up and heal up with the hearts are asking its back in full lineup a TNC forcing down disdain in touch from us slow seams on these racks as we've seen these rags have been up for forever now jumping from Kazu see get lassoed doesn't quite hit the target crave them with the illusion spam keeping secret at base these comes out onto the race I'll finally get the rain tracks all flying through their massive one from Yap so clips onto three bring your TNC down incredibly low the torrent holds back the bear the boat won't quite connect the bear beams work down low but Raven they can't finish off the melee rax somehow amongst it all they just don't have the damage for the structures to you in this bush so every time Kenzie does look to get aggressive their wave start to heavily push in and every five minutes it's those double catapult waves I'll down bottom here we have can my expertly Lincoln there's the jump board make one in trouble with the control from Thames and the jewel but they'll get the kill that's gonna be MIT one down as gods like and they're gonna clean up repair to Game one between secret and CNC that's our sink its Yap so Yap so can you keep its ever life to get the clinic a pop in time loads are so bad upon himself because of the high ground but the lasers and rockets fly fruit cuckoo takes the kill I'm now ready to look for more ghost scepter on puppies you gonna save them too much as the user play come true from Raven they take down the CM and that's going to be three dead on secret they do not have buyback sound seconds will get beaten down by MP there so claps jumps back in and yay your bag on they can get puppy back into the game that they feel the need to do so and they will they're buying back they're looking to do their best to hold this bouquet peace out on the side of Chauncey 1437 just not enough to savor those he gets take it down but Ryan turns to Worcester rags but Ravens getting beamed out upon by this space tried to man if he's got to be careful Raven gets caught up by the apps are all if the squid comes through that's good to be the age of sound down Catholic in the second time cuckoo goes forward with a frostbite there and the slap there from the apps or stapler punches through the head of the Tinker Hill buyback cuckoo trying to get back in and stuck in with Raven as he goes in with his second life from the ages MP being forced back to the base line health Amanar sammich coming back forward does have a duel if you see the opportunity but raven get him brought down how's the job will ganga trying to get his way out of every gets you down by puppy on community huddle and now cookus got call out this is looking to be a die back on the tinker no way to save him cuckoos down for 100 seconds reynard's and - he's brought back as well he's looking towards MP but MP with the hood keeps himself safe up the high ground the illusion still bringing him down it's not quite enough damage Raven caught up by the storm now we'll turn this attention to Ward's yaps up at the AoE definitely blasts from mid one forcing both Tim's and rate on a tornado from the low ground mid ones found that Raven this is a massive kill if they could take Raven this will be a little cuckoo a raven he tried to get himself there's a doppelganger outside off the Frostbite in the room but it's not gonna pay off he's down there's no coil some upon this could be I mean it should be game with no tinkerer for a minute no Lee Jim for 80 seconds no appeal for two minutes nearly Oh what if they oh my god they really wanted to force it so badly but they didn't even kill the melee rax they didn't he just kill they just that was cheese that was the double by back they super commit on it and they still KITT did Legion actually buyback - wait Legion fought back - and came back into the fight those triple die back and that's 1437 dead as well caught out by the lasso buyback available that's the game they are going straight for tier 4s they're going straight for GG secret and they'll get it GG is cooled as tnc tap out and in a game where a just wins the one hour mark secret just kept their composure that little bit better as it ends he despite having it from the strong early game in a relatively strong mid game they just didn't know how to close it up a secret just played the smart moves yeah they played really well around their shrines that's the things that ended up saving like two of them in that last following engagement but overall yeah secret played really good but more patient it seemed like especially towards the end seems like

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