L4D2 KNUCKLES SURVIVAL!! - Siblings Play Left 4 Dead 2 Ugandan Knuckles Meme Zombie Mod

by: VenturianTale

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so we get on we say this is on the workshop greetings fellow adventurers this is a venture with a moto kid I almost give my Bethany fried today I just want to start off with a little disclaimer that we know that the knuckles meme is dead we know it's a dead meme but to us the fact that it is dead only adds to the hilarity it's honestly the best meme that has ever happened so yes is dead but we we are still holding on to the clutches of it's life as long as we can yeah so it's been

luck oh dang oh dang they're more terrifying the normal zombies you can right-click and hit the Pharisees come on guys come on I know what to did meme come on how could you guys blame others how could you guys blame us we haven't been in love for dead in a couple months we get on the workshop we see this I mean it is our civic duty to download this is charging bees there's a white

they're little ouch this is actually harder than normal after that I swing because they have a smaller head part yummy oh wait what there's whatever coming down the ladder to blow up the ladder that's insane you know I blame you guys I need I need to like feel somehow how don't you do that okay there we go what's going on actually for the fact I have no idea what is happening we're not doing that awful terrible pretty bad you get close to bronze

laughs you don't know no way well maybe we should cut a little better plan okay two minutes and 12 seconds considering the someone press the button right in the middle of my opening monologue at the time okay okay I am right now saying we have to at least make it four minutes or I'm not even this video literally is a failure okay so it needs to be filled what do we need wait are you telling me that you actually want him preparation because

before we even had an obvious case it was just because I thought it was a good idea we can set up some explosives okay explosives cool we'll send us some explosives we need to hold down alpha quadrant when you hold down beta quadrant we need two Delta Charlie tango tango Oscar I think if we we tango tango we what are some other military turns make it sound like we know we're doing length there flank retreat retreat is not how does that make you sound like you know you're doing yeah like you're running it makes it sound like you don't know what you're doing everyone is a pipe bomb if we only use them one at a time when we need them maybe we'll do okay okay I'm placing guys are placing bombs at the different doorways so in the case of emergency shoot the bombs get the booms okay everyone go collect are we are we going to hold the roof of the roof and when they they're gonna come running across this road oh gosh I press the wrong button it just bout shot that one I missed by an inch no we could try look at this other places we can hold up guys we've got a row of canisters of gasoline here in the road this is gonna actually I feel like this time it'll work yeah look at this if they can't even get across the road with this many canisters of crap right so all we got to do is we got a outflank the flank we're going to invade their deflate we're going to did we're going to annihilate their violate and we're going to special operatives secret missions and you know my game wait what you skimmer the game Mike wait whoa you put down C to come over the game Mike cool

okay is is that all the canisters and everyone collect all of the canisters do we have canisters all ball can wait I found another canister okay we're right there okay if we like these this entire road is gonna be fire okay like you're not just litter but it's gonna be not not to light them until there's a lot it's gonna be it's gonna be it's gonna be lit like you guys don't even know how lit this is gonna be you know actually if we came back here and held near the water because they can't come out of the water that could be a safe place to hide nothing get coming out of the wall exactly but if you're on the roof but they're coming from all directions guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys yes just say what you need to say guys if this is a dead meme maybe we should use dead tactics against them like dude that makes no sense what yeah does what if we just keep saying a bunch of terms no one uses anymore like if we just say a lot of things that no one says rickroll yeah Rick rolls the ultimate dead mean if we use that Howard hey to get past that Jordan what happens why I swing an axe one of those no don't no no everyone on the roof everyone alright fine win their enemies then comes from your necks on it if you wanna die you realize that you could be dancing on the roof right now right yeah oh that is a lot of fire I'm surprisingly still alive fire water okay who is out there what are you doing out there how did you even get there okay what is hitting me right now oh there he is there's a little booger yeah I mean acid what who's on the ground wait me wait how did you get out there oh dang I thought we had a mission I was busy

guys guys guys any second now guys any second now guys any second now guys a second now okay hey pipe bomb a pipe bomb that was terrible wait you're doing my plan my plan okay we were okay I want to know how Isaac got over where he did I don't know we'll be waiting game on the road no I don't care what you're doing how did you get two blocks down the street guys I am idea up there by a zombie you got pulled there by a zombie I wonder what okay get your items we're gonna start it then we're gonna go stand next to the water okay this is the plan so get your a bunny pulled up its your housing I'm falling how are you falling help ID I thought maybe you could swim with that okay so I'm gonna start it and I'll run back to you guys okay okay I still have pretty much full health so I'm still pretty much good pretty much pretty much no the clicking

oh my god there's definitely they'll gonna shoot you wait can you shoot teammates I think you can yeah cool that's tempting okay okay okay so far so good so far it's not really that good I like I'm actually kind of that's the problem is that I'm noticing that we're going to get overrun the next the next moment of tankers unscrew this is all going to go really badly because we have nowhere to backup - yeah I I believe in us okay we've made it to 50 seconds we need to go in there grab more pipe bomb okay oh gosh tank okay I'm just grabbing a pipe bomb cuz because if we see a tank throw pipe bomb okay that's a rule yeah tank pipe bomb hey you need up helping always help your friends up what are you doing okay guys I think it's impressive that our team record is the first attempt yeah okay you're beat team captain come up with something brilliant okay okay guys what we're gonna do is we're gonna hold the roof because hopefully the tanks can't get there okay so we're not gonna have someone on out on the street game kill no roof and then if somebody's pipe bombs after we feel like we're kind of in between like around we run back and get pipe bombs downstairs if we have to if we're out of all the rails and stuff and we're gonna stay on the roof if you fall off then you die okay so we're not going down to help people no okay whoa it's it's what if someone gets caught up by like a Tong guy then he was not honourable in his fight okay try to help best you can but like try to sit down the room won't listen to your Europe yeah the person is like out of sight so Dan go so I don't have a pipe bomb where do you get what do you get if I thought where are they they're downstairs yeah I thought you said he went downstairs you the person dies no you can go downstairs if you never even started what died you didn't tell me I started why didn't we just get the downstairs equipment in the first place then saves the upstairs quickly that's a good point you don't just say idiots all right press the button okay I'm not real the worst okay if we don't go back down for him maybe we say people look different directions nothing is powerful

okay way to go it's a dorito x' oh right Doritos I forgot what his name was Theresa yeah why was his name Curtis I honestly forget who knows you need to know this guy's like seriously we name them all after food like what as long as Y are dead leaves the lace okay can you mind there's no good

that's okay I absolutely love this grenade launcher this is like the greatest thing so many clickings yeah dude you bet you did have the ability to do it you do it the other way but boo do it you're not never oh my god come outside just let me go what were you I'm at peace I'm at peace your soul so let me go I was already down here I would've let you let me go let her go you can help I'm just saying like if I go your tactic let him go yeah let him go just see I'm just let them drift off into the world also why do I never think to heal anymore Hey Oh guys we could beat our record we don't my thumb uh so my sausages Northside okay there isn't really any directions but here you do that new do we okay wait wait wait did you say that

you didn't agree with

oh my gosh I be killed oh now a twitch streamer no not a twitch paper minecraft come on we need friends take this tank I can barely see I'm down player down I got killed my twitch streamer huh okay so doesn't new do it two of you guys are still up that's the bonus can you make it to four minutes though it's the end let me die I'm smoker thing too bad well this is unfortunate we're all just stuck this is a 30 seconds let's just run for your life and hope you don't die nevermind yeah I've never mind hey she beat the record of our last record guys can I be team captain sure no all right so what we do is one person is stay appear to start it but you know what to worry much about getting weapons cuz we're just gonna do sit on the street and play a game of checkers some way okay okay so we don't need like weapons everyone's gonna run down there yeah we're not allowed to move or anything we just okay we're just gonna do a role play let's just do a role play like yeah do a role play and just let it go someone didn't start their thing am I allowed to shoot them are we just gonna like children just don't worry okay okay alright you started I can get started okay okay cool alright so I'm just filling stuff I'm filling up the car with gas I'm like buddy Billy Billy Billy what's wrong why why is this car filled up the same Michael Essien broke in but it's not broken we just drove it here has a broken fire no why would you do that better why would you do that chain will get them to run away I saved some wedding I saved you I said Sally what are you doing why you man a setting where you made I don't know what you guys put the bunny Dave put put the body down way we're gonna swap Brad he's gonna take it away oh that's a break anything on my handbag I'm trying but a billion look like Spencer Spencer's got me fences got me you are fuller you have the lunar D let's see the waffle [Music] I don't think that was actually our assistant I think we actually had one that was worse I'm drifting off bitch I'll see you wait we just respond wait what you always just respond what are you worried about oh yeah I forgot we made it over two minutes that was a two-minute one just I'm still alive wait what I'm stuck oh no Kircher no run all right that is all for this time if you guys enjoyed this episode of us playing left 4 dead with a dead meme leave a like leave a comment we'll see you next time

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