Biggest wins caught on Twitch #20 (Week 48/2016)


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[Music] findell I

I'll say fee relaxes on the Chevy or people grunt easily come on yes th pistol Pratt take a sir sea bass with 68 we talked about to V to find more

let's go boys whoo I wish I did you know it'd be nice oh my god oh my god no yes yes I got it I got the champ I got the right Oh boom yes ha ha okay no way yes oh my god ha ha ha yes yes and boom 12,000 oh my god I can't believe that just happened 12,000 and what I'm gonna throw up I can't thank you I just happen $12,000 $12,000

[Music] let's go read trigger oh isn't that the guy we had really isn't that the guy we had isn't this a fucking dick this is a ding-ding this is a [Music]

I definitely I didn't even realize the man and they never realize until I'm talking they're like yeah we got this okay this is times five years this is times five we just dinged 42.9 k1 now I just touched down on super that time I know yes I choose to it squeaker school Kappa telling us it's about this is preserving the advantage with dollar



now why sure you should sleep sleepy sure though i PG College accommodate mother pretty cabbage wished of your nuts I will not be chosen I should reach on that whose must be nice sure that just asking that well I do okay at this process we show yes oh okay so it's exciting

from Halloween how many X is that Santa hammock how many existed would ya bro shit Beauty a to sandbox Bella in video your honor you're gonna be on YouTube ok many X's that torn off em teeny eggs Thank You banister Turner 59 X row

what the fuck you kidding what no no no no where's my youtube need to rewind fuckin what stop stop stop stop stop I got my fucking chicken out of the oven what the fuck [Music]


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