The Alien Hunt (Garry's Mod)

by: Frisky

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frisky I click on one of your videos just to see like what like the comments are like how you say they are I'm on prison guard RP the first comment I see is I've always played gmod naked with my cat on my lap yeah



because seems clear you remember the mission right we got to fuck the helium's yeah you remember that aliens movie well with that Sandler in it but it was Adam Sandler was in an aliens movie the fuck's going on you guys know like alien covenant Cloverfield Lane that shit it's real of this poor school does that even included in the I think I'm pretty sure it is there were aliens in it his avatar included where is the mud my name is Jeff buying compilations that contract we don't have time to discuss movies this is real life and there are aliens out there and we need to clear him out this field look at all these dead bodies poor innocent people they murdered these were here the whole fucking time you didn't smell them is your no button broke look I've got like three teeth no nostrils fucking no eyelids never bad size-wise have been open since we fucking fought the first monster all right I haven't blinked in weeks

you boys ready to get on with this yeah you got your trackers on my trackers going fucking crazy because there's an electrical rat who's going 300 miles an hour gotta go fast stop fucking waddling what what are you he's a Pikachu luchador can I hear you say peek at you they got to it's fucking horrible no I don't think this is much higher Rock okay how do we know there are aliens out here well I mean we were sent out here to kill them weren't we so they're out here doesn't mean work it's accurate I'm assuming it's accurate what the fuck is this thing is that quicksand is your your tracker picking anything up yeah it's picking up two idiots in front of me and pull it out well it's picking up two idiots behind me I heard something though just me breathing um something else is on the tracker what's on the tracker something else that isn't us I mean I'm not picking any I like right in front of us that's not us is the chat what was that sound was it the dead horse that was definitely not you brother I started I parted oh alright you're pretty noisy dude the tracker doesn't have anything there was another blip on the track I saw yeah I saw the blip on the tracker - hey let's get moving then they're definitely not close enough for us to be tracking them maybe we should check the fields you think it's in there there's only one way to know the tracker showed something was there dude yeah I know I'm not going in there Hey oh well vans firing Lionel wait for the peak it's you something's here but you something's in there with Pikachu Pikachu get out okay he's gone something is in there Pikachu I know what to do don't airhorn

I tried frisky get up come on what what not dead see you're all right yeah we saved you the last minute what you guys screaming about it I found some corn in there you know good good are you a fucking field mouse and he's going back in you do realize that alien just came and tried to kill us right home back in again should we follow him yeah I mean if it's all right Pikachu on the tractor now pika are we gonna to use the tracker to find him yeah probably Pikachu hey kid you I can't fight him what did you got something guys - oh right there we found it found it is this where you were hiding no I was in the cornfield do you have do you happen to have a map of the area oh there's a blip waiting blip straight ahead straight ahead get ready weapons out it's coming it's coming fast Oh dope back little X about

I got it we got it okay one down rice another one fights that it sinks back through the earth where are you tea bagging him guys uh-huh no maybe inappropriate before the motion we run tea bagging the fucking alien that almost killed me duh yeah we got something on the radar in the field right there behind Pikachu I don't see anything Pikachu don't run ahead you're gonna get yourself something out there Pikachu watch yourself something's in this field there it is

how do you have a medkit on you you get yeah I'm all right I'm all right I just I just tripped from the bullet that you shot me on about tea bags healed you that bad come on a little little shit frankerz good I eat I take shits bigger than you that's a very unsettling considering your side yeah what you're shitting out giant man sighs shits I'm going inside I'm gonna check this out dude there's food here all that's just an empty beer container dude this is raisin bran I love raisin cookie they're mine what that you might remember I was like most unhealthy cereal raisin bran is so disgusting deed I feel like I'd be the best cashew dude I can't even see you down there yeah you wouldn't even be able to reach the money's over the counter fuck you shot me I've been shot multiple times t-bag by you guys fuckin slap by aliens I got oh no calm down here we have a mission okay we can milk drink your milk ain't strong this is not a good day that mean that's the cardboard remains of a six-pack what do you mean drink your milk I have a cashew here all right I'm going back to the mission make the rule I don't have time for you guys how many aliens did we get down so far I think three I'm too short to jump to this dude fuck don't give him a hand oh my god oh no something's in the field I think he's coming away we go okay retard oh shit oh fuck oh my god whoa okay I guess that means it's clear that yeah well that was too dramatic for no reason yeah I mean half of them just kind of disappeared into the fucking ground must have been like are we high they're returning to the earth from whence they came wait am i high right now no you're fine I'm starting to wonder if this is a cornfield or a marijuana field well thanks talking Pikachu and talking alligator yeah no problem that's why we're here to make sure that you remember that you're sane and sober so where's Adam segment I don't know but we could really use him right now I what happens and they're gonna do fucking pull up what's he gonna do blood his fuckin remote just pause everything that's not how this works ghosts would keep the morale up over here huh he had bring his sister to and his sister to fuck things up Jill oh my god stop talking about out of Sandler movies I'm pretty sure we're nearing the nest all right stay focused Justin we're gonna kill them I'm sang here I'm with us there's a shitload others don't you vote oh my oh my gosh oh my what do you mean there's a lot like pick me back up all right frisky all right okay okay don't fucking do that to me kill it please I'm scared that's the scariest thing I've ever experienced man on radio cracker man we're not gonna know where they are they're clearly up there man we're Pikachu go oh no there's nothing on there oh there's something up ahead Pikachu couple blips up ahead there's about three blips they're coming in fast

don't let it kill me okay we're good okay there's another one we're straight ahead there it is there it is ah fuck I jumped jump on the vehicles wait what was that you did you jump on the vehicle - oh my god fuck oh fuck pick him up pick him up all right I'm good your face is mortifying listen my face is beautiful I didn't think that thing could fucking jump like that there are two sexes

oh hey you guys yes you guys okay because there's a there's another one here hello hello where'd Pikachu go clear hello anyone I think it's clear but I just is that Pikachu's body Oh No

God truly is dead hello oh oh no what the fuck what the fuck I thought I had to clear the next Oh anyone hello help no no no now son of a slut muffin


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I totally didn't copy Argyle's video title because I couldn't think of a good movie title parody. ANYWAYS, the Alien movies are real. There is no escaping them. We must prepare for the worst... People from the video: Argyle:






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