PPF (Public Provident Fund) | PPF से कैसे पाए 4 Crore ? Goverment Scheme Risk Free PPF

by: Market Maestroo

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Hum dekhenge ki kaise aap PPF se 2 Crore easily bana sakte hai pure details aur proof ke sath. PPF hum sab khulate hai lekin humko pata hi nhi hota hai ki PPF me actually paisa kaise banta hai. Is video me humne apko ek Trick bataya hai jisko use kar ke aap easily 2-4 crore PPF se bana sakte hai Topics Covered 1) public provident fund 2) PPF 3) ppf in hindi 4) ppf account 5) ppf account benefits 6) ppf interest 7) ppf account in hindi 8) ppf scheme 9) what is ppf 10) small saving scheme 11) investment in ppf 12) ppf scheme 2019 13) how to earn from ppf 14) market maestroo 15) ppf nw rule 16) ppf investment in hindi 17) ppf account online 18) mutual funds sahi hai 19) ppf vs mutual fund 20) public provident fund What is PPF? Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a scheme of the Central Government, framed under the PPF Act of 1968. Briefly, PPF is a Government backed, long-term small savings scheme which was initially started by the Government in order to provide retirement security to self-employed individuals and workers in the unorganized sector. Today, PPF is every Indian citizens’ darling investment avenue. So, if you are keen on a safe corpus, earning a decent tax-free rate of return, enjoying tax benefit; then PPF is for you. The contributions (i.e. investments) made to the PPF account, will earn a tax-free interest and the maturity proceeds are exempt from income-tax. But while you invest, have a long-term investment horizon; it can help you in retirement planning. To umeed hai apko ye video pasand ayega Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MARKETMAESTROO

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PPF (Public Provident Fund) | How to get 4 Crores From PPF Risk Free | PPF से कैसे पाये 4 Crore ?
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