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[Music] let us not love in word nor in tongue but in deed and in truth in the name of the Father the Son the Holy Ghost oh man from time to time you have heard me mention the natural law the natural law is an ordinance that is it's an ordering or direction that is placed in man's nature so that God directs us to specific things or to specific ends and what this means is is that we have inclinations and desires that are ordered towards specific things which God wants us to achieve or to WA to desire st. Thomas says that in these inclinations there are three categories the first category is what he calls the category of natural inclination by which we have conservation of our being as it is and what this means is is that people actually have a desire to keep their bodily integrity to not to die in things of this sort there's a natural inclination towards that but this also means that in this particular category of natural inclination that there are certain things prohibited because the natural law that is when God directs us towards something manifests God's will and being a law if we violated its sinful so for example part of the conservation of one's being is if we were to go around cutting off our limbs without a sufficient reason you know we just like we just happen to like ourselves with three fingers rather than five on one hand well that's sinful and it's disordered so any form of mutilation is contrary to this category of natural inclination the second category of natural inclination is that which we have in common with other animals and so st. Thomas says that to eat and to reproduce are things that are proper to us as animals even though we're rational animals nevertheless we are animals and so God gives us an inclination towards eating and towards reproduction the third category of natural inclination is that which is proper to us as human beings that is the life of reason and part of this natural inclination is to live in society so we have a natural inclination we actually are inclined to live in common with other people there is the pursuit of truth so its proper to human being to pursue truth and also it is proper to human to human beings to pursue knowledge about God and God inclines us to do this so that if we don't fulfill these natural inclinations that is the ones that we must fulfill then in point in fact we suffer a certain unhappiness now contraception is against every category of natural inclination it's against the conservation of being since in in every form of contraception except for one there is a modification of the faculties that is the structure of our being and the function that it has in order to achieve this we either do it chemically by for example taking the pill or by mutilation as in sterilization and so it's against the first category of natural inclination to mutilate ourselves in order to be able to engage in the conjugal act without having children the second category of natural inclination is also violated by contraception because it is against the finality of reproduction Paul the sixth tells us basing it on the teaching of st. Thomas in the Summa that there are two ends to the conjugal act Union and procreation and so if we violate either one of these then we go contrary to God's intention when we look at the structure of the generative faculty we see that it's ordered towards Union and procreation and so any action contrary to that is sinful the church tells us it's gravely sinful but the church also teaches us that the Union and the procreation can't be separated either so that's why for example the Church forbids things like artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization in which the procreative element is separated from the unitive element there are some Catholics who mistakenly believe that because the church is pro-family and pro children that somehow that means that any means whatsoever is ok to attain having children and that's not true the church doesn't allow us to do that precisely because she does not want us to violate the will of God and ultimately for us to lose our souls as a result of it recently there has been a kind of a supplanting in a very subtle way in which most people would be completely unaware of of this to end theory one is that people say some people say that the two ends of the conjugal act are Union and propria are not Union and procreation but procreation and mutual love of the spouses this is false that is not the two primary ends of the conjugal act are not procreation and mutual love of procreation and union and the point being is is that even if you hate your spouse you still have an obligation to render the marital debt to your spouse if they asked and provided the Union and procreation that is you're open to the procreative element you fulfill your obligations in the marital debt but if you retranslate that or change that into saying that it's mutual love then if you don't love your spouse that somehow or another it's immoral well obviously hating your spouse is immoral and st. Paul tells husbands that they have to work on loving their spouses but mutual love is a secondary and non essential although important end of the conjugal act we have to be very careful about this because what happens is is it becomes romanticized and people somehow think of the idea that if the conjugal actors are going to be romanticized and somehow or another we shouldn't engage in it uh-huh it doesn't work that way the third category of natural inclination which is violated by contraception is that it's contrary to life as human beings that are property human beings that is it's contrary the life of reason and it is this way in a number of ways it is against living in society and so far as contraception affects the common good by reducing the number of citizens which contribute to the society people have this idea that whatever they do in their bedroom has nothing to do with anyone else's business that's false the governments of any country has a right to forbid its citizens to use contraception because it directly impacts the common good of the society and also the church also has that right obviously to tell them what they can and cannot do it is also against the pursuit of truth since one has to deny reality in order to pursue contraception the truth is is the degenerative faculty is structured in a specific way and when people engage in contraception it's a denial of truth it's a denial of the structure of human beings as they are the church permits the use of natural family planning sometimes called NFP and NFP is different from contraception insofar as not as to the end the church recently condemned a theological position which says that the reason contraception is immoral is because it's contra life the church said no that's not why it's immoral it's immoral because it's it uses any illicit means that is contraception separates the unitive and appropriative element because you can listed ly use NFP provided circumstances are appropriate which we'll talk about in a minute you can use NFP in order to avoid becoming pregnant and provided you have right intention it's completely morally licit because the means that is the NFP to achieve of not having children is a morally listed thing provided circumstances again a proper so as a result because NFP doesn't separate the unitive and appropriative elements and because it doesn't necessarily violate the three categories of natural inclination then the church says that it's morally permissible to use NFP in order to avoid pregnancy however Pius the 12th makes it very clear that you must have a grave reason and by grave we mean dire there can't it's not something slight and by this we might mean gravely means starvation of either year the couple or the kids that they're taking care of a loss of a home if you take on one more kid you may have to end up putting more taking out a loan against your house or something to pay for him because they're quite expensive these days or things like this it may end up it's if it's sufficiently grave then you can use it but if it's not then you cannot use NFP except under one circumstance which we'll talk about a minute but you cannot use NFP in order to avoid pregnancy without a sufficient reason this means that things like you don't want to take on the extra financial burden or you want to space your kids out every two years ah that's not a good enough reason and it's gravely sinful to do so it is a mortal sin to use NFP without a sufficient reason even though the method is good in itself you can however use NFP in order to get pregnant so what that means is is that the church has always allowed the use of NFP which is one of its principal ends or functions so that the person can know when their periods of fertility are so that they can actually become pregnant the church is always permitted that the teaching of NFP however has become a bit problematic as of late in addition to the fact that some people treat it like it's the eighth sacrament and somehow or another if you're not practicing and FP when you're married that you're committing sin is silly and quite frankly it's insulting the people's intelligence it is okay to teach philosophy or the philosophical and theological dimensions to NFP in a common group I don't have any problem with that it's a good thing and by a common group we mean mixed company and things of that sort but there are practices that are have arisen within the church in virtually every diocese in this country in which detailed anatomical descriptions and even pictures of the two genders is given to people in mixed company now let me set this up as a scenario you have people who are about to get married the struggle for chastity is extreme already and then they put pictures in front of them and then they wonder why they're fornicating hello the fact of the matter is is if this is putting people in the proximate occasion is sin its mortally sinful to be doing this again I don't have a problem with teaching the philosophical and theological dimensions like we're doing it as calmly but to actually give anatomical details to people before they're married in mixed company is utterly inappropriate so when does this mean it should be taught I mean obviously it's a sin against modesty to be doing this long before people are married it can be taught before marriage in one instance when a father teaches his son about the masculine dimensions to fertility that's appropriate but not the feminine it's not the place you learn that when he gets married and he constricted generalities but he shouldn't be getting into anatomical details nature is such that people will figure it out you don't have to worry too much about it and you have to be careful not to pose danger so that people falling into sins against the ninth commandment another time it can be done is from mother to daughter before marriage even the details here can give can be given to the daughter if there's some concern because of the daughter's health or past a medical history that she might have a hard time getting pregnant there's no difficulty with her learning the anatomical details chip to women but in relationships of men again that should wait until after marriage under normal circumstance there's nobody there's no real reason other than these medical concerns there's no real reason for people to learn the anatomical details of NFP before marriage so when should be done my own opinion is it should be normally done after marriage once it's manifest that the people actually have a need for it I mean if people want to study it after they're married and things like that provided it's all done according to the virtue of modesty I don't have a problem with that but normally after people are married if they're having a hard time conceiving or if there is really grave reason for them to be using it then they can go to a clinician in private with just the two of them and then it can be discussed the anatomical details or they can use books or things of this sort provided those are modest because even some of those are just a bit much so this is something again modesty and custody of the mind and cost of the eyes are absolutes they must be preserved in the whole discussion just because then if he is good because everybody likes it doesn't mean that you can violate modesty in order to do it like I said and if he isn't the sacrament you don't need it in order to save your soul it's not one of those sacraments that requires for your salvation you can get married not know a thing about NFP your entire life and you can go straight to heaven afterwards provided you die in the state of grace and have a plenary indulgence etc there are some people who argue that married people have an obligation to know NFP since they have an obligation to be responsible this is false no per a person can be responsible within married regarding these matters and never have a single ounce of knowledge of NFP if you're going to tell people that they have a grave obligation to know NFP how are you going to explain the fact that for centuries people didn't know NFP how are you going to explain the fact that people in the bush in africa who have no access to a clinician have no access to medical knowledge have no access to a book about NFP that they're going to be bound to no NFP before they get married it's silly what they do have an obligation is to know the essential obligations of marriage and that means that they have to be open to children that they have to know they don't have to be they don't have to know NFP responsibility regarding conjugal matters for most people does not require knowledge of NFP again I'm not against NFP in itself I'm against the fact that it's being used by people without a sufficient reason and it's being taught in a way that violates modesty true piety to God recognizes that he is our Father and he will take care of us we should try we should be relying on his wisdom and providential plan for our families and less on our desire to control our families according to a worldly view of the perfect family life God will provide and that means for most that is for 99% of married couples they don't have to worry about the coming of children God will provide according to his providential plan God will take care of it he knows more than the rest of us he knows what's for best of us your job as a married couple is to be willing to suffer which most people aren't you have to be willing to suffer for the good of children children are a good thing the more you have of them generally speaking the happier you're going to be otherwise you will not have a happy marriage if you try to control God's gift of children and if you try and control it not only will you not be happy but you loo you run the danger of losing your soul in the name of the Father the Son the Holy Ghost


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