TF2 Pros vs Youtubers Event - Woolen's Spy POV

by: a Woolen Sleevelet

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you're looking really up okay that's good oh geez does everyone know where the midpoint is it's like a bunch of random sixes no I think he's real Prince it's captain flashabou Sandusky Raptor yeah they're running actually they're running the festive spark of life motive of the whip which if they do but charge everyone gets covered in Christmas lights Fanny joy yes thanks thanks for the host flap check oh thanks for the host lamps Rico quick wait guys hey they don't have a smoke here apparently you don't know they just opened and they just said they weren't gonna do it sorry I'm on the point

geez okay feels really bad retreat I think we liked like it get out yeah I'm a soldier look at me blending in my soldier is okay mm-hmm have we got any kill each other famous a light shutter they're all lovey tell about demos fights mit down take an exponent good calls Teemo make sure to be most vocal of any one of them oh geez they're the sticky chat but I generally avoid it then what's coming out soldier the top IT yeah mechs formed look at Shorty's fifty ho true thunder quits know what it only has to bitch about something we have Peter scraps we team oh hi GPS from where Sony solloway RC gave doomsday they have captain Vani raptor samara kailash you played pop g for nine hours today one eight solos in their ranks not clear they're running sniper yeah sergeant we got a push in a walk first it's cooler yes divers on blue crate he's going

there in sewers with a new ver I was gonna go for like a recording captain to heart pound of weight I was just kind of wait Oh Becca did you should subscribe with the $10 tier thank you very much

what that mean or sickness I think he's running the charge serum secret so doesn't good headshot so just write it there only - I was gonna say they lost three people in which sixes we're medic down so be careful the smoke was still alive but it know where he is stick by 90s be careful alright thank you I mean no sir there's no sniper anymore okay never narrow in sewers weren't missing my Blair there we go

soldiers only 100 brass Thursday FK okay

23 maybe it's 20 just shoot found the medical 21 sigh what's a butter knife him I was so far away I just shot in once it was a local biz think polo pootis William I get your dream hat the company man very cool burning I wanted to bust the knife him I didn't realize I was gonna die I mean you know I shot him you had like 40 mm similar but they've got a nice golden medigun now watch out he's rich flicks on the point then webinar room oh you're a little waggy medic yeah - love it - yeah planks and loving I just don't I give you a buff I'm not sure everyone shutter sticky's in shelter they're pushing through chefs are in chef Avenue a new bone I almost have it if I can you've been so moved yeah you have me something that had mine yeah

just go and try and backs up the demo never again I think I'm not exactly head shots around oh there's not just gonna be an engineer you missed the arrow minik minik slow expert actually yeah this is surprisingly balanced oh this was like fire especially I should ahead show him he was on a good phone today I need more heels and more whips you remember America's a high ping so don't feel don't get too angry at him here to his suffering one personal hell I don't think they're winning a smoker now I'm actually going to go IT Service now okay careful escapes Scott there Scott there the company's just Tualatin chase turkeys mean to call this area go forward come on they can take point oh okay going to sirs I thought they're gonna just push up I'm driven to be sticky say it makes on the point wow they have everyone point all right

but it's 17:70 health they're going in to lobby with an uber I should just add sure they're gonna I had to grab as much on the drop holding away one of the Reapers of the P country - talking to you nice you could wrap some with the shield bash just even better oh yeah the demos like what's on T up top is the dumbest still in secret the coast there's no chat just roasting you guys everyone complete works' let ever come on the front sadja headshot soldier lobby it's coming us we need minis on the last to stop just don't push out over if your energy on this just okay no there's so much okay this way mr. win quickly no don't need you have enough people to hear hello chicken lovers they have a quick fix in Lobby the snipers in Lobby they have a sniper in loving if you see they are you want to have over 15 15 bucks thanks oh that's big no one have to get through doctor Bassin eyes thank you very much I should really be playing a bit more time very good mobile twit so we're fine yeah there are in Krita scream scream

eight health and lobbies 17 lovey it's got one be going last from lobby Scouts gonna be going to PC I left on a soldier yeah he's 20 is 18 Kip healing with one point but it's in our PC there he's on a bit I still have a spy

yep better get that was built 10 expert Oh spicy fuckin dagger on the point watch out snipers going choke but one is better features the conscious of beating

everyone just joined there's a community singly so just pushing surely Peter with the Mel there was fight they was fine yeah he's been okay he's running the cloak and dagger so just like shooting the corners a stone Chris I've known Peter careful I use respond a little bit I make sure I'm gonna go for an aggressive demo junk all right don't make you up there in peace a good don't I see the IT help their interior is fine actually spawn a mess up at her spine he's on cloak and dagger they going to talk mighty soldier took 100 back so just six cigarettes woods I'm half towards all right spies on 6 HP song la vie oh shit down hot brass demo coin spies and lobby cam old second now

we took the bloody health in the lobby spies gonna be on the left side of the Mount Jesus during the sniping to balance out just push up this point

they're sending Christmas cards Bobby it's like sure okay they're loving stating loving but I thought my team I shouldn't have called if I should go in busy out on me okay he's just going out shudder I'm worried about stream so they said quit delay on and I was like okay the crystal from the left

there's nothing to do I've got to cook so I killed Bonnie now so this video I don't want to try this because it's actually kind of bad alright don't Chris all right I'm just gonna maybe I can try to get them maybe I enjoy getting to crits me so to headshot

I definitely tried to do that and it wasn't a bus and I Potomac that was my point you spent ten thousand years on the walkway practicing that fucking seconds battle theme so please I'm gonna put like feet Bonnie in the title of the video they're wrong new tricks don't wait there's a scar PC remember that's not you like these Robo I'm a demo we didn't those junkies research so jumping their own um 70% how much to me Peter oh that's okay I can't do it just shoot diamond though yell at them while you're running in got on with the mini there from where notice scary okay

well distressing you know headaches was

that was that was gonna be a bust my proficiency but it wasn't thank you very much thankfully you're a wonderful man thank you very much gives a chair top notes you never you have hearing loss it remembers solid real arts shrimp so

everything crits - yeah they're on point there he's out playing he live in Australia doesn't know there will be a basement making sure you're gonna go lobby again probably I'm currently dying over which it will pump G apparently there's like a spray well if should I do go from and they're in Chris actually that's not a bad idea

[Music] they're still running crits still we're gonna hit some heels don't go through the trick at the same time you're wasting on his own heels that's holding just on the other side of rollout yeah just try and spread out a little bit if you keep taking damage you're not accomplishing much Peter how much you feel it's fifty sixty oh they had stickies and lobbying they're going lobby they're going all the I think that was an awful place to meet around I was gonna go and headshot the scout standing staring it's not as dry with Brits just got me [Music] I wanted to go for it it wasn't my century he's running the less runs oh so just like don't know Boston ID I'm trying I'm trying my best sweet be careful Friday because they might come through there because I'm seeing the opportunity um crews okay I'll get back running don't eat me I made you kill okay this is Miss don't choke

sima that's actually a good call keep doing stuff like that it keeps people away makes on the point 13% just go to the point

roasted an animal coming in it's all in bits all in good teams I might go back to the know yeah you can if you like but the centuries actually not being bad at all okay okay that was a very good PC um yeah just watch out he's going Bobby I think I think you must have been hiding in Lobby or something because I didn't seem come through PC yeah met down oh the crystal direct to the sniper de Metz doing up Oh

oh that was a nice soldiers

so going a bit when you're gonna make another cookie I don't know I kind of do like a cake

Scott balanced functional advice I'm a house guys they use for something crits holes like mice one nearly one of them both teams the chat just said wrap tissue paper if it gets picked up my wrench PC PC all right I see another calling fifty how much police I'm in humming on servers even

iti you chatting in a solar that's a very good point at like popped up but like it's I don't see the string first way to do it's a pretty I think no scar lost the century just stop we've got to camp ones I'll be amazing though he pushed not I think pushing last a pretty good achievement considering it's just really like we're up to [Music] [Applause] [Music]

let's go I don't have to heal me until I get to the cooler and holding

we got

suckers to stop behind I come on anyone that's alive I thought they went the other way MIT down what's my GPS hoping he'd go into the medical care all of them but he got hung up on this one jams distracting him I was kind of hoping they'd stop looking at me to the points like a backstabber little with 30 seconds left to cap the entire day for you to not go on the blue team everything vaccinated sir for the next 25 seconds it's 66 but this is a really good sixes amount man they're all quite good success bones I think

sending in 20 seconds it's a no five seconds peplum is no quick ones I love those for damage better than nothing I love those for damage medic head shots for the vaccinator I was just crouched oh that was really good that was like surprisingly good he kept ones and we got to last second time video no I'm sorry my feelings that was some pretty good stuff there like we had a charge in charge demo Frank the medic we had a wrench engineer right a medic some pretty good stuff

wait more butter knives I'm trying I'm sorry I'm trying my best with the butter knife from well the stream the next map should be babbles we'll probably sounds like a plan well this this was a good game it was surprisingly balanced well so we didn't have any stickies rightfully because solar doesn't run stickies on process I mean you got a medic frag with it I couldn't have asked for any more of a recommendation of the weapon oh it's caught it's no good you can you'll never get any kills with it also can I just say like all of you guys are just listening to the collinsville and just actually like doing what you're supposed to be doing okay no problem

there's plenty of teams though I'm incredibly disorganized no one listens there's no idea what they're doing and they just lose every match because they don't bother so lame everyone's just stick a mix team together I'm gonna grab a drill and we can once women like them for half of us have never played competitive ever I think that sleep that's pretty good that's not too heavy we did win around playing Emma button bad balls I'm hoping we'll win damn it again if we had a Highlander team I think we really because they don't have raptor is that weakest link destroyer abuse that I've gone for like two or three butter knives and Raptor and it's yet to work out I want to kill him so I think I bust Mike him three times and he was on six health and the other times I think I tried to bust my videos too far away I'm fine with that I will I will go for the butter knives there's only one thing I can up

that's TV I don't know ask afterwards right now I'm not too sure if I would run in viz maybe I would have had like a bunch more back stabs and stuff because there were definitely times I just pushed through a choke without acting then I have to use my brain is this streaming I'm streaming I don't know if Annie's crop is streaming every day I think he will zooming yeah P stream if he's continuously streaming every day as you won't give up oh yeah it's not running mark enough for this map I can't they remember to update the from the 5cp whitelist because otherwise we'd like cap last and then halfway the next map and I know just a little money with a pistol like having a consistent caller is more important anything else Island Island having anyone calling is enough to win the entire season I don't think you had a terribly good medic I hate to break the news I'd like to point out despite being friendly here bonnie has filled me like four times while being a stationary target not doing it to me you know Murgatroyd yeah I sent me like he's made a video on it resolve where he actually popped to a math problem did he say it like got scared you know and run realize yeah I definitely was not going for button years to be to be brutally honest there was a lot of like it's like 19 head shots is not terribly good for like 20 feet K I may not have played my finest but so help me God I got y'all stone face tablet I think I maybe had like another 20 opportunities for kills I just missed and if I'd have had better damn i that's good so much got 50 but the only only got 35 I think Bonnie was peeing around a lot bonnie is not streaming he is hosting essentials dear that's my severe way because if he was hosting they might not gone bunch of you guys everyone's gonna watch him so the fact that he was like yeah Danny was put streaming he'd also get a high ping I guess what doesn't Bonnie have good and slow gamer internet geeky beat he's he's from California of course have you guys have a sign inside the forward second spawn and looked at the the walls are we ready what's a nerd I'm gonna have a look into the next 50 yeah it's just do you not see you're not even never wrong yeah you Midas room yeah I can see golf with your friends in the distance oh we got the this bicycle animation is amazing with this oh the coffee pot that right now is lmao why make youtube videos in a game you blow up

and he doesn't stream he's gonna record it from you first that's very fair having founding a very very respectable person maybe Zoo streaming so essentially get all the viewers but you start loading it was YouTube so history his viewers can still watch him doing what it's like one or two people who are like I'll fit in with the crowd what if I hates everything positivity is for bad people can I can I give a massive profit game cam right now he's trying to like counteract oh why make youtube videos on the game you love always they should change it and why the comment in a online forum if you don't the nice thing to say no real cow every all said guys this is gonna be a lot easier from like everything perspective like it's a way less messy maybe I may or may not have about this like 30 minutes to just wrangling the hardest I've ever tried in my life I'm fully charged for that you think Peter scraps of things very high so do remember we also took around with a medic on like 150 ping they're con heroes make sure it's RT we need those level trees up as fast as possible I'm gonna take my unusual so I can smoke from places and they can't see me rather tell me up as well here things I'm really picky rapid trance near the stress don't worry about if it's this late they'll see it they currently don't know medics so cuz then some if there's jumpers you can escape this thing you can go if they do jump they're running Chris Creek is gonna throw it never done very good nice not all right that means I can so just up name he's so down leaves five lice oh it's like this tunnel I think the Quick Sync yeah we've lost the you probably wanna go back to third we don't have the time just our engineer hold third engineer century just chief engineer I'd say good soak a little freon fed okay I think none of them going roof

sorry house I was gonna bust my fin but apparently you want to know doctor I think you like a super suit it's a very good corner hole once they once they cap white oak up to third but until we can't just hold very loosely in the middle of things

I missed the easy backstabbin and drop the meds in house what you hold in the house do not hold hold on the circus they have no medic right now that was such an easy bag there someone depend on medical doing something top right there which epidemic top right oh this is a good music it's now the battle thing we know we're in a battle if they look at the door tom extracts that's ready they're running heavy there's a sniper on the right side nice Scout stone is that no one crits medics alone on the card why is he alive have you done nice like 60 something Sona you're doing an amazing job top right away I put my teleporter at the moment guys don't worry about sir it's not you don't worry about it anywhere but not anyone that I shot just hold her in the house left Oh Jonah come over six house I stopped over solar is the plow stream not loading is there a my own voice i person's got clipped by someone

damn it done the fairy tale of an era Oh dad this is low snipers Amane how much 25 mil they have the reveal a flashlight they've done oh it was good hey we're up transaction sweet son now I don't mind all the mr. crossbows but can you please suck at driving I don't very Mikey you can do I believe in okay it's because they're soldiers going top right and then countering in just need to wrangle it all the time do not take my GPS Arctic it out last sweaters fires summary about it do you will get enough time I miss something down okay I'm on soldier in the map room doom let's get in the map room on top

that was your last heart we need someone to be finite I need a healing again they popped hey Eddie look shit shit shit why can you need to jump down I'm dead Bertie go okay Thoreau just

I wanted to jump the car that's basically all we can do now that's only respond to go for it oh wow I got slammed yes snipers on the top slappers on top of hill blank revised computering medics down he should be over Texas castle start whatever the six is placed on a poster though we should go mini centers now there needs no a good time you can't get off the cart you can't get off the cart reload your scatter gun please like 102 I should have gone was a very simple stick fists of Steel on the car and the only way they're gonna kill you is a spy Baxter literally just buff for 450 health heavy on the top of the car I crouched on top of it and keep him on for 50 whatever call from think I changed it I need help I'm gonna go back to spawn norm Chris okay let's try to vy+ by pushing up so let's just we'll get a dispenser up he's up top so not tires I'll get on there is the sniper American chokes yeah I would recommend having a fist of steel heavy at this point it's so close to the end just because of where it is like one person on it for half a second blows nose demo'd own vice they were about to crits they have fought for it sometimes shit they don't have a demo he might be trying do you want to

oh I would kill them


he's going soda party you went out so doin out it's got that nice there at the next there are next corner the in because they're doing scan map room burning captain captain's not American they're going mad

Belgian window right have a never up top I don't my third we're doing Scott Sony good show remember the running Fritz Creek room

there's no room right now this is the scouting times yeah just acting damage they probably have crits no unless you got the Medicare they should heal the other guys - fires - so drew Scott four and a half minutes left so pain situations fine for everyone except for Bonnie I think we just bought Bernie because he kind of is - yup - having a map ring never gonna go crits and map room it's got 50 you can scale them they make for it soon so hi danette spiral it's Peter Peter come here I'm with a spy Peaks are come to me height here here if they crits go up top everyone hold with our medical my poses that's ever important hold with our medic in okay okay then they're going mean that way crits you can back at them again well in big yeah thanks gonna be so angry that's a drop very good very very good oh you guys are amazing right now soldier met room yeah I'm coming for him very slowly I believe in you I got out since

keep holding this whole this is good


medic down tomorrow

Mike okay we have 30 seconds with zero this the timing the first YouTube is when we should win the payloads it depends everything goes hey guys wrapped up from swifty this is my little brother play

the whole yeah they have they have and like up to copy just drop willing happy stopped thank God

I should have got the sniper think he was before he pops down century they flash they flash people have better

I'm missing believe in Sony to cover we Scout ng on the car everyone else jump forwards forwards and Emma down Scott we'd all of you to go forwards now there's three people to can't hold second with three people there's no weird backwards Tony's just keep going keep on keeping we can't let them hold first they have a nerve [Music]

stickies on third Easter Egg under ramp and on the helpmate nice all Manning let's go let's go through the top right I'm a headshot we gotta move them I don't we got new by so I can push three have no dumb games every watching as quarter speed sorry I'm telling you brag why don't you go team are you got up early being a purple energy and nobody there it's very very successful emotion okay watching super important right now

going back to health I'm building look at that was the distraction blade but he's getting velocities times through him the car speed teemo's blood loss did you just call my god angry times three they have a mini of that bad news mini so we want a demo spawn camping if you're already there at one engineer's fourteen thank you how he's got the bloody wrench healing

place like that made it I think engineer zinthos vinegars there on the tree up let's go to fight again why was I allowed to go nice move in oh I should have done ring up then I should have gone down we've done it that's not refer to ourselves as the games we're doing best of three are we gonna hit these six shots add water the chap just goes back it's slow there is also a like every long delay round

ah we have to turn the chat into our favors they will stop watching our gaming minecraft you're doing very good my friend I'm holding I'm saying you won't I've seen you on the flank then I've seen you in then it's d-ends sliding it I missed such a good wraps a butter knife like ran up to him and he was on for help I switch my mains from soldier to medic so I can buy finally finished Prem and Danny the God agrees with me and it's like better than done - like what I might actually even do like forget the rest of the session I'll just take the bad water game and say we won and okay thanks to the magic of editing no one will know unless they watch the street bitch to heal ng minis was like

so we're gonna kill bunny and he flew into a wall that we're like what really matters yeah but it's only just caught up it's such a long delay we could get this yum product if we don't do you know if they have one person playing sniper and we keep that sniper down we're basically playing 95 which is very winnable yeah just don't die call jumpers and call the sniper those are the only three things I want to hear understand if they're pushing if they just used uber I want to hear that I don't there to be any situations where it's oh I didn't know they do bid it has to be everyone knows where the sniper is every knows what a combo is I'm not saying I don't like it doesn't matter if you like the main character who's like not present but then he comes around at the end it's not gonna be as picture spoken once this entire game yeah yeah it's streaming a lot I haven't been hearing you I think I might start drowning you're the first I haven't muted you I just maybe we've been hearing you and it's by think all I can hear is teammate which is worth look at these logs you see woman going insane I didn't have that good luck those games that's like I had like a mid friend but it's gonna require a Backson II hope I can look at just half the game amazing oh my god as we engage them are we gonna run back senator no just for the first English Ibaka's I wanna see if I can quit pants online we might actually mail for your minis here guys but we might actually win if the vaccinators allows many many no idea what you do is you run minis for the most but if we've got a stronghold freeze okay and maybe move on em for the points I just want to be running just to still input they banned the vaccinator in sixes in the quickfix cuz it's fo two strong I think if we run one of those and we get lucky we have a good chance for these capping at some point it's up to you want to do is amazing if they jump in just like our sizes here with the Harry's it's arty result he secretly you think he's an Irishman he's actually got a bunch of twitch shots just to block my only it's true joy no steam just yet I think is all it takes is to be nice there's plenty of players that like never played a season but they allowed to play cuz they're nice and I think that would definitely be allowed of you I'm doing a full mini spots that incredibly broke sorry sorry for going wrong team there guys I thought we were just doing so damn good I was on the other team there we had to balance it out give them an extra player tim has anyone you can either cons I think it's gonna turn down the month all the teams make sure we definitely win just practicing the end I'm not having my best day today but I've hit some very silly head shots I think that makes up for all the silly ones like misses I shouldn't buy any shots no nuts Fanny key beeps that's right slip me my taunting so much fun I don't normally talk I do when you do it when you do a cheeky a cheeky double headshot or no okay listen to a mink all over matter what you say so if he says that just agree with in kicking for the team get another medal already don't change the delivery method against gays they're gay just save the games cuz II can only have six we have to go - wife wife who's okay I think why food is what we need is that your cat I think it's - moans I don't ever count I haven't really gone for any trips though I've kind of gone for butter lives and then the random Chris happened and it's cancer protect your wife illness have a positive K do based unwrapped a twin soul okay it's tilting my own I was double checking to make sure you didn't change it from team morphing I think it's the way it's a 90 seconds away people are worried about spring snipers become a nice boy then Chris

expect this 16 the bloody sneak around this time

that is the mini spoke by the way their gums homeboys on cliff like critics empty oath it's fine little thicket little thicket Oh always other people Acosta's think you're going at me I get to kill any I've got one kill I guess it was like a soldier cause I'm good at length calling Sonia signatures help a cat in the background I think what we're going to do and not die to effects I'll go gonna die they're gonna send me to get behind them know me to pull them off of them if we can get kills I'll be great but if we can call like two people back to chase this fight I'll be worth a look just keep trying up - plays note all right soul is doing quite good on his demo you have to blame the point where it's a success yeah I recommend vaccinator I haven't I need to like go behind this is a very good explosives that soldiers on a 15 kill stream hopefully no I don't burn all this fun whoops oh well okay Scout still behind us sure should have backstabbed him and then chopped the medic and then had shot two people but let's go oh dear hopefully the stream went down then you didn't see the stream doing let's get back okay let's catch up can someone go onto the left side please shit in the corner sorry Oh Emma's in a house with you here he's 20 that much 22 if you soon easy crack they'll think it's cup down Scouts on training as well there's a nest in the point makes our cliff so just jumping so don't let it kill nice hmm I should be doing a lot better than this I do have a huge amount I think we have a chance of winning if we hold with a vaccinator someone get behind their cycle epidemic explosives and soldiers on 50 HP my stop how'd you guess there's a conductor I'm gonna run dead ringer even if I can't kill anyone I should go older actually it's they're really good revolver that episode I'm working yeah I'm gonna go I'm sorry to miss my headshot so maybe I'm getting a bit tired maybe I should give her a whole quick fix is perhaps I think I have nothing to use it you realize it properly they're running sniper he was on the jump points now there's auto right yeah someone needs to get on the point quickly oh well just sort of find he's next time on another dimension I need to approve I need to improve it's quite on the point what's coming wrong then is there something we can sit bones it's like best it's like best of all don't worry I couldn't the invisibility watch where PI doomsday you need to stay behind me at all times just like I've never spoken to stay in shape whatever I'm running me crits Creek for the medic okay okay let's just get there fast and we have a motor sprint that's why I get shot my way down Scouts going blind yeah tell me I'm full sight oh yeah we lost everything there I missed two incredibly easy back steps on them betting I'm sorry that's good don't disappoint house and easy backstab to my yourself sorry I'm not surfing rockets he's on no search and easy let's go yeah this may be the best of all oh yeah that's perfect it's fine now yep sex romance snipers 200 points feeling lonely off your hands careful if you don't want to sit on the point that only quickly it's flying there 86% critters picnics Claire just sit going to point contest back all on point now discuss Scott so charity I'm down Peter don't follow me Peter I'm

gonna oh nice so just fifty it's like woolens donut I found that yeah the streams it's 90 seconds delay you can get in the other medic yeah mother can come on down they should be like really good at the images if I just like envision shaking me down no I'm sorry really good cut good cut they're up three next one quick quick still snipers on Japan's that's Japan stop right this turpan yes Japan Cyprus button up flip down yeah let's go you think I'm Scott our spawn is though I think you want might want to get me Holly how much 20 just jump him over and over if you've got the point be super angry yes I can grow on the move across the point percent come on come on yeah dooms you shouldn't leave I tell you to stay I don't like the back step and kind of container to get back get back get back get off oh dear oh dear right I'm all myself I'm gonna need oh yeah oh the popular so Julian bream spine misses backstab ones showing anything I was blown easy to backstab we don't charge because let's get rid of it and I just faster alright let's regroup tell me when I turn 80 go on the left counter always get picked up for you Scout his knee response so trip up 130 so I'm

it melts no cousin point so quit you have to wear embedded demo Danny doesn't want to sink on the maritime school difference is huge yeah I thought I popped but I didn't it's getting quite okay I think it's kind of not many people - yeah yeah I think a lot more I don't Bowl ad don't cliff on rollout that's what you need to do I was still the idea yep that's not do you I don't think that's gonna work I think we're gonna have circus peanuts the box and the cliff three so we lose

how it goes oh well they're running quick clips we can try again we can try our best and that's all we found is running without the plan gets a shot one doing it's no sense yeah all right me too joined by it's going to response there you go that's the ruptor bus on the way to back out I did a stupid death Scouts 20 guys ruined somebody's rights like the rain quick clicks snipers in concrete yep never website you can do me please yep suck it down find help let's say 2% QuickBooks that wasn't as expected please / to maneuver charge that's faster yeah every people who sponsor these quick fix what were you running that guy man no one saw ty fighting like 25% over there but they still average Jesus QuickBooks is pretty long is it seconds I always love so they're going upload

let's go website check the high ground it step yeah trying playing in verse change your hats you reckon if I put like a right side there you go yeah we're going to the old man kind of look like it was the bomb of all bombers okay don't take trap let's go trim it down as fast good response doctor red button [Music] come on yeah we guys we can do we can do this easy ibex and I switch to a quick fix next time all right there I'm kind of stuck here you're kind of stuck in this spot so that is no did they remove which stops sometimes I feel like they dude nice nice I'll ask out what site this week Oh sniper careful like his long journey fall thank Youk exits I tried my best and I got the medic butter knife that's all we need on Roberto we've had a shield charge killer we've had a engineer wrench kill and we've had a butter knife kill alright I'm up now his left middle to health how are we doing lots of people dead huh alright doomsday can you go for a bomb see if you can get their medic I'm dead you wanna she could I wouldn't be bad as down oh yeah alright stand on the points you don't know just run wrangle this entry as much keep shooting the same target as a token and just just make sure you always have a lot of metal just keep it down all the time everyone when you send me join in trading a playing yeah quick freak seems to be working I want better now quick fix is very great now it's a good ring a thing now so we can stand to be move fucking house for whatever it's called plans to we go six we're very much almost a Boomer thank you between vs salonist show with Miss Spencer here nice job quick fixes when it's 50 home field this over here I think snipers doing foot watch out it's calico no medic Leslie no he's just

here in Maine

nice trip just keep just keep at it keep being aggressive just do some damage

[Music] check the sniper monkey I'm sorry doing what you were doing I think I missed like four very easy medic back stabs but just watch the crits to join counter or quick clicks I guess that's fine let's hope it's the medic even more okay let's go forward yeah snipers in the house down below he's done it solar lights solar phone doing great they're nicely disappointed teleporter shit so keep watching okay Oh careful of the sniper he's in middle that's mean thank you I'm in that number seventeen man OH direct hit what did we lose welcome back we okay cool great just spend my business my friend mine duck bacon if crits remember shit snipers on house I should have crouched through left they have a critic this yeah just get back in if you're gonna die do it quick hop in one mud punt he's so hot all right teleporter is safe now it's just a regroup here thanks very hurt right side they're going clip all right just keep the cap going I'll try and once he's fifty health from the blow apart the cliff I should have hedged not that snipers on the rock they're gonna push crits from - probably next to the next point can you bomb the sniper that behind point now on the right side above damn it to them oh nice we got the roller I thought I thought you said jump down on the exact moment they popped wait for our distraction before you go don't you call alright how's it looking lemmas 50 right side thank you there's some tapes and crits these are been doing yeah I'm just gonna stand on a point here the rest of you just stay back over to coke recall everyone sleep good Johnny they're out just keep poking in front or just a stop shot nice work there's any more

raise your shoes impossible that's final let's just round it now hey hub caps it I'm going the point then yeah wait for spawns no more men yet all right with the medica excuse me what's the noise that's not okay the best teleporter mm-hmm I can't wanted them all right so they have one down remove the buck stops does anyone want you still up there on the stairs all right well every time you hungry try and put a sentry behind me again Jim Oh snipers on the rocks sorry I have to drop down medics say behind this work I couldn't I can't uh ask ouch oh okay it's down I'm distracting them going our health pack click on the point oh shit I have to eat

get the point so just um place 128 let's take their cliff quickly may have a quick arrow he's going back to you need to hold on pic no I broke another fuck that was a bad idea oh honey Zico broken have no line he loses oh oh I like this makes 15 snipers behind the house in the middle no time Jonas top left top right mains bottom right left all right get by the rock medic run right vanderock okay focus house get back medic oh we didn't get your night if I should get revolver we have 20 seconds that's enough time to go suck it in well write a catch-up let's see if we can take anything down on the right side I'm down demos bottom left oh shit oh it's coming dude you're are so brave yeah they're gonna come from left have you stand on the rock on the on the defense just jumped you already yeah quick please

mechanic I need it wasn't ready Haven [Music]

yeah very very mad everyone but bunny so juju there's lack of air so you should be proud of yourselves we helped pretty good we took a round on both of the sixes notes which we shouldn't instead of the backstop I just went too many who wants to join introduced to two three yeah so those who wanna go can go I can do if you want I'm okay so what's happening now we're into it didn't interview we go to another channel I don't get what's happening back at and now Peters ping is stabilizing and I think that was incredibly good surprising with shit they're partly basicly made a missus people who've never played hi landline and we took around on products and around on words bright we had a PI Roman so 150 things so I think I'm going to say is that a very very miffed that they removed back stats nanny finally got nine Dom's near the end yeah he's not being fun there to convince into plays honest that's K that's very good it was fun alone okay so in the whole scheme of things we we lost once or two obviously yeah we've done better than every single team in environment so we did really good we actually take into consideration these things all of the time we should have been destroyed because a medic had a really high ping and half of us haven't played Highlander and it was a mix and we hadn't had any warm-up screens or anything and we had a pyro main cooling and with all of that you all did an amazing job with it despite all of those downsides they just spin and payload maybe just straight-up pretty much yeah the payload one was it would we should have hang on a second we had two sixes map which we lost and we took them back we took a point on one yeah we took a point on the sixes ones which is incredibly proud like like we're actually a disadvantage here because they have the double Scouts of double soldiers but we were friends yeah but that was before you tricked me twice I went for the bus and I because someone in my chat said they subscribe to be able to twitch by my boss and I killed you so I tried loads and I got you in that like the final map yeah Wow not young raps on my friend I am a little miffed because I think on products I miss like a hundred backstabs on you

Bros side it will be Raptor smear and the grant the man Manny Vincent's that was it there was three maps lost we want some lost cello in person which is very good product when delivery to one this is also good yeah pros how does it feel to have won this the show match here great you want against non play moves backs on every map that's a can be removed you can stop century feel the best mechanic you guys said yeah I know we don't suppose any good we're just unable to to adapt to anything outside of your comfort zones like all sixes players no like bad water it's just like a mess it's like super hard to win against people that actually have like kind of a clue what they're doing because you need to push the car with one performance you have to find is a professional shop I think you're attacking and defending it's like they traded one player against you and that's already a bad trade for you because you have the long response but it like even matters less for them because they have four more players or three more players than us almost captured but then they held it and just rolled it all the way back we weren't able to get it close again and I didn't played engineer if I was on scout I think we would have held way better cuz my century was completely useless hmm youtubers so you want bad water and hearing all these excuses retina from the pros what are your thoughts on that a magnificent bad water when you guys got we had the most magnificently friendly engineer who like hello could you put a century in that window and hold it the 15 minutes and he said yes also I love Guinness and other life lovely Irish things so I think that was it we heard the tip we had the we had the nicest engineer and that just gave us the mentality to stay on the car for three minutes I'm also gonna say sir knee did a very excellent job on sniper and surprised I thought like finish was gonna run counter smoke for a lot more or something so Sony kind of had a lot of like free rein to sit in a corner and snow I think like a lot of that was just holding lastly we didn't hold third for very long it was just we somehow managed to keep losing our team and Reid offending lost and I don't know how it was surprisingly good so I'm I'm feeling feeling quite proud of our young team maybe younger you are you implying that this team was gonna stick around after plus well in equals out what's our team I did an amazing job man cooling on pyro for a team that half of them had never played any competitive at all we had to explain what like IT was or what PC was way to explain what boiler room was what tire was I'm considering all that like he managed to keep his call playing man call pyro for like a mixed team that's like I'm very very proud of that he's nice to do that the whole game meant the whole three maps I'd be a little bit rude every single person that was in here into a car like one hour before the match and I should've showed him my other maps of pull win and it was great I'm actually really proud of all these people that know how to play confident but still managed to pull something out it was kind of an insane thing let's listen to the men calling did a really good job like no one there was almost no calls that were like oh ye aha like you know Legend of Zelda sounds it was all okay yeah well push okay yeah no I don't think an entire match the entire like hour and a half I heard anyone say no that's a bad idea everyone followed and it was really really nice to see it was better than every single Highlander team and every success team I've ever been on because there's always one person who's like oh no you don't do that or oh he shot me ah so no one did that and I'm quite happy that's all might smoke cooker today solo carried you guys solo I've never seen it it's just spent you actually spent like two years perfecting owned me like so hard like multiple time I just like can't do anything against it he hits me off to charge damage which brings me under 100 HP and tiny just insta pipes me it's like yeah I see a demo flag I'm dead we just let's solder B he goes the very you wants and then suddenly he just screams mark your power students sing did you guys why did you guys not tell doomsday to just stay in spawn when pani was obviously like on trying so hard I reconnected I actually had him donned but he rejoined the server so I had to read da man I'm not sure if that's actually why you reconnected but we can go with yes hmmm secretly I know he was like I didn't actually beep every single show in front of myself or they're playing sniper a lot on bad water and then you just like killed him three times and he's like stop doing it so that's a that's a good little thing to take home with you yeah just running sniper on bad waters like so hard because you have to sniper then you're one down which means you're 5b9 and when you attack then you need one person pushing a car go 35 politically I got completely demolished like I couldn't even go anywhere oh yeah medic I'm doing stuff still I should restart the stream about that alone I guess does anyone need to hear this stuff have anything to say any questions to ask well I mean I suppose we should tell everyone that before I gave you like you can't leave without plugging your own YouTube channel I I suppose and also we can do shoutouts

what did you guys think about our teammate in the second match like the second Maddie it was great it was an experience I'll tell you that so your team name would you like a team name wife a boy really I purposely chose that to incite fear and terror within my enemies did you look at that and just start quite by chance I liked how high GPS tried to make it a proper name like YouTube or something but you guys just like pom cheese maybe oh yeah I mean to have an enemy avatar like it actually no kidding it's a 35% increase in the ability to headshot people and if you're actually if you combine it with a name and description on your navitor under on your knife that no one can actually read it actually gives you a 200% bonus to move speed not many people know about it but that's why every single spy moon in the world uses it just for those little sneaky inbuilt buffs oh yeah like I've been trying to like name my name my knife but I can't figure out who's like Japanese were Chinese no Japanese you should go into Google Translate and then type in one word it's like if you're fun if you don't know what word to type in go on Facebook and look for any picture with like a starry background and get the first world people translate it and then copy and paste the letters into your knife and you'll actually hit 1 million back stabs a second even if you're not near them it's insanely good

the downside is you actually lose all ability to speak to people outside and you have to kind of fester in your room so it's a kind of trade-off yeah no one speaks to listen to him he watches anime yeah you have to fester but it's a good because it makes your guts if you're good at one class in a nice video game the downside is you know you can't speak to other people or eat food all right anyway so let's just go on to proper shout outs here everyone gets their own little plug but we're gonna go alphabetically so let's go with let's start beter you have any shadows that you can follow this channel the essentials twitch channel and also there's an essentials YouTube channel

and i61 will be streamed on this channel so if you give that a follow you will not miss i61 and you do not want to miss i 61 called aims action here I'm a guy I make movies where people frag each other and then I put some good music on it and call it a day it's a good time avatars are like all things this is actually not proper alphabetical order but because bania is a different mobile nickname fanny you go now yeah thank you guys for organizing this I've actually heard so many requests for events like this so I'm sure a lot of people out there happy that it happened and it kind of came together really quickly so I was pretty impressed with that I should remember both sure and then thanks to you and me more pranks upon well there's juice drank that would have made alternate with some good games on brac I think name your life only one motion because I didn't expect it to be so much

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recently ran a 3 map showmatch between some well known 6s players and people in the Blapature Co. group. This is my VOD from streaming the event, showing all the high tier mumble comms from our team and the definitely very skilful and planned-for facestabs from yours truly. A really good set of games overall, considering most of our team had never played a lobby or used mumble before! We managed to take more rounds than expected on certain maps and do excellently well on others from what I was expecting going in. Solarlight also was amazing with the demo shielding, no idea how he does it but it was great to see Raptor die so many times to a demoknight lol Rosters were: 6s Players: B4nny, Smirre, Raptor, Kaptain, Thalash, Samski YouTube: Doomsday, RTGame, Peterscraps, HiGPS, Solarlight, Teemo, Woolen, Spikey Mikey, Surny Maps were: Process - Badwater - Product
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